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Audi A5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,941
edited May 2015 in Audi
What did you pay for your Audi A5?

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  • fchin1fchin1 Member Posts: 4
    I got a quote for 4% over invoice in Clearwater FL to preorder one.
  • bensaudibensaudi Member Posts: 1
    What is the invoice price of the A5 that you paid 4% over? I just ordered one here in Washington and want to see how bad I got ripped off.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    I doubt many dealers will have to discount A5's. The V8 S5's are on backorder for most of the country. Audi's new coupe is an incredibly hot car, and most people will pay MSRP.
  • bsc1114bsc1114 Member Posts: 25
    That's been my experience when shopping for the A5- the price is the price- no haggling or discounts of any kind. The car is too new.
  • bsc1114bsc1114 Member Posts: 25
    I bought the A5 this past Friday- had to pay full price since the car is so new- I don't really care- it is a hot car. Brilliant red, black interior, Premium, Tech, Nav, upgraded sound sytem. It'll take 3 months to come in. Can't wait!!!!
  • bozsterbozster Member Posts: 5
    Hi.. I've been offered local pick up of the A5 here in Phoenix. I'm looking for lease numbers as to the best of my knowledge I tried using the S5 lease numbers to get approximate values. Here's what is available on the lot:

    MILANO LEATHER SEATS (Cinnamon Brown)


    Can someone help me out here.. what should I be looking at lease wise here?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Your looking at mid-high 700's for an A5 lease like that with 3-5k down.

    S5's are 900's.
  • bsc1114bsc1114 Member Posts: 25
    I was told $979 for a loaded A5 with no money down- 36 month lease
  • bozsterbozster Member Posts: 5
    That's insane. I just picked up Q7 $54k MSRP 3.6 premium with convenience, adaptive, bose, sunroof, rear camera thing (I think that's convenience), with $0 down, they paid for fees and first month payment, they paid off remaining 2 months towards my previous Audi lease so I'm out, with Audi care, lease (with tax included) $772.
    Audi Chandler, AZ.

    Fully loaded A5 is $47k. The price difference is absolutely crazy.
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    What are prices being quoted in Chicago area for A5s? I've seen several around but haven't driven nor gotten into pricing discussions yet. Should I expect (and resist) markup from MSRP? Any plans of leasing support? Hard to imagine anything decent with delivery from orders said to be Aug / Sep. Have yet to see any on the street yet but am in lust! ;)
  • prmvmrprmvmr Member Posts: 3
    Just ordered an A5 last week in Chicago for $900 under MSRP, that's all I could get them down. Delivery late May/early June. Counting the days....
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    prmvmr - Congrat's! What dealership did you buy from? Can you advise on the specifics of the deal, e.g. options, final negotiated price + TTL = OTD price, buy or lease (if lease, what MF, length, miles, etc.). There are not a lot of data points available so this is great for the forum. Thnx for the info! Happy quattro-ing
  • chiradchirad Member Posts: 5
    Hi, I just ordered an A5 with S line package with all the bells and whistles in chicago. Paying MSRP.
    Anyone have info on lease rates, money factor etc.
  • shivanshivan Member Posts: 34
    Not sure about the details of residuals/ money factor but I know they are horrible compared to BMW rates. btw what delivery date did they give you? Did the dealership have an upcoming allocation or are you in a line for the car? thanks
  • prmvmrprmvmr Member Posts: 3
    packrfan - I'm a Bronco fan, so not sure you want my info! Dealer asked me to keep location to myself but I can tell you it was in the Western Suburbs. A5, Automatic, Premium Package, Meteor Gray. Paid $43,400 (MSRP $44,300), right around $46,500 after taxes, etc.
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    thnx for info. since inventory at dealers is limited, assume you place an order? if so, when's delivery scheduled? at least your're not a bears fan
  • hacheyimportshacheyimports Member Posts: 69
    Hi folks,

    Can anyone tell me what work is needed to make a 2008 A5 compliant in Canda from the US?

    Thank you in advance.
  • prmvmrprmvmr Member Posts: 3
    Yep, placed the order at the end of February and expect delivery end of May. Good timing to get it out on the road when the weather is better.
  • lexusbunnylexusbunny Member Posts: 40
    It is NICE! I have to say it is a sweet ride. I really am not too into fast cars and all that stuff but boy this one gives me the chill. They only have 1 in their dealer. They said that not all dealers have this car either. They didn't really spend too much time telling us about the car cuz they know it's not available I guess. Pretty much just gave us the key and let us drove it out the lot.

    The sales also mentioned that these cars are selling about 90K Euro in Europe and so Audi really prefer selling it over there than over here cuz they get more money for the same car. I went to Audi Europe and UK website and they are indeed higher prices then the US. Also she said the Europeans mostly want the manual one so if you order the automatic one it will be faster.

    It is a nice car but I probably will just go with my second choice. I need to keep reminding myself it's just a way to get me between work and home...
  • goldendragon18goldendragon18 Member Posts: 15
    is it that bad of a car that no ones buying?
    are peopel just not having the opportunity to buy one?
  • adavis2493adavis2493 Member Posts: 3
    After 3 Different orders, I settled on a Black One instead of the Deep Sea Blue I opted for. The car was sold, but the first buyer backed out (just got laid off).

    Anyway, I paid sticker with the free Audi Car Package (like a $850 Value). But, this was when the A5 had very limited availability. Now, it is still limited, but still somewhat are. I would expect to pay sticker anyway.

    Good Luck
  • carcrazedcarcrazed Member Posts: 3
    I recently spoke to two dealers, one in Schaumburg, IL and one in Naperville, IL. The cars are in limited supply still but you should be able to get one for just under sticker due to the economy now and that inventories, while still tight, are not as tight as they were 6 months ago. You may have to wait for an order if you do not like the options they have on the few that are on their lots, if any. On-line you can search inventories within a certain mile radius and this should be helpful if you are willing to travel a bit or have it transported. I drove 100 miles to get mine as it was optioned perfectly and was a phenomenal deal - they needed to sell more cars on 12/31 to get their bonus.

    A few messages above, it was questioned why people aren't buying these. These cars are highly desirable but sales are limited primarily due to Audi's allocation limits to the U.S. An order generally takes 4 months and if you have to have it today, you are limited to the few the dealer has on hand, if they have any.
  • goldendragon18goldendragon18 Member Posts: 15
    Hey carcrazed!
    i was just wondering. what was the price for your A5? with such a new car, i don't have a target price. :(
    and in the washington dc area we have about 20 in the lots of the about 6 or so dealers. that should help the negotiations in my favor?? :confuse:
    most of the cars here are similarly equiped with nav tech adn premium package. most are auto trans and fewer with the S line package.

  • carcrazedcarcrazed Member Posts: 3
    Hello goldendragon,

    Right now in Chicago I don't think one can do better than $2k off of a new one that is on the lot regardless of the options. One of the Audi dealer told me that the deals are reviewed by Corporate so they are hesitant to take too much off and would rather throw in for free some things of value (I don't know if this is true or not, though). I think it is worth trying to negotiate say $1k off and have them throw in the Audi Care maintenance package ($650) and possibly paint protection for free (assuming you would like this).

    the best way to do this I think is to know the options that you would like and call a dealer that you are least likely to buy from. Yes, least likely as this will be your starting point. Ask for the Sales manager and indicate another dealer in your area is willing to give you the car you want for $1k off with free Audi care and ask them if they can beat it. the way to pull this off is you have to sound credible. If they think you are just shopping price and do not have a real motivation to work with them, they may just brush you off.

    I have tried this method on my last four car purchases and once you have a price from one dealer, you just call the next sales manager ending with the dealers you are most interested in.

    I really don't know the deals in DC but you will find out pretty quickly with this method.

    Good luck and please keep me posted.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,941
    One of the Audi dealer told me that the deals are reviewed by Corporate so they are hesitant to take too much off and would rather throw in for free some things of value (I don't know if this is true or not, though).

    Total BS.. Audi can't tell their dealers what to sell a car for... either high or low..

    Nice to see that prices are coming down, though... the A5 is a spectacular looking car..

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  • goldendragon18goldendragon18 Member Posts: 15

    Cash to Customer start: 01/06/2009 end: 02/03/2009

    Financing Start: 01/06/2009 End: 02/03/2009
    3.9% APR Term: 12 months
    3.9% APR Term: 36 months
    4.9% APR Term: 48 months
    5.9% APR Term: 60 months
  • barry626barry626 Member Posts: 78
    I bought today a 09 Audi A5 loaded as follows to tune of $48,115.
    Premium Package, Navigation & Cinnamon Milano Leather.
    I paid $45,384 which is suppose to be $800 over invoice?
    I believe I did great just one small down fall car has 390 miles on it.
    Your opinion is appreciated! I also got 4.94% for 60 months.
  • trader85trader85 Member Posts: 6
    What are the Customer Cash rebates?
  • goldendragon18goldendragon18 Member Posts: 15
    its only $1500. but its better than nothing
  • chulsoonchulsoon Member Posts: 2
    It seems like ppl lately are getting around ~$1k off MSRP on A5's. In regards to the $1,500 cash rebate, can I simply expect dealers to theoretically grant $1K PLUS the $1,500 cash rebate off MSRP ($3K off MSRP)??
  • barry626barry626 Member Posts: 78
    $1500 is for repeat buyers only?
  • barry626barry626 Member Posts: 78
    I bought my A5 on 1/15. I paid $800 over invoice.
    MSRP $48,115 I paid $45,384. Savings $2731.
  • chulsoonchulsoon Member Posts: 2
    Did your $2731 in savings include any type of rebate?? Also, do you mind if I ask which city you purchased it? Thanks.
  • barry626barry626 Member Posts: 78
    No rebates.
    I live in Rochester, NY.
  • nxphamnxpham Member Posts: 13
    Local casino gave away a 2009 A5 - 70 yr old man won it so he sold it back to the dealership after driving it for a couple weeks. The manager then drove it for a week. I went to the dealership to buy a new one but couldn't resist a potential deal on a slightly used A5. Ended up paying $45K OTD ($43.5K before TTL):

    2009 A5
    ice metallic silver color
    1024 miles
    S-line package
    Premium package

    I figured I saved $7K off MSRP by purchasing a "used" A5.
  • cdunn2cdunn2 Member Posts: 2
    There seems to be a lot of inventory in the Los Angeles area right now (but not San Francisco).

    Anyone buy/lease an A5 in California recently, dealer recommendations? Experiences?
  • 140joe140joe Member Posts: 1
    :) Just bought a Black A5 for $52,000 in western suburbs of Chicago, I will not pick up until 4/27 though. I am tying to figure out if I got a decent deal. Sticker was $53,065 and has the S Line, Technology, Navigation and Premium packages as well as the B&O Sound System. I know stock is low especially with the S Line package. The question is did I get a decent deal.
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    You've pulled the trigger, why worry about it now?
    Hopefully you'll enjoy the car enough for the price paid.

    Your Chicago market is bound to have more than 1 dealer I have in my area (no competition). I ordered an S5 last Aug, arrived this past Jan. No deal whatsoever, in fact, paid a premium.

    Regrets? None! Car I wanted = car I got & it's been superb 1st 3k miles.

    Basically, I wouldn't waste time worrying about a deal that's already done.

    Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do!
  • dupree4dupree4 Member Posts: 2
    Just picked up a Meteor Gray A5 yesterday at FSK Audi in Frederick, MD. Sticker of 48,080 and I got it down to $45,600. Did well with my trade in as well. They matched the trade in from Tyson's Audi after their initial offer was about $1500 less. Love the car, but it's definitely different after driving a BMW X5 for almost 5 years. I'll be happy when the initial jitters go away and I can just enjoy the car.
  • prezvanderprezvander Member Posts: 1
    Purchased an Audi A5 S-Line Brilliant Black, Premium, Nav, B&O at the end of the month. MSRP $50,865 Paid $46,500 including the $1500 loyalty cash. Great deal and seamless process with Santa Monica Audi. Good luck!
  • arlington703arlington703 Member Posts: 1
    Bought my A5 - black, leather seats, premium, navigation, 19" wheels, B&O - for invoice at $46,300. MSRP was $49,800. Additionally, got $1,500 cash from the Loyalty Program for a traded in '05 Audi.

    The whole process took a few hours especially on the trade in but worth it since the initial numbers they came back with were way too low. This forum helped in giving me guidance on the numbers when negotiating.
  • bandfanbandfan Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info. I live in the DC area as well and ready to purchase an 09' A5 with just about the same specs, except I want mine in a manual transmission. Could you email off this board as I have a few more questions for your purchase? It would greatly save me a lot of time (and hopefully money!) Thanks!
  • bandfanbandfan Member Posts: 10
    Anyone know how much these go for on the street if I wanted to swap out the 18" tires with the y-design rims? The A5 I'm planning to purchase doesn't come with them, but I'd love to pick up a set.
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    I know it's only speculation, but what are opinions for the incentive terms applicable after the current Summer of Audi expires? Audi sales seem very positive, suggesting after the 6th, finance rates go up & lease terms are less attractive. Any insights or guesses?
  • downersdandownersdan Member Posts: 4
    Can anyone share recent prices on A5s in Chicago area, or even midwest? I'm just starting discussions but would appreciate info on pricing for recent sales. I'm ok with dealers making a little money but I'm not sure what holdbacks or other dealer incentives may be in place. I'd estimate the entry point for negotiations is at invoice but real world agreed prices and OTD costs would be really useful. Thnx in advance for info on prices or holdbacks, etc.
  • schoggifanschoggifan Member Posts: 4
    atl area: 09, A5, 3.2, Auto, Gray, premium pkg, Navigation, 42182 USD, plus 399 fees, excluding tax,lic,tag. This is approx 2K below invoice.. took me a while but got it.... the new A5 2.0 are going at MSRP so they told me A5 2.0 auto i think starts at 37000 without any pkgs..
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    Got an offer for 09 AT with premium, nav and B&O system for $45,900 but am unsure if the 2010 model isn't a better buy. Anyone have experience in purchase prices for '10s?
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    so i did pull the trigger on a new A5! 2010 2.0T Prem Plus with nav, full leather, B&O for just under $45k w/o ttl. msrp is $46,350. Deep sea blue and cinnamon looks very cool - imo, of course. somewhat disappointing a simple thing like auto-dimming mirror is only on prestige but the new gen nav is huge improvement. so far, so very good but need more than 50 miles to reeeeealllly enjoy!
  • andyr6andyr6 Member Posts: 1
  • shermaroshermaro Member Posts: 3
    Just picked up my A5 Premium plus, Auto. No BS just did the deal and got me out of there within 30 minutes.

    Final price before tax was $39,875.

    Anchor Audi in Lynbrook
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