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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I went to a dealership and was told I couldn't do better than invoice price of 25,500 for 2009 rogue with premium package and leather. They told me they could not help me unless I change my mind and take the offer. I know this is a tactic to negotiate but what do you think I can get under invoice? I know that the entire car sector is hurting and i know they need the business.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    Don't fall for it. I was at the dealership yesterday and walked away from the dealer's quote of $23850 for 2wd rogue with leather & premium. I'm still shopping around for something lower. This is in the Memphis area.
  • Wait until the end of the month to shop. We tried to get the dealership as low as possible and walked out of two dealerships. We never got a call back from either dealer so we figured we were at the lowest price they were going to offer. We needed the vehicle so we had to buy, but if I had to do it again I would wait until the last day and hour of the month.

    We leased a Rogue SL with a premium package with no leather or moon roof for $323/month and $1400 down. The Bluetooth is great!

    We love this car!

    Good luck!
  • Could you give me more info? What options did yours have? What was the MSRP and invoice. The MSRP for mine was ~27,600 and invoice was ~25,500. I am looking for the best deal possible of course. Thank you for your response.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    2009 Rogue SL 2WD
    Phantom White
    Premium package
    Leather (gray)
    Splash guards
    Floor mats
    Aluminum kick plates
    Pin stripes
    Wheel locks
    Dealer protection package (paint & upholstery)
    1 or 2 other minor things

    Price: $23850 (after $500 recent college grad discount)
    Don't remember actual MSRP....I think around $27K

    College grad: within past 2 years or within next 6 months (wife got a Masters degree Dec 2007)

    Salesman did tell me that their cost is $23600 (take that with a grain of salt) so they would be making $750 on the deal (they get the $500 college grad discount from Nissan)
  • Thank you for your reply. I have called 5 dealerships in Texas and have not gotten anything better than 25500. Of course, some have lied even about the invoice price. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you again for your reply.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    I've found that dealerships are more willing to do business (lower prices) if you go to their dealership. This shows them that you are serious about buying. Of course, this requires you to do your homework ahead of time. Start off by telling them that you are through shopping and immediately ready to buy. Then tell them what price you want, but ensure to give yourself some bargaining room. Avoid paying the document fee by threatening to walk out when you see what the "final" price is with doc fee added. Most dealers will not lose a sell on doc fee. Mine was a bit high at $299 - part of the reason why I walked out. I have 3 Nissan dealerships within 25 miles of my home so I can afford to employ this tactic. You can always wait until next month to see what the incentives will be.
  • we may be looking at the same car minus the color. May I ask how much you finally paid minus ttl? I won't be able to get the college grad incentive unfortunately. I am hoping for the 2.99% financing as I have 750+ credit score and I am needing a car by the end of the month. I had to sell mine before it broke down and I am assuming my friend will let me borrow her car only until the end of the month. I could possibly wait til next month but I am afraid the financing will not be there... thank you so much for your help and quick replies. Have a lovely day!
  • Sorry, I am assuming you paid $23850 (after $500 recent college grad discount), I didn't read your reply carefully and did not realize you took that offer? Did you also have a moonroof as an option?

    Also, do you believe that buying a car at the end of the month is the best time? Thanks again. You have been incredibly helpful.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    No, I did not buy the car. I walked away since the price was about $500 off what I really wanted to pay. I'm also not in a bind to purchase as you are so I can afford to wait to see what the incentives will be next month. The dealership has 2 exact same Rogues that I was looking at. They did NOT have moonroof. If yours did, that might be the difference in price.

    End of month is definitely the best time to buy. End of year (Dec 31) is definitely even better. Tax in TN is high. Fortunately, they don't charge for military so I would end up only paying a "business tax", title, and registration. OTD would have been $24.5K (I think) with the $299 doc fee. I didn't look at the OTD price carefully since I was more concerned with working out the selling price first. My next move would have been to refuse to pay the doc fee. Anyways, OTD price is different for everyone b/c of different tax rates.

    You might want to check if Nissan has any President's Day specials on the Rogue. I received an email from one of the dealerships I'm working with saying that Nissan is offering $2.5K off the Altimas for the holiday (currently $1.5K). Between myself, parents, siblings, and in-laws, I've negotiated prices on 6 cars the past 4 years. It's a headache, but I really enjoy the process. Good luck!
  • I wanted to get an idea from you what you may offer for a 2008 Rogue SL FWD with the following options: Prem. sound, moon roof, 9k miles, and basic options. It is listed at roughly 20k. I certainly do not want to pay market value since I know the dealership got it at an auction. Please respond if you can. Thank you.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    If you post your email, I'll forward you the email chain I currently have with another dealer. They are willing to do the price I wanted that the other dealer wouldn't take.
  • Thank you. It's my handle
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    I sent you an email.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    email didn't go through. don't think I have your correct email
  • lovemymika@yahoo.thanks.
  • I need to get a new car in a month. I checked online, there is no incentive, does anyone know if it will come out before april? also, i haven't found the price people have been paying for nissan s awd, i wonder if i can get one for 18500. i got my honda accord coupe for 18750 06 about the same time in 2006.
  • Dear A_S_H,

    I am interested in buying the same car that you bought for my wife. I am also in LA. Can you tell me what dealership you bought this car from and who was your sales person. I would appreciate if you can give me his contact number.

    I will greatly greatly appreciate your information. Thanks. My e-mail address is gupta.nirdesh31atgmaildotcom

    Best Regards,

  • 2009 SL FWD
    Premium package
    Leather package
    Splash guards
    Portable navigation

    Sticker 28195
    Invoice 25936
    Paid 25086 (before t&l)
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    There are some great lease deals on the Rogue right now. Just got a fully loaded, MSRP $29,200, with tax and bank fee down, for $327 month, 39 months, 15,000 year.
  • Hi scubadoo2,

    That sounds like a great deal! Would you mind sharing the name of the dealership? I don't know if you are anywhere near me, I am in NJ and am not having success getting anywhere near this deal.
  • Dealership sales professionals are paid commission pony up and pay a profit for those who work on the lowest percent retail markup in the retail industry.
  • sam0118sam0118 Posts: 1
    I am looking for 09 Rogue SL AWD base model, without any extras in Northern California. The best quote I have so far is $21,800 + TTLD. Is it a good deal? It would be nice to see what quotes other are getting for SL AWD base model?

  • ang339ang339 Posts: 1
    What dealer did you buy your Rogue from? I am in the process of purchasing (looking in OC and Riverside). So far the lowest price I've gotten is $24132 out the door.
    Is that a good price for a new 2009 Rogue SL FWD (Premium/Moonroof package)?
  • Not sure if you were asking me? I purchased at Keyes Woodland Hills, through the internet department (Alesh).
  • seanb61seanb61 Posts: 12

    I was just quoated for loaded SL, AWD, Leather package, premium pkg,

    $383, 2000 down 39 month lease 12k includes tax title, plates bank fee.

    Does this seem good?
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    No. That is not a good deal. With $2,000 down your actual payment is $443 per month. A $1,000 down equals approx $30 per month.

    I just leased with all options, $327/month 15,000 miles a year with tax, bank fee, and mv fees (about $2,000) down. If I roll the $2,000 into the lease that's $387 per month or $56 less than the deal you were quoted plus it's 15,000 miles not 12,000.

    Don't take it. You can do better.
  • djnephdjneph Posts: 16
    Hey Guys,

    Just purchased a Rogue here in the Austin area for $23800+TTL-$500 College Rebate, OTD was $24,990 (tax was at 6.25%). Also, qualified for 2.9%.

    Floor & Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks
    Front Window Tint.

    Seems like a decent deal, hopefully it was.
  • seanb61seanb61 Posts: 12
    Ok -

    Now have this offer $349 for 39 on loaded SL, AWD, leather premium, moonroof.
    $2000 out of pocket.

    They are also taking back my Murano with 3 lease payments remaing, which I forgot to mention earlier.
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    I still say you are $20 too high especially with 15,000 miles, but they are eating you other lease payments so it's probably about right.
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