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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • i am having the same promblem i belive,when my rpm drops and i release the gas pedal, and the speeds decrease i hear a roaring , grinding sound. this only happen with highway drivening. if the speed drops from 65mph to 50mph i will get this sound, but if i give it gas, it gose away. my truck is a 2003 explorer, 4.0l-6. I'm not sure if i am still cover under warranty ! i have 73,352.2 mile on the truck. what should i do or what would be my next step ? :confuse:
  • reckreck Posts: 12
    you dont need a ll attorney! save your money....every state is a little different... we are in florida.... when you purchased your vehicle, the dealer should have given you a ll book....or you can search attorney general web page for your state... here after you have had your vehicle in for repeated attempts for the SAME repair or problem and it still persists, you file the lemon law paperwork (in that book) and then ford asks that they have at least one repair attempt to fix it before they talk to you--if it still is not repaired, keep calling ford (not dealer) we finally met with a tech from ford headquarters and after 3 hours, he asked us what we wanted...which was just another vehicle, we also love the explorer (we had the limited), and he said that they would advise us in 2 days whether ford could do it. long story short - it was a buyback which is MSRP TO MSRP and we could not be took a little time for paperwork (about a month) but all is well. I feel what saved us is that we kept VERY GOOD DOCUMENTATION OF EVERTHING-dates, times we were in for repairs, phone calls, who we spoke to and when, the mileage, dates, problem that we had at the time (its not always on the work order you get from them)....we also had a wonderful dealer.... they also sat in on the ford tech meeting with us... they were very supportive...i will be a customer there for a very long time.. they really do care! good luck... its worth the inconvenience ......thanks!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You are definitely out of warranty, unfortunately.
  • For those of you who are experiencing shifting issues with your 2006 Ford Explorers. Please post your complaints with National Highway Traffic Administration. Go to people are starting to file complaints about these ongoing issues. Perhaps Ford will do something about this problem.

  • Hopefuly this will be my last update. My dealer replaced the valve body about 6500 miles ago and transmission has been perfect ever since! Maybe they finally have a valve body that works!
  • I too bought a 2006 ford explorer EB addition in Sept 2006.
    I brought it in for the first time in Oct. 2006 with downshift issues..they replaced the computer was fine for about a month then brought it back again in Nov.2006 and they reprogrammed the chip...again fine about a month until it started having the shifting problems again. I brought it back in Dec. 2006 and they said they couldn't feel it or find anything but to drive it around till it was doing it more and bring it back again. Well guess is back there again in Feb. 2007 with the same issues...this time they do feel it and are telling me that this is the way that all Ford Explores shift and drive....and that the car is adjusting to the way I drive. I don't believe this at all...especially after finding this site and everyone here who is having the same issues. I am going to keep fighting this and not stay quiet.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    For the record, the valve body was on recall, and it was swapped out, the TCM and PCM was reprogrammed, and mind shifts like butter now, so I'm very pleased with my Explorer now. Took 2 visits, but that's pretty normal in my experience for Ford.
  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    Reprogramming did not work... so now they have replaced a valve and some other part of the transmission. The service rep said that this had worked when the reprogramming didn't help with other vehicles. Sounds like it fixed your problem. Hopefully, it will fix mine. If it wasn't for this transmission problem I would be totally satisfied with my 2007 Mercury Mountaineer. Jbuck2
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I hear ya - they are great trucks, best design out there, good value - but if they won't shift - you hate them. Keep at it, they'll fix it. It CAN be done. When it's finally shifting right, you'll love the vehicle.
  • I too have taken my Eddie Bauer in 3 times for repair... the first and second they did a software update and that did not work. This week they replaced the valve body (I told them about it from this site!) and presto... no more down shift problems! Thanks to everyone here for the advice.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It's a miracle, isn't it? There is now a recall out on that valve body that's failing - so anybody bringing in that complaint, should have it fixed if the dealer has anything on the ball at all....

    Once that is resolved, it's a sweet truck, IMO. My favorite so far.
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Is it a recall or TSB? I have had minor clunking shift issues and intend to take it in, but was wondering if they will notify me, or if anyone here has access to the complete bulletin if it is a TSB.
  • cwbkycwbky Posts: 2
    I have the weirdest thing going on with mine, yall know about the o/d off light right? Well in the mornings or when it hasnt been driven for a while, the light doesnt blink and it runs like brand new, cant feel a shift. But when this damn light starts blinking after about 1 hour of driving or maybe 30 min. u can feel it shift from 2nd to 3rd and down to first. Its crazy, does this sound like i need a new tranny or could it be something smaller. Very Confused :confuse:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Mine said recall on the invoice, but it's not directly safety related, so there is no active campaign - it's just replaced when complained about.
  • Stuck in 2nd gear! Driving home, I noticed a funny feel when shifting into 1st, so just to be safe, I popped it back into neutral when I was rolling and back into first, still with the funny feeling but no trouble. Shifted into 2nd, still no trouble. Shifted to 3rd, and the car wouldn't have it. I immediately pulled off the road and shut down the car. I waited a minute before trying again. I started it up, and still couldn't shift. When I let off the clutch after starting, it died, so I started it up again and gave it some gas and was able to determine that I was still in second gear. I drove it home, which was only a couple blocks away thankfully, and now it won't go anywhere else because I can't get it into reverse. Any ideas?
  • Some more info, the shifter isn't stuck in 2nd gear, there's plenty of play as if it's in neutral, but it won't go into any other gear. The clutch seems to be working fine as far as I can tell, in the sense that it still has tension and needs to be used to start the car, and it will die when the clutch is released.
  • I purchased a 97 XLT, and the o/d off light blinks. Please help with a solution. Thanks
  • kevahkevah Posts: 1
    i just had my transmission rebuilt in this damn thing and now my machanic say that i need a transmission wire harness for the my 4x4 because who ever had the damn thing before i brought it used it as a toy and tore it the hell up and now i need to relocate a transmission wire haress with an O/D drum sensor its a has a 1997 explorer 4.0 engine with E tow and it has a 5R 55E transmission in it and it is hell locating it. Do i really need this part, or can i operate it with out it. And the damest thing about it is that who ever had it straight wired the engine to to everthing and i had that redone now i stuck on a part that nobody seem to have used or new. HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP MMMMEEEE! :cry: :cry: :sick:
  • cperkcperk Posts: 1
    I also have an Eddie Bauer and have the same downshifting problem you described. I see that it's been a few weeks since it was fixed----how's it going now? Still no problems? Your posting gives me hope that I won't have to trade off the vehicle that I love so much!
  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    I Had the transmission valve replaced like others on this site have and now after 2 weeks the Mountaineer is doing well! I'm cautiously optimistic. Now the only problem I'm having is in the parking lot.... I feel like I've got square wheels when I am just leaving a parking spot. I think the transmission stays in 1st gear too long.
  • rrumbarrumba Posts: 4
    I have a 95 explorer. I had the transmission rebuilt and have installed it. when it came back there was fluid in it and i added another quart before starting it. I let it run for 30 minutes to warm up to operating temp and checked the the fluid level. It is at 1/2 the hatch marks. When i put the car into gear nothing happens. I disconnected the linkage and engaged the transmission in all gears. still nothing. shouldn't the transmission have taken more fluid? What could possibly be wrong now? this is the same thing the transmission was doing when I sent it out to be rebuilt. the shift linkage needs to be replaced because it has broken at the connector which is why i tried the gear range with out the linkage connected.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Did i get a transmission fixed that was never fixed? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mav2kmav2k Posts: 4
    the problem is only for the "class leading 6 speed transmission" = JUNK!!, the "class leading 6 speed transmission" come only in the V8 models.

    Now you are save, keep away the v8 models. It's a nightmare :lemon:
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    As I posted elsewhere, after 10,000 miles and occasional rough downshifts to 1st when coming to a stop, it has not been enough of a problem for me to have bothered to stop at the nearby dealership. If others have a more severe problem, it seems that the solution exists. Buy the service manuals for your Explore or any new vehicle, or just go to ajunkyard and take one apart and you will see that all new vehicles are extremely complex.
  • mav2kmav2k Posts: 4
    "after 10,000 miles and occasional rough downshifts to 1st when coming to a stop" You are a lucky man, my EB ALWAYS rought downshifts to 1st when coming to a stop.

    "it seems that the solution exists" Maybe or maybe not, look at the posts........ Sometime work, sometimes Don't work
    "new vehicles are extremely complex"

    I agree, and I know it's extremely complex but Complex is diferent to defects.....

    The dealer will try fix the problem one more time. Maybe I'll get Better luck this time.
  • t_silvert_silver Posts: 4
    Hi everyone, I have the EB edition V8 and have had the valve body and software update back in early February. Everything is great on the truck now. No problems (except the beige interior that has black marks on it). I would have been back sooner but my '05-325i was stolen from my garage!!! Funny they left the more expensive (and probably easier to steal) Explorer!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm very happy with my 06 V-8 as well. Took a couple of trys, but the dealer got mine shifting nicely. I love the car. Sorry about your 325....hope they DON'T find will be better off....
  • dan97dan97 Posts: 1
    I have a 2wd 97 explorer. Will a 4wd manual tranny work in my model or do i have to change the tail shaft ? Or is that even a possibility
  • msc1msc1 Posts: 5
    I also was given the line about the truck adjusting to the way I drive. I also think this is ridiculous. My truck is sitting at the dealership for the 4th time for these same problems with the transmission. Why doesn't Ford own up to the problem with this model and fix them once and for all!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ford does own up to it, and there is a TSB out on the problem. It's the dealers who are too lazy to domesticate a warranty claim with Ford without a computer code because it's more work. They can be fixed, and should be. Try a new dealer, or make this service manager go for a ride with you and show him your problem. That should get you some interest on his part. It's hard to deny these issues if they're with you when it happens. Computer code or not.
  • i am in BBB-FL mediation with ford over downshift issues. 06 explorer v8 limited and want repurchase of vehicle, they counter with 5 year extended warranty, i don't want it cause they can't fix anyway, what good is an extended gonna do. anyone else win repurchase in a lemon law case for transmission downshifting problems ford can't fix?
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