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Ford Taurus Fuel Pump



  • ditt1ditt1 Posts: 1
    I've dropped the gas tank ran a + and -- wire from the battery too the fuel pump and the pump runs. at the wiring connector that goes to the gas tank I have 12volts in the red&white wire black&violet is neutral but I don't have a good ground. where does the neutral go from the connector, or can I just run a new ground under the rear seat. would it hurt any thing. I've checked the fuel pump relay, fuse, and pcm relay all test ok!!. Can someone help
  • So I'm new here - Of course after working on this Taurus for the last year and a half. I'm about done. Seems I can't even make it 2 months without having to fix something or the same thing in this case

    I had the fuel pump not kicking over when I'd turn the key. I'd turn the key back and forth and finally after a few minutes or half an hour of turning the key back and forth fiNALLy the fuel pump would kick over and I could crank the car - it'd then start up.

    I finally got stranded for 2 hours with this issue and after going back 3 hours later to tow the car to have the fuel pump replaced it started right up. I changed the fuel pump anyway just to get it overwith. This was in October. Now 3 months later the cars just dieing while Im driving as if I'm out of gas. Even though I calculate it quite accurately. Of course meaning ever since putting in an 'Airtex' Complete assembly it reads the wrong amount of fuel and was never this way before. I've checked everything from ignition to spark and even hear the fuel pump kick..just sounds as though nothings going through. I added 2 fresh gallons just in case and get nothing. Not even any pressure when I checked the valve on the fuel rail.

    Yes the line is clear, fuel filter is new, relay is good and even swapped around with others. It cranks over to a start with sterter fluid but does not stay running. pulled spark plugs and bone dry. gotta spend more money on another fuel pump so I can actually get the motorcraft rrrr... any other known issues before I go break my back yanking the stupid pump agaIN??
  • As much fun as u are in for the second time,always use OEM (Motorcraft) fuel pumps. Also check and make SURE your fuel pump wiring is not or has not been pinched on top of the tank. Also check your 10 year old fuel lines from front
    to rear,for any sign of leakage. If you DO have good fuel pressure and no start, replace you idle air control valve. it's mounted by the throttle plate air intake, about 3" long, elect plug in on end and mounted with 2 8mm bolts.
    hope this helps.
  • You are right on! It was the air control idle valve. Thank you!
  • cap9cap9 Posts: 4
    Hey guys, this may skew the topic a bit, but if you have a newer model Taurus could you conceivably use parts from something like this 1998 Taurus to do some DIY repairs?

    link title
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    In a word

  • peezpeez Posts: 4
    have 1996 mercury sable 3.0 have problem engine runs ok then after 20 miles will start losing power . have replace fuel filter if engine is shut of it will restart and not have the problem it has gotten progresseably worse . any body have any suggestions
  • wrenchedwrenched Posts: 12
    Have you checked fuel pressure when the problem occurs? If not I would start there. Also, one of the biggest reasons fuel pumps fail is heat. Yes heat! People run there tanks low on fuel all the time. The fuel pump is designed to be cooled by the fuel in the tank. When you run the tank low the pump is not submersed in the fuel thus creating extra heat in the pump and this damages the stator inside.

    Anyway, test the fuel pressure make sure it meets specs. Possibly an intermittent problem with fuel pump relay. Do not rule out the fact that you could be losing spark and you actually have intermittent electrical problem. Don't forget to check for spark after it stalls!! If no spark suspect crank sensor if equipped but problem is probably related to something that controls both fuel and spark!

    Hope this helps
  • peezpeez Posts: 4
    its never shut of on road but one time usually when problem occurs i can drive park shut engine offf restartart and get on on my way would you know what the fuel pump pressure is thank for reply
  • peezpeez Posts: 4
    is 25 psi for fuel pressure to low on a 96 sable are ford fuel pump that much better
  • peezpeez Posts: 4
    hi pat n karen do you have any experience with 96 sable
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    Have a 98 ford taurus SE 3.0. I have checked the fuses relays installed a new fuel pump and check the inursa switch and the car will not start. I checked the wiring and everything looks OK. There is no power to the fuel pump. what am I missing
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    What should the voltage be at the fuel pump? someone said 12 volts someone said 6 volts to run the fuel pump
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    edited April 2010
    Did YOU put in the fuel pump ? If you did, did you check the wiring to the pump that lays on top of the tank for being pinched ? The pump runs on 12 volts. Do you have 12 V. at the fuel pump relay with the key in the run pos.? If so, check for 12 V. in wiring coming iut of relay ? Do you have 12 V in & out of inursa switch ?
    Check these items & let me know

  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    New fuel pump new relays checked all fuses no power to fuel pump. At one time we checked the power and it was around 6 volts Checked inursa switch and no juice there as well. Looked over and checked wires. I ran power to the pump via the ingnition switch and pump does work. Car does not want to start properly this way for some reason. After market fuel pump (oreilley auto) not the intire pump assembly was installed.
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    when I checked the wiring I checked it even under the seat and clear up to the front drivers door and no power. I have had it running after hard wiring the pump but it was hard to start but runs fine once started. When I tried it last night it would not start but will try again tonight and see if it will run with the wire attatched again
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    as I think back, the inursa sw. works off the GROUND side. Meaning the ground for the pump, has to go through the insura sw and then to ground.

    have you found the Hot feed wire that goes to your pump ? Do you have access to a fuel pressure gauge ?

    If you apply 12 V to the pump,with the key shut off, can you hear the pump run,build up pressure than stop ?

  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    When you run a hot wire to the pump key off the pump will run. I started it yesterday several times and it runs perfectly. It is hard to start and about runs the battery down cranking it over. I noticed last night that if you turn the key on and wait a min or so it starts easier. This morning I tried it again and again hard to start but not as hard. There is noting wrong with wiring it like I did is there? Could the idle control valve be going bad causing to be a hard start? Everyone here says leave it wired as I have it nothing is wrong doing it that way?????
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    Dropped gas tank and checked wires. No voltage to the fuel pump or very low voltage if any. Ran a hot wire from the battery to the pump and it runs. Checked the inursa switch and it is OK. Changed the relays around and purchased a new fuel pump relay. Installed relays and checked for power and no power. Checked under the dash all fuses and nothing wrong there. Followed wires around car and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Ran a hotwire from the fuse box to the pump and pump does work. Checked all grounds applicable to the fuel pump. Is running a hotwire such as I have done really OK to do or should I start over and keep tinkering with it?
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    Pls answer each question.
    1. with key off & 12 V to pump, does the pump run for about 2 sec and then stop running ?
    2. do you have access to a fuel pressure gage. ?

    3. Hard starting may be due to a bad air/fuel enrichment valve, located on the air intake at top of eng. This valve has a diamond shape base and is mounted with
    2 8mm bolts and has a 2 wire loom at the end of tube.
    You can buy a new 1 at NAPA. These valves have been known to cause hard starting.
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    Key off power to pump and pump runs and will not shut off
    Have accesss to fuel gage and preasure was good
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    What kind of fuel pressure readings do you have ?

    Also, do you recall the valve I told yo'u about ? if so, have you located it ?
    It is not recomenned to clean this valve BUT, I have cleaned many valves and got them to work. 1. remove valve, you will see 2 holes about 1/2 " diam. fill these holes with a good carb cleaner, let sit move plunger w/a small screwdriver, fill again,let sit 10 - 15 min. rince out with VERY HOT water, blow dry and reinstall,
    It may or may not work properly, if not, replace with new valve.
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    The fuel pump is working and now the fuel pours into the cylinders flooding it. I have unplugged the fuel pump blew out the cylinders and started it to run the excess fuel out. Had to change the oil as it was saturated. Did i mess up the fuel pump hot wiring it temporarily or is the computer messed up About ready to trash the car where should I head next
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    WHAT IS YOUR FUEL PRESSURE ? I don't think you hurt the pump. You may have a bad fuel injecter, 1 that is not closing. Could you tell which cyl had all the gas in it ? Does it start on it's own now.?
  • gary106gary106 Posts: 9
    28 PSI for fuel presssure
    replaced injectors
    replaced fuel regulator
    replaced fuel pump
    fills the cylinders full when cranking it over. Should I put in a new computer?
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    Well I haven't forgot you , I'm checking w/my Ford buddys to get you an answer.
    ? are you still running your fuel pump wired from batt power or w/the key.?
    I don't think 28 lbs is enough. as I remember it should be 36-40 lbs.
    I THINK your fuel pump relay and your injecter pulse whith are controlled by the PCM.
    Having said all that, let me check w/my Ford buddys that still work on these.
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    Hey Gary106,
    Send an e-mail to me with your Cell or Home phone #

    I checked w/my Ford buddies and I have some info for you,
  • beeauchbeeauch Posts: 1
    Can anyone please tell me the location for the fuel pump in a 2000 Ford Taurus wagon, and the easiest "access" to it!!???? Thank a million!!!!!!!!!
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    edited June 2010
    The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. The tank must be removed to gain access to the pump.
    Are you sure the pump is defective ?
    You have a 20 amp fuse, fuel pump diode,and a fuel pump relay located in the fuse box under the hood.
    I think the relay is towards the front of the box, you can switch it with another relay.
    The diode is at the front of fuse box, there are 2 of them, small & black, 1 is for the A/C and 1 is for the fuel pump. you can switch these too.
    Also check the crash cutout for the fuel pump, located inside the R.F. inside kick panel. You should be able to see the red plunger on top of this cutout,without removing anything, just make sure the the red plunger is pushed down.
    If all this checks out, and you can't hear the pump run for 2-3 sec when you turn the key on.
    Keep me posted
  • jimp61jimp61 Posts: 1
    Step-son's 96 Taurus was hard starting for a while, then no problem for a while. Now suddenly it cranks and doesn't start at all. Before going to the fuel pump, I pressed the pin in the valve on the fuel rail where you would connect a pressure gage. I don't have a pressure gage, but the fuel only came up about a half inch and it wasn't spurting. Decided to try changing the fuel pump. Pulled the tank and checked the pump, but it seems to be running fine. Can the fuel pump still run and not put out any pressure?
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