2009-2010 Hyundai Sonata



  • dcibrandodcibrando Member Posts: 90
    Does anyone have instructions on how to take apart the dash to do this?
  • wrs4wrs4 Member Posts: 17
    Doe's any one know if you can buy a hyundai nav.unit and have it installed in a 09 limited.
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    For those dealing with snow and ice during the winter, how are the original tires that come with the 2009 Sonata Limited 4 or 6-cylinder? And what are good all season replacements that would perform well in the snow? (I do much driving in southwest Michigan early in the morning before the winter roads are plowed.)

    Bud H
  • newowner10newowner10 Member Posts: 227
    I would bet it would be a lot less expensive to go aftermarket. Check Crutchfield.com. I would like to know what Hyundai would charge for the unit?
  • thekingtheking Member Posts: 107

    Check out the link to the Nokian wr........they are great tires. OEM(what is standard on the Sonata) will not come close. :shades:
  • lmaxicklmaxick Member Posts: 46
    Go to the "T^irerack.com" there you can compare every tire and their performances. I do it everytime I need tires and have never been dissapointed . I oreder and have them sent to my local tire installer and viola I'm a happy camper.
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    I am about to purchase a Limited and am starting to get cold feet and think I might prefer to save some money and get the SE. But my sense is that the SE's out there are not 4 cyl and the better deals are to be had on the the Limited. Any impressions?
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    There are probably more Limiteds out there than SE I4s, for example, Fitzmall shows 8 SE I4s and 33 Limited I4s available in inventory right now. Savings (again based on Fitzmall, Internet pricing) are approximately the same, factoring in the differences in price. So if you can find an SE, you should be able to get a good deal on one. Example: their lowest-priced SE I4 is $17,800, and their lowest priced Limited I4 is $20,169. (Prices include the general rebate but not special rebates--deduct those if you qualify.)
  • 59er59er Member Posts: 30
    Thanks, Backy. I did go to Fitzmall and I saw that. Are these prices with all fees except tax or are there other fees on top? In trying to compare apples to apples OTD it gets really confusing. But I see Fitzmall has more SE's than some other places. I guess wherever I go I should factor in approx. 2k difference.
  • 59er59er Member Posts: 30
    Has anyone driven these two cars back to back and care to share your impressions? Yes, I know that I need to make this comparison myself -- I am just not always able to distill the experience on just a couple of tests esp. with the drama of the car dealership. I would really appreciate input from others on the "feel" of the two rides.

  • palokpalok Member Posts: 14
    I'm considering a purchase of a 2009 Sonata GLS but found that I can't get the fog lights installed as an option although it is offered for the 2009 SE and Limited. It used to be offered as part of the premium package. If Sonata doesn't offer is there an after market source which provides a kit and install for electrical wiring harness?
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    I think it would be best to direct questions about "what fees are included in your quoted price?" to the dealership, to ensure the most accurate response. I do know Fitzmall's Internet prices include the destination charge and any general rebates, but tax and (I suspect) doc fees and license fees are not included, which is pretty typical. You have to be careful, though, some dealerships "low ball" their published prices by not including the destination charge or by including rebates that are not available to everyone.
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    Yes, you are wise. I did e-mail them that very question and got it clarified. I think I have come to a deal with my local dealer which I think is very good and I can live with. It also gets my trade-in taken care of. Thanks a lot for the input everyone! Now to pick out a color!
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    I am going to get my Limited tomorrow and I am planning on the red with beige. Anyone know how beige leather holds up in terms of not looking soiled over the course of a few years?
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Other than white (not sure if anyone even offers white leather anymore), the light tan leather in cars like the Sonata is your worst choice for showing dirt. I have two cars with leather, one with tan (a darker tan than on the Sonata) and one medium grey. The grey doesn't show dirt at all and still looks new after five years. The tan looks soiled, especially on the driver's seat, even though I do use leather cleaner/conditioner occasionally and the car isn't driven much. But it's nearly 8 years old too.
  • 59er59er Member Posts: 30
    Ooh! Good to know! I hope they have some good choices in gray! Does the gray have that darker wood trim-- I like the lighter stuff.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Best to look yourself and see if the trim is to your liking. To my eyes, from the brochure, the faux wood trim on the camel leather interior looks the same as that in the cocoa leather interior (see below). Maybe the trim with gray leather is different.

    The Limited also has cocoa leather available in some paint colors. As the name implies, it's nearly black but with a hint of brown. It can be had with powder white pearl, silver, black, and cocoa paint colors. Gray leather comes with silver, medium silver blue, willow gray, and (my personal favorite on the Sonata) slate blue. I bet silver with the cocoa leather would be very sharp. :)
  • 59er59er Member Posts: 30
    I saw the cocoa leather and it is gorgeous-- I am just concerned with the heat absorbing properties, having come off a black leather car interior. It was unbearable until the a/c kicked in on a hot summer day. Maybe brown, even dark brown, is a little cooler than black.
  • besetobeseto Member Posts: 10

    What do you think?
  • wrs4wrs4 Member Posts: 17
    Have the adapter cord. Any one been able to get the phone to answer thru the radio? Know it says won't work with Iphone songs work thru radio and phone works but not thru radio .
  • yysyysyysyys Member Posts: 51
    According to this post link Bluetooth kit can be integrated to audio. Did anyone purchase it?
  • krishnakonlinekrishnakonline Member Posts: 8

    .I took my car to the dealer and he did a software reset and the noise was gone(at 350 miles)..and then again it started the same noise yesterday(at 1700 miles) and it feels just the same ...like I am driving a truck while it moves from 0-35mph.

    Any suggestions....??
  • ponggodponggod Member Posts: 11
    Does anyone know where I can find a detailed itemization of the changes between the 08 and 09 models? It appears there were a number of substantial changes made for 09. I'm interested in the GLS 4-cyl. automatic.

    - Robert -
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Here's a story from when the 2009 Sonata was unveiled, which includes the HMA press release that details the improvements made to the 2009 model:

    http://jalopnik.com/351848/chicago-auto-show-2009-hyundai-sonata-revealed-now-wi- th-super+capacity-cupholders
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    Notwithstanding that the link is to the Hyundai Australia website, the domestic US Bluetooth accessory does NOT link to the car's audio. It is the generic BlueConnect, made by Johnson Controls, and does not integrate with the '09 Limited Nav system in any way. That said, it is a very good Bluetooth adaptor, if a bit overpriced. BTW, on my dad's new Limited, the Bluetooth only works with the ignition ON; the ACCESSORY position doesn't power the Bluetooth. So, you can't sit in the car with the engine off and use the hands-free adaptor, unless you put the ignition switch to ON, not a good thing to do.

    BTW, too, if you try to use the NAV or radio with the ignition switch in the ACCESSORY position, there is a frequent nag screen which warns that you may run the battery down. Hardly seems likely.
  • ponggodponggod Member Posts: 11
    Great... thanks for the link!
  • i360i360 Member Posts: 74
    I actually have the cocoa leather and it is really nice, alot more black then brown. I also live in Florida and while it gets a little hot its not unbearable, also i'm kinda use to it. But these care are equipped with excellent A/C which works quickly to cool it down. It also looks a little more classy then the beige, and should age somewhat better.
  • loradoraloradora Member Posts: 16
    Yes! I feel bad as I thought it was my daughter or her friend who hadn't showered, but it did it when they weren't in the car and it was just me and I :mad: HAD just showered. Has anyone had any luck finding out what a fix is?
    I've alerted my dealership to this---even though I know think they think I'm the crazy complaining lady. LOL
  • coldglcoldgl Member Posts: 15
    After writing a letter to Hyundai, they called me to say that some 2009 Sonatas got the feature and others did not based on manufacture date. They said my Sonata did not get the feature and that I could not get it installed. They even threatened that any attempt to install it would be considered "after market" and would invalidate my warrantee. End of story except that I wrote them a letter saying that they should have let dealers and customers know and that it was unfair because there is no price difference for those who got the feature and those who did not.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I don't know about the Sonata specifically, but I do know that occasionally people report certain brands of gas can cause a rotten egg type smell. That might explain why it's more apparent with the sunroof open, i.e., that's an opening for the exhaust to be more noticeable.

    Might be worth experimenting with different brands to see if it makes a difference. Just a thought.
  • coldglcoldgl Member Posts: 15
    He just meant my car had the extra option package.
  • targettuningtargettuning Member Posts: 1,371
    As with all manufacturers Hyundai constantly makes what are called "running changes" to their automobiles and SUV's. This is why you see (in fine print) on all auto brochures the statement (to paraphrase) "all information shown here is accurate at the time of printing" which simply means something might be added-removed or modified to change the specifications or features depending on the date of manufacture. Nothing new here.... running changes are usually minor so don't expect dealers to be kept up to date on them (most salesmen/salespersons I talk to don't know the product as well as I do) and don't expect Hyundai to revise the price every time they add, subtract or modify some detail, trim item or feature. Methinks thou dost complain too much.
  • coldglcoldgl Member Posts: 15
    Perhaps I complain too much but there is so little else to complain about with this car. The only other 2 items I can think of to complain about are the suspension "thump" noise on rough roads and the almost too short front seat. Many factors indicate the valet key feature is standard and has been standard (with knobs) until 2009 when they introduced an electronic replacement but not on all cars. Attention to detail could help Hyundai in the race with Nissan and Honda.
  • sharksoupsharksoup Member Posts: 26
    Anybody had an issue with the 4 cylinder having a mildly rough idle at startup?

    Have GLS 4 w/5 speed. Have noticed lately that when starting up in the morning (& evening after sitting all day) that the engine runs a little rough. Starts at about 1300 rpm and idles roughly enough that it can be felt through the steering wheel and brake pedal- after about 30 seconds or so, it settles down to about 900-1000 rpm and the roughness disappears. Is it something tied to the computer? A need to "check" the engine and get everything set before settling in?

    Only 2500 miles on the car (oil changed to full syn at 1200 miles). No dash lights on. No other noticeable issues. Runs fine after that initial "warm-up" and getting good gas mileage. Live too far from the dealer to just drop it off and have them keep it overnight to check it out.

    Any ideas or opinions would be welcome.
  • newowner10newowner10 Member Posts: 227
    You could hope for bad gas or a vacuum hose off, but I would not fool around with it since it is 100% in warranty. The dealer may be able to read the codes and you would not need to leave it over night,
  • usairman8806usairman8806 Member Posts: 4
    i have an 09 4cyl. also at start up it idles at about 1500rpm. Today i started it and it idled at about 2000rpm and in about 10 secs. went down to about 1000rpms. I dont know much about cars but if its something i should be worried about i'll take it in to the dealer.
  • usairman8806usairman8806 Member Posts: 4
    I have an 09 4 cyl. and my Itouch doesnt read on the USB. It sAYS "reading error" is this normal? :mad:
  • usairman8806usairman8806 Member Posts: 4
    I dont know if there is a separate section for selling items but im trying to sell mine. If anyone is interested just let me know. Thanks
  • usairman8806usairman8806 Member Posts: 4
    I purchased a 09 sonata limited 4cyl. Its a beautiful vehicle, the wife loves it and im happy with it. The A/C doesnt sound loud at all. I really dont notice it. But your best bet is to take it for a test drive and see how you like it.
  • loradoraloradora Member Posts: 16
    Nope, mine doesn't have a sunroof, so it's not that reason. I have made a complaint about it and have now bought an air freshener to help mask the smell...sort of dumb to have to do with a BRAND NEW car. I'm hoping they get more complaints and can figure out just what is causing it.

    I just picked it up today after it being in the shop for over a week (I got a rental car from them) and they replaced the entire right front strut assembly plus some insulator part and rubber part. No wonder they look at women crazy when they come in. I hope it takes care of it, but I"m sure the left side will need replaced as well...just waiting to hear that "thunk" noise in the left side and it's going right back!
  • sortem1sortem1 Member Posts: 1
    It is soooooooo nice to hear someone else can verify this problem besides me, I have been going through a nightmare with this car since I have bought it. I will be limited to my answers since I have just started a legal battle with Hyundai, but I will help in anyway I can.

    I too have a slight shaking of the car since I bought it. It happens at 1345-1410 rpm and there is a noticeable uneven acceleration of the car. I had a dealer do an in depth check and found the timing is spiking on certain cylinders, I'm talking from 30deg BTDC to 41deg in just certain cylinders. Hyundai says it's normal, I say that 20 grand is a bit much for an inproper working car.

    In addition to the skipping, it has died several times, had oxygen sensors replaced, an alignment (pulls left from the factory), on its 4th time for the clutch blowing. Who knows how much more is going to go wrong. I've had my GLS manual for 7 months now and it's been in the shop 23% of the time. in the last 6 weeks, I've had it 7%. Yeah it has been in the shop 93%.

    Wanna feel something weird? Start the engine, hold your foot on the brake like your on a downhill (steady pressure) and after 10 seconds you'll start to feel the brake pedal fade to the floor. After 30 seconds or so, it will be on the stopper.

    Good luck on getting it repaired, I personally would never recommend this car to anyone.
  • jm1996jm1996 Member Posts: 10
    I've had the same awful smell since day 1. I do have a sunroof and thought that was the cause. The dealer has said that other complaints have come in but that nothing could be done at this time. Did the replacement rubber seem to help?
  • loradoraloradora Member Posts: 16
    We haven't done anything with that yet. I talked with the service manager on Monday who is waiting for the service representative to call him to see what he's seen/heard out on the field.

    I also called the 1-800 number and filed my complaints. They are in the process of contacting my service manager to "see what can be done about these matters". Probably nothing, but I don't want to be negative.

    I know they think I'm wierd. My smell is coming from the window crack when we roll down our windows fully. Must be something to do with the trim or "gasket" material or adhesive they use on the gasket to stick it to the door panel. Not sure, but it's not a pretty smell, that's for sure. I can't understand though why more people aren't complaining about it??? That confuses me big time. But, my complaint is on the record books and HOPEFULLY something can be done about it.

    I'll keep you posted...you too if you find anything more out about it.

    Who/where is your dealer?
  • jm1996jm1996 Member Posts: 10
    Very similar frustrations. I've posted since June looking for other smelly complaints. My dealer is in Schaumburg, IL.
  • flash71flash71 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 09 sonata se and the radio is pretty bad, you can hold a conversation with the volume up to max, just trying to find out if you can switch to the infinity system used on other 09 sonata models.
  • loradoraloradora Member Posts: 16
    Here's an update with my car. The dealer asked me to bring my car in on Monday as the area rep was going to be there, so I did and they gave me a rental at the same time.

    I had him smell the window crack after I put the window down and he smelled it. I'm not the crazy car lady after all! He called today and they removed the rubber gasket section and it is the culprit! He's not sure why some stink and some don't, it's frustrating and confusing at the same time. He has ordered 4 new rubber seals/gaskets to replace them all. He said he will open each individual bag and smell them to see if they have the same body odor smell. Let's hope not!

    The rep really didn't hear the noise in the front end. Of course not, they had fixed the worse side and the left side hasn't made it to the really noisy part, but I'm sure it will and it WILL go back and get all the suspension parts replaced just like the right side. My service manager seems to be a pretty goody guy to deal with these things.

    So, that's the story on my end. I will hopefully get my car back on Friday or Saturday....but at least I have another 2009 Sonata to drive in the time being.

    I seriously now wish we had gone with the Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry...kicking myself. But, they may have their problems too. :confuse: :confuse:
  • jm1996jm1996 Member Posts: 10
    I have my car scheduled to go in in two weeks. I'm afraid it will be a cold cloudy day when the car doesn't stink.

    Can you reply with the name of your dealer? I want to have that in hand in case it becomes an issue.

    Thanks for the update!
  • cjgtcjgt Member Posts: 28
    I haven't seen many cars that have been problem free. Most cars can have their share of problems. Don't beat yourself up because you got "this" car instead of "that" car. You could've faced worse problems with others. These are technical service bulletins from the others you mentioned, in other words potential problems.


    It really comes down on how well the dealer and the company handles the problems. I still think the Sonata is one of the better cars in the class.
  • wrs4wrs4 Member Posts: 17
    Just changed oil & filter with Penzoil full syn. 10W 30. Book says 4.54 Qts.
    It took 5Qts. Has any one changed theres and found the same. It has 3900 miles on it.
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