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Honda Odyssey Tires/Wheels

lyle44lyle44 Posts: 3
This is a great van,however,BEWARE, the run flat tires on the touring package, are michelin pax.I have 27,000 miles on then and they are worn out.both honda and michelin say that's all you can expect from those tires,and will do nothing about it.they are warr. for 30,000 miles...the tires are $180.00,then a gel pack $15.00 and $40.00 labor.. special equip and special trained personel,who may not be there, as in my case.I went 2 miles on a flat to a dealer,a nail, however the sidewall was split by the time i got there,no repair had to get a new much for the 55mph and 100 miles.not all michelin dealers are equip. to handle these tires,so you may wait a few days for a replacement,honda does not put in a spare..a $1000.00 every two years for a set tires..I have had these tires rotated,and I'm 63 and don't do turns on two wheels.


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • Bought a new 2007. The road is kinda bumpy. The info says 35 psi for the front tires and 32 for the rear. I have never put that much air in tires. I tried adjusting the front to 30 psi and 28 in the rear. The tire pressure low light stayed on continuiosly.Is there any way to run lower pressure in tires for a smoother ride?
  • We just purchased an 07 EX-L. When test driving this vehicle we drove it down a smooth blacktop road. I notice a night and day difference from a smooth blacktop to a concrete poured road or grainy blacktoped road. This vehicle gets very loud on anything but a smooth surface. I was wondering if anyone has found that by putting a different tire on this van if it helps? It just seems to me that the Michelin tires that come on this van are a loud tire and maybe there is a quieter tire out there.
  • Bridgestones are loud too on the Oydyssey. I saw some spray on underproofing at Wally-World, I think I will try that.
  • Funny thing, people over in the Accord forum are complaining about the "loud" Michelins MMXs on their '08's. CRV owners are complaining about the noisy Bridgestone Duelers.

    It's the car not the tires. Every year consumer reports slams Honda for road noise in every one of their cars. The Odyssey is no exception. Honda wants their buyers to feel connected with the road...I call it being cheap. You never hear people complaining about road noise in their Toyotas, Nissans, & even Hyundais.

    Let me know how your sprayproofing project works out. I don't think it is going to stick to the plastic wheel well liners. I remember using that stuff on my old cars that were made of steel.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    that Hondas traditionally have a lot of road-noise, though switching tires helps a little. Somehow the factory tires combined with the lack of sound-deadening material makes for a killer combination of road noise...
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Is there any way to run lower pressure in tires for a smoother ride?

    Personally I would never run a lower pressure than recommended just for a smoother ride. Low pressure coupled with heat and weight is what caused the Firestone debacle with the Explorer.
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    I just put on a set of 235-65-16 Bridgestone Blizzack WS60 winter tires with steel wheels on my '06 EXL-RES. I have 35 psi air in the tires and find that these tires ride very rough. I am very disappointed in the ride comfort of these tires because you can feel a constant vibration in the steering wheel and through the leather seats. It seems to be coming from the tread design because it doesn't matter if you are going 5 km/h or 100 km/h the vibration feels the same. The tires were balanced when I bought them and don't think that's the problem. The vibration wasn't there until I changed the OEM Michelin LX4's over to the Blizzacks. Our '04 Civic has the Michelin X-Ice tires and they ride like a set of all season tires and we are totally happy with them. I wish that Michelin made the X-Ice in 235-65-16 but they don't. I only have about 100 km on the WS-60 tires, has anybody experienced the same thing?
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Unfortunately, I have no experience with these particular tires but did have a similar experience with WinterSports at one point. Turned out that a tire was out of balance. As a reasonably easy test, I would try putting the front tires on the rear and vice-versa. If the problem goes away or changes in intensity, then it's ~probably~ a problem with one tire. If not, then it's probaby the tread design. In the past, I've had "balanced" tires that weren't balanced. Good luck!
  • My Honda dealer told me, at 9,400 miles, that the rear PAX tire tread was very worn and I would have to replace the tires within the next 5,000 to 7,500 miles! Unbelievable. So I went on-line to do a little research on tires (specifically the Odyssey PAX system) and found a message board that led me to a class action lawsuit that was recently filed. I think as many Odyssey owners as possible should know! Go to and look at their current cases. You'll find a link to American Honda Motor Company and Michelin North America, Inc. I'm so glad that something is being done about these tires. I didn't want them to begin with, but the touring model didn't offer a choice.
  • miguel4miguel4 Posts: 12
    Both Odyssey and Accord have taken the wrong design directions. I quote a known magazine comentary that communicated that Saturn has already tried the lines on the new Accord. I agree...As for the Odyssey, compare the nice design of the C pillar on the previous model. This may be the best mvan in the market but that's because the Sienna does not have the right suspension. steering, and front grille. The Odyssey still has a bad quality reputation and Honda struggles to deliver the low noise levels down. Listen how the engine noise gets into the cabin from both the driver and the passenger foot wells. The noise levels did not improve with the new model. Also, Honda has failed to improve the transmissions. They still do not match the level of finess and longevity of Toyota and GM. Drive a Honda with over 30K miles and the transmission wines like a coffee maker. The same problem plagues the Accord and some Acuras. I whished someone at Honda is listening and passing on to management because the potential is huge. Not to mention that a quick survey will highlight that Honda chooses color intensities that miss the mark. The benchmark is Chrysler, GM, and Toyota. I have also notice that the paint quality has gone down. Look at the paint finish on the Odyssey. It is now reminiscent of Ford several years back. Look close at the paint finish from the side of the front fenders, doors, side panels, and compare with the mirror finish offered by the competition. Look at Slate green, the odd looking mocha, and silver colors. This days even Ford has decided to apply a better paint finish. Both Accord and Odyssey can pick 5-10 market share points if improvements are made "pronto". Honda, please adapt and respond. Start with the transmissions, then noise levels, while the body shop applies mirror looking finishes.
  • I have tried a couple of different times to remove the rear tire off my 2000 Odyssey. I have removed all 5 lug nuts, but it still won't come off. I see no locking mechanism but there must be one can anyone give me any help on this.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Your wheel is frozen onto the hub by corrosion.


    Remove the lug nuts and hit the back side of the tire with a rubber mallet to break the bond.


    If the above doesn't work, slightly loosen but do not remove the lug nuts from the wheel studs. Drive up and down your driveway a couple of time and brake hard to break the bond.

    Before replacing the tire, apply some anti-sieze compound (about $5 at the auto parts store) to the back of the wheel and the face of the hub so this won't happen again.
  • I always change my tires at 25000 miles for the past 35 years of driving no matter what tire or what car. Do you think tires last forever?. New tires make a car run like new. What's the big deal???They are really the least expensive insurance you can buy.. plus the pleasure of a newride??? No better deal in town....
  • What king of tires cost $1000. I always use Michelin and they are nowhere near that.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Run flats - the Michelin PAX tires cost a fortune.
  • What kind of tires are on 08 Touring if you don't get the PAX tires?

  • Next time I would have the dealer put on wheels and tires from the next model down. The PAX wheels are metric size, 15, or 16 inch tires will not fit.Pax tires also require special equipment and trained personel to change them,who had already gone home the day I went in.We had to wait until the next day to get a tire changed. $281.00 per tire.Warr 30000 miles.If the dealer won't do it,at least get a spare,they don't come with one.
  • darcanddarcand Posts: 3




  • I'm running Michelins but have to run with 30 psi which is a hard ride. Can you get sensors with different pressure sensors?
  • grandpa4grandpa4 Posts: 2
    I have an 07 Honda Odyssey EXL and got two Blizzek tires for the front wheels and got two new rims to have them mounted so I could change back and forth depending on the season. BUT now I understand from the dealer that there can only be 4 sensors at a time programed to the van. Since it is not a touring (with wheel location) will the van just recieve pressure info. from whatever wheel that is installed (blizzek or regular)? I've been told that if I switch from snow tires/wheels to regular tires/wheels I will have to have the computer reprogramed to the wheels that are installed at a cost of $60 to $80 for re-programing. OR just have the tires remounted /balanced on the original rims . If so I guess I've wasted the cost of a pair of wheels and sensors. appreciate any comments Grandpa4
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    You really should go with 4 snow tires as you do need traction on the rears as well - snows just on the front improves traction on starting but will probably make stopping or emergency moves dangerous as the rear can break loose and come around on you.

    As for the TPMS, you can either purchase sensors to mount to your new rims - has them - or IIRC just ignore the warning light when the snows are on.

    Good luck.
  • grandpa4grandpa4 Posts: 2
    I guess my question really is ----if I have new sensors on the two new rims for the snow tires, in the winter, will the van computer recognize them (that they have proper pressure) ? Or do I really have to reprogram the van to make the TPMS work properly. AND THEN when I change back to the original tires and rims do I have to reprogram the van again to recognize the original wheels again? I can see this on the Touring because it has each wheel location seperate but the EXL (my van) does not, only presure and I would think it would only need the pressure reading. So I would think the van wouldn't care what wheel was on as long as there was a pressure sensor there? Grandpa4
  • After reading some of the forums for info. I went to Les Schwab in the northwest part of the country to get replacements. They removed the TPMS sensors from the PAX rims and installed them on the new rims for me at 19.95 ea. Cheaper than buying new sensors. As for wheels, I bought Beyern, Mesh Chromes, $277.89 ea.(prod. code 03366812) 17x8 with Les Schwab's Tourevo, $177.59 ea. (prod. code 08746988) all seasons blackwall, size 225/60R-17. Total cost was $2012.00 OTD. Felt I was treated fair. The tires are supposed to preform well in snowy conditions. I drove in lot's of rain and some icee slush with no problem. They ran OK 1000 miles down the 5 freeway from Oregon to So. Calif. I thought there was some wheel shimmy every so often but it was probably the road as it came and went with different areas of the highway. When I drove them on roads I was used to they were good.
    Now I'm trying to find a spare tire that fits into the well in back on the left side of my 06 touring van. Dealer price is about $200 for tire and rim. Anybody know of an alturnitive fix for less? Tried a donut from a 2000-2001 Chevy S-10, same bolt pattern but needed wheel plate to get it away from caliper and it wouldn't fit into my spare space. For now I'm packing around one of my PAX tires, but its big and heavy. Any suggestions before I call Honda parts desk?
  • Does anyone know whether the new 2008 Touring wheels (NON-PAX) will fit the 2005 Touring model, including compatibility with the TPMS system? I just bought the 2005 Touring van and need to replace the PAX tires (not happy about that!!), and DON'T intend on keeping the PAX system.

    If the 08 OEM wheel package won't fit, does anyone have any suggestions on OEM replacements, as I would like to keep the TPMS system? Will the 2004+ Acura TL (five-star) wheels w/TPMS fit on the 2005 Odyssey? Thanks for any advice can give!
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    I would say the 07-08 18" MDX wheels look awesome on an 05. The 07-08 MDX will need Honda centercaps but your dealer should have honda center caps for this wheel. They do require new lugnuts. The TPMS system will work. Just have your dealer or tire shop put them on the new wheels. The lug nuts from a 07-08 model will work with the 05. Touring non pax will work fine but again new lugnuts. had a podcast that mentioned a depax kit. Don't know when it will come out. I believe 04 and up TL wheels wont work due to the bolt pattern. Depax kit will come with the TPMS sensor, Spare wheel, Spare wheel hardware, and maybe 20 new lugnuts for the 05-06 models. Hope this helps.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Don't let the lugnuts discourage you. Honda used a different type of lug nut on the 05-06 odyssey while the 07 and up use the traditional type. You basically have to convert to the traditional type.

    The MDX wheels that I mention are the base and tech package wheels. However, the sport Package ones look awesome but you will probably need new TPMS sensors. The 07 and up MDX TPMS sensors don't work with the Odyssey. Honda centercaps are needed but your dealer should be able to get them for you.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    The MDX sport wheels will need the 235/55-18 size tire since the stock tire will interfere with the Odyssey wheelwell. The 08 Touring non pax wheel is a nice upgrade as well if you get 20 new lugnuts from an 07 and up model.
  • Just changed the pax with 2007 MDX six spoke wheel. Bought them on ebay with the latitude tires complete for about $1000 total including shipping. Real deal!

    Clearance seems to be OK with the 255/55R18 tire. We normally drive around with a full car (family of four plus junk). Haven't noticed any real problems at all, even with the Chicago potholes. Measured against the pax tire & wheel, the 255/55R18 is about 1/2" larger in radius and about the same in width.

    Used Gorilla anvil acorn lugnuts 13/16 drive; bought them on amazon for $3.15 for 4, w/shipping $27.54. Shipped in three days!

    Now, however, the Honda dealer (Muller) in Highland Park, IL says they are not able to calibrate the TPMS. Any suggestions? The rims are 2007's off of an MDX. Will it be necessary to purchase 2005 TPMS sensors to get the system to work, or do I ignore the annoying yellow idiot light and just use a guage like I always did before.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You may call a good tire company and get a new set (4) of TPMS that fir for your car/tires. It shouldn't be expensive.
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