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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • This is my 1st post,hope I am doing it right.I have a 1996 XLT Explorer Control track 4WD.It has 138,278 miles on it.I have had it about 6 six years.The transmission is shot.My problem is , is it worth putting in a new tranny?I know they are expensive and was not sure if it was worth it.Other than the tranny everything seems to be alright.Please help me out.
  • banker, I respect your outlook on this as mine is much the same. I have the 07 model Explorer Sport Trac w/V8 and I feel the same transmission lunge at times. I'm not really worried about it and let me explain why. I also have a 98 Chevy Corvette and it does the same thing although not quite as often. Anyhow, other than the occasional bump feeling that I get, the tranny has not given me a bit of trouble to date, 9 yrs later. So as far as the Sport Trac goes, I realize that this is a new transmission and i'm going to give them a bit longer to work out the problem. Glad to hear that Ford is fairly reasonable when it comes to replacing the vehicle.
  • I would say Yes it's worth it. 138K miles of service is good and while it won't be cheap to replace the tranny, it will be far less expensive than purchaseing another vehicle. It sounds like your Explorer has been well taken care of, it's teliable and still in good shape so replace the tranny. You might not go to Ford to replcae it or you will pay a premium for it and I think there are other transmission shops thqat could replace it cheaper.
  • i have a 96 explorer with 83000 mile and my transmission is starting to slipp(only when it is cold). if i am sitting at a stop and try to exclerate quickly my transmission slips. i can put my gas petal all the way to the floor, my engine will rev up but i go no where. i have never worked on automatic transmissions and no nithing about whats wrong. i had a diagnostic test done on it and they told me they did not pick anything up. i am thnking about changing it out myself with a rebuilt one. but if anyone has suggsetion please let me know. thatnk you
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Having driven the new Explorer around some more, I have determined that it only does this wierd shift when cold. Once the transmission gets close to operating temperature, (175 F) it smoothes out nicely, in fact, is as smooth as my Lexus transmission is. So, I'm not worried at all, and have stopped noticing it actually. I'm really liking the truck....
  • Just venting.

    Thirteen months ago I put eight hundred dollars into a tranny repair on my Ford Explorer 2003 @ 58,00 miles. OK...I accept that.

    Today the dealer told me I need a new transmission. No second or fifth gear @ 71000 miles. I've owned it less than 2 years. My wife drives it 12 miles roundtrip to work a week. Then some weekend trips to NH.........we don't beat it.

    I still owe $10,000 on this. New tranny going to cost $3200.00 with a 36 month warranty.

    I'm at a loss, I was stunned with silence when the dealer told me this. 71,000 miles and it needs a new transmission. As much as I like the Explorers, (this is our 3rd), I don't know if I could buy another.

    Maybe it's time to go Toyota. I've got good friends who swear by them. I've been looking at the Ford Eddie Bauer models.

    Not now. And not again until Ford can build something that'll last a bit longer than 71000 miles. I know,........ it's the pick of the draw.

    Still sucks.

  • what type transmission fluid do i need to use? i just changed it and put in dextron 3 that what autozone guy told me but from somethings i have just read i think i should be using mercon 5
  • Can someone please help me? I have 95 explorer V6 and it is in the shop to get a new tranny and the mechanic is having a hard time finding a GOOD tranny to replace mine. He has said that for the 95 and 96 models of explorer its hard to find a tranny is this true? What is it with the 95's because i wanted to put some custom rims on my truck and was told I couldn't do that.
  • 1994 - 4WD - automatic transmission - person I bought it from say's that the transmission was removed and worked on by a pro-shop - Explorer came out of shop and now has occasional/often tranny slip when cold, on initial accelaration - then it's 100% - I have potentially isolated it to 2 or 3 external sensors or servo's - The way I get around this problem at present time is to let the car warm up in my driveway for some 10 to 15 minutes! - ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?!
  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    I am having the exact same problem with my 2006 Mountaineer. Also it seems to slip whenever I'm taking off from a stop sign. Have you had a solution to your problem?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yes, I have. The dealer replaced one recalled part , OPCODE 05T04B, they reprogrammed the PCM and TCM, and it's perfect now, a real joy to drive. No idea what that part is they replaced - if I had to guess, I'd guess a valve, but not sure. Prevail against your dealer to check it out. The first time, the dealer told me it was fine. The second time, I got the Transmission guy to go on a test drive with me and showed him. Seemed to help a lot.
  • reckreck Posts: 12
    we had just about everything done to this including a new transmision installed-Ford stood up to the plate and did the right thing - they gave us a new vehicle of our choice and we are loving it - we chose another explorer - different trans - it is so smooth we don't even feel it shifting... good luck - I am very impressed with how ford handled things... kudos to them!
  • I have a 1994 Ford Explorer 4wd. Had the tranmission changed in 2004, didn't use 4wd till recently, didn't work. Could it been from the repair of transmission or any suggestions?
  • tfmrtfmr Posts: 10
    What is a high-pitched whistling/squealing noise that I hear when I accelerate hard,like highway merging, only when the rpm is peaking (at around 3100rpm) just before gear changes (mainly 4th to 5th)? The sound goes away immediately when I feel the car changed gears.
  • My 96 ford explorer which has 170,000 miles has a tranny problem,heres what happen,i took off from a red light rather fast then about a half mile i stopped in traffic and when i went to go ,nothing happened,when i got towed home i checked tranny fluid which was 2 quarts low,i added fluid and still it wouldn't move unlees i step on accelerated hard meaning 4000 rpm's and it will move,anyone have any ideas on what could cause this,i'm thinking tourque converter,any help would be great,ty jeff
  • transmissions tend to "whine" when there is a lack of fluid. its a way of telling us that it's getting grumpy so to speak
  • does the indicator light up on the dash next to the button? If so, then i would have the 4 wheel drive transfer motor checked. its located on the backside of the transmission. if it hasnt been used in a long time, they tend to get gummed up. to fix this, have someone hold the 4 wheel drive button down that way the signal is constantly being sent, while at the same time have someone tap on the motor underneath with a hammer to knock it loose.
    if the light doesnt light, then it is most likely either the relay or the switch in the dash.
    hope this helps
  • i recently messed up my transmission on a 95 ford explorer xlt 4wd i have someone wanting to sale me a 99 expo 4wd for like 500 hundred dollars..the motor is shot but the tranny works..but will it fit my expo?
  • this morning when i went to shift into reverse, it didnt. when you change from reverse to drive and park to reverse, the idle usually leaps about 100-200 rpm. when i put the selector in reverse, the rpm's raised and held, but did not drop back down incicating the transmission has shifted. i tried it again and again. the next time however, it shifted like normal. what could be wrong?
  • dcabledcable Posts: 5
    Bought a new Ford Explorer EB and have had nothing but transmissions problems Initially, the truck would shift very hard and the rpms would go high. The engine would roar as if I was racing in the Indy 500. I took it back to the dealership and they re programmed the computer. The car drove great for about 2-3 weeks. Then I noticed it would jump when coming to a stop (Actually felt as if I was rear ended) The gas mileage was terrible approx 9-10 mpg took it back to the dealership they reprogrammed the computer again. Once again it drove great with the exception of the gas mileage being so bad. The car reverted to it's old way's again began to clunk and shift poorly. I took it back to the dealer once again and they said that the valve body seal was stuck. The replaced the seal and re-programmed the computer. Needless to say the truck is in the garage again and they are now replacing the solenoid. I can't believe this is happening to us. This was an expensive vehicle... I have owned Fords my whole life and never experienced this. They are loosing my trust and more importantly they are loosing me as a customer........ If any one else is having these problems please contact me [email protected]

    Denise Cable
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    If any one else is having these problems please contact me

    If they contact you here then everyone can learn and benefit. :)

    tidester, host
  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    I recently had the transmission re programming done to my Mountaineer (2006)....... so far so good but I feel a little disheartened by your results. I think I'm following behind you. Keep us posted on your results and if and how they finally fixed your problem.
  • ahoronahoron Posts: 30
    I would suspect the shifter linkage. When you say you shift to reverse are you sure you are in reverse? The dash indicator says reverse but you might be in neutral. Try quickly moving the lever all the way down then back to reverse.
  • Yes, I'm sure that it is being sent into reverse. I know this because this morning at around 7:30 when I left, it did in fact shift into reverse, but it took nearly 20 seconds.
    I have done the suggested already last time it did it, and nothing seemed to happen...
  • Well $1,900.00 later I have my Explorer back. I love it, only prob is that in sucks up gas...I forgot that part.
  • I too had the exact same problem. It wasn’t until I had to start threatening lemon law issues that they decided to help out. What finally solved it was changing out the “max head unit”. About an 1100$ cost that will be covered under your warranty. This is the computer device that controls the shifting pattern.

    What is wrong with your car is that you are still in 4-6th gear while coming to a complete stop and the car is having to accelerate to get itself out of gear. The factory transmit ion on your car has 8 different shifting patterns and chooses the best one based on how you drive. For me, I noticed that the car will ALWAYS do this when coming off of the interstate without using the accelerator and coming to a complete stop. When you use the accelerator at a slower speed it will adjust to the proper(read as lower) gear at that time. Without using the accelerator the transmition has no reason to shift gears.

    No service bulliten or will come up on the computer if they can recreate the problem as to them, the car is running fine.

    A side note is that I was told that this wasn't happening to anyone else. But when joking around with the on site rental car guy, I found that I was the second car that day and 4th that week. It's a much bigger problem than anyone will admit.
  • this morning when i shifted through gears it did it flawlessly. all of a sudden it stopped atcing up...
  • reckreck Posts: 12
    we did the lemon law with our 2006 limited v8-- they even replaced the transmission! Ford did step up and did the right thing... replaced our 2006 with a 2007 fully loaded... it was worth the wait and trouble.... my recommedation is document, document document!
  • dcabledcable Posts: 5

    We just recently contacted a L.L. Attorney about our problems with our Eddie Bauer. Could you tell us how the replacement process worked for you? Was it a buyback... I really love this car, it maneuver's really well and I have the room if I need to car-pool. Also, I feel like I have a solid vehicle should I ever be in an accident (advanced canopy system) If only the transmission worked!!!!:)

    Thanks for the info

    Denise Cable
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