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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Looked at the Rogue last Friday while waiting on my Civic for the mysterious oil puddle. Very nice "cute ute" and seems to be a bit smaller than the CR-V. The dash layout is very contemporary and the seats were comfortable and gave a nice commanding view of the road ahead. Back seating area was a bit smallish but since this ute is based on the Sentra platform, can't fault it on that. Prices seem to also be a bit lower than the CR-V and if it can come with a CVT tranny like the Sentra, I think Nissan has a winner on it's hands.
    Did see that nice blue color and it the bright sun it was awesome looking. Starting to like the Rogue better than the CR-V now and if I had a need for a small ute, I'd seriously consider it.
    And Marco, I do understand your passion for cars...had it since I was a small child. So keep on posting in Edmunds and don't listen to the few that ridicule you...they aren't worth it...just ignore them as most of the other posters do!

    The Sandman :)
  • Hey sandman thankyou so mutch for your understanding yes have loved cars since I was a few years old dont let the fact that I am leaguly blind stop me and yes I shore will keep on posting hear. now looking for jobs at a dealer ship dooing anything I no I cant be a car sails Man or work in the servase bays to fast pased for me. Just a good paying job at a dealer ship in new York on Long island. think I might have said that in my profile. anyway yes think this roge is a winner for Nissan when my dad test drove it it felt real nice. you had a sentria at one time think I red that in one of your postings quite sum time ago. what year was it and did you like it over all. and I dont lissen to those few posters that have nasty things to say. I help them out like on the maranno foram and say look hear there is a recall out and they atack me for my spelling not hey marco thankyou not one nice thing they had to say. love Helping peapol out with car stuff or anything. Cant stand those peapol who conplane my car has this problem and that problem but the fail to say I did not take it in for servase or a bulitan or recall. ok anyway I will keep you all posted on if my dad gets the maranno or roge or what ever he gets. thankyou so mutch for reading my posting.
  • Just thought I'd share my buying experience on a brand new Rogue SL AWD w/Premium and Sunroof package. I paid 22.9 without TTL but also traded in an 06 Accord Coupe w/20k miles on it. The dealer gave 15K for the Accord. My wife really luvs the Rogue better than she thought she'd like the CR-V.
  • you did real good on your deal with state did you bye the car in and from what nissan dealer how did they treat you and your wife. what color did you get thankyou for reading good luck with it grate car.
  • despakdespak Posts: 3
    We bought a blue SL AWD with premium package + floor mats + splash guards.

    There is a $500 Nissan rebate until the end of the month. Accounting for this rebate, we paid a final price of $22865 + TTL = $24527 out the door. We did not trade anything in. This was in Houston.
  • dmw08dmw08 Posts: 2
    That is a really good deal. Using the they show the invoice of your model with options at $23,504--so you got below invoice before the rebate. How did you manage to do that. Looking around here (Pacific Northwest) I can get close to invoice ($500 over using Costco program) but haven't been able to get below it. We want SL AWD, Premium, Leather package, floor mats and rear bumper protector. Add in splash guard and we are a tad over $25k at invoice. Problem is, it is hard to find that without moonroof. So, places want to tack on another few hundred dollars and we are at $25801 invoice (minus any $500 rebate). So, anyone got suggestions on me bringing this down to $24801 ($500 under invoice)? Would that be fair price where dealer still makes money?
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Houston seems to be a good place to get a 'price' on a Rogue - I also got the same sort of deal on my SL AWD ($25k with everything incl. leather and some other minor stuff). Apparently better pricing down here than in other parts of the country and maybe even enough to justify a road trip.- Come on down - its only 95 degrees with a similar percentage of humidity :cry: - but the Rogue's AC works quite well! ;)
  • despakdespak Posts: 3
    I just called the dealership, asked for the Internet sales manager, and asked for a quote. And right then and there, at first shot, I was given this detailed quote. Minutes later, they emailed me the detailed quote, including showing the breakdown of the fees under the "TTL" heading (I wanted to make sure there was no profit padding using unwelcome "dealer prep" or excess "documentation" fees).

    I could have countered with a lower bid, and on talking to the manager, I sensed that there was room to go a little below, but I was generally comfortable with the numbers first quoted, and so pulled the trigger.

    This purchase was easy and simple -- no numbers changed or no pressure to add accessories when I went to pick up the car. I am figuring that the dealership here are quite motivated to sell because: (i) this is end of month, (ii) this is close to end of the model year (2009 Rogues should be coming out soon), and (iii) not as many buyers on the market, and they want to hit some sales quota to help with future allotments from Nissan.
  • orijinolzorijinolz Posts: 4
    Purchased a Nissan Rogue SL AWD Silver Ice for $22542 out the door ttl didnt need to pay for anything else. Came with floor mats and splash guards nothing else. If anyone needs referencing also 2009 rogues are coming out around mid august - september.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    would not expect any real changes in the 09s, maybe cosmetic or possibly some optional equipment reorganization - like not limiting leather to the AWDs. Nissan, as well as most of the mfgrs,. will generally run successful products in 4-5 year cycles. The Rogue has apparently been doing quite well.
  • Do you mind if I ask what dealership?

    I'm in Houston too, and looking seriously at the Rogue SL. I've gotten some nice online quotes from a couple of dealerships, but want to make sure I have all bases covered. Thanks!
  • damfooldamfool Posts: 1
    Purchased an SL AWD, Wicked Black, Premium, Leather, Moonroof, Splash guards for $25,178 + TTL from Gerald Nissan in North Aurora last weekend. Decided to add the spoiler on afterwards so I'll be paying a little extra since the dealer will need to install. I was not really excited about buying a new car since there are so many choices out there but I had a huge smile on my face driving off the lot. Could not be happier with this purchase.
  • despakdespak Posts: 3
    It was Baker Jackson Nissan -- South (on South Loop near Kirby).
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    same here. Apparently a consistently competitive dealer. Got my pricing thru the Internet dept.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    I have to caution you about leasing from Nissan Finance. They are the slowest paperwork operation of any I've ever seen in 50+ years of car ownership and 30+ years of single and fleet leasing.

    The result right now here is that Nissan owes us about $500 for overpayment charged by Montrose Nissan in Colorado and it looks like we'll have to go to court to get it. We keep getting stonewalled by Nissan and the dealer. So, if our experience is any guide, stay away from Nissan Finance.

    Additionally, it took them 6+ hours to do the lease closing!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Drive way too much (and keep cars too long) for leasing to even be an option -

    but that's curious - quite the opposite experiences - very recently had no problem at all getting a check back quite promptly from NMAC when my wife mistakenly paid them too much on a payoff. No problems at all with NMAC and I have bought several Nissan products over the years....
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,074
    There will always be issues, but I have never had a problem with Nissan Finance, walked in to the dealer at 5pm, and by 8pm was out the door in my Car leased with no problem.... I like how when I return my car (either to Nissan or Infiniti) I'll can be pre-approved for a new lease before walking into the dealership.. Now, let me tellyou about my problems with MB leases....
  • dad just baught a roge s modle blue with gray interior only standered options and roofe spoilor nice driving car going to take it up camping real soon in the Mountans in eather upstate new york or pa so will let you guys no how it does. O before I forget he baught the roge from Nissan of gardon city on Long island. in new york thanks for reading Marco.
  • Includes performance package, splash guards, bumper and moon roof. Invoice price was $24,400. By using internet quotes and going into the dealership after 6 pm on the last day of the month I was able to get the car for $21,400 plus TT. Still had to pay additional $600 dealer fee which really should have been a "walk-away" issue but I was emotionally exhausted and said sure. but I still feel like a got a great deal. I love the CVT and it drives so nimbly and pickup speed is great. Getting used to the limited vision as am coming from driving an "all surround windows" Honda van.
  • dmw08dmw08 Posts: 2
    Here in Oregon I used KBB and Costco. Seems Costco provides roughly $500 over invoice pricing. I ended up going away from that program to a local dealer that provide the car I wanted at invoice plus $500 "Nissan incentive." Thus, $500 below invoice.
    SL AWD, Premium Package, Leather, splash guards, floor mats, rear bumper protector, moonroof (although we didn't want it, appears hard not to get car with this): MSRP $28,010 (according to sticker), Invoice $25,801 (used Costco website to find this pricing info). So, I got Invoice, minus $500, plus dealer "transfer" fees to acquire car from another dealer lot ($100 or so) plus DMV fees ($240 or so). Total cost $25,665--so, in the end only about $136 under invoice out the door (I was shoot for $25k flat). There are no taxes here in Oregon. Interestingly one dealer started way high and eventually dropped down to Invoice...then after I bought elsewhere mentioned there was $3000 off deal going on (???). I'm a bit wary of that dealer--seemed like it would be the type to add on all kinds of fees. However, I do believe it is probably a good time to buy...especially if you are willing to take a vehicle on the dealer lot the are pushing to get rid of. We found the ones with leather (black) were a bit harder to come by...
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    summer end of model year always a good time to buy. Paid almost exactly the same $25+k, for apparently the same car (SL AWD with everything it could have on it) here in Houston. Like you also have a problem with these 'start 'em high' sales tactics, 'wary' would be an an understatement - contemptuous might be a better word. Seems that if you do some research and find out what exactly a given vehicle sells for in whatever area you are in - and then simply let the dealer know what that number is AND what you are willing to pay. If he doesn't want to do it, fine -be prepared to walk, because if you got your numbers right , you know what the other guy on the other side of town will. Games like what you suggest are common and a waste of my time, and not for me!
  • mm409mm409 Posts: 2
    Nissan dealer in Wilton CT area is selling Rogue S for 18900 (MSRP 21500), Is this a good price?
  • mm409mm409 Posts: 2
    Ok, finally bought Rogue SL AWD with Moonroof for 21225 (on roard 23888) with msrp of 24020. 2795 less from MSRP. I did take extended warranty on this though, thats not included in the price of 23888
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • kkuskkus Posts: 4
    Here's a complete breakdown of the drive-out price:

    Vehicle invoice price $19,572.00
    Less Rebates ** $1,000.00
    Taxable sale price (+ttl) $18,572.00
    Vehicle inventory tax $41.24
    State sales tax $1,160.75
    Documentary fee $50.00
    Insp, Title and R&B fees $73.25
    License fees $60.80
    Total drive-out price $19,958.04
    ** rebates include Nissan rebate of $500 and qualifying College Grad rebate of $500.

    I will negotiate charges except TTL. But I haven't seen any dealer incentive for this model. All $1,000 rebate is from Nissan manufacturer. Is that price good? How much can I ask down? This quote is from a Houston dealer.
  • goroad1goroad1 Posts: 2
    Wash DC Area:
    We purchased our fully optioned AWD SL w/NAV for $600 under invoice, the MSRP was $29K and the OTD price was $25.4. We took the 3.9 financing instead of the $500 cash back.
    The salesman and managers at Criswell Nissan were extremely helpful and really took care of my wife during the process.
    Altough I initially wanted the CR-V, the Rogue is winning me over with the 29MPG on the highway and the great stereo and Nav.Actuall prefer the Garmin over the Nav in our TL!
  • not a bad price for that moddle I am shore you will love it what color did you get interior color the crv is grate also thankjs for reading Marco.
  • mx6bfastmx6bfast Posts: 11
    Went to a Nissan dealership in Memphis and they didn't have an SL FWD with the options I wanted, mostly the premium package. They just got 2 09's in and one was close to what I wanted. Silver, Premium Package, Moonroof and deflector, rear guard, (don't care for the next few) splash guards, mats. I think that's it. MSRP came to 26,125. With a VPP discount comes to 24,631, 1,000 for my 93 Mazda Mx-6 (amazingly), for a total of 23,631. With a down payment of 1,000 OTD comes to 24,991.

    Since it's an 09 I don't get the $500 back. Think this is pretty good? Since I get the VPP discount I don't know if I can leverage any thing. I didn't see any outrageous add ons from the dealer, just a couple of $50 charges, no listing or newspaper fee.
  • walusmwalusm Posts: 5
    Tomorrow (aug-30) I'm going to Nissan dealer to get new Rouge. SL AWD with premium packege, no moonroof and no leather. MSRP is $25350. Invoice should be something about $23000.
    How much you think I can start asking for 2008 model. $21000 ? Considering labor day weekend and 2009 model should be out soon.
    Is it worth to wait and get 2009 ??

    I'm going to pay for the car cash. (Sold my Xterra).
    What will be the good strategy to deal with dealer.

    Thanks for your help.

  • walusmwalusm Posts: 5
    Tomorrow (aug-30) I'm going to Nissan dealer to get new Rouge. SL AWD with premium package, no moonroof and no leather. MSRP is $25350. Invoice should be something about $23000.
    How much you think I can start asking for 2008 model. $21000 ? Considering labor day weekend and 2009 model should be out soon.
    Is it worth to wait and get 2009 ??

    I'm going to pay for the car cash. (Sold my Xterra).
    What will be the good strategy to deal with dealer.

    Thanks for your help.

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