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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the usual answer to whether or not you should buy the outgoing model year depends on 2 things - 1) how much cheaper the 'old' model is and 2) how long you plan on keeping the vehicle. As a general rule those of us that tend to keep cars 5 years or longer and/or drive them a lot are better served with those EOY clearance prices and those of us that lease and/or like to buy new cars every 3 or 4 years and drive less can save with the later model year. In your case, and given that the Rogue is basically unchanged, I have my doubts that you'll find a dealer willing to go 2 grand below invoice, it seems that in some areas the Rogue has been selling at or about invoice all spring and summer and the 09 model is not significantly different than the 08.
    Write the specs down for exactly the Rogue you want, be prepared to accept something maybe in a color combination and/or option pkg. different than what you might prefer , and then send it out to the Internet sales depts of all the dealers in your part of the country that you would consider traveling to. You will find out soon enough if your $21k expectation for an 08 model is realistic. Good luck!
  • walusmwalusm Posts: 5
    thanks for replay,
    when you request the quote from the different dealers online, do they give you the "real price" they can sell it for or it's still the price you can beat negotiating personally ?

  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    depends on the dealer - and the buyer. I have found a number of dealers that still want to use the 'start-em' high tactic and also a few that seem to understand that he will run off the saavy car buyer who has done his research with that kind of BS. Purchasing a car doesn't have to be about sitting at some salesman's desk while he makes countless (and probably imaginary) trips to 'check with his sales manager' . My preference is not to negotiate at all, presenting the dealer with a 'this is what I'm willing to pay offer' and making it quite clear to him that you are NOT willing to waste your time playing these idiot games. I did get about a $1000.00 variance in the internet prices ($28k MSRP SL AWD) - simply used the lowest one (an email) to define what 'my' price was going to be, found the specific car I wanted, and drove off in it an hour later. It ended up being at a different dealer than the lowest price offered dealer but the negotiations became quite painless when I got up to walk out -- which BTW I believe to be the key - whether you like to play the games or not (some folks think it's sport??) - you do have to be ready and willing to walk away without that set of keys or for that matter be truly prepared to sign on that dotted line!!
    Let us know how you did - and also how you like your newest acquisition ;)
  • osagiosagi Posts: 15
    Can you email me the rep's name, dealership name and address? Thanks. :)
  • walusmwalusm Posts: 5
    I got it. Black Rouge 2008 SL AWD with Premium Package for $22450. after rebate. (MSRP $25350).
    I went to first dealer got the price 22500 but I walk away I tried something below 22k. they came to parking lot while we were leaving begging us to come back but they didn't lower the price. We went to another dealer got the price $22450 but the fees were lower so finally I paid $24500 (first dealer was way over 25k)

    We love it so far. We went on trip about 60 miles and I got 26.5 mpg average. (mostly highway) Hopefully i will increase.

  • osagiosagi Posts: 15
    Could you provide the dealership name and location? I am interested in the same pkg but with leather seats.
  • O'Brien Nissan Hawthorne NJ
  • Just got approved and put a hold on a Rogue about 100 miles from me. 2008 SL FWD, Black/black, Premium Package, moon roof, splash guards, premium floor mats. They are adding on: moon roof deflector, kick plates, rear bumper guard. The dealer added on a stripe which actually looks pretty cool. It runs under the windows. MSRP before add ons was $24,685, with VPP discount and $500 rebate was $22,259. Add ons of $275 which brings an OTD of $24,697.

    Extremely easy to do business with, everything (except the hold) done via email. No sales pressure at all. I think I got a good deal, and didn't want to push for anything better. I figured this was a good deal because a dealer only 60 miles from me was quoting nearly $1000 more for the same spec'd vehicle. Then of course it turns out the Rogue was sold 2 weeks before but their inventory system wasn't updated.

    Going to pick it up in 2 weeks. Can't wait!!!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    yep, that 'ultimate' tactic of being able to get up and walk out is possibly the best negotiating tool we have but not many have the 'strength' to do that (something that the usual car dealer is quite aware of) . I just object to all the games in the first place and will do my damndest not to spend any time sitting in anybody's office - hence the Internet shopping. Before the Internet I would do things like visit the dealer lots when they were closed, write down a stock number or two, and then phone the sales manager directly on the next business day, let him know what I wanted to pay for that car I was interested in, and if he could do it, I would be there that night to pick it up.
    I paid 25.5 BTW for my SL AWD with premium, moonroof, leather, as well as a few other more 'minor' things like window tinting and mats etc. - MSRP so equipped was a smidgen over $28k. Have been seeing right at 25-26mpg overall and also enjoy the car - talk about something that is practical ;) .
  • osagiosagi Posts: 15
    Hi Captain2,
    Could you provide the dealer name that you dealt with? I am from Bellingham. Most Nissan dealers here are inflexible with their price so i am willing to travel to Portland or farther if the price is right. I am looking at the same package as yours. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  • nice sounds like a grate deal to me my dad just got one a few weeks ago loves it so I think you will love it Nissan makes grate stuff should last also keep us updated in when you get it in 2 weeks good luck thanks for reading Marco.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the dealer that provided me with the best Internet quote was Baker Jackson Nissan (South) here in Houston - a dealer that appears consistently competitive because he has also been mentioned by another poster on this site.
    If the Nissan dealers in the Portland area are inflexible then it would appear that the Rogue must be in higher demand in your particular area . How far you might have to travel and the value of your own time would seem to argue against a 2000 mile road trip!
  • The price of $1979 below invoice, did this include any rebates?
  • Hi, I live in the Northern Virginia area and was just quoted a lease price for a 2009 Nissan Rogue S. I was wondering if someone could let me know if it is a good deal or not? The terms are for three years and with 12,000 miles per year. They are: $1000 Down and $229.00 per month for three years. (The $1000 down includes all fees, taxes and tags) Any advice would be appreciated! This would be my family's first time owning a Nissan.
  • sounds like a good deal to me if I wher you I would go for it up to you keep us updated on what you end up dooing. Nissans are grate cars last for a verry long time. and my dad just baught one few munths ago loves it thanks for reading Marco.
  • Hi everyone,

    I live on Long Island, NY and went through with a deal today for a 2009 SL AWD + Premium & Leather Package with splash guards and mats. The total price was $26,150 +TTL . This is probably not the greatest deal ever but it seems to be the best one I can find around the area. If I priced it out correctly on Edmunds, the total with options comes up to $28,056, that's $1,906 below the TMV price. In my market, that doesn't sound too bad. The experience was excellent, no sales pitch whatsoever, asked for different package combination and they just provided their selling price. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    doesn't sound all that bad - only a few hundred over invoice and that my be appropriate for your particular area. I paid a few hundred less a few months back, but overall that extra money really loses significance when we are talking about $26 grand. Too many folks get needlessly caught up in car prices relative to 'invoice' (or whatever) when, the truth of it is that is usually makes little difference - the important thing, of course, is that you are happy with what you bought? I sure am :D
  • I appreicate your response. If that's only a few hundred over invoice I can accept that. I just wanted to make sure I didn't get taken to cleaners on this deal! :)
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    If we assume that your $26150.00 is let's say $500.00 too high (something I'm not sure is really the case because my loaded out $25.5 SL AWD is an 08 and the 09s should be a bit more) - the net effect of that $500.00 is only going to be $10 bucks or so per month on a normal 48- 60 month loan - kinda insignificant (2%) when we are living in the land of $500+/month car payments. I wish folks weren't so 'consumed' with 'prices paid' sometimes there really are a bunch of other things that make a lot more difference (in $) than that. Enjoy your Rogue
  • Hi goroad1

    1) Can you provide me detailed break up of your pricing.
    2) When you say fully optioned does it include leather and moonroof.
    3) Are the TTL and freight over and above the 25.4 or is it all inclusive ?
    4) Can you give me the details of the sales person you dealt with at Criswell.
  • Hello,

    We bought an 2009 SL Black FWD, Cross Bars, Plash guard, Mats, Tint. Total amount paid was $21,500 (out of dealer). Just writing this to help other potential buyers since this forum was a great help for me.
  • We bought a 2008 Rogue S AWD yesterday. It has 16,400 miles on it and was owned by a rental car company, so it's in great shape. Sticker was $18,900. We paid $17,600 + TT&L and extended warranty (5 yr/75,000 miles + unlimited dent/ding repair). Our OTD cost was:

    Vehicle Price $17,600
    Warranty $1,710
    TT&L $1,334
    Total: $20,644

    It's red with black interior. It has splash guards and floor mats, but no other options added.
  • Hey that sounds like a grate deal to me. I also live on Long island to in Nassaw my dad got a roge a few munths back loves it alot. he got silver with gray interior nice. got it from adlantick auto mall whair did you get your roge from what dealer what color interior and exterior did you get if you dont mind me asking thanks so mutch Have a verry grate day marco.
  • jezmiajezmia Posts: 36
    I need to lease a rouge, this is what I am getting so far $359 taxes included 0 down, 15k miles and 39 months. The dealer said he is giving me $250 below invoice, a MF of 0.00315 abd residual 60%. this is a 2009. with 700 credit, with a 667 credit $20 more Any idea if this is a good deal? also any idea what is the main difference between a 2008 and a 2009. is there really any difference between leasing one or the other?
  • If there is not a big difference in cost in the lease and you will be turning it back in anyway, go for the 09. It's newer, that's really it. Other than that the 08 is perfectly fine.
  • psfod3psfod3 Posts: 63
    Just bought a 2008 SL . Does anyone know if it comes with roadside assist. I do not see a phone number for it.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Why not call your salesman?..... ;)
  • Yes, i believe it comes with 3 years roadside assistance.
  • yes it cumes with 3 years or 36000 mile worantee on everything including road side asastance. if you want it for longer and you baught the car get the 6 year or 75000 Mile bumper to bumper worantee that cuvers everything on the car not shore how mutch it wal cost shop around best thing to do if you ask me the power trane is 6 years or 60000 Miles can get the extendad worantee of 7 years or 100000 Miles. that worantee the extendad one on the power trane is different from the extendad worantee on the hole car maby nissan offers one for boath not shore if anyone nos pleas let us all no thankyou for reading have a verry good day Marco.
  • I just leased a 2009 rogue S AWD for $3,000 down for $249.65 for 39 months. I worked all the numbers out and seemed like a pretty good deal to me. I hope no one tells me otherwise...But im open to responses. Car is black on black no options beside the floor mats and splash guards.
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