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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • I posted another message after the one you replied to stating that I was able to get $1,000 from Ford to assist with funding the new transmission as a good will gesture, even though the warranty had expired. That says to me 1) They know the trans was bad in those models and 2) They value the Ford brand and will stand behind their product. I don't know the answer to your question about the 94/95 but wanted to make sure you knew how my situation was resolved since first posting was so negative.
  • i have a 01 sport trac and i had the tranny built and it has no power in first or reverse but if i put it in low 1 or 2 it pulls great.can it be the converter? if anyone had this problem please help me.
  • I have a 95 Expl. with 107,000. The transmission light flashes sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I've noticed that when I'm driving. I can feel the transmission.. it's doesn't drag..but I can tell it's having a hard time climbing hills and/or when I'm in lower gears it doesn't jerk it doesn't loose speed but I can tell that it's having a hard time... I have to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor just to drive it..I love my truck what is up? Does my fluid need to be changed? Can a transmission be flushed if so how? Can I buy something at the auto part store to put in the transmission? Me and my husband don't know much about cars..we really need this car to last a little longer!
  • I bought the 2007 ironman explorer. It is back at the dealership for the 3rd time with this transmission problem and it is a v8. THey have had it for about a week now and still can't tell me when they will be done with it. :mad:
  • 2007sporttrak V/8 after stopping transmission lunges forward,like being bumped in rear dealer says this is normal but it looks like others have this problem also,anyone have any suggestions?I know this is not normal and will probly cause problems later if not sooner,thanks
  • I have a 2001 explorer sport. I had the same problem happen at about 117,000 km (70,00 miles). I found a GOOD shop. He was able to determine that it was the valve body and servo.. apparently there is a kit available for the repair. The repair cost about $650.00 cdn (including labour). any shop that tries to tell you your tranny is shot is full of it.
  • i got a 98 exp and i dont have no 1 2 or drive it tryes to go in gear and thr backawd work good can anyone tell me whats wrong :sick:
  • yea ...the forward clutches are need an overhaul.
  • Hey my 1995 is junk also your not the only one. I have spent some serious cash on the thing also. I spent 1200 to get the thing rebuit had a 6mos garuntee then 3 mos after that was up it went out again, they fixed it for 500 but gave no garuntee and now about 2 or 3 mos later it is junk again. I think he just did a temp fix and charged me up the butt for it.

    I am tempted to sell it for the rest of the parts.
  • will a ford ranger fit on a exopler sports i had a 03 ford ranger with the same motor in it
  • do anyone know where i can download a repair manual for a 1998 ford explorer on the tranny i think that i can replace the parts in it if i had a manual
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    One of the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide may help.
  • I have a 93 explorer with 115,000 miles on it. It was running good until 2 months ago. Now when i'm on the highway or going up a hill it starts to hesitate, and then loses speed. It runs good up until 55 or 60 mph. Any ideas?

    I also had to replace the vacuum plugs 2 or 3 times. One of them keeps falling off, and the stem had some kind of fluid on it, anyone know what fluid it could be and why it's there? I'm kind of a rookie when it comes to repaires, and appreciate any advice. Thanks
  • Bought this truck, a demo with only 14000 miles on it. Have had this transmission problem since day one. After stopping feels like I got rear ended. Dealership says this is normal. I know this is a downshift issue and after reading the other post's I know this is the problem.Has anyone had any luck with their dealership's on solving this issue?? Also you can go to: and put vehicle In to view recalls and service bulletns. When and if I get results I will post and let everyone know!! Replies Welcomed-Thanks!
  • I have an 04 explorer with the v6 4wd. When I coast I am getting like a thunk thunk noise like there is something on the rear tire (the noise seems to be behind the drivers seat..not exactly sure where... When I accelerate it disappears. When I put the vehicle in 4x4 high it doesnt exist. it only exists with 4wd off and it is not under any power. Any ideas on what this would be causing this and how serious of an issue this is? DO i just need to try changing out the tranny, rear differential fluid or new tranny or what?

  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Thats hard to say...but it does sound more like a rear differential than a tranamission. I would pull the cover off the rear diff first and inspect the ring gear for damage on the coast side of the gear.
  • Slight update. It does happen now while under power. But only while turning left (? I have now forgotten. but it was turning.) it does -seem- to be coming from the left side.
    (Cars can echo.)

    How hard is it to pull that off and i assume I need to replace the main gasket (any others?), and what kind of fluid do I need to put in it? Do I need special tools? or can i just directly pop that off by crawling under it?

    anything else to check for?
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    My 2006 Explorer V8 has exhibited some slight 1-2 upshift and downshift problems since it was new, but they were too slight for me to botehr taking it in for service. I now have 34,600 miles on it, and the problem (occasionally feeling like being hit from behind on some stops, occasional jerky take-off from stops) had worsened, so I took it to Santa Margarita Ford. I especially appreciate the transmission mechanic's desire to having it right returning it to me. He worked on it, and it was supposed to be finished at the end of the day Wednesday. However, when I arrived to pick it up, Duane in the service department explained that the mechanic was not statisfied with the way it shifted, so wanted to replace more parts. I picked it up this morning (Firday), and it is very, very smooth.

    Moderators - you really ought to separate these mechanical issue forums out by model year range. For example, the 6-speed automatic used in the 2006 and newer Explorers (and other vehicles) is not the same as the 5-speed unit used in the 2002 to 2005 models, nor the 4-speed unit used in the 2001 and earlier models. Each should be in separate discussions.
  • I am having same problems with my 2007 Sport Trak,read post 165. They keep telling me this is normal,but its not. It is a V/8 6Spd,would like to know what they did if possible.
  • To all with the transmission down-shifting problems after comming to a stop. Put the truck back in shop, got it back today, so far so good. Dealer ship called Ford and they sent them a different program for the transmission. It shifts normal now, just hope it stays this way.-thx.
  • 70ss454_man70ss454_man Posts: 107
    It should be able to pull it just fine. I've pulled my 3700lb boat to the lake and up mountain inclines many times in the past year with my '93. No problems, and it has 200,000+ miles. I think you just have a bad tranny
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    known transmission issues are posted in my blog concerning blown valve body gaskets could save you an overhaul if you know about it and get it fixed before you spend money for a rebuild
  • bottinibottini Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Explorer with 110,000 mile. I has the SOHC 4.0 engine
    At 102,000 miles had the plugs and plug wires replaced.
    The vehicle started missing right after this
    Replaced the plugs and plug wires again.
    Still missing. If it is under 2000 rpm and you start up an incline it starts to miss. Once it downshifts and it gets over 2000 rpm it quits missing.
    Replaced the fuel filter and the ignition coil module and it is still missing.
    It has been on 2 different scopes and shows no codes.
    Could this somehow be related to the transmission? It is not slippage, but a definite miss
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    it could be transmission related if yor miss comes in at highway speeds only after the last gearshift it could be a torque chatter
  • rail1rail1 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 explorer that is doing the same thing. Have you found out what the problem is?
  • naludabinaludabi Posts: 4
    It's terrible, the transmission troubles with Explorers. I've had mine now for 5 years, and luckily not tranny problems yet, but everyone I know who has one says the same thing, nothing but problems with their transmissions. Some of them have even had them replaced up to three time now.
    When doing a little research on the topic I came across Autobeef, they have a lot of the same complaints....check out this one page it has something like 70 people all saying around the same thing.. _slipping_shifts_hard.shtml
    -the transmission control module
    -or the valve body
    or the whole thing. When is ford going to help fix the problem they created in the first place.
  • kthorkthor Posts: 2
    My Explorer has just developed a upshift slip between 1st and 2nd gear at about 3000 rpm it revs up to about 4000 rpm and then switches gear. No other issues when downshifting or between any other gears. Is this a transmission issue, computer control, or something else?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    this trans blows valvebody gaskets creating these shifting conditions may be able to replace valvebody gaskets and go on your way
  • kthorkthor Posts: 2
    Thanks, that's exactly what it was.
  • Just my 2 cents worth: had '02 Explorer (51,000 miles) with tranny "clunk." Independent shop replaced valve body (gasket IS an issue), drilled out solenoid holes and installed bushings (aluminum case is too soft) and it worked fine. After 18 months I traded it (63,000 miles) for a Toyota 'cause the rear end (aluminum, again) was junk. Now the tranny in my '95 (133,000 miles) is vibrating and slipping...and I'm going to have it rebuilt. I love that vehicle. The '02 rode great, but Ford went cheap on the aluminum in the transmission and rear end and ruined it. Too bad. Their engines are fine, but they can't seem to make a sturdy transmission to go with them. They have done wonders for sales of Toyotas, Hondas, etc.
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