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Extended Warranty - Toyota Extra Care



  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    Thank you very much, EandHo. The prices on the web site are cheaper than those quoted by the dealer. Have you dealt with them before? Can you trust them?

  • EandOHEandOH Posts: 24
    I have not dealt with them before. I've read about them on several Edmund's forums. They have several dealerships in the Boston area (Toyota, Acura, Honda, Audi). All of the posts I've read said they are legit and offer the same manufacturer warranty that we can buy from our local dealer. They have taken advantage of the internet and automated the purchase process. Make their money on volume rather than crazy dealer mark up. I just purchased an '08 Highlander Sport. Bernardi's prices beat my local dealer by over $200. I plan on purchasing a Platinum plan from them tomorrow.

    Hope this info helps. You can also read some threads about them over on the Acura MDX forum (my other choice in a new car). Good luck to you.
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 45
    I got four quotes on a 6-year/75,000 miles Platinum Extended Care warranty on my 2006 4wd Toyota Highlander. The highest was $910 plus tax from a Connecticut dealer. Toyota of Greenfield was $615. Bernardi was $585. The best deal: Midwest Superstore at $474. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes.
  • I just purchased an extended warranty from Midwest Superstore, Hutchinson KS,for my 2008 FWD Highlander Sport and my wifes FWD 2009 Rav4 Limited. The price was $644.00 for 6yr-100,000, -0- deductible,for each vehicle.The quote for the 7-100-0 was $789.00.
  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    Hi all,
    I bought a brand-new 08' Limited Hybrid in 02/09. The dealer offered me an extended warranty. I declined because I wanted to shop around for it. I have been busy and forgotten all about it. Does any of you know if I still can purchase one for my car? My car has only 7k miles on it.
  • Yes - unless the rules have changed. We bought an 06 Highlander Hybrid. Almost 3 years later, and at slightly over 35,000 miles, we bought an Extended Warranty, and it was good. My experience dealing with scare tactics and high-pressure sales is listed on this forum. Good luck.

  • You have until your vehicle reaches the 30,000 /3yr part of your warranty to buy the Toyota Platinum Plus Extended Warranty. My dealer tried to rip me for $1600.00 and I bought mine from Midwest Superstore, Hutchinson KS. My 2008 FWD Highlander and my wifes 2009 FWD Rav4 was $664.00 ea, for the 6yr/100,000 mi./0 deductible. If you have AWD it will probably be a little more ,but I guarantee ,you won't find it less expensive anywhere else.This is the same Toyota warranty your dealer tried to sell you and it will come right from Toyota .
  • Cancel !! and call Midwest Superstore Hutchinson KS.Yuo won't find a better price and it will be a Toyota Platinum Plus, right from Toyota.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    To limit the number of shill-type bird-dogging posts around the site, we ask that you not post names of names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Dealer names, locations, URLs, etc. are fine.


    Steve, Host
  • Recently I purchased a Toyota Platinum 75000/8yr warranty for my 2007 Avalon from Midwest Superstore at Hutchinson Kansas. The price of $744 was $1000 less than what my NY Toyota dealer charged for a 75000/7yr warranty. The service was friendly, honest and efficient and I received my Warranty documentation directly from Toyota within 2 weeks of buying the contract. IF YOU NEED AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FOR YOUR TOYOTA, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DEALER. ;) ;) ;) :D
  • Can I purchase an extended warranty on a Toyota that I purchased used if it is under 30 months old and have less than 30000 miles?
  • Yes, you should. I did on mine - be careful not to get ripped off by local dealers.
  • Yes, I also purchased mine from Midwest Suuperstore, Hutchison KS,You won't find extended warranty any cheaper.
  • Is is true that you may not purchase Toyota Protection Plans for vehicles in North Carolina? Or is it just that you cannot purchase them IN North Carolina but they are applicable in NC?
  • Can you get extended warranty from Midwest on the phone or the internet? Or do you physically have to be there?
    Sorry am not familiar with getting warranty from anyone else except the dealer I bought the car from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • phrosutphrosut Posts: 122
    I do not remember where I was going to buy the Platinum warranty, but I found it online and it was somewhere in the midwest. And A LOT less expensive than what my dealer (in NoCal) had offered. I had about 34,000 miles on our '03 HL at the time, and was satisfied enough with the vehicle that I knew we'd be keeping it.

    I called our dealer and asked if they would match the price. At first, "no" and "you can't buy it with that many miles on the car". Later they called back.

    "Yes we can match the price" and "yes you can buy it as long as the car is less than 36,000 miles and less than 36 months".

    We bought it, and also for a couple of hundred more, an addition that IF we didn't use the warranty before 100,000 miles or 7 years, we'd get the entire price of the warranty (including the addition) back.

    Last month we got our entire Platinum purchase price (plus the addition) back. The only "catch" was that there was a narrow window of opportunity to apply for the refund. We had notes on calendars, notes reminding us in email, etc. I was skeptical, but it was legit and we got the money back. The "warranty refund" was through NADA. It took a month for our dealer to process it and have the check for us.

    Of course, we've had NO warranty work done, and currently have 105,000 miles. I was concerned about the "what if" I needed a warranty job done of $750.... that would cancel the refund of ~$1300. The situation never happened so it was a needless worry.

  • Yes ,just call Midwest Superstore in Hutchison Kansas , I took care of mine over the phone.
  • I second that opinion on Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson KS.
    Shopped around the internet.
    They were awesome!
    Saved me $$$$
    Recommended highly!~~
  • I must concur on Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson KS. Just purchased about 12 minutes ago a 7/75K and was by far the best price on the net. Not to mention outstanding customer service and follow up. Jerry Rocks!
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    When I purchased my Highlander from Royal Palm in Florida in October it came with a lifetime powertrane warranty. It covers everything for the original owner as long as the work is done by a certified mechanic. There is a deductable of $25 per visit. This was something that Penske, the dealer was doing at the time. What does the platinum cover? Ofcourse it will be awhile before I need to use this and hopefully never will.

    Good luck to all
  • Unless you're getting a smash up deal. Our dealership sales person tried to make it sound like he swung us a great deal on an extended warranty of 7 years/100k miles (Platinum Coverage) on a new (less than 20 miles) 2010 Highlander Limited and basically worked in another $2,000 cost into our payment plan. Thank God for these forums cause I was going to just go through with it.

    Some people suggested purchasing from the Superstore in Kansas. I called and they offered the identical Toyota Platinum Coverage for $810. What a wonderful little profit margin our dealership would have gotten on that. I'm definitely going to cancel it. Plus, I have 3 years and 36k miles to go before having to secure the coverage. I'm really disappointed in those sales and scare tactics they used and pressure point to buy and sign on the spot for the coverage. I guess I'm not the only customer who's experienced this as it looks like many other dealerships do the same exact thing, mark up the price and scare the customer into buying it.

    Thanks to all who posted about the Superstore in Kansas. I will be purchasing my coverage through them!
  • high4high4 Posts: 2
    Is it safe to purchase a extended warranty from out of state toyota dealer, if I live in WV, DC, MD or VA then can I buy a platinum warranty from out of state toyota's dealer? Will the coverage remain same and acceptable anywhere in USA? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Is it possible to cancel and get a refund on an extended warranty bought from the local dealer and then get a cheaper one from elsewhere? How does one go about doing that?
  • smooth01smooth01 Posts: 18
    Yes it is perfectly all right. I purchased mine from Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas, They are a Ford -Lincoln Toyota Dealer. I purchased the same Platinum plan from them that my local dealer was selling for TOYOTA for minimum half the price. I was told they sell these for only $75.00 over dealer cost.After a week to 10 day's you will recieve your warranty paperwork directly from Toyota.The transaction was simple. They were friendly and explained the process in a simple way.
  • safari20055safari20055 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Here is the list of quote(s) that I received from Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas (2010 Highlander base) - dated 10/04/2010.

    Platinum coverage with $0 deductable.

    8 yr - 100,000 mi $944.00
    8yr - 75,000 mi $659.00
    7yr - 100,000 mi $814.00
    7yr - 75,000 mi $559.00
  • I also purchased my Toyota Extra Care Platinum warranty with zero deductible from Jerry at the Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson, KS. I am in NY and had done quite a bit of searching around the local dealerships and on the phone calling out of state dealers as well. I called Midwest and their price was by far the cheapest. The process was easy and all done over the phone. I have a 2008 Toyota Camry which I purchased new in October of 2007. I got the 8 year/100,000 miles platinum warranty with $0 deductible for $1,039. Yippee! I highly recommend Jerry, he is very pleasant and informative. He made the whole process very easy!
  • Thanks.

    Cannot find the "superstore in Kansas"

    Where is it located, so I can purchaase a warranty from them.


    Dan P
  • Hutchison Kansas, "Midwest Superstore"It may say Ford Lincoln Mercuru Dealer, but they are also a Toyota dealer.
  • Unfortunately I purchased a 8yr/125K miles with 0 Deductible from a Dealer last week for $ 1900. Can I cancel and get a Full Refund? If I can do that, I can purchase from this Midwest Dealer that this thread has recommended very highly.

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