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Ford Expedition Tires and Wheels

I have 265's for my tires on my 1999 Expedition. I came across a new set of 245's. Is it safe to put these on and use them?


  • My '07 Expy EL was standing outside unused for 3 years before I bought it last month with 13 miles on the clock. Everyone has advised me to change the tires, but they seem in good condition and I have done nearly 2,000 miles so far with them on. However, next weekend we're planning a 1,000 mile trip through some of the most desolate desert known to man in 100+ degree heat and the last thing I want is a blow out on the highway. BUT I've got a bit of a funding crisis at the moment and I can do without spending $900 on tires.

    So I risk it and run on the current shoes, or do I play it safe and invest in some new ones?

    Also, a garage suggested I put Cooper Tires on. Being from the UK I've never heard of them, are they any good?

  • asker1asker1 Posts: 3
    I have 4 tires on a 98 Ford Expedition size LT255/80R17 but the spare is P265/70R17.

    Will the spare work with the tires on the car?

    Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    Does your Expy have full-time AWD?

    The spare is about 4.4% smaller than the other four.... that's significant, I think... As an emergency spare, it would probably be okay, if you can run in 2WD, but I wouldn't want that on there for more than a few miles if you have full-time AWD..


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