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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Active Fuel Management Problems



  • mr_pinkmr_pink Posts: 3
    I bought an 07' GMC Vortecmax 6.0 SLE a year and a half ago with 60,000 miles on it. I pulled out of my driveway this winter, and you know "what" hit the fan. To make a very long and depressing story short. I have a misfire on cylinder #1 which shut off my stabilitrak and traction control, also my oil manifold needs replaced. I took it to a dealership, they quoted me 2100$ for just the left bank repair, and 3400$ for both banks, all gaskets,bolts,manifold etc.... I still owe 15k on it and am sort of stuck paying for a rolling paperweight. I have no warranty since it now has 112k miles on it and its 6 years old. God bless GM for making vehicles last just over a 100k so the unexpected blue collar worker has a hard time finding a ride to and from work, my next vehicle will not be a GM made product. :lemon: My GMC
  • mr_pinkmr_pink Posts: 3
    To all the Idiots on the first thread that were saying " My 6.0 max runs flawlessly." and " My wife thinks I love my truck more than her." I bet now that there has been time on you're trucks it isn't running so well. My 07 max has 112k and the AFM failed all the way across the board.
  • jswain2jswain2 Posts: 16
    Thanks, bro. I gotta say it was quite a relief getting shed of the afm. I'm loving the new truck right now, but I have less than 1k miles. I hope it gives me good service. It's all 8, all the time. And I like it that way. I owe $12,500 after trade in and rebates and some dealer wrangling. But, for now, I'm under warranty and don't have that sickening feeling of impending mechanical failure. Again, good luck to all with afm issues. I have been there. Geez I hope I never have to talk to another service manager.
  • dmm8dmm8 Posts: 1
    I really wish someone had warned me about the AFM engine before we bought our 2010 Silverado. That truck has been amazing up until the past few months. We are currently on our 3rd oil consumption test and they still haven't officially diagnosed what the issue is. I've been reading a lot lately about the AFM engines burning through oil or the oil pumps going out, which would make sense. Had I known about these problems before we bought it....we would have gotten a different engine. The whole point to having a new vehicle, is to have a reliable vehicle. Now I'm afraid of my truck dying every time I stop because the oil pressure drops so low. :(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Please keep us updated on your oil consumption test and diagnosis. If there is anything we can do please let us know.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    These motors (good or bad) run with very little oil pressure. IT'S NOT ONLY YOUR TRUCK. THEY ARE ALL THIS WAY.

    If you wish to turn off the AFM-invest $200.00

    I know you shouldn't have to spend to do this, but the dealer will not turn off the AFM for you.
  • cmezumcmezum Posts: 1
    junked the afm!
    installed mild street cam, texas speed push rods, new lifters, mild ported the heads, valve job, and dual springs installed, ls7 valley tray, long tubes and y pipe, intake, and tune. 260whp stock
    estimating 70-90 whp increase. going to strap it to the dyno today for the tune and final numbers.
    Would still be stock if GM had designed it better.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    With the range device owners are reporting oil consumpion issues being much less with the V8 only range device.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    How does rebuilding the motor to different specs affect the emissions?
  • jframejframe Posts: 5
  • Have you called GM?
    Did you buy truck new?
    Have you bought other new GM vehicles in the past?
    Does your truck have AFM?
    Have a dealer inspected the vehicle and confirm the problem and given you an estimate?
  • jframejframe Posts: 5
    I know someone that works there and talked to them. I swapped plugs,plug wires,coils, and injector and I still get a misfire on 6cyl. Took it up to town garage and he checked compression and it was good. But found a bad intake gasket right by 6 cyl. Replaced and still misfire. I think lifter is stuck and building pressure and blowing gasket. It just sucks I bought the truck last nov. and only put 3500 miles on it and now it's out of warranty and I don't have a lot of money to fix it. If I had known there was a problem I wouldn't of bought a newer Chevy. Bad thang is I have a 2007 Tahoe with 100,000 miles and it runs ok.
  • msw007msw007 Posts: 21
    The top end is probably bad and will cost $300-$400 for a teardown to diagnose problem.
    Then another $1500-$2500 to rebuild the top end.
    Let me reiteriate this is a GM desgn flaw. They knew they had a problem and most of the engines (5.3L w/AFM) are out of warranty now. So there attitude is too bad so sad.
    GM has since made changes in the late 2011/2012 model years on these engines to try and remedy the problem. Only time will tell.
    I strongly recommend if you have not had a problem yet to get a tune (such as Blackbear Performance) and turn the AFM off. You will not be sacrificing any fuel economy but you may save your engine.
    We have since traded our Tahoe in for a Honda SUV.
    Good luck to all.
  • jframejframe Posts: 5
    I would like to think if I replace the #6 lifter it would last long enough to get it traded in. I know that's not the right thing to do but I don't have 3000 $ to fix it right.
  • msw007msw007 Posts: 21
    I don't know if you can just replace one lifter. Plus the lifters are all electronic control. So unless you are really mechanically inclined or know someone who is I don't know if I would attempt this.
    I would plead my case to every GM dealer in your area.
    I would contact GM directly.
    I wrote letters to all the big mucky mucks and I actually got a response from an assistant to one of them.
    GM paid for my diagnosis and half the cost of the new engine ($3K) and all the labor for removal and replacing.
    It took a lot of phone calls and letter writing but I finally was satisfied.
  • the whole problem to the afm is the oil pump very bad design. if any body still has there warranty fight for a oil pump, it's the plunger inside the oil pump that gets stuck and sends all your oil pressure back to oil pan so does all the noise make sense now. your engine is starving for oil, which can can cause damage to your internals i changed mine , one on my own on my 07 avalanche and another from the dealer on my 08 silverado both work fine know and every oil change use engine restore for any scaring in the cylinders from no oil pressure.
    good luck to ya'll.
  • i believe in karma gm what comes around goes around you let your customers down.
  • jframejframe Posts: 5
    Well just got oof phone with GM and they are saying that its up to the dealer to goodwill the fix on my truck. The dealer did wave the break down fee to break it down. Ya right. Put said I would need to pay for repairs. If I was over the miles or close to it or over a year out of warranty on years I would not have bothered calling. They know there's a motor problem and don't stand behind it.I have bought about 20 chevys and this will be the last one!
  • msw007msw007 Posts: 21
    I feel your pain.

    I went through the same thing. Luckily I found a dealership willing to go at bat for me and I only had to pay for half the cost of a new motor ($3K).
    They got GM to pickup all the labor for removal and install. The diagnosis etc.

    Yes there is a problem but if it's not safety related they will issue a recall or do anything unless you are still under warranty.

    Calling GM just gets you a mindless minion who has to follow set procedures GM has. They cannot waiver either way on those and they will treat everyone the same.

    Your best bet is to find a dealership who can talk to their GM rep and see what they can do. It doesn't have to be a Chevy dealer it can be any of the GM badges.

    Hope this helps a little.
  • Add me to the list. Been driving GMs for past 25 years. Now for the first time going to look at others. 2007 sierra 4 door 4wd SLT. Paid 40ish for it. 140 k miles. Having the run rough, stabiltrak, check engine light. Took it to the dealer. Code p0300. Misfire. They did a compression test. Cylinder 1no ccompression. Saying they need to tear it apart to see what needs to be done. Suggesting lifter issue. 18 plus hours of labor plus whatever parts. So looking at 2 to 3 k in repairs. They suggested I might want to look at just replacing engine for 5k ish for the warranty that a new engine would bring.

    Yeah right. I have religiously done oil changes every 3k miles. Every service that was called for, aat the dealer. Now it needs 3 k plus of engine work at 140 k miles? It should have gone 200 k plus. I did everything I was supposed to with service.

    I am not putting 3 to 5 k into it at this point. Time to go look at Toyotas
  • jframejframe Posts: 5
    I wish mine had 140k . I wouldn't be as mad as I am now. Yes it should last 200k. I had a 2000 z71 and I got 240k out of it. Like is said GM knows there's a problem. I would be happy if they would pay for the labor and I woild by the parts. And for them to put it on the dealer to decide to help is bs. 53, 000 miles on a motor should not habe to be torn down. I didn't by the truck from the dealer so why would they help even though I drive a car I bought ther and havebought trucks before. I sent another emai to GM saying I wanted to talk to someone higher up then the service rep but they aren't get back to me as quickly as they did before.
  • msw007msw007 Posts: 21
    We ended up with a new remanufatured motor. $3K out of pocket w/warranty 50K miles or 3 years. We also had the AFM turned off with a tune from Blackbear performance. The car was running great.
    Traded it in and got a Honda.
    I feel the same way you do. I will never buy another GM product again unless it's a diesel. Have a duramax since 05 and absolutely love it. Then again the motor is by Izuzu and transmission by Allison.
  • msw007msw007 Posts: 21
    I agree. We had a Suburban with 200K+ miles and another Tahoe with over 180K+ miles and no problems.
    Their new AFM was developed by Microsoft and we were the beta testers :)

    Sending emails will not help. I wrote letters to upper managment (you can find them online w/addresses) registered mail w/return receipt. A minion will then call you and after "they look into it" nothing will happen but try and make you feel good.

    There have been posts about everyone filing complaints with their state's AG office. These actions have worked well in the past with big business. Someone just has to get it orgainized.

    Good luck.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Your going to have a hard time with a lawsuit when GM sells approx. 50,000 units a month (Silverado/Sierra combined) and there have been a handful of problems.

    So you can figure out how many are on the road and how many have issues. But something tells me your going to have a lot of zeros in front of that decimal point!
  • @chuck1

    Your reply does carry weight. However, when there are 40 pages of discussions on Edmunds alone, not evening mentioning all the other forums and you add that to the fact that not one, but two GM service writers and one technician told me its not a matter of if, it's a matter of when these engines will fail. Some happen as early as 50k and some last till 175k. Moving on from that, they tell me if I keep my truck, I WILL be back again with the same problem. They know its a design flaw.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    You and I both know some of these trucks go to fleets. Construction, service/repair, etc. The city I live in has a few in their maintenance fleet. They are driven very hard. If they are having issues, those guys are not posting. BTW-if they last 175,000 miles IMHO you got your money's worth. That would be about 10 years or so normal driving habits.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    edited August 2013
    Then you need to trade it in on a Toyota! BTW-you will lose the better part of 10grand!
  • Funny you sound exactly like someone in GM's legal department. I see your point, but you are using the obvious to defend your side. 175,000 max....mine lasted 109k (say that out loud...One hundred and nine thousand!!) and I had a repair that cost me $4k. (Now say that out loud...Four thousand dollars) (Now say them together...A four thousand dollar repair at one hundred and nine thousand miles) And two service writers and a tech told me that its possible that the repair may only last me 50k. If it was just my truck...fine I would accept that. But its not. There is no "right" with that. Its an obvious design flaw and they are hiding behind it. There is not anything that anyone can say that will make all of this crap sound ok unless they are trying to use smoke and mirrors to defect blame.
  • your warranty is 5 year 100k warranty. You are on your last year. Take to dealer and make sure they replace all 16 lifters 8 AFM and 8 standard. I'm fighting with my dealer now. They changed only 2 that were bad now I lost 2 more and I'm out of warranty. ALL 16!!!
  • IT'S YOUR LIFTER!!! 1,4,6,7 are your active fuel management lifters. they all need replaced as well as the 8 standard lifters. I did everything you did. The dealer will confirm this or you can do a compression test yourself to confirm, but it is the lifter. REPLACE ALL!!!
  • Well now that all the blather is out of the way, hoping that someone has good info. I have a2007 Sierra. It seems to have a ping when I accelerate.( sounds a lot like the old gas motors when they needed higher octane) Now this only occurs when I'm accelerating slightly OR at the end of the power band just before shifting. I've been told everything to date as to what the problem is. Any suggestions? It's really bad when pulling my small utility trailer. It seem that just that little extra weight it enough to bring it out also.

  • Had my 08 Sierra towed to the dealer after the engine started making a loud clunking sounds, lost power, and the check engine light came on. OnStar said they detected a misfire. Right before this happened there are a clicking sound coming from the engine that changed with the speed of the engine.

    I'm waiting for the dealer to call me this morning with what they have found. I only have 39k miles on the truck. I'm shocked that I'm even having problems with this truck so early. I have an 03 Z71 Suburban with 180k that runs like a top.

    Am I another victim of the AFM gremlins? Any suggestions on how to handle the initial call from the dealership? Thank you to everyone who has posted their stories on this thread.
  • Sounds like you probably are. Are you still under the 5/100 power train warranty? If you are not, STAND FIRM and make them pay for it. I had 120k miles and I got $1200 from them towards the $4000 repair. If the dealer doesn't get it done, call Chevrolet/GM customer service yourself and complain there. Be advised that even after they fix it, the engine is prone to have the same problem again as it is a design flaw....and the next time will be your expense. You may consider getting another truck.
  • Thanks for the advice. The only warranty that is still in force is that 10/120k Special Warranty which I've read is related to a throttle body issue.
  • Dealer just called and said I have a broke rocker arm. He also said he's not sure how that could have happened and that there may be more wrong but can't tell until they fix it.
  • You need to call GM. I may be wrong, but it seems like maybe you are a very calm and good natured person. There is no reason for a rocker arm to break at 38k. They should pay for it and they will if you are demanding enough and if you are too nice they will happily have you pay for it.

    I would get my proof of oil changes together. (call the place you go to and they can provide info if you dont have it) As long as you have that and you have never put a performance chip in it, then there is no reason they shouldnt foot the bill on this.
  • Also...none of my biz, but i did some scouring online with the '08 Silverado rocker arm breaking and that can be caused by a rod or lifter problem. Hence the cam and lifters are what goes out on these trucks due to AFM.
  • No mods of any kind. I do all my own oil changes because I think I use better oil and filters and do a better job.

    I'm going to have an in depth conversation with the service manager. They are familiar with me since my family has bought 4 cars from them over the past 5 years. I'll post the results.
  • I sure hope they help you out. Long-term customer appreciation/retention is just good business. Maybe GM has read some of these posts over the last year and has decided to assist owners of AFM equipped trucks. Be sure to point both your dealer & GM(if you end up contacting them) to this forum. You are not alone.
  • Truck is back without that ticking sounds and runs like normal. I'm going to mail the receipt and letter to GM customer service asking for some assistance with the repair. I think I'm also going to either buy an extended warranty or trade it in.
  • I am a 36YOM, born in Fort Wayne, IN, had a school class tour of the GM Truck Plant in Fort Wayne in 1984 (back in the good old 80s), my Dad was a proud Chevy Truck owner, and after that plant tour I remember being sold, and knew that once of age to drive, I would be a Chevy owner. My first car was a 72 Nova, then a GMC Sonoma, followed by a 97 C/K 1500, 06 1500 Classic, and now a 2010 Z71 (my first 4WD)! I have always bought Chevy or GMC trucks out of pride; Ft. Wayne, IN, blue collar worker PRIDE! I grew up under the BUY AMERICAN, MADE IN USA glory days of manufacturing the best quality machines and products the world know, before Sam Walton started buying Chinese...another sad story.

    I have no more PRIDE in MADE IN USA, BUY AMERICAN, nor much pride left in that larger truck plant in Fort Wayne. The sticker on my driver side door sill with the logo of the great state of Indiana and Fort Wayne Truck and Bus (new) Assembly Plant doesn't manufacture nor assemble quality products anymore...just sub-standard ones. My brother, younger than I, much wiser than I, bought Toyota Trucks...I never would b/c they are products of Japan (my grandfather is a WWII Veteran whom fought in the Pacific...some would understand; others will not) anyhow, my brother set aside any pride he had in buying American Made only products and bought better made and more reliable machines and trucks from foreign lands...he never got to visit the GM plant in Ft. Wayne like I did; nor did he listen to his grandpa as often as I did..LOL (not really though).

    The short, GM is doomed, has been for a long time; especially since us taxpaying customers bailed them out from going under. My opine is they should be giving away their trucks as donations and writing them off as such...then once they need engine rebuilds after 10K+miles they can be recycled for another donation of metal scrap. Hank Williams Jr. was right when he said, "Just give me a Chevy that last longer than 10yrs. like they should," about 20yrs. they last 3yrs if we're lucky and that's if you didn't buy a lemon. All the while, the real mechanics (educated ones) just laugh at this, they know better, they buy foreign and prefer to work on foreign engines!

    SO SAD, SO TRUE, and We as Citizens and Consumers didn't let them fail, we bought a larger piece of this crap corporation, and brought them back to selling more craptacular products...THANKS GM for STEALING $40K+ of my hard earned pay. Americans don't have to put up with crap like this just as our grandfathers never would have never found any pride in engines like these! It's time GM takes a different path toward success, one that includes better tooled machines and engineered designs and most importantly a path that keeps customers loyal and wanting to buy their vehicles...CUSTOMER SATISFACTION....until then GM you'll always be UNSAT in my book! In the meantime, I'll be discussing with my 13 year old son that he may not want my 2010 Chevy Truck if he gets into college, b/c it might be found on road dead (FORD) enroute to his school.
  • I feel your pain. Atleast yours is covered under warranty. It still sucks though that even after the repair, it will happen again. My 2008 went out just over 100k. So it cost me personally about $3k for the repair. Now the dashboard, suddenly without any signs, cracked in over 4 places. Again a defect that happens to all of them eventually. That's $1100. It really sucks to have to pay for a repair that is an obvious defect and not normal wear and tear or typical age. But for you at 32k????? They should give you another truck.....if you even wanted it. I went and drove an F150 FX4 with the 5.0 V8 last week and I feel that is the obvious direction to go.
  • I concur that GM should be giving me a new truck, or at minimum and new engine! The GM 5.3L w/AFM will go down in history as not only one of the worst GM engines ever to be produced, but probably in all of automobile history. GM was deep into the design and production of these engines before the U.S. government bailout, and I'd be curious to know just how much time and money went into R&D on these engines, and why they are continuing to make them...all 2014 gas/ethanol engines now come with AFM. SAD! We buy V8 for V8 power and reliability. If we want a 6 or 4 banger we buy that, too for different reasons...usually economical/commute mileage savings, etc. I was just told if the engine has to be/will be replaced that I will receive the same engine (5.3L w/AFM). Now want to get rid of the truck all together and be done with GM products! And I won't be promoting any of their trucks or cars by word of mouth among family and friends! Chevy PRIDE is DEAD!
  • No dice. With the truck being 4 months out of Powertrain warranty they said they are unable to help me with the cost of the repair. That is pretty disappointing. I guess I am lucky that the repair was not more costly. Looks like this will be my last GM truck.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There are over 4 million 5.3 motors on the road since '07 when AFM was installled.

    Sorry for your troubles.
  • chuck1 - sure there are many of these engines on the road, and after hours of research on them and speaking to some well educated mechanics about them, I'm pretty confident that they are unreliable motors, too. I don't like stating this b/c I have always bought Chevys, but the fact is with these motors, they have design flaws and are leaving many of loyal Chevrolet owners w/out their truck for days or even weeks due to powertrain teardowns and replacement of parts, which most likely is a band-aid on a mechanically engineered flaw in the engine, further, only to see a problem with the engine again at unknown miles down the road.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I AM truly sorry for your issues. However, I still find it hard to believe Chevy put 4 million defective motors on the road and then warranted them for 100,000 miles.

    That's makes as much sense as the mechanics that told you they are defective.
  • sadjunkofaz71sadjunkofaz71 Posts: 4
    edited November 2013
    I received call on Friday from the dealership that they had to pull the engine completely to look further. I woke up this morning thinking about product loyalty as GM customer for many years, and I'm on the fence still debating pros and cons. I now have probably another week of debating on whether to stay loyal to GM trucks or find pride in a different product by a different brand. I suppose my final decision will be solely based on GM's decision on what to do for my truck and I.
  • Looked at the 14' Chevy's and the Tundra's...At first glance thought the AFM was a big plus over the Toyota...But digging into it...Wow I'm so glad I ordered a Tundra....I'll deal with the crappy MPG on the Tundra...It least Ill be able to get "crappy MPG" than worrying about a breakdown and getting "0" MPG while the truck is in the show. The main purpose is to tow a RV trailer. So AFM is not as important as I thought it might be.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sorry to hear of your problems with your truck. But, please don't blame American workers because they didn't design or engineer these trucks. In fact, you'll find that the Toyota trucks are now built in the U.S. and are of the same quality as the Japanese sourced vehicles. I wonder what has happened to U.S. engineering schools over the past decade or so because GM's new engines are nowhere near the reliability of the engines in prior years. Good luck.
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