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Jeep Liberty Engine and Performance Problems



  • madisclmadiscl Posts: 4
    i recently had a similar problem with my 2006 Liberty and it worsened to the point that it felt as though my Liberty was going to stall (both while idling and while accelerating); eventually, my "check engine" light came on so i took it in to the dealership. it turns out that there was excessive carbon deposits on the valves and all of the valves had to be replaced. and this is not the first time my dealer has had this problem. luckily, mine was covered by warranty. i suggest you ask your dealer to check your valves.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I would suggest taking a thorough test drive in one of the new 07's sitting on the dealers lot and see if it does the same thing. Maybe test drive two and if your problem isn't evident in the other Jeeps you have a very strong case to insist it be remedied. Just say, " I want mine to run like the others or swap them out at no charge".
    An old lesson I learned the hard way is that before buying any new car, I take it and several others similarly equipped on test drives and settle on the one that drives the best. You would be surprised at how different identical cars feel on the road re accelerating, shifting etc.
  • I have also experienced a loss of power issue with my 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel. Has now occurred probably about 8 times. Has always happened in the city at low driving speeds. The vehicle will remain with normal RPM, gas peddle floored, vehicle will proceed at a very slow speed and does not respond to changes in gas peddle movement. have not noted and ESP light though not to say I looked for it. In the past I have always shut down the vehicle and then restarted it and problem seems to have gone away. The last time this happened however, there was a very noticeable noise coming from the deep within the vehicle power train most likely transmission. Sounded like the transmission was falling apart. This time I had to shut the vehicle down twice for problem to disappear. Have not had time to take it in yet. Will keep posted as I investigate further.
  • jetajeta Posts: 4
    I have had this issue with other makes and models using ESP. First with all due respect the techs at the dealership don't always know what they are talking about. Your vehicle is acting the way it was designed to act. If you accelerate too quickly it thinks that you are going to spin and therefore it governs the acceleration (sounds like your problem). Try the same thing but try to accelerate a little slower this time. You have to find it's sweet spot. Some vehicles with ESP actually have a switch to deactivate the ESP function just so you can accelerate quickly or spin your wheels to get moving on snow, etc. :shades:
  • I took my 2002 liberty to the dealer a couple of months ago, they said there was a loose wire on the speed sensor. It started dying again with the same lights coming on (abs, brake light, and engine light). I took it in again and now they would have to replace the whole speed sensor. I am sick of them toying with me, so i want to replace it myself. Does anybody know a website i could go to that would have directions on how to r/r a speed sensor? Or any other helpful information?
  • I have a 2002 liberty limited edition 4x4. The heat stopped working and it was overheating. I replaced thermastat and refilled antifreeze. My wife drove it home it did not overheat but the heater did not work. I think it might be the water pump does anyone have any ideas.
  • Several weeks ago, attempting to pull onto highway with fairly light throttle application, my engine ran quickly up to almost 4000 rpm before I could shift into Neutral. No warning lights came on! Luckily, there was a center turn lane that I was able to pull into to avoid oncoming traffic from both directions. In Neutral, rpms returned to normal and I was able to drive straight to the local dealer. The dealer kept the car for 2 days, ending up finding nothing. Three days ago, my wife used the car and it happened to her in nearly the same spot. She was able to pull over and shut down. When I arrived, I tried to restart and the engine ran up to 4800 rpm without touching the throttle. A red lightening flash warning light came on this time. It was towed at Chryslers expense to the dealers, where they still haven't gotten around to it. While awaiting word, I thought I would ask in this forum if anyone else has had this experience. All maintenance is up to date/ less than 15000 miles/ have opted not to do the Torque Converter recall
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Two things:
    - when a gear is engaged (R, D, 2, 1) the ECU should not allow the engine to go above 3600 rpm
    - when you have no warning light, a light pressure on the throttle and the engine goes up to 4000 rpm the ECU sees a NEUTRAL shifter position. When it sees this selection it also releases the clutches in the tranny.

    By moving the shifter from Drive into Neutral and then into Drive again I would think the shift sensor moves back into position (because it got loose). This thing is located on the tranny next to the shifter shaft.
  • As I mentioned, I put unleaded in my crd, and am trying to get the gas from the tank without dropping the tank. I am unable to put the hose through the gas intake. Is there a trick? Any ideas or am I going to have to drop the tank.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I used to siphon gas from my older cars - they didn't have much of anything blocking the filler pipe and I could get a garden hose in there. Maybe a smaller diameter length of tubing would work for you, but newer cars about impossible to siphon from what what I hear.

    Some say you can unplug the fuel line that goes to the engine and turn your ignition on and let the electric fuel pump empty the gas that way.

    In the old days I'd get the tube in there and wrap a plastic bag around the opening. Then I'd blow into the pipe. The system would pressurize and I could stick the hose in my can, let the pressure start the siphon and not have to inhale any fumes or gasoline.

    That trick these days would probably ruin the vapor recovery system and trigger the check engine light.
  • ok, where to start...
    i have an 02 jeep liberty with about 87xxx miles on it. When everything went wrong, it all happened within a few days. This is the only vehicle for this household.
    A list of current symptoms:
    - ETC 3rd gear ratio incorrect
    - ETC 4th gear ratio incorrect
    - ETC cylinder 4 misfire
    - when it was running, the exhaust was a very heavy black cloud( looked like a diesel)
    - will not go above 3000 RPM( acting like its hitting a rev limiter , even in gear)
    - will not go above 40 MPH(acting like its hitting the governor)
    - the dash would make the space shuttle jealous(LIGHTS!)
    - only getting about 10 MPG!
    - will no longer start(still cranks)

    I am at my whits end. I have talked to multiple dealers. New dealers, and garages included. Nobody has any idea why it all happened within a few days. The transmission went into "limp mode" in the time it took to start it. (3rd and 4th gear ratio incorrect) No hints that something was about to die. Drove it to work fine, left work and it revved to the moon once it got past second gear. On the way to the garage the next day, it started to misfire and threw a trouble code. (cylinder 4 misfire) This is about the time the crazy limiters kicked in. On the way home from the garage it lost all power and started pouring black smoke out the exhaust. If i wasn't still paying on it, I wouldn't have it any more. I like the vehicle... just NOT this specific one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even an offer for a good drink would make me feel better. Thanks.
  • I read your theory and its interesting. I have had what seems to be fuel loss I'll drive it and the next day when I start it it seems like I would be missing a bunch of gas aspecially if I filled the tank the nite before thats why the part about depressuring interested me let me know what you find but I have noticed this since i have had the car and machanics tell me that this is just gas settling but why would that happen when I fill the tank. plus there are so many issues with this car right
  • javegliajaveglia Posts: 1
    I recently wrecked my 2002 Jeep Liberty. I had 2 replace my crank sensor before the wreck. I had no problems with it before the crash. There is 107,000 miles on it and the mechanic said my engine is blown out and i need a new engine. This is true. I was wondering how i could find a new engine for a Liberty sport 3.7L 2002. Also do you think it was caused by my crash? Any response would be very helpful. Thank You.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    The only thing I can think of is the crash cracked the block.You can try your Jeep dealer for new engine.You can also check out a rebuilt engine which would be cheaper.Good Luck.
  • Danman,

    Issue with your Jeep is common to the 3.7 and 4.7 Powertech Jeep / Dodge motors... very often, the camshaft and/or crankshaft position sensors will go bad, resulting in a misfire on various cylinders at various times.

    Dealer mechanics very rarely find this problem, because when you test the sensors on a bench, they usually show up good. Long story short, spend the 70 bucks (total) to buy the two sensors and replace them yourself. You'll be a happier man.
  • 2004 Jeep Liberty, 6 cyc, just under 70k miles on it.

    The smell is not noticeable until the engine heats up but after just a few minutes, (the smell is beginning to appear sooner and sooner after turning it on and runing it) it smells sort of like burning candles that have been snuffed out. Very distinctive smell.

    One person believes it's the aluminum catalytic converter getting too hot and thus emitting the smell.

    I've had it for almost a year and this smell has just become noticeable in the past few weeks. Any ideas?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Are you noticing any other symptoms? Oil leaks? Engine performance?

    If the smell is more like burnt paper, it could be a problem with your clutch. If it's more like burnt oil, it could be oil leaking onto the hot exhaust manifold. Anyone else have any ideas?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    Ever since day 1 I noticed that every now & then when going from park to drive there is a few second delay before it kicks into gear....When I'm coming off a highway(slowing down on an exit ramp) & then stepping on the accelerator to speed up, it takes a second for the transmission to catch...It seems like there is a little play at times before the tranny catches.....Does anyone else have this problem????....It's a lease so I'm really not to concerned, but if I decide to purchase the vehicle(even with the unlimited powertrain warr.), I'm wondering if this might be a problem...

    Thanks for any input...
  • fig32fig32 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Jeep Liberty starts up find but shuts down immediately. The only way it stays on is by depressing the gas pedal. I can't drive because it does the same thing and the check oil and transmission light are the only things that stay on. Power is still good, radio, windows all that stuff works any idea what it could be??
  • Federal law requires additional warranties on your vehicle... one is the catalytic converter... 7 years. just in case your original warranty is up already (if you don't have an extended warranty)... those converters are pretty pricey.
  • Vehicle: 2004 Jeep Liberty v6, 3.7L, Automatic Transmission

    After a lengthy day of city driving and short-lived rainstorm I arrived home to pack for a July 4th weekend trip. After packing the Liberty, I jumped in and tried to start the vehicle several times. Each time all dashboard lights come on, radio, headlights, etc. are good. I eliminated the battery as a issue anyway with a brand new replacement hoping for a quick resolution. No luck. Put vehicle in reverse and let roll down small-grade driveway to a stop to clear daughter's car. Just for fun, I tried to start the car again and "magic" the car starts for the 3 additional attempts. Drove around the block and seemed good to go until the fourth attempt when it refused to start again. I suspect respositioning of the vehicle on manual reverse helped but I can't replicate and didnt know why. The Haynes repair manual indicates an engine-wont-start condition if the transmission is not in park or neutral but doesn't provide a great test of the problem. Has cable adjustment ever shown to be the answer for this sort of problem. I've checked all the apparently relevant fuses and all appear good. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I failed to mention that the Liberty has 85K miles on it.
  • farskyfarsky Posts: 1
    In regard to your post from May, did you ever find out what was going on with your Liberty?? This sounds identical to what my truck did Saturday morning. It is not at a dealership, but it is at a shop being "fixed" today... the best they could come up with is an engine sensor... They said they would try and fix it today.
  • Could your problem be with the anti-theft system? When you turn the key in the ignition is the dashboard light for the anti-theft still on after the other dashboard lights go off? I recently had this problem with my 2006 Liberty and it required replacement of the anti-theft module.
  • lnick1lnick1 Posts: 1
    My Jeep Liberty was just recently diagnosed with a major engine problem. My Jeep had 77K miles. Apparently, carbon built up occurred around the valve and caused it to break lose, thus putting a hole in the piston. Major cost to repair or replace the engine. Some parts to fix are on back order to repair the valve. Has anybody had this issue?

  • So i was driving down the highway, and i was going around 75 mph, more or less. Anyway, I began to hear a whining noise, but it was not loud unless you turned your head to look out the drivers window. Has anyone else heard this? I drive a 2007 Jeep Liberty.

    Also, I like to top out my speedometer sometimes, but will doing this cause me to blow the transmission? As of now, the only "upgrades" that i have are a K&N Performance Air Filter, and some Champion Spark Plugs, so I have no MAJOR horsepower gain other than that of the stock. In future, I plan on getting a Magnaflow Performance exhaust (dual) and a K&N Air Intake system. So that will add some more horsepower.

    Finally, do you guys know of any good performance chips that work well with the '07 Libby? Thank you!

    Champion Spark Plugs
    K&N Air Filter
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    My Jeep Liberty just had a major engine problem. This does not appear to be isolated to only Jeeps engines. My Jeep had 82K miles. Dealership stated valve seat came loose putting a hole in the piston. This has been reported in ALLDATA reports recently yet the word is not getting out to the general public. A reliable friend of mine said carbon built up can't cause the resulting damage and there is a major manufacture flaw in the material they used. The resulting hole in the piston is a defect in the metal. There appears to be a trend here and the manufacturer is not saying anthing including a recall notice. Has anybody else had any Jeep engiines vakve replaced or major engine repairs. We only discovered this by demanding to see and take photos of the resulting problems and it was evident it was a manufacturer defect.
  • I'm sorry to say that I haven't heard of this problem, but I am very glad it is not happening with me. Since there are 80k+ miles on the vehicle, it is not under warranty, unless it has the unlimited. I am going to research this a bit, and if i dig something up I will be sure to let you know. :)

    Good luck with your Liberty!
  • Renee,

    Did you ever find out what this was? I have the exact same smell, snuffed out candles. I'm afraid its my clutch, but I'm really not sure. What have you found out?
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    you may not have the problem now, but it has happened to several people, the result, rebuild or replace your engine.
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