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Honda Odyssey Tires/Wheels



  • royknapproyknapp Posts: 1
    I just got a 2008 lx odyessy with 7800 miles on it from a honda dealer. the van cme with bridgestone turanza el42 tires on it. i understand that these tires are very poor in most conditions except dry roads.
    I want to replace these tires with a all-season tire as i donot drive in anything but light to moderate snow and occasional ice.
    I have done some inquiring into what tire would be best and theYOKOHAMA Avid TRZ (235/65/16) tire appears to be it.
    Has anyone had these tire on there odyssey and how did they perform for you. i was told about the Blizzak tire but i cant afford another set of rims with new sensors just to put a set of snows on and mount and unmout snows this leaves me with concern about the tire bead and air leaks. I have been told by two tire shops that the bead could be compromised at any time the tires are changed seasonal. Thankyou very much for your help
  • jcchevyjcchevy Posts: 13
    Hello, Thank you for your posting regarding depaxing the tires/wheels on the Honda Odessey. I've been struggling with what to do about this over the past 3.5 years since I purchased the car and was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me where I can purchase the replacement (non-pax) tires and rims for a 2006 honda odessey. Right now I have 68,000 miles on the car and I was ready to take it in the shop today in fact today, to have a 3rd (actually maybe 4th) set of pax tires put on but quite honestly, I'm real tired of spending $1600 every 16-20k miles to replace the tires. I simple either want to replace the pax tires/rims or just get rid of the vehicle (it's got other issues as well). Anyways, I would greatly appreciate if you can provide me the information on where I can purchase non-pax replacement tires/rims or at least provide some recommendations. I live just north of Philadelphia, PA.


  • dml247dml247 Posts: 2
    I'm sure this is posted elsewhere on this site, but just to make sure people see it, I'll post it here too. There is a lawsuit that owners of Odyssey's with PAX tires can get in on here. (Or google "honda pax lawsuit".) It isn't perfect, but at least you'll get something from them.

    If you want to de-PAX, then talk to your local tire shop. They most likely can help you if they really want your business. The trick seems to be removing the old tire and reusing the tire pressure gauge sensors on the new rims. Again, any tire shop worth their sweat will do this. Skip the Firestone or Sears stores, they probably won't touch it. Go to the independent guy.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Check out message #60
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    I'm Looking to replace the OEM Michelin's with something better. The Cooper CS4 and Yoko Avid TRZ's seems like decent options. Also saw Hankook and Toyo's out there. Anyone have any experience with any of these tires? Thanks.
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 14
    Greetings. I need recommendations for tires for my 02 Odyssey [just turned 100,000 miles. I have Yokohamas on it at 50K and they are worn badly. Trip coming up, so I hope to hear from you soon. Please - not Cooper tires - very bad blow out experience on my Maxima. Thanks!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I have the TRZ's on my 00 Odyssey and thus far have been very happy with them.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    Tirerack is great, but responses here may differ. More information can't hurt.
  • trc101trc101 Posts: 11
    Just picked up an 2010 Odyssey and will be needing to purchase a snow tire / rim package this winter. TireRack is recommending ContiCrossContact. Anyone know if this is a good tire or have other suggestions?

  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 14
    Hey, Big Dadi. Thanks for the reply - bought a set of Generals - had a better rec. than Continentals and just put over 1K on them - very responsive. First Generals I've owned, so I hope they last. . .
  • Just DePAXed my 07 Touring. Discount Tire installed 18X8 TSW Mallory 5s with Yokohama YK520 235/60R-18 107V. I kept the original TPMS sensors. Michelin was nice enough to credited me $38.00 per tire. The new wheels are very conservative & accent the van. Drove a little over 90 miles today in town & highway, my Honda has never driven smoother or quieter. My center console no longer vibrates, it's like driving a $40k dollar minivan. I purchased a spare tire kit from College Hill Honda $228.84+sh (will process the paper for my $110 refund this weekend).
  • renzirenzi Posts: 1
    looking to purchase an 06 or 07 touring in the next few weeks.

    STEVERX - would love to see some pics of the aftermarket wheels - I am tempted but don't want to make it look "ghetto" - it is a minivan after all :-)

    I have cross-terrains on my 05 highlander now and love them except for snow. Heard several complaints on the PAX systems is removing it challenging for a technical guy?
  • ody2011ody2011 Posts: 1
    Just Depax our 2006 Ody Touring.
    I did not have much time do to research and didn't want to do it myself so my friend recommended me a seller: Acurahondaoem on Ebay who have a lot of depax package sets for sale on Ebay, ready to bolt on with Hankook Tires, so we bought a set of 18", I think they came from an Acura MDX. Wheels came to our house within a week, great packaging, great communications from the seller. Wheels and tires are look great upon arrival, installed on the van and tpms kick in within 10-15 mins as seller stated, sweet, love those ride on the Hankook tires, very quiet, handling great, much better than those PAX tires. I would recommended seller Acurahondaoem. You can browse his store by on to Ebay and enter DEPAX on search section, then look for seller Acurahondaoem. I love our van more now. Bye Bye PAX....
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    $1233 for steel wheels and hubcaps? You can't be serious.
  • Message for: ron999
    Thank you for your very informative article.
    I'm ready to take your advice for my 2006 Touring w/pax system. Would you do anything different or make any changes to your recommendations?
  • I drive a 2006 Odyssey LX and several times a month from spring through fall I tow a small camper and sometimes have to go off road with it (dirt roads and fields which are sometimes muddy). Can I put LT tires designed for some off-road driving on my van by going with a different size, such as a 235/70R16?
  • I have 51000 miles on my 2006 Ody and want to replace the OEM tires on the van before winter sets in here in Wisconsin. What do you suggest for a good all-season tire for this situation. I haven't had any issues with the Michelins that came with the van when purchased new but was wondering if there were others that folks found to be as good or better. I agree with many of the posts on the road noise but I knew Honda vans had that issue when I purchased it. So that is not THAT important to me but safety on snow and ice is for an all-season set of tires.

  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    Consumer Reports just rated the following tires as best buys:

    Hankook Optima H727

    Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread

    The Cooper CS4 received a good score for snow traction, but not as high overall. I'm considering the Hankook's for my 06 Odyssey.
  • Thanks for the response. I should have posted a couple days ago when I did purchase 4 new Yokohama AVID TRZ 235/65-16. These tires are giving a $50 rebate in the form of a Visa Debit card from Oct 1 to Nov 30.

    Anyway, I had done some further research on the internet and message boards, etc. Also April 2009 edition of Consumer Reports listed this Yokohama as one of there top 3 rated tires.

    See also this site for ratings of tires. Very enlightening. =65&diameter=16&type=ST

    So good luck rihops, but keep checking before you buy. I noticed that Hankook is lower down on the list on that link shown above.
  • I have a 06 Touring depax from 08 EX-L 255x65x16 my lite keeps coming on TMS check system any suggestions thanks Dan
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    I bought the Hankook Optimo 727's today. Less than $600 total, including a front end alignment.

    I'll post more thoughts about them later.
  • I am trying to decide if I should do seasonal change overs or buy a second set of wheels for my '09 Odyssey in consideration of TPMS. If the only issue is looking at a instrument panel message while the non-TPMS wheels are on the van, I will probably buy a second set of wheels. However, if when I put the OEM wheels on with the summer tires the TPMS system doesn't automatically start working again without paying the dealer to do something, then I will probably not by wheels and just do the change overs. Any experience with this?

    (I have been doing this for years on a '02 Toyota Prius and I have the dealer include the winter/summer change overs in the price of the snow tires and am very comfortable with this except that I need to be conservative in the timing).
  • The Odyssey's problem with road noise on rough surfaces has been well documented. I have heard of people spending a couple thousand $ at Car Toys for sound insulation with mixed opinions of effectiveness. Has anyone found an effective noise reduction solution?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I'm not quite sure but I think you will still need to have the sensors recalibrated by the dealer if you use the same rims. Call and check.

    IMHO, I'd go with 2 sets of rims and some black electrical tape during the winter.
  • gfm1gfm1 Posts: 4
    bought my 2006 Odyssey new with Michelin All Season tires. Noisy as hell. had to always adjust volume on radio in proportion to speed. Pain in the neck. At 36,000 miles I replaced Michelins with Toyo Versado LX tires. Cannot belive the difference. Radio can be set at one volume at any speed, and my wife and I can hold a conversation as if we were in our living room. Cost? If I replaced with Michelins cost would be about $800. Total cost of Toyos (including labor, balancing various and sundry Florida taxes, etc) $500. Couldn't be happier, try them!!!
  • I have Michelin's on my '09. I don't find the noise as speed sensitive as I do road quality sensitive. No noise on fresh laid asphalt but rough old stuff produces terrible noise. No noise on concrete with longitudinal grooving but they just scream on cross grooved concrete. Is it all tires or is there a lack of noise isolation and can that can be addressed by after market product?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are so many different models of Michelin All Season tires. Find the model then check them out re ride comfort, noise at
  • Just replaced terrible michelins with Yokohama Avid TRZ, 235/65/16.I paid $419.00 total drive out at a local Discount Tire. I love the tires so far, and I hope they will last more than 35k miles unlike Michelins. Awesome customer service with an unbeatable price.
  • I was just told by a Honda service rep that the Vehicle Stability Assist system would not work if the Tire Pressure Monitering System is not working. Is this true? If so, it doesn't make sense to use a second set of wheels for snow tires to save on seasonal change over costs as the cost to keep the TPMS working is at least as much as changing the tires on a single set of wheels.
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