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    Their review was pretty positive except they really slammed the 09 Sonata Limited V6 for two things. One, very mushy suspension. Two, auto tranny was jumping all over trying to pick the right gear.

    As someone that is looking seriously at the 09 Sonata Ltd I4, I'd be interested if current owners feel that these two items are such that they are a real detriment or not. Other reviews and this forum have not mentioned these as being a problem. The only thing I've heard about the auto tranny is that it takes a little time to "learn" the drivers habits and that after that it smoothes out pretty well.

    I also realize that the GLS and Ltd. are sprung fairly soft but I hadn't heard it described like in the Crave.com review. Maybe that's what you get when a blog that specializes in the electronic gadgetry aspect of new cars does a review.
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    Ya know I don't want to chastise anyone on this forum. BUT..... If the gated shifter is good enough for PORSCHE it's good enough for me. happen to REALLY enjoy the darn thing, for one thing it use use engine compression to slow you down and that in MY opinion is a great feature. If it bothers you that much go out and get another make of vehicle, there are far more important issues than this one.,
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    Maybe that's what you get when a blog that specializes in the electronic gadgetry aspect of new cars does a review.


    "Mushy" is relative to what the test driver is used to. Obviously they prefer a much firmer suspension than the Sonata Limited has.

    They may have experienced the "learning" behavior of the Sonata's auto tranny. I've never experienced, nor heard described, the Sonata's tranny as "jumping all over."
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Ya know I don't want to chastise anyone on this forum. BUT

    Then don't.
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    I 110% disagree about the gated shifter. I love this thing so many times more than the standard shifter. I hope I never go back! It's so much more fun to play with and it's still extremely easy to use.
    Also I've never had issues with the handles, I find them to be perfectly ergonomic as is.
    Rear backup sensor would be nice, but only at a low cost. I don't think I'd actually want to pay for it currently.
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    Heh I bet this depends on what kinda suspension you're coming from. Going from a porsche/bmw to a Sonata would make it seem very mushy. In my case, I went from a very mushy elantra to the sonata and the sonata felt much tighter. So it all depends on perspective.
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    Where can I get a sunshade for my new 2009 Sonata GLS? The ones they have at the aoutoparts stores around where Ilive do not quite fit; they are either too short or too wide. Thanks in advance.
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    Just got a 2009 Sonata LTd. The manual says you can lock out the trunk when you give it to a valet. How do you do it?. Any ideas?
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    Well, I'm relieved to find that some auto 'experts' reviewing the Sonata found the suspension too soft.

    Unlike the experts, who apparently must take every corner at 80mph and regularly engage in evasive maneuvers, I tend to stick with 10% or 15% of the speed limit, turn corners at more moderate speeds, and really, really am more interested in ride comfort on our terribly disintegrated roads than g forces.
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    My Sonata is an '05but I think the procedure is the same.

    When you open the trunk, near the latch on the trunk lid there is a locked/unlocked switch. If you put it in the "locked" position, I think the trunk will only open via the regular key. Similarly, from inside the trunk, you can lock the folding rear seats so no one can gain access to the trunk from the passenger compartment.
  • moocow1moocow1 Member Posts: 230
    That's news to me, unlike the older pre-2009 sonatas, I've never been able to find the trunk lock. Even asked hyundai customer service for help and they say no.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    These little switches can be hard to find, if in fact the 2009 Sonata has one. They are part of the inside trunk latch, so it may take a lot of feeling around it to find the little switch.
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    I was at the dealer yesterday and did not see a switch that was intended for the owner to use, besides isn't the trunk still accessible from the rear folding seat that I also did not see a lock on like the pre 2009 models? IMO Hyundai got rid of many good features such as valet lock out, clear lens on tail light (yellow bulb stands out when signalling), handle to pull down the rear seat armrest, and the little cubby compartment beneath the ESC button to name some. The increased power and mpg obviously along w/mp3 go without saying is a plus though:)
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    Did you happen to notice if the rear seat back releases are inside the car, or in the trunk? If they are in the trunk (increasingly common), then the trunk lockout would keep people out of the trunk even if they have access to the back seat.

    However, another post said there IS a trunk lockout mentioned in the manual, so maybe it works differently than on the pre-2009 Sonata.
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    j just got my 09 and here is the deal; they give you one valet key that keeps people out of the trunk and glove box - so now you know
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Thanks for clearing that up!
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    I just bought a '09 Limited V6 a couple weeks ago and am curious about the infinity system that comes standard. Does anyone have any idea about what the specifications of the head unit and amplifier are?

    Thanks for any help.
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    on the dash of the 09 Sonata. I was walking the local Hyundai dealers new car storage lot today and noticed something interesting. The wood accent moldings are different on the Limited. For example, several limited models I saw had the same kind of plain dark "plood" that the GLS uses with matching insert in the gear shift. While other Limiteds had the lighter, more grainy(better looking IMO) plood molding. At first I thought it was V6 or I4 dependent---No, I checked. Then I thought maybe some kind of package---No, I checked window stickers. Then I checked interior color to see if that was the reason....No.

    My conclusion was that they substituted the GLS molding in some Limited cars maybe due to non-availability of the nicer looking molding at time of manufacturer. Has anyone else got a better explanation.

    Oh by the way, they had one SE on the lot, a khaki colored V6 without a sunroof. I think it looked pretty nice even with the sedated spoiler which I normally don't care for. I liked the interior too witht the leather/fabric combo on the seats. Too bad it was a V6.

    Second note, this dealer is one of those that has the secondary sticker which read:

    Phantom etching: $395.00
    Wheel locks: $95.00
    Nitrogen inflated tires: $95.00

    That's $600 of crap. I wouldn't even consider buying a car there. I know those things can be negotiated out but you know what......I don't care and don't need to hassle with it. There are other dealers that don't play that game. But this dealer is close to at least look at the new cars.
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    Are you sure it wasn't color specific? I've noticed that the plood on the ivory interiors is lighter, redder, than on the grey interiors, which has much darker plood. But the plood on the Limiteds looked just like that on the GLSes, at least from what I've seen. GLSes don't have a black interior choice as do the Limiteds, so maybe the plood is different on those? The plood comes on the GLS with the PEP--maybe standard with the V6?
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Well, I'm 95% sure. I was walking back and forth looking at different colors, engines etc(a video of me doing this would probably be kind of funny) so it's possible I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure. It seemed to me that I found two limted I4s both with same color interior with different colored ploods. It's pretty distinctive. A few limiteds had the exact same plood as the GLS(real dark, hardly any woodgrain) and others had the better looking, lighter with more wood grain.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Did you happen to notice if those Limiteds with different plood had any other differences, e.g. one had nav and one didn't?
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    They had about 8 Ltds and they were pretty equally divided between 6 and 4 cyl. Only one had NAV. I would guess about 5 had the dark plood and 3 had the lighter. Like I said I was kind of moving back and forth trying to figure out the difference and it was starting to rain so I boogied. I'll have to check another time.
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    Took my first ever look at Sonatas today and it seemed as though the light colored interior had the lighter fake wood and the others had the darker accents.

    The saleman knew nothing about the product (3 days on the job) and the questions he passed along to management were answered wrong (example: does the SE have a different suspension? Answer: no). They had several SEs, all with black interior (and no fake wood). Not sure how they handle the trim on the tan SE interiors.

    Drove the 4 cylinder and it seemed to have adequate power and smoothness. It was a very short drive though because the low fuel light was on. The tan interior really was lovely but the leather seemed decidedly cheap.

    Overall, was fairly impressed with the product and will definitely give it a close look before buying.
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    That's kinda funny since glove box is protected, but trunk is not. You can easily pop the trunk with the pull down or go in through the rear-fold down.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    does the SE have a different suspension? Answer: no

    Doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy about the dealership! Last year when the EPA changed the mpg computing method I asked a salesman why the 08s got worse mpg than the 07(I knew the answer) and he said the new 08 Sonatas had different engines and gearing. He knew nothing about the change. I ask you, how could anybody that wants to make a living selling cars know so little about the industry and major changes like that.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    Oh, it never ceases to amaze and is almost shocking when someone actually knows their product.

    I was wrong about the interior color - they don't offer black (it just had that appearance during yesterday's rain). It's actually a VERY dark brown called Cocoa.
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    I know it's a stretch, but I was going to buy an Infiniti M35 - very close to signing the deal.

    Then I stopped by my local Hyundai dealership and found out I can get a new 2009 Hyundai GLS for $14,434 plus TTL. It's decently loaded, and the 4 cylinder is improved from the last gen.

    They're just trying to locate the color I really want. I'll know by tomorrow, or I'll take the color they have.

    I'm glad Hyundai softened the ride in the 2009 Sonata. Big improvement in ride quality, and the interior is better, too.
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    Just saw a commercial on the Today show that stated that the rebate on the 2009 Sonata is now $2000. I assume this is nationwide since it was on the Today show. I reversed on my DVR to make sure I heard it correctly.
  • njalannjalan Member Posts: 70
    Yes, I saw that too during commercial when watching tennis. However, that rebate ($1500 or $2000) disappears from Edmunds today.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    The old $1500 rebate expired on 6/30 and the new $2000 rebate has not been updated at Edmunds or even on the Hyundai USA site. However, the commercials about the new $2000 rebate on the Sonata are on the Hyundai site to click on and view.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    Do you know if they are still offering the $500 Loyalty rebate for current owners on top of the new $2K rebate? I was thinking about waiting until next spring since we just put $10K into a roof over our patio they are just completing this week. If I can get $2500 off plus the offer they gave me of $24303 about a month ago for a Limited V6, I might just buy this year. Does 24,303 sound good for a Limited V6 with just floor mats before the rebate?
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    Or just click on thad Hyundai add just to the right--it seems to be EVERYWHERE in Town Hall today. :)
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Is this a base GLS, no options? Which dealer?

    Only you know what cars will satisfy you, but it seems to me there is a really HUGE difference between the loaded M35 you were considering and the Sonata GLS--no power seats (unless it has an options package, which would be really exceptional at the price you were quoted), plastic wheel covers on 16" steel wheels, about 100 hp less, cloth interior vs. leather, no moonroof (I'm assuming that's not on the car for $14.4k), no nav, basic audio system, etc. etc. Are you sure a base Sonata (which is a very nice car for the money, don't get me wrong) will satisfy you over the long run?
  • rotaryrotary Member Posts: 71
    It's one notch above a base GLS:

    4dr Sdn I4 Auto GLS
    MSRP: $20,135.00

    My price: $14,434 plus TTL

    But with AC, auto, pw/pl, air filter, XM radio, heated power mirrors, cruise, anti-lock brakes, traction control, brake assist, CD/iPod/MP3, TPMS, and keyless entry.

    I can't resist this, when it has a MSRP of $20,135.00 and Invoice is $19,446.00.

    Plus, no games. No etching or doc fees.

    I'm not sure I can say the dealer on here, can I? I thought it was against the rules?
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Keep in mind that an offer a month ago would have included a $1500 rebate so the new rebate would only potentially lower the offer by $500 not $2500. As to your question about the Loyalty rebate....I don't know. The Hyundai site did not have all the new rebate info updated as of this morning. With only an amount is would be difficult for someone to appraise the offer you for the Limited V6. Can you give a breakdown.

    If you're really interested, keep checking the Hyundai USA website. They should be updating soon as a whole ton of their rebates expired on 6/30.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    OK, so a base GLS with, what, mats and maybe a cargo net?

    You can say the dealership name here, but not a person's name e.g. sales rep.

    You know, I know where I can get a new Accent for $6995. Heckofadeal. You might say too good to pass up. :) But I will. Just not what I am looking for in a car.

    Do you realize, you could just about buy 3 of those Sonatas for the price of one M35? Maybe treat two of your family members or friends to new cars! :D
  • rotaryrotary Member Posts: 71
    OK, so a base GLS with, what, mats and maybe a cargo net?

    You can say the dealership name here, but not a person's name e.g. sales rep.

    You know, I know where I can get a new Accent for $6995. Heckofadeal. You might say too good to pass up. But I will. Just not what I am looking for in a car.

    Do you realize, you could just about buy 3 of those Sonatas for the price of one M35? Maybe treat two of your family members or friends to new cars!

    Randall Noe Hyundai in Terrell, TX.

    I decided to scale down to the Hyundai, because I can't justify paying 3x more the M35, or any other car, when the '09 Sonata fulfills my needs, and because I'm very happy Hyundai improved the ride quality, which was biggest issues with the last gen.

    If the spread was 2x, well.... :P
  • bobofooshbobofoosh Member Posts: 1
    Okay, I have to ask, where can you get that Accent for $6995?

    I'll go buy one right now! :surprise:
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Well, now I can't find the ad (which was from Towne Hyundai in NJ, but I've seen GS Accents advertised for $6995 pretty often as a loss leader). But I see Towne's most recent ad has something even better: an Accent GLS 4-door with A/C and automatic for $7995. That is a much better deal than $6995 for a stripped GS hatch. Go and get it! :)

    p.s. I can't post the web site, but the URL is pretty obvious, or you can find it pretty easy on google.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    That's what I was asking, if my total rebate was now $2500? I e mailed the internet Sales guy that I've been dealing with and he told me that the $500 Loyalty is still good and that the price he quoted ($24303) is still good then the $2500 rebate would be applied. Unfortunetly, in the State of tax you to death Ohio, you have to pay the tax on the $24303 then the rebate would be applied. Does anyone know if $24,303 for a Limited V6, which he claims is their invoice, is good? Here is the actual reply to my inquiry today "As an Internet Buyer your price is always invoice and I mean the real invoice from Hyundai, not some make-believe fake some dealers use. You also are intitled to all programs and rebates, so in this case on the 2009 Sonata, you would be at invoice of the car you choose minus the 2500 in rebates with Owner Loyalty and Manufacturer rebates."
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    Just wondering: since you can get around $2000 under invoice before rebates on the Internet deals at some other places, why not drive a few hours and save a lot of money? I live in MN and I would not bat an eye about going even 1000 miles for a deal like that.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    Mainly because I've calculated Fitzmalls so called great deals and they really aren't that great. For instance they advertise a Limited V6 with just the floor mats for an Internet price of $21,628. Sounds good, but actually if you ad back the $2500 rebate you get $24,128. I'm being offered 24,303 or am I looking at this wrong. Even if it saves me $800 lets say, if I drive one car out then my wife and I drive two cars back for a round trip of about 900 miles for one car and 450 miles for the new one I'm spending at minimum $190,00 in gas. I'm calculating an average MPG of 28 miles per gallon which would be in a perfect world for this trip. This does not count what it really costs per mile to drive a vehicle. Not to mention the the hassle of driving and possibly eating up two days time. To me if they are truly offering $2000 then maybe, but I don't think they are. Or do I have no clue what I'm talking about.
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  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    You're right the Fitzmall price is only a couple hundred better than what you're being offered. About the best deal around(I haven't read or heard of anyone beating their prices) is Towne Hyundai in New Jersey.

    Towne Hyundai deal would be approximately:

    24743 (Edmunds invoice price including mats and dest)
    -1900 dealer discount
    -2000 new rebate
    -500 owner loyalty
    Total before TTL would be 20343.

    Your deal sounds like it would be $21803 which is about $1450 more than the Towne price. Now there may be a couple hundred in dealer fees and stuff at Towne that you may not get charged at your dealership. So you're right in the ballpark of probably the lowest price in the country. Bottom line: I agree with you that it wouldn't make sense to travel a long distance to save that kind of money. However, I might try like hell to get another $500 off.

    BTW, most, states including IL where I am charge sales tax on the agreed upon sales price of the car before rebates are applied.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    I don't think Fitzmall is the pricing leader. It appears there's some dealers in NJ e.g. Towne that outdo Fitzmall. Check recent posts in the Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion for more details.

    My plan is, if I can't get a good deal locally or in, say, Chicago this fall, I could fly to Newark (as part of a business trip or using frequent flier miles), pick up the car, and drive back home (about a day and a half). If I can do it as part of a business trip, I pay nothing except one night's hotel (can use hotel points for that) and a day's meals. Even if I have to eat the travel costs myself, it could be worth it if all I can do at home is close to invoice before rebates and I can get around $2000 off invoice before rebates at an out-of-town dealer. If a local dealer could get to within about $500 of one of these out-of-towners, and maybe throw in a perk like free oil changes for life (which I know at least one local Hyundai dealer does), I would probably go for that. Part of it is just wanting to support the local businesses if I can (yeah, I expect some flames for that statement...).
  • rdillierrdillier Member Posts: 71
    Guys & Gals: What am I doing wrong??? When I go to the Towne Web site, I don't see ANY prices. All I see is a "Send for a price quote" button. How do you all get the prices? I'm starting to look for an '09 Sonata Limited I4, and I thought the Fitzmall price was pretty good. I'm only about 20 miles from one Fitz location in Maryland, but wouldn't mind driving a distance for a much better price. Thanks. Bob D.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    When you go to their page, click on the "Internet Pricing" link. It will bring up a page that will allow you to find the current "under invoice" pricing for each Hyundai. ;)
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    I had thought about the idea of trying to get a deal somewhere around the Phili area. I was scheduled to attend a three day Marketing Summit in Philadelphia just last week where my company was flying us out and of course paying all expenses. I thought if somehow I could get my company to buy me a one way ticket then allow me to rent a car I could get down to Fitzgerald's. As soon as I was about to make my plane reservations they decided to cut back on the number of people traveling to save some money. I was happy not to have to go, but it killed that idea.
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  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    I did that and it stated 1900 under invoice, but what is the invoice they are basing that on? Regardless, I'm not going to drive, fly, or whatever out there, but just curious. Thanks.
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  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    You can find the invoice price here on Edmunds, over on Kelly Blue Book, and various other websites. ;)
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    But it pays to ask the dealer what THEIR invoice number is. It may include an advertising fee, for example. That is pretty common for Hyundais in some regions. Fortunately, dealers in my area don't tend to charge that--at least they didn't the last time I bought a car.
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