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Ford Taurus Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What other options does this car have? With ESC it must have the safety package. Does it have the convenience pkg or leather? I think you can buy a new 08 SEL for 19K if it does not have many options.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    Geez, no posts in over 2 months??!! When I checked around northern NJ, most dealers are either out-of-stock or have 1 '09 Taurus on hand! Is the '09 already out of production? I was hoping to get a great deal on an '09 since the '10 has been unveiled and is supposed to be on sale in June.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    Anyone buy an '09 recently? I've been waiting for the '10s to come out. Now that the '10s are in production, I'm hoping Ford offers a nice hefty rebate/finance rate in July for any remaining '09s. I'm hoping to buy one around $21K
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    There are some new 09's on Ebay for around that price. I saw a SEL with leather, and a Sable Premier in that price range. There are still some new 08's out there also.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    Let's see,,,,sticker is $29, $22,500 before TTL a rasonable offer inc. the $3K rebate? Any salesman, feedback is welcomed.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Any news on 2010's coming up for sale and what incentives are on offer. Hopefully Ford will realise that they cannot sell a Taurus at above $30k
  • jlaszlojlaszlo Posts: 60
    Just picked up a "new" 2008 Taurus AWD Limited with most of the bells and whistles (it was pre-Sync but has navi). It has 1400 miles on it but was never titled and sold as new. Probably a demo or loaner car.

    I needed a sedan to replace my RX-8 which was getting impractical with 2 car seats and a manual in ATL traffic. Funny how priorities change.

    I wanted a domestic sedan to support the homegrown industry. It came down to this and a V-6 G8 (I know, the V-8 is awesome but too much $$$ when equipped how I wanted). Needless to say, Gwinnett Place Ford wanted the '08 gone and I got what I feel is a super deal. Treated very well and they were patient with my endless questions and penny pinching.

    I recommend Frank in the internet department if you're looking for a Ford in the ATL.
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205 - 616

    Who'll be sucker number 1?

    I'm no psychic, but I see heavy rebates soon, and incredible depreciation.

    But at least you can pay even more and get Sync (if you're a glutton for punishment):
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Hope the people at Ford are reading this forum, get the car priced right and it will be a winner. Overprice and rapid depreciation will follow and reputation down the pan.
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    The model listed does have the option package which includes Sync. However this car is priced too high. See my post here:
    ronsmith38, "Article Comments - 2010 Ford Taurus First Drive and Full Test" #11, 20 Jul 2009 8:54 pm
  • wjtinatlwjtinatl Posts: 50
    2010 Taurus is yet to arrive in many Atlanta area dealerships (based on a drive through of 4 large dealers yesterday), but already Ford is offering a $1000 rebate on 2010 SEL models. It's Ford program 11708 and is listed on the website. I know Ford is hoping for a strong launch to this car but putting an incentive on a new model before they hit the lots seems to demonstrate that they believe they've overpriced the car from day one. Imagine if Lee Iacocca had thought to patent his idea of the "rebate" back in the K-car days. If he got a dollar per car sold with a rebate, he'd have added millions to his retirement nest egg!
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    Ford should have tried to set the price range for the Taurus (in this economy) in the 23k to 28k MSRP range.

    As it is, the Taurus is an oddity, not really competing against very many cars directly, being very heavy and large outside, but less large in terms of interior space, and being Front Wheel Drive.

    Because the interior space is close to that of an Accord, Camry or Mazda 6, these are just some of the 17k to 22k cars it will cross-shopped against.

    With a MSRP of 26k to 35k for the regular Taurus, and 37k to 45k for the SHO version, I think Ford Dealers are going to really see a lot of people experience Sticker Shock Syndrome, where potential buyers may not even think it's worthwhile talking to a saleman.

    Besides, the Fusion is nearly as large inside as the Taurus.

    Ford's strategy with both the pricing and the type of styling and sizing of the Taurus is very odd.
  • madlockmadlock Posts: 42
    Some dealers are really thinking the new Taurus is the panacea they've been waiting for to take them to the promised land, and many are behaving accordingly now that a few units have trickled into the marketplace and those that have them are playing automotive "nanny nanny boo boo".

    I've driven six of the eight 2010 vehicles based on the same platform, the Taurus, Flex, and MKS with each engine offered. Of them, the Flex is by far the most impressive. Even with the SHO Performance Package, the EcoBoost Flex seemed to rocket from the line and accelerate with greater power and ease than either of the sedans.

    I qualify for X-Plan a dozen ways, and the dealers hoping to command sticker for a Taurus started making immediate excuses why the couldn't sell the units on-hand for X-Plan. One tried to claim the SHO is a "Limited Production" vehicle, and therefore is exempt. They had no answer when I responded that they're only "limited" to the number customers are willing to order. Another claimed it would only honor X-Plan for non-SHO Tauruses. The solution was very simple. I went to a dealer that had none, and they were more than pleased to have won the business, selling a vehicle that they don't even have to take into inventory.
  • That youtube video is hilarioius....but really, who is going to Tuscaloosa, Alabama???
  • This goes beyond the Ford Taurus, but anyone who owns a Ford should enroll in the Ford Owners ( website. Its everything online, and allows you to keep track of your cars’ complete maintenance records, calendar/mileage of recommended maintenance, and tons of coupons to use when you have your car checked at a Ford dealer.
  • I agree. They get one chance to price a car appropriately and I don't see it yet for the Ford Taurus Ltd. Overprice it and the discounts rise and value falls. I see it as overpriced.

    The dealer that I visited immediately gave me the old song that these are special and won't be discounted. I haven't seen a Ford in years that is special and held its value.

    Compare it to the Toyota Avalon Ltd which one can buy for 33-35K fully loaded and get great mileage, roominess and reliability to boot.

    That Sync you tube illustrates that it is an exercise in frustration.
  • Don't forget that the "all new" 2010 Ford Taurus is about 70% carryover from the 2009 Ford Taurus.

    They changed the sheet metal and interior, and they modified the suspension.

    Other than that, it's the same chassis (D9), same motor, same basic suspension, etc.

    Check out the rapid and incredible depreciation on this gen Ford Taurus. You can get a two year old one for about 13k with under 35k miles.

    Anyone who pays remotely close to 30k for a 2010 Taurus is likely to regret it more deeply than most new car buyers.

    It should be priced from 24k to 28k, max.
  • We are getting our 2010 Taurus Sel AWD for $200 over invoice and 0% financing. This car is a good deal even at msrp, just avoid all the extra technological crap. And avoid the 255/45/19 tires which thump over bumps and add some road noise. More is not always better. In cinnamon metallic, it looks elegant and the darker color trims its big body. We don't care about depreciation since I kept my last car for 8.5 years.
  • The Avalon is a very good car, but it is as frumpy looking as the previous Taurus, and Toyota's colors are really boring. And no AWD.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    I saw a 2010 yesterday in my local dealer in Estero, Lee County, Florida. They have one Limited and have two slots for new cars but it would be a December delivery. Is that not crazy!! At sticker of $34k that was even more crazy.
    I thought the interior was cheap with some hard plastics and poor fit and finish. I have been a Ford driver for many years and in their UK Mondeo did 50-60k miles a year. I am not sure I would want to live in this car doing that sort of mileage. The trunk was huge and the rear seats comfortable but I would prefer the headrests in front of me to be not so tall. Get it down below $30k and I might consider one where as now I may buy the Hyudai Genesis.
  • Why did you pay over invoice?
  • So What would you pay for yours? Are you suggesting ours is not a good deal? Get real. We got the Costco price minus $500 early order rebate, and 0% saves a lot.
    And most importantly, we got what we exactly what we want.
  • dturr, agreed on the interior.

    I can't believe some reviewers are giving such high praise to the Taurus, as I found the interior really tacky and cheap in a lot of ways. The dash is way too big and the gauges way too garish, and the plastic faux chrome is cheesy.

    At least some reviewers like Healy in USA Today is calling a spade a spade and giving a muted review of the Taurus, basically saying it's okay, but expensive for what you get.

    I find the fit and finish to be much better on mid-sized cars, mainly imports, costing 6k to 9k less than the Taurus.

    On top of everything else, the Taurus with 19" wheels rides horribly, and dealers have cars that are basically 32k and up. Ford dealers are notorious for high pressure tactics trying to upsell, too.

    I'd rather buy the last gen, if I were to buy one: Same motor, chassis and more interior room, for about 12k to 13k with 30,000 miles on it.
  • Paying over invoice for a 2010 Tuarus is not something to be proud of. What matters is that you are satisfied.
  • I guess you don't know the difference between invoice and msrp. Expecting to pay below invoice on a vehicle just out is an unrealistic expectation.
  • Is this your first new car purchase?
    Paying below invoice on a new car such as a 2010 Taurus is very realistic. As I stated earlier the price you piad is moot because it is what you purchased that matters.
  • Ok, if you say so. Go to a dealer and offer them a price below invoice with 0% financing and see how far you get. And i have bought many cars and in my early years sometimes paid too much. But not this time. Some people just have to stick to their opinion even when they know they are wrong.
  • Edmunds on this site show the 2010 Taurus TMV (what others are paying) at just about 2% under MSRP, or about $2000 over invoice!
  • "Go to a dealer and offer them a price"

    This could be the problem...Not a good idea to "offer" a dealer a price....let the dealer make first offer.

    Enjoy your car.
  • I like the way the Honda forum does this section. Here is an example: Accord DX all weather mats and alloy wheels. $19549.00 OTD Our tax rate is 6.5% in OH. Now that is info we can use. We really don't care about debating about under or over invoice. I was getting ready to leave for the dealer back in 08 and someone posted the example above and I saved a addition $600.00 from a deal that I worked weeks on. Just a thought.
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