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Honda Accord problems

pat455pat455 Posts: 603
edited March 2014 in Honda
Let's discuss any problems with your Accord in
this topic. For reference, previous topics are:

Honda Accord EX Sunroof (Topic #478)

94 Accord EX noisy engine (Topic #717)

92Accord accelerate problem,need help! (Topic

99 Accord Rough Idle (Topic #795)

Honda Accord Overheats in traffic! (Topic #814)

cold honda (Topic #900)

Town Hall conferences work best when we have more
generic topics that cover broad subjects. It is
easier for members to post questions and to
contribute in this manner. Thanks!

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  • I had trouble with the keyless entry not
    working in an area with a lot of machinery. This
    happened to me on my 2000 Accord while parked at a
    Bowling Alley. I could not lock the doors or open
    the trunk, nor set the alarm. When I got home
    everything worked fine and I did not have the
    foresight to check it as I was leaving the lanes. I
    have not been in the vicinity of that bowling
    alley recently, therefore I cannot confirm if that
    was the cause of my problem. I guess it could be a
    malfunction but hate to bring it to the dealers
    attention since I cannot repeat the symptom.
  • Is anyone having problemss with the speedometers on new accords. The car has 1200 miles on it and using a stop watch the speedometer varies from 2 mph off at 30, 4 off at 60 and 6+ off over 70. The dealers reponse was that if it's within 10 %, it's acceptable. I disagree and currently waiting to hear from the next level.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Someone reported similar problems with the speedometer in an Acura TL in one of the other conferences. Acura told him the same thing, within 10% is acceptable. I find that ludicrous, but maybe all manufacturers see it that way, I don't know.

    Let us know what happens.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • jmoy3jmoy3 Posts: 5
    I didn't check the accuracy on my speedometer.
    I do notice at speed 40-70 mph while accelerating slowly the speedometer will jump 3-5 mph. I am not joking. Couple of times while I was driving 60 mph, the needle will jump to 65 mph while accelerating slowly.

    My car is a 2000 accord v6 with 3500 miles.
  • I believe the 10% variance is a manufacturer requirement set by some government group, not sure though. Anyway, I remember an older gentleman explaining this to me many years ago ( I was driving a '69 AMX) and remembering this a few months later got me off a speeding ticket!

    "65 officer! my speedometer wasn't reading much more than 55!
  • kpietrzak:
    Don't feel bad, Honda is not what they used to be 5 years ago. that's why they will sell the V-6 engines and transmissions to General Motors.
  • wwswwswwswws Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1989 Honda Accord LXi 4door with 68,500 miles on it. The Temperature Gage is always pegged low, below the 'C' on the gage. It never moves up even after the engine warms up to operating temperature. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what might cause this? Where do I start to look?
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I'm no Honda expert, but it may be a bad temperature sensor or a bad temperature gauge.
    Perhaps look in a repair manual to track down the system.
  • hoandyhoandy Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Accord 2.2L 4 cylinder. The problem I have is that when the warmed up engine is rev up from idle to pass 1500 rpm, a ticking noise is heard coming from the fuel injectors. Are the injectors bad and need replacement? There is no loud ticking noise during idling.

    I had the valve adjusted for clearance recently
  • hello all--

    i just bought a 2000 Accord LX sedan. have noticed the speedo jumping up and down a few miles per hour when at interstate speeds and going over bumps. really weird. also happens when i have the cruise control engaged. jumps all over the place when going over road irregularities.

    how is this speedometer different than the speedo in my former car, a '97 Civic? nothing like this ever happened with that speedo. after spending thousands more for this car, i didn't expect anything like this.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    well, let's see. A flood of transmisson problems, rough idle, and now wacky speedometers. just goes to show Honda is not as invincible as some would have you believe.

  • I drove down the highway a few days ago and my engine turned itself off @ 70 miles per hour. All the warning lights came on, the power steering was gone and I coasted to the emergency lane. I was totally baffled and about to call AAA when I thought about trying to restart and it worked. I drove home without problems and to the dealer that same night. They couldn't find anything and said something about the idle speed having to be readjusted, which they supposedly did.
    On my way home though the same thing happened again except this time the motor just had a "hiccup". It didn't stop, just the RPM's fell and then quickly recovered. So this time I was able to keep on driving. I brought it back to the dealer who is looking into it now again.

    Does anyone have suggestions what this could be or has this happened to anyone? I would greatly appreciate it !

    Ironically, I replaced a 9 year old Nissan Stanza with this more reliable car !

  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    ....on 94-97 models: I found a technical service bulletin for this: There's a fix kit out there, my local Honda dealer has two in stock; this is obviously a well-known problem to Honda. Of course, being Honda, they know that, in general, you won't need to buy parts from them often; therefore, it's about $65 for what the service guy explained to me over the phone as "a bunch of springs and bushing-looking things." Sound like they're meant to isolate the exhaust from the frame, thereby damping the harmonic resonance that occurs under heavy throttle at low rpm.
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    My fuel gauge never seems to be correct after I fill up my gas tank. This is a '98 Accord Coupe (EX V6). By the time I reach about 1/4 tank left, however, the gauge seems to be correct. Is this the 'Fuel Sending Unit' problem some people reported about a year ago?
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Have you checked to see if maybe there is a tire out of balance?
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 674
    tire out of balance? ok i know nothing about this. can you explain? I got the wheels balanced and the mechanic said the tire wear was even and the tread was too good for 60K. Oh BTW, it is not a pulsation that happens with braking, because I got my rotors and brakes done very recently.
  • didn't realize there's a "honda accord problems" topic. i wish i had seen it before i bought my 2000 lx. transmission replaced at 2000 miles. my friend just had his replaced after 2 months. the service manager told him they have 28 on order. how come this isn't out there for the public to see? next car it's back to camry!
  • esangesang Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Accord LX V6. When it is cold, or I make a turn, there is a very long delay between the first and second gear. I noticed this problem at around 20000 miles. The dealer is ordering a new transmission for the car.
  • Unfortunately, I, like so many others, stumbled across this site AFTER purchasing my Accord. With less than 20,000 miles, I have had my car in for repairs at least 6 times. My coil was just recently replaced in an effort to correct a problem (they are calling it "missing") at around 50 mph. This apparently is a V6 problem that Honda is aware of but cannot come up with a solution to. So for now, it's trial and error for them and major disappointment for me with Honda. In addition to the "missing", I have an extremely rough idle which seems to have a strange cyclic pattern. The mechanics seem to believe the two are related. And like the 2000 models, transmission shifts are often rough and extended. Another MAJOR dissatisfaction with my Accord is wind/road noise, even on perfectly calm days. The decibels rise at around 50 mph and increase accordingly. My brother purchased a 1984 Civic (Japan made) new and is still driving it today with over 400,000 miles on it. This was a big factor in my decision to buy the Accord but I am finding that Honda's reputation is not at all what it used to be. I'm hoping for a "buy back" under the Lemon Law and I will certainly not consider another one.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I thought I'd post, as a counterpoint, my happy Accord experience. I bought the sort of car everyone says to stay away from: three years old, off lease, in 1997. I must say that in 92,000 miles of faithful service, I've had it in for only one unscheduled repair, a broken power window cable at 85,000 miles. Otherwise, the car has been bulletproof; looking over the past posts, however, convinces me of one thing I've always suspected. When buying a Honda, GET THE 5 SPEED.
    I've owned two Integras, now this Accord, all five speeds, all going over 100k, (the amount I drive leads me to conclude my Accord will see this in about March.) All have been five speeds, and all have been wonderful cars. It's no secret that Honda, while making some of the best engines and THE best manual trannies (never have I seen a smoother, more precise shifter/clutch combo), lags behind companies like GM when it comes to its slushboxes. Of course, GM has been making auto trannies since before Honda started making CARS, so it's safe to assume they'll eventually get SOMETHING right.
    Again, though, every company makes lemons; Honda is no exception. But when I look for a new car (which I currently am, for my wife,) and drive a new Accord EX (5 speed, of course!) back to back with an Olds Intrigue (whose dash rattled and had a directional signal that blinked twice as fast on the left as it did on the right, this with 16 miles on the odo,) it's safe to say that I would buy another Accord in a heartbeat (but those Passats are sweeeeet.......)
  • My boss did sub-contract work once to test various radar and laser guns. He said they used a wide selection of cars for the test. ALL of their speedometers were wrong various degrees.

    He drove his Trans Am down a steep hill with his speedometer reading 130mph ...but both the laser and radar guns kept reading him around 115mph.

    Some speedometers were reading slower than what the car was actually doing and some were reading faster ...and some did both, at diff speeds.

    So no matter what car you drive, NEVER TRUST THE SPEEDOMETER...

    ...Accord, Camry, Corvette, clown car.
  • unhappyv6owner:

    You said:
    My coil was just recently replaced in an effort to correct a problem (they are calling it "missing") at around 50 mph. This apparently is a V6 problem that Honda is aware of but cannot come up with a solution to.


    I have yet to hear of this one. The '99s have been out for quite some time now and you are the 1st to mention this ...but you say Honda is aware of this problem. How certain of this are you?

    Like you, I bought my '99 for reliability reasons. Everyone I had talked to loved their car and wasn't having any problems. So needless to say, your statement worries me.

    When did your car start doing this? My idle is so smooth you can't hear it in OR out of the car. Well you can tell by looking at the RPM guage.

    I do agree that shift from 1st to 2nd is a lil abrupt.

    I have no wind noise ...well unless I have the moon roof open at 60mph. I'm not sure that counts. There is quite a bit of tire noise tho I hate those tires, but I am gonna get my $$ worth out of them.
  • richrfrichrf Posts: 17
    Just to triangulate with other owners, here are the problems I have run into in the first month of ownership of a new 2000 Accrod EX V6:

    1) Paint extremely thin and soft. Scratches easily right through the paint exposing metal. Dealer says that is the way it is.

    2) During the winter (when winter fuel mixture is being used), a warm engine can cause the fuel to bil over and flood the engine - preventing the car from starting. Honda has confirmed that this is a problem and is working on a generalized fix. Unclear when fix will be available and impact of fix.

    3) Harsh wind and road noise. This problem was partially ameliorated by realigning the driver's door. Wind/road noise persists. There have been some suggestions to change the tires. Honda claims this is typical for their cars. Dealer representative states that Hondas are "noisy".

    4) Remote key does not work most of the time on the trunk. Dealer unable to fix the problem.

    5) Alarm system went off twice on its own when exiting the car from the driver's side. Dealer unable to explain or replicate the problem.

    6) Audio system produces very poor sound. No bass. Poor treble. Poor crossover. Everything sounds very flat. System, in my opinion very poor for a automobile at this price level.

    6) In general, my dealer Loeber, and Honda seem to be disinterested in fixing any problems. Most interested in getting a rating of "excellent" in surveys.

    Hope this helps other owners. If there are similar problems, we can discuss.

  • tomhantomhan Posts: 10
    Glad to see your here.

    As you can see, there are even more quality issues that hadn't shown up on the other forum. I hope the perfect car owners on that site read my message and don't come over here to bash us every time we mention a problem.

    For referance again, here are some of my quality issues. I'm hoping that someone out here will keep us informed if they are finding resolution to any of these.

    Transmission problems - I had the reverse clunk problem and as had been verified Honda's first response was... "what problem" . They did however admit to the problem soon after and didn't waste any time in getting a replacement. Problem is that I now have a brand new trans that whines at low speed and doesn't shift as smoothly as the first one did. It appears that this level of mechanical work is beyond my dealerships capability.

    Fuel boil-over - I too have this one and it is a major concern for me do to a health issue. I must have a dependable car. No solution to date although you (richf) have indicated that it is at least being looked at.

    Wind/road/engine noise - The noise level is outrageous on this car. For referance, the noise masks my heater fan on full speed at roughly 40 mph on a smooth raod in calm wind. This is excessive. The dealer made a very slight improvement by adjusting the rear passenger side door but the overall noise is bad news. The engine sounds quite loud also from within the cabin.
    Fortunately, I have a 97 camry to compare to and the camry is a sure hands down winner.

    Cruise Control - Although not a major issue for me I noticed this weekend that any time I excellerate with the cruise accel switch the car speeds up at full throttle. I don't know if this is normal for the accord but my camry accelerates at a gradule controlled rate that is based upon the grade. The control also over-shoots a bit. If I speed up to 50mph mph for example and let go of the accel switch the car continues to advance to around 53 mph. The camry locks on as soon as you let go.

    Overall cheapness - I'm can objectively state that honda's quality level has decreased from the last model I owned (88 LXI). A number of my body panels aren't even close to being lined up. Honda used to be famous for their build quality. I don't have the scrath problems that Richf talks about but the paint job just has a cheap "Earl Shieb" appearance to it.

    Body rattles - I have a lot of rattles already at 1100 miles. My camry is three years old and not one rattle yet.

    Sound System - I probably don't view my radio has poorly as Richf but it is sure nothing to write home about. I sounds to me like Richf has a defective unit while I view mine as cheap. It definately needs to be upgraded and I agree with Richf that it is not up to even the minimum standards for a car in this price range. My 97'camry sound is far superior. Funny thing is that I read on another site that the 97'camry sound sucks compared to the 93'camry sound. Oh well....

    I am very interested in hearing the results of unhappyv6owner's lemon law pursuit. Please keep us posted. I will make one more attempt at my transmission and will then follow the same coarse. I've already sent a letter to Honda as a sort of "shot across the bow" pre-warning.
  • My dealer says the Honda recommended fix for the "shudder" is torque converter replacement. Mine's now "on the way", about 2 weeks out. It's inside the transmission housing - tranny must be dropped to replace.

    For benefit of reference in this topic, the problem is a "shudder/shimmy" at low torque condition (i.e. not accelerating) at 1500-2000 RPM when the transmission is in overdrive (4th gear). Makes the floor shake, and you can feel it in the steering column.

    I don't have the reverse cluck - apparently the fix for that is complete transmission swap (or so I've heard).

    I'll repost with the results.
  • richrfrichrf Posts: 17
    It would be interesting to try to see if there are any particular geographic locations that are more susceptible to different types of problems. For example, Tomhan and I are both located in the Chicago area. And both of us have experienced the "fuel boilover" problem. I have seen other posts from owners in Indiana and the Northeast area that indicated that they have had the same problem. So far, no sign of transmission problems though I remember feeling a shudder once while cruising at about 35 mph. No reoccurrence.

  • bmoolenarr:

    I would like to know what dealership ordered a new torque converter as your fix and tell me there located. My car is a 1999 EX-V6 with the same problem and my dealer has stated that Honda does not have a fix for it and that they are working on it.

    Does anyone else have this problem and if so, what is being done about it?
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 674
    there is a whole topic in news and views to complain about problems with your honda. please use this forum to discuss issues that you are not finding solutions for. If your problem is identified by the dealer, there's nothing much you are adding to this forum. thanks
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Methinks ksoman speaks with tongue in cheek. This is a fine place for this discussion! :-)

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • location is Portland, OR area
    Bob Lamphere Beaverton Honda

    All the info I've ever seen has only surfaced on the 2000 V6 auto, and only a small subset of the early ones built before Jan 2000. I think they added a grade logic feature starting with the 2000 model; don't know if the problem is related to that new feature or not. I suspect you may have some other problem with similar symptoms.

    A prior post in Sedans/Honda Accord2 topic noted that one of the transmission problems was isolated to certain datecodes from a certain subcontractor. But that might have been the reverse "clunk" problem, I don't remember.
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