New Car-what is high mileage

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My wife and I looked at Toyota Sienna's tonight. The dealer we were at had a "take back" with 600 miles. That seems awfully high, and the fact that it was sold previously leads me to ask-

What s considered used vs new, and is a take back still eligible to be sold as new? I was offered like $800 off, but that seems low for the number of miles on the car.


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    It depends where the $800 was discounted from. MSRP ( list price ), not a good deal. I don't think 600 miles is really that big of a deal. Typical break-in for most cars is 1,200 miles....
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    I think a vehicle is USED if it has more than 15 miles since my Sienna had only 7 miles on it when it was purchased new. I saw a NEW 2008 GC SXT and a NEW 2008 T&C Touring and each had only 4 miles on the odometer.

    A vehicle is USED if it has been licensed....even if it has only 20 miles.

    Some dealers claim the vehicle is not used if it has been used as a demonstrator using dealer plates but has never been officially licensed by the state and most factory warranties are good for the 36 months from the date of registration to the first buyer. :shades:
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    I would avoid that van at all costs.

    If it was returned very likely something was wrong with that particular model.

    There is a small chance it was just a serious case of buyer's remorse, but 79% of Sienna owners would buy it again, so let's call that a 21% chance.

    79% chance something was wrong.

    Run, don't walk, away from that van.
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    AGREE 100 % WITH ateixeira ( we normally agree only 99 % of the time). :shades:
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    Run away!
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    $800 is not much. I would ask for $3000... but before that... find the original owner and talk to him... and if you're satisfied... then whatever dealer tells you put that in writing and have them sign it... otherwise...

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