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Honda Odyssey Tires/Wheels



  • statchmostatchmo Posts: 3
    Just got back from Honda dealer after taking my 05 Ody LX in for a loud thrumming noise coming from the tires. Thought maybe bearings but they tell me my tires are cupping on the inside edges. Said they could do an alignment which would they said prevent further cupping, but only replacing tires will eliminate the noise, which is extremely loud and annoying.

    The tires are Yokohama Avid TRZ and I purchased them from a local Discount Tire Center June 07. So they are just barely over a year old. I had tire pressures checked consistently in August, October, November, and this past June, plus had rotations in November 07 and June 08. I do put a lot of miles on my van -- had 48399 when I got the new tires, and now have 74613. So it was about 11,000 miles between rotations.

    Do I have a leg to stand on in complaining to Discount Tire about the performance of these tires or am I just out of luck? The tread on the tires is great so they have a lot of life left, but the tire noise is almost unbearable, and has been getting worse and worse.

    Honda recommends Michelin Energy LX-4 tires for replacements at $195+tax per tire. I can get those same tires at Discount for $134/tire or NTB for $143/tire. But it chaps me to be replacing my new tires just one year after I bought them!

    Thoughts, advice.... ? :confuse:
  • Well, I just ordered my wheels and tires today. I went to Discount Tire and ordered Beyern "5" wheels and Yokohama YK520 tires. They got good reviews. I opted to order new air pressure sensors to keep the old wheels and tires intact. The load rating and everything is perfect for my '07 Odyssey Touring. My only concern at this point is if the new sensors will program successfully. I sure hope so. Discount says they ordered the correct replacements. I've seen a couple of posts from people who's warning light didn't go out after programming the new sensors. Is this a common problem?

  • mtmsimplemtmsimple Posts: 7
    if you want to find cheap TPMS sensors, you may go to Belle Tire or US auto parts for Orange OE replacement sensors, it should provide your car model no. just for your reference.
  • mtmsimplemtmsimple Posts: 7
    just go to Belle Tire, they have Orange OE replacement sensor (100% compatible with TPMS). Price comparing with original, 40% off, they said. beside, the sensor and valve can be adjustable for your rim. wish this information help you.
  • I have a 2006 touring with PAX. If I want to use tranditional tires, are new wheels a must??
  • I got my new Beyern wheels and Yokohama tires installed today. What a difference! They drive much better than the PAX did. I can tell a difference in stopping distance, too. The PAX tires are so heavy that they increase the stopping distance. I cannot be happier with my decision to get rid of the PAX system. The sensors even set themselves after a few miles. I didn't have to go to Honda to have them set in the computer. They wheels look great on the van, too!

    Cabbgking: If you want traditional tires, you will have to buy wheels, too. The wheels are a special metric size that only fit Michelin PAX tires.
  • Jackalope1,

    Would you mind share with me the size and type of Beyern wheels you ordered? Which year is your car?

    I am in Southern CA. Called around, and no one seems to know how to replace the PAX...
  • faxpawfaxpaw Posts: 17
    I have 83,000 miles on my 2005 Odyssey, 32000 miles on my second set of tires- Yokohama Avid TRZ's. I have the same LOUD noise from my Yoko tires and the tire dealer told me that these tires are cupped badly. I have always rotated my tires at 10k but he said I should have rotated the Yoko's at 6k ! He rotated the cupped tires to the front hoping the extra wear would reduce the cupping. No such luck. I can't stand the noise any longer and I'm ready to buy another set of P235/65 R16 tires. Lot's of info out there about Yoko's, most love them, then there are the rest of use who have experienced cupping problems with this tire. So is it the tire or bad/worn front struts or rear shocks?
    Anyway I need your help and advice as to what (quiet at least 50K wear) all season tires to try next.
  • They are Beyern "5". 5 is the model of the wheel. It's a 5-spoke BMW wheel, actually. I found it by searching for 2008 Odyssey non-PAX wheels on the Discount Tire website. They came up with three options and this was one of them. I purchased the 17" wheel.

    Hopefully this link will work:

    Discount Tire
  • I have seen all the comments to date regarding depax 06 with 18" Acura MDX wheels.

    I am little confused, which tire size do I need to place on the 18" wheels to keep the dashboard indicators true? Is it 235/55R18, 245/55R18, or 255/55R18???????

    Will the center caps from the PAX wheels work in the MDX wheels???

    Thank You in Advance!!
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Also you will need new lugnuts. You will need lugnuts from the 07 and up model which is required to put the MDX wheel. All 20 will have to be replaced.
  • I saw the same messages. Just the same, I was able to pick up the 2007 MDX sport six spoke 18" wheels and 255/55R18 tires. I have had them on my 2005 touring now for about a month. Physically they are about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch larger in diameter than the PAX. and about the same in the net width. Remember that the PAX have NO sidewall and the slope of the tire sidewall is totally different than a normal tire. Even with six people on bad city roads, I haven't noticed any problems. The TMPS was not compatible with the older system, so I have ordered the right sensors and once they are in we should be back in business. I guess I won't really know until the winter, but snow and ice are the norm around here.

    The ride is just FANTASTIC. WE drove up and back (four people w/stuff) to Lake Geneva, WI yesterday. You would have thought the Odyssey was floating along the ground. Even with the potholes and large cracks in the road, the ride was so vastly different from those LEAD SHOES. There is a Honda Dealer in Ohio that sells a DEPAX kit, a little pricey, but it might work for you.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You can use the PAX centercaps. It gives it an even nicer look.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076

    Lots of viewer questions but this one has lots of valuable info on the depax kit. HD is only recommended if you have a powerful computer with a decent amount of ram. They have a lower quality version for those with not as good computers and if you want it to take less space.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You can get the stuff at your local dealers. All you need is the spare and the mounting kit, 20 all new lugnuts, TPMS sensors, and possibly new centercaps. EX wheels can be used as well. 07 owners will have to use 07 and up EX wheels due to the lugnuts. The 20 lugnuts are if you want to use 08 non PAX touring wheels or 07- MDX wheels. PAX centercaps can be used and they can enhance the look of the wheels. If you want you can get new ones from Honda. You don't have to get this at collegehillshonda. If you prefer getting it done locally then just go to your local dealer. Hope this helps.
  • I got a broken TPMS and went to Belle Tire. They have two TPMS. I picked the cheaper one (Orange TPMS). It's only about 2/3 price and no problem for function. I didn't see anything wrong. So I think this Orange TPMS is fine. At least, I saved much money per TPMS.
  • Hi Everyone,

    We bought a 2005 Odyssey Touring model brand new in June 2005. Within the first week, we had problems with the car pulling to the right and a shimmy in the steering between 60-65 mph. The dealer rebalanced the front wheels and did an alignment. The shimmy was better but not completely gone. The pulling was still there. We took it back several more times for these problems and they rotated the tires from front to rear. The shimmy was almost completely gone and the pulling was less noticeable but still there. Around the 20K miles mark, the shimmy got worse and it still pulled so we took it back. They said that the tires were in need of replacement and that 2 new tires would be $800 installed. I told them that we rotated the tires every 5000 miles and that they should be covered by the warranty. It was wasted breath on my part. They said it was not covered. I looked at the tires and they were only worn on the outer edges. We decided to keep them and just deal with the shimmy and the pulling and try to get some more mileage from them. I then looked on the internet and found that many others were having similar issues and that there is a class action suit against Honda and Michelin for these Pax systems. I also found that many people have replaced the pax wheels with regular wheels and tires. I prepared to do this too.

    In the spring, I started shopping for wheels. I was told that many of the Honda and Acura wheels can be used as a replacement. I didn't want to use the Odyssey EX wheels as everyone has them and they are only 16" wheels and they were bringing alot of money on eBay when they showed up as the demand for them was high. Someone had posted on another forum that the 2005-2007 Acura RL wheels worked for them so I started looking for a set. In May, I located a set on ebay in good shape for $300 including shipping. They sat in my garage until today.

    I called my local tire shop last Friday and I asked the owner what he knew about the problem. He told me that he has dome several Pax replacements with other wheels and tires. He said he can reuse my TPMS sensors. I asked him if he had the machine to unmount the Pax tires and he said no. He told me that they just cut a flap into the sidewall of the old pax tire near the tire valve and remove the sensor through the hole they created. I asked him to order me a set of tires and he told me to bring the car in Today.

    So with 41,300 miles on the Pax tires and an upcoming road trip planned, I went to my local tire shop and purchased a set of Michelin tires from them. Here is what they did to do the install.

    They pulled the pax wheels off the car and let the air out of the tires. Then they cut a section out of the sidewall using a utility knife. They removed the sensors and installed them onto my Acura RL wheels. Then they mounted the new tires as with any normal wheel and balanced them and installed them back onto my Van. The Honda center caps from my Pax wheels fit the acura wheels and the stock lugnuts were reused too.

    The tires installed were $750 including tax and labor. They only charged me $7 per sensor to remove and reinstall them.

    I have ordered a spare tire for it and the proper mounting hardware too.

    So here is a breakdown of the costs.

    $300 - 2005 Acura RL Wheels from eBay
    $750 - New Michelin tires mounted and balanced
    $200 - New spare tire and mounting hardware

    Here are the specifications:

    2005 -2007 Acura RL wheels measure 17" x 8"

    Michelins - 235-60-17

    The tire for the spare is a T135/80D -17 Goodyear Convenience Spare that I ordered from the Tire Rack for $125 including shipping.

    The wheel for the spare and the hardware are Honda Items. Honda calls the wheel a disk in their parts catalog. But you will need the following from them.
    42700-SHJ-A51 DISK, WHEEL (17X4T) 1 $39.58
    83853-SHJ-A00 BOLT, ANCHOR 1 $2.71
    74666-SHJ-A00 ADPTR, ANCHOR BOLT 1 $4.09

    So for less then $1250 I have a nice looking set of wheels and new Michelin tires and no more Pax. Next time I need tires, It will only cost me about $700 not the $1600 my local Honda dealer wanted for the new Pax tires.

    I drove the van home and it feels like a new car. It is smooth with no shimmys. It does still pull a little but not as bad and I think an alignment will cure this too. I am very happy with this solution and glad to be rid of the Pax!

    If you want a package solution to your pax problem, check out the guys at College Hills Honda. They are selling complete Pax solutions and even have an online video of the process. Watch the video and you will completely understand how to dePax your car.
  • I have a 2008 EX with 16 inch wheels. I am considering upgrading to 17 inch wheels. Does anyone know if you can use the 16 inch EX wheel sensors on the 17 inch RL wheels or the 17 inch non-pax Odyssey wheels or do you have to use the Touring's sensors? It seems like a lot of folks are converting their Touring's pax wheels to either 17 or 18 inch non pax wheels, but I don't see a lot of folks going from 16 inch to something larger, and how the sensor issue is handled in this situation. Anyone know anything about which sensor would be used on a 17 inch wheel for an EX?
  • I have all of the parts ordered for the spare except the tire itself. I looked on the tire rack website but they don't show that size at all. How did you order it from them? Did you have to call them? Thanks...
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    For all those Touring customers looking at dePAX'ing their Tourings are going to love this new 18" 09 Ridgeline wheels. It's cheaper than the 08-09 non PAX touring wheels by $500 for a set. It requires new lugnuts for 05-06 owners. Should work just fine with the TPMS sensors. This wheel uses 245/60R18 tires so it might be a good option. Shouldn't give a super harsh ride. I'm sure those PAX users are used to it's ride. Might want to checkout the Ridgeline RTL 18" wheels.
  • I just purchased a set of 18" MDX rims with the stock 255/55R18 tires. My intent is to depax after replacing the TPMS valves with originals from the PAX tires. I know that several have made this conversion and was looking for confirmation that this tire wheel combination has no interference issues. Any comments from those who have made the conversion using these rims and tires would be appreciated.
  • After being told in the the summer of 08 that I would have to spend $3000 to replace my bald tires with completely new wheels and tires, I held off. Now in November of 08 I have to replace these bald tires before the snow flies and started researching a DePax scenario. After pricing that out to be around $1200, I then called the Honda dealer to see if they could do the DePax. They told me they can replace the tires now that they have been trained to do so (keeping the PAX system) and thus the cost should be around $1150. Still, more expensive in the long run since the next tire replacement will still cost as much where instead doing the DePax now would allow for a less expensive replacement down the road. But, this way, I'll get the use of the PAX system that I originally paid for. Looks like Honda has come through with at least a much more economical way to replace tires on this system.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Anybody have any experience with tire chains for the Odyssey? My wife and I are planning a ski trip and I don't think it would hurt to have some chains along.

    I've read you need to be careful or you can scratch the rims?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Here is one Tire Chain for your review ...

  • tashatomtashatom Posts: 1
    I own an '05 Honday Odyssey Touring and want to get rid of the PAX tires. Can anyone tell me where to go, what to advise, and the approx. cost of the switch?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Could be a all new model or a facelift or just a carryover. PAX will most likely be discontinued for 2010. So yeah no pax for the 2010.
  • ron999ron999 Posts: 2
    De-pax-ed: – A Honda Odyssey that has the Pax System tires replaced with conventional tires.

    Part 1 of 2:

    OK so I am now free of the tyranny of the Honda/Michelin Pax tire fiasco. After looking for information on depaxing and only finding bits and pieces, miss-information, and hearsay I decided that I could do it and publish some accurate information for others who may be looking to do the same thing. So here goes…

    First the standard disclaimer: If you decide to de-pax based on this information herein you do so at your own risk. The replacement wheels and tires that you pick will not be exactly the same in size and weight as the OEM Pax tires and therefore the suspension and handling may vary from the OEM design target. I do not guarantee any information herein although I have attempted to make it as accurate as possible.

    2006 Odyssey OEM Pax Wheel and Tire Size: 235-710R 460A 104T. This translates into: Wheel Size: 18.1” diameter Tire Size: 235mm width, 27.95” Tire Diameter, and sidewall height of 4.9”. Translated into P metric sizes it would be a 235/53 R18.1 Tire.

    Looking over the Honda 2006 and 2008 Odyssey Glossy pamphlets that I have: The Stabilizer bars are 24mm for non-Pax Vehicles and 25mm for Pax Vehicles. Only a 1mm difference! This would result in only a slightly stiffer torsion bar. From the pamphlets see that a 235/60R17 102T is the tire package offered for a 2008 Honda Odyssey Touring NON-Pax vehicle. So it seems that a 235/60R17 tire and wheel package would be safe as an installation option. Another option is a 235/65 R16 103T Wheel and Tire option. This is the standard tire size for Non-Touring Odyssey 2006 and 2008 models.

    See second post after this post for the rest of this article.
  • ron999ron999 Posts: 2
    Part 2 of 2

    Next I back engineered data to see if there were any differences between the 2006 to 2009 Honda Odyssey wheels and tires. I went to my favorite source; and plugged in the model years of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 for Honda Odyssey non-pax vehicles. The tire wheel packages were the same for each of the years showing that the mounting dimensions, clearances, wheel lugs were the same. Tire rack preselects only wheel/tire packages that will exactly fit your vehicle so the chance for problems are very small. One of the parameters they consider is Wheel Offset (distance from the axle mounting surface to center of the wheel). Just choose any one of the Odyssey non-pax vehicles when selecting the wheel/tire set for your vehicle, example LX, EX, or Touring Non-pax.

    I first looked at using 18” wheels (to most closely match the Pax system wheels) but I found only 1 tire choice that was offered for this wheel size! Not good! Tire Rack caries at least 20 brands and they only had 1 tire choice. This would be no better than the Pax System… if you got a flat chances are no one would have a replacement. So I downgraded to 17” rims and surprise, I had a choice of about 20 different tire brands. I chose the following: Goodyear Assurance ComforTred 235/60R17 with Elbrus 102 17” High Pressure Cast Alloy Wheels. The load rating of the Goodyear tires are slightly less (102T) than the Pax tires (104T) but 102T is the same load rating as specified for the 2008 Touring Non-Pax 235/60R17 Tires. These wheels ship with a centering ring… a circular piece of metal that ensures that the new alloy wheels oversize hub mounts concentrically to the vehicles hub for precision wheel rotation. Some wheels may not require this (if designed only for a Honda) but many will. Tire rack mounted and balanced them (for free) using Hunter Precision Balancing Machines and shipped them in one day! I received them in (flawless condition) on day two via UPS ground. Total cost with shipping was $1,077. This is less than the cost of just 4 PAX tires with mounting!! I love Tire Rack!! This is the third set of tires I have bought from them and the experience has always been great.

    What about the TPMS? Well Tire Rack has the TPMS for the non-Pax equipped vehicles but they say they do not carry the ones for the Pax vehicles. So your choice is:
    1: Don’t use the TPMS (TPMS was installed originally for run-flats only because you might not know that you had a flat and the run flat could disintegrate after 125 miles). Extra Cost: $0 and ignoring the TPMS warning on the dash display.
    2: Dismount your old Pax tires or cut a hole in the tires and remove the sensors and install them on the new wheels. Extra cost: $300 to dismount 4 pax tires + $90 for install, balance and mount on new wheels (Honda dealer quote).
    3: Buy new TPMS OEM sensors from Honda and install them on your new wheels. Extra cost of $235 for new sensors + $90 for install, balance and mount on new wheels + $50 to initialize new sensors (Honda dealer quote).

    I choose option 1 and we are just ignoring the TPMS sensor warning. I will be checking my own air pressure. Note: Pulling the fuse on the TPMS system still yields a TPMS warning on the dash.

    I plan to buy a 17” space saver spare from Honda and it should fit in the floor space after removing the revolving turntable. Honda quote: $67 for wheel, $135 for tire, $25 for mounting = $227. The Touring already includes the jack so nothing is needed there. If you want to save your turntable, forget the spare, buy a can of flat fix, and keep your AAA membership up to date. In the last 20 years I have not had a flat on the road that required a spare. All the flats I have had were slow leaks due to nails and they were recognized and fixed at home.

    So how does it ride? This is subjective as I am comparing to how I remembered it to how it is now. My first feeling was a lighter feel from the overall van. The wheel response before felt somewhat lumbering. The ride may be a touch harsher on broken pavement on side streets. On the highway it is quieter. I feel the taller tire sidewalls (more cushioning) on the 17” tires offset the stiffer suspension that results from less un-sprung wheel weight. My significant other says it turns better and overall is happy with the ride quality. Most importantly she is relieved about not worrying anymore about a Pax flat and getting stranded.

    Conclusion: I can now replace my tires with any number of tire brands at any tire dealer I choose for a fraction of the cost. Of course I choose Tire Rack! If I get a flat anywhere it can be fixed anywhere. My ride is improved and in fact the new wheels are ultra cool!! We can now travel without the fear of getting a flat and getting stuck because no one can change a Pax tire. Good luck and happy depaxing!
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