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    I too have a 2006 Civic and noticed the constant tapping/ticking noise coming from the engine. I brought my car back to the service department a week after purchase for this problem. Service manager compared my car with other 2006 Civics for sale and determined it was normal. I also have a 91 Accord and have never heard such a noise come from the engine, or for that matter from any other car. I just can't believe this is normal. The only solution I've found is keep the radio on to drown out the noise.
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    At what RPM do you get the vibration noise? If it is at 1400-1500 RPM, then what you have is a common problem with the 2006 Civic. My dealer heard the noise and said they have had numerous complaints about this but there is no solution yet from Honda.

    As for tapping sounds, when does this occur? At idle or when driving or both? I also have this noise and am in the process of having it diagnosed by the dealer and Honda. I recently had my first oil change and the noise decreased dramatically. In fact, it may be gone now but I want to give it a few more days make a final determination.
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    Since posting my message I have been into my dealer and told them about the tapping. This tapping is there all the time while idling and driving. They tell me this is normal. Your thinking on this is the same as mine. I have never heard such a noise come from any other car I have had. I just worry that there might be dire consequences later on as a result of this tapping. By later on I mean afew days after the warranty expires. In the meantime I will turn my radio up. Unfortunately my radio is very staticy on the FM stations only. The dealer was going to order another radio for me. Before they did, I checked out another Honda civic 06 radio. Guess what? It was the same. So I guess I will have to live with it. How is your radio?
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    The vibration happens between 1400 and 1500 RPM. Sounds like the same problem you have. At least your dealer is admitting there is a problem. I have been in once with no results. Now I am going in Thursday this week.

    In regard to the tapping sounds, they occur while idling and driving. Thanks for the info on having the oil changed. I am not due for this yet. I am at 40 percent(guage on dash) and approx. 6000 kilometers. They tell not to have an oil change until 15 percent or 8000 kilometers. In light of your info I may have it done before then. When do the tapping sounds occur in your car?
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    I have an 02 honda civic. I am trying to put a remote starter in there. I have it working, but i can not find the wires for parking lights and unlock/lock.

    can anybody help me out on that?

    please e-mail me.
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    My tapping noise occurs at low speeds. To me it sounds like an old car with bad lifters. My dealer already replaced the cylinder head (based on instruction from Honda) and it still made the noise. Also, I only hear the noise after the car is driven for 10-15 miles and really warmed up. I don't hear it when the engine is cold. Very strange. I'll let you know if the oil change really solved the problem but it definitely sounds better now.
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    When a tail light goes out so does the dashboard. Its probably the socket rusting; atleast thats what mine was. Good luck
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    Here's the context:

    Really misty day, started car fine, drove a little, was coasting, car cuts off, battery light comes on. Pull over, re-start no problems, carry on. 200 yards later car cuts off, battery light comes on, can't re-start. Come back 20 minutes later, car starts, drive home.

    The distributor shouldn't be the problem, I've heard stories about the main relay. I'm wondering if anybody has had a similar situation with the battery light coming on and the car re-starting with ease then not re-starting at all. I changed a headlight the day before, but that shouldn't be an issue either. I've noticed a few times while idling stopped the car will nearly sputter as if it's losing gas (hence main relay). Any info would be very helpful.
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    Hi everyone

    Just got my new Civic'06.

    There's a very disturbing noise coming from the front end right hand side
    of the car (driver side) when going over "small dips" or over uneven road.
    The noise is some thing like "tak..tak" and the pattern of the noise is
    faster "tak.tak.tak" when I travel at higher speed on uneven roads.

    I have tested 3 cars and ALL HAVE THE SAME NOISE heard at the driver's

    I am not sure whether the noise is coming from the interior or from the
    suspension or something is lose at the right side of the engine. The
    Honda service advisors are not aware of this noise as they mentioned no complaint so

    How can this be when the noise is actually so loud and is only coming
    from the front right at the driver's side. Passenger side confirm no

    Very upset as not sure what's the cause and the problem is it is also
    happening with other new Civics also.

    Pls advise. I am sure some of you all have taken delivery and have
    experienced this noise. But you may think is isolated...but I don't think
    so as this noise happens on other new cars also.
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    I've tried to set the car to auto-lock at 9mph about 3 times now and it won't work. Has anyone done this and what is the trick? I follow the directions explicitly and I just can't get it to work. Thanks!
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    My Honda City (same chasis and engine as Fit) in Malaysia has similar problem as yours. In fact, a noticeable amount of Honda cars here in recent years, especially the City model, have clicking and/or squeaking sound emanating from the dashboards. I had it fixed 3 times and find the whole encounter rather annoying. This topic is much discussed in Let me warn you: Dashboard sound is not easy to fix. The problem may due either to parts problems or bad workmanship during assembly. Honda's reputation for making reliable cars seems like something of the past.
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    I own a 1998 Honda Civic LX 4 door. I am experiencing similar problems. Check engine light came on and lights continuously brightened and dimmed. The speedometer went haywire. OBD codes showed oxygen sensors fore and aft the cat were out,air and fuel mixture sesor failed and speed sensor failed. Mechanic replaced the alternator and reset codes. He test drove the car and everything was fine. I went to pick it up and the car had the same problems as when I left it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have been into the dealer again. In regards to the vibration at 45 to 50 kph and the noise after changing from drive to reverse and vice versa, the dealer says these are both normal sounds. The vibration maybe due to the exhaust system getting too hot but there is no remedy for this yet. The other noise is apparently due to something recharging and then clicking off. I can't remember what it's name is. Why didn't this noise appear only two weeks ago? The dealer says that it took this long for the charging device to break in. Both these noises are called buzzes by the dealer. In regard to the tapping, the dealer says my engine sounds fine. I did not have the oil change yet. I am waiting as the dealer says until I reach 30 percent.

    I guess the saying "Time Will Tell" certainly does apply
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    The tapping noise is now back and of course, the vibration at 1500 rpm is still there. I am meeting with the Honda rep next week. I'll let you know the results.

    If these noises are "normal" according to Honda, it just confirms to me that Honda is nothing special. I've had a lot of domestic cars with far fewer problems than this car. In fact, my Civic has had more problems than any new car I have owned. Unless I get satisfaction, this will be my last one.
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    Please tell me if this is normal:

    I have a 1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe (about 85,000 miles on it), automatic transmission, well maintained and maintenance it kept up on it. I have owned it since 2000, bought it used with 25,000 miles on it.

    I changed the oil about 2 months ago and went to check the oil level today and noticed it we a bit low (just above the bottom "low" circle). I have been having to add about a quart (maybe a little less) total since the oil change two months ago (2500 miles ago) to keep the level normal. This has not happened in the past. I also noticed some grayish blue smoke (VERY small amout) exit the exhaust pipe for only about 5 seconds after start up (from a cold start), after that there is no smoke even if you gun the gas it stays clear of smoke.

    There are no oil spots on the ground under the car at home or at my parking location at work. So the car is not leaking oil externally. And other than loss of oil the car runs flawlessly.

    Is this normal for an older engine with lots of hilly city miles on it or should I run it to a mechanic ASAP?

    I have had ZERO problems with this car since I owned it and have had to spend money only for tune-ups every 2 to 3 years. It is due for a tune up later this year.

    Any information would be helpful.
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    my 97 has +100,000 on it and it runs fine, aside from a few more clicks of the starter than normal at start-up. I think i have a few soulutions for yor.
    You say you live in a hilly area? I am no mechanic, but the oil might be leaking somewhere from your crankcase when you are going up or down hills, someplace the oil wouldn't be able to reach on flat ground. That would explain why it's not in your driveway, and why it's only leaking out a little bit.
    Also, the car could have been drove hard during the break-in 6,000 miles and the rings in your engine didn't break-in right. If so, they aren't getting all the oil off your cylinder walls before the combustion chamber explodes, and your oil could be burning up slowly.You bought it used, so you have no idea what kind of havoc the previous owner inflicted on it.
    There also might be some other part that needs changing related to your lubrication system. You said you've only done tune-ups, and some parts need replacing as the engine gets older. I'm going to have to buy a new water pump soon (not looking forward to it =))
    It's not normal to have to add an entire quart of oil between oil changes, so i think you should find a trustworthy mechanic to take a look at the problem.( Make sure he doesn't try to sell you a new transmission or something like that. I have been witness to too many mechanic scams.) Please re-post when you find out what your problem was.
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    Thank you very much for the reply tunecrazy. I think you are right about burning small amounts of oil. I jacked the car up today to take a peek under it to see if I can see any possible oil leaks. Everything, crankcase included, appears clean and tight.

    How much do you think it'd cost to have the piston rings replaced?

    I very strapped for cash at the moment so do you think driving the car for a few more months with this minor problem will cause any catastrophic damage?

    I know you are not a mechanic but you sure as hell know more than I do about these things :D

    Thank you again for your reply tunecrazy!
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    Dude, Check up under your dash under the Steering Wheel for a kind of thick wire connection. This is your main ignition hot wire and if it is loose like mine was, it will cause your car to intermittently start or not start. It baffled me for months until I found it one day by chance. I kept thinking my battery was low on water which it was from going over too many mountanious speed bumps but that wasn't the problem after all. Look for loose, corroded, or broken electrical connections around the battery and underbelly of the dash/steering column. The vibration of the car or your legs bumping around the steering column could likely be breaking your electrical power. Vakez
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    If you are only burning a quart of oil every 2500 miles, I wouldn't worry about it. I believe this would be considered normal anyway.
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    1. Alright, recently while moving I have been hears a lot of grinding or squeeking coming from the front right side of my car. It occurs with and without the brakes being applied.

    2. Whenever the gas is applied the in dash brake light turns on.

    Any idea as to what's going on? Thanks. :sick:
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    nah... it'll be ok as long as you keep the oil level normal by adding more, it should be fine until you do have some extra $. Make sure you take the cheapest approach first, then try the next step. Piston rings themselves aren't expensive( Only a very small chance that's actually the problem), but you'll get slammed with labor charges because they basically have to strip your entire engine down to the block so they can unbolt the pistons to get them out. If the mechanic finds something cheap like a seal that's causing the problem, try that. In other words, save the worst for last. That will probably solve your problem, especially because your engine is still fairly new. I doubt it will need as serious work as ring replacements. I was hoping it was only a leak, I know how frustrating that's gotta be :(
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Member Posts: 64

    Take a step back and take a good look before you start doing (or recommending) engine work on a car that only uses one quart of oil every 2500 miles. The cheapest solution is to keep adding oil. At that rate, you would only need 40 quarts (at most) in 100,000 miles. Hardly worth getting worried about when you look at it that way, is it?
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    i live in Pakistan and honda civics have been started to be made here. there are small issues like lock problems and indicator probs.
    how can one check for these small problems before buying a car
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    The others gave you good advise.

    You probably have valve guide seals that are starting to leak a bit...this is no big deal.

    So what if you have to add a quart of oil every 2500 miles?

    That is nothing and well within "normal" ranges.
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    I'm just wondering if anyone has side under spoiler installed. I've just got my SI for about a month, and is going through 2 1/2 set of side under spoiler. :cry: It was dealer installed but appearantly, the first set did not stick well. Both side is sort of barely sticking to the body, and I can totally see the double sided tape, and it was ugly to say the least.

    I went in a week after I bought my SI and have them check out to see if they could do something, the service guy said they'll have to reorder parts because they couldn't just glue it back. I thought that was nice, because I had the imaging of services people applying super glue onto my car, and that kinda scares me. After they are done, I go around the car to inspect if they done the job right. Everything looks fine, until a week later. The passenger side spoiler is pealing off again. :mad: Took the car in again, and have them check it out again. Just like last time, they going to order new part to re-glue it. Now I'll have to wait couple days for the parts to come in and set up appointment for it to be fix again.

    I'm wonder in has the rain got to do with the side under spolier pealing off? I lived in San Jose, California, and it has been very wet lately.

    I wish this time will be done correctly, my boss starts wondering why I need to take my new car back to the dealer so often.
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    If this truly becomes a problem after or before the warranty, maybe it will lead to a massive recall or class action suit. Maybe a new replacement engine.......sweet
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    I have a 2003 Honda Civic LX and recently might battery light has been blinking. It's not consistent, sometimes it's always on and sometimes it doesn't blink at all. When it does blink it's not at a constant rate. I just replaced the battery and that didn't fix it. I think it's the alternator but it's only a '03. Could this be an electrical device creating some type of interference? How could I check if it's the alternator?
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    try removing the wax buildup under the front nose of the car.For as long as it has been applied a coating, Nothing won't stick to it. Your dealer should have known this. Just wipe it down with dawn or denature alcohal. You will know when your done. The underside won't feel slippery as the rest of the car. I just installed and few of this and not one has come back with problems.
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    What causes my Honda 1996 Civic Vtec RPM to go down to zero when you start the engine while still cold (e.g., in the morning after the engine had been off overnight; or after leaving it in the parking area for at least 8 hours). My car's original Electronic Air Control Valve (EACV)has already been replaced by a new one about a week or so ago, but the problem still persists. Please help me solve this problem.
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    I've had my 2006 Civic for 6 months and on several occasions when I pressed the brake the pedal didn't move. I had to put all my weight on it to get it to stop.(luckily I was not going fast) Another time the brake pedal could be pressed, but the brake didn't kick in until I had pressed it halfway. A friend of mine told me of a friend with a 2006 civic who got in an accident because the breaks failed. I'm going to call the dealership but I'm concerned that when I bring it in they won't find anything because the problem can't be replicated. Is anyone else having this problem???
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    Hello out there friends!

    I own a 98 model Honda civic (GLi model for us aussies)
    non vtec, 1.6l (D16) 5 spd manual.

    Now, only recently, i have noticed a sound... coming from the front of my vehicle when pressing and depressing my accelerator peddal.

    The noise is a clunk type sound when depressing the peddal, sort of resembling a mini backfire? or metal scraping... hard to describe. and a squeek type sound when pressing the peddal, the squeek resembles a blow off valve from a turbo.

    now, the noise does not happen unless i am in gear. it can be reproduced by for example, putting the car in reverse with my handbrake on and releasing the clutch quickly so that my engine shudders. My mechanic has heard the squeek and says its nothing... another mobile mechanic heard the clunk and thought and checked my engine mounts, says that it may be a hole in my exhaust... there are so many possibilties i thought i should post here and see if you guys can help!!

    thanks in advance!
    James C :shades:
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    This is a very strange one. I've been looking for a couple of months off and on and cannot solve it.
    I start the Honda (89 Civic 1.5 hatchback). It starts and runs fine, the gas gage rises to half a tank.
    After a couple of minutes the gas gage starts downward, it declines faster if I press the brake pedal or turn on tail lights - most other electrical use has no effect. Even flashing the headlights doesn't affect the gage drop-rate. When the gage gets to empty, the car stops running. Sometimes I can get it to start again, but pressing the brake pedal will immediately make it stop again.
    Any ideas?
  • honda11honda11 Member Posts: 22

    I have not seen that problem here (but do a search) on 06 Civics however I have heard brake problems on a few of the new Accords.
    I would have that looked at right away. Don't worry about trying to replicate it. It may be something they can diagnose by symptoms. I have the 06 Civic too, but on my other much older car that was happening consitently, even had it checked, they looked at brake lines, brake fluid etc. told me nothing was wrong (I had to push my brakes to the floor to stop!) It ended up being my master cylinder. I had to keep asking mechanics and diagnose it myself. :sick:
    I can't imagine something like that on a new car....but it could be anything, stranger things have happened.
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    Ibought my daughter a 2002 Civic DX that for the past month or two has been soaking wet on the driver's side floor. It's not coolant, so I'm not suspecting the heater core. 3 weeks ago, I took it to my mechanic who checked for the air conditioning condensor or filter that he said will often times clog up the vent and overflow, but it wasn't the problem. He then tried cleaning out the drain holes under the wipers near where the vents draw from. He also checked under the car to see if there were any obvious openings from underneath. He even tried running a high pressure hose over the car and windshield, no obvious signs of leakage. It still hasn't dried out, and it does seem to be a little worse when it rains. Anybody have any other suggestions?
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    Ive got a 95 civic ex coupe and the tranny blew. Looking for a new one. Any ideas of places to look. the only thing i could find was a used one from a junk yard. Not to sold on that idea. Thanks for any suggestions>
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    I had a similar problem. i bought my honda civic in january 2006. i was pulling into a parking spot in a parking garage and the car took off on me. it wouldnt stop till i hit the concrete wall infront of me. honda and my insurance company pretty much blew me off. im going to right a letter to the senator of new jersey. email me when you get a chance., [email protected]
  • bharat1206bharat1206 Member Posts: 2
    I bought my Honda Civic 2006 in January. in March i was pulling into a parking spot and the car took off on me. The Car did not stop till I hit the concrete wall in front of me. And it was NOT human error. Distraught I called Honda looking for answers and they couldn't help me at all saying that they couldn't find anything wrong with the car. Then I did my own research and found out that there is a recall on some 2006 Honda Civics for an accelerator problem that may cause accidents. Unfortunately it was not my model but the recall is for some 2006 Honda Civics. If there is anyone out there with a similar problem please let me know. Im not saying there is a problem with the accelerator Im saying there is A problem just dont know what it is and either does Honda.
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    Did you ever figure out your problem? My own 2001 Civic Ex has had a stalling problem for several months now and my Honda dealer can't figure out what's wrong. And, when I read your post, I remembered that the accelerator pedal was squeaking right before I brought the car in for maintenance in November, after which the problem (stalling) became worse, but the squeaking went away. My stalling problem happens when I start the car, within a minute or so. Over the winter with colder weather it happened about 85% of the time. Now, as it gets warmer, it happens about 33% of the time. Any suggestions?
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    My 1993 civic del sol, 101K miles, is burning a lot of oil. Any suggestions on where I can find a good used engine or who does good rebuilds? Thanks - suzyb
  • goosegoose Member Posts: 77
    Extremely sorry for the late reply. It depends on the dealer and what mood the service rep is in. I like to keep other hands off my car as much as possible so I'd rather do it myself.
    I haven't been able to determine how to remove the rear deck without causing a problem. Good luck.
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    I got my Honda Civic LX in Jan 2006, and yesterday the left side undercarriage shield fell off partially, and was dragged along the road. I got the car towed to the dealership, and was told that this is not covered under warranty since the shield came-off due to an accident or some major impact. I have been driving this car since January and have had no accidents, impacts or collisions, major or minor. The dealership advised replacing the shield. It would cost me $158 with installation and tax included.
    Two questions:

    1. Has anybody had this experience of the undercarriage shield falling off without any collision...just as part of routine car use?

    2. Is this a reasonable charge for fixing the issue?

    Any advise on whether I should take this up with Honda, requesting that it be covered under warranty (the dealership is not willing to talk)?

    Thank you,

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    I just realized that my driver side door is not aligned properly. When I try to close the door, I can feel it bumping into car frame (around the latch I think) before the door adjusts into place.

    Its almost as if it is hanging a fraction of an inch lower than it should. THe door closes without any other problems.

    Any ideas on how to correct this? Or is this something I should let a professional look into?
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    try taking the rim and fender liner out to spray water into the wall. do you have custom sunroof? have the car been hit from the area that have been leaking at ?
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    2003 Honda civic coupe SI-G (Canadian).I get a clicking noise when clutch is depressed.Replaced clutch assembly but noise continues. Dealership has no clue why its making this noise.
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    car was overheating just sometimes when in traffic...took it to be checked and they said air in system...changed the thermostat and radiator cover and still overheated until one day into the white smoke come out of doesn't over heat in park...there is NO antifreeze in oil. Is this bad? Help!!
  • deev1deev1 Member Posts: 3
    car was overheating just sometimes when in traffic...took it to be checked and they said air in system...changed the thermostat and radiator cover and still overheated until one day into the white smoke come out of doesn't over heat in park...there is NO antifreeze in oil. Is this bad? Help!! Is it the water pump the head gasket...what
  • deev1deev1 Member Posts: 3
    There is a weird feel and sound from brake pedal and front drivers side tire...what could be causing this? recently had rotors and pads replaced by son in law? The sound is like a clicking??
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    I have had my 06 Honda Civic into the dealer again. They changed the oil and filter. Still there is the tapping sound.
    In regard to my radio which is staticy on FM Stations, the technition offered to install another new radio in my car.
    Upon hearing all that had to be taken out and put back in,
    I thought it best to check another 06 Honda Civic on the lot.Guess what? It is the same. So I cancelled this. Can you imagine tearing my car apart, putting it back, time wasted, and then I still have a staticy radio.

    The vibration (sound only) is still there. The dealer says
    there is no cure for this yet.

    I also notice an imtermittent squeaking sound. Sounds like
    a belt of some kind. The dealer checked the belts and said they are OK.

    Stay Tuned!
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    Is your radio a navi?
    I get static and popping noises on FM only on my Navi and had it in to the dealer a couple of months ago. They contacted Honda tech support who said that they're aware of the problem and it will require a PCM update. They indicated that it would be available in March but the patch still isn't available.
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