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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Some of these fancy new rims may vibrate if the lug nuts are over-tightened, because the rims themselves go out of round due to too much lug nut pressure. Have the dealer loosen and then hand-torque the lug nuts and see if the problem goes away.

    Or, you can do it yourself with a clicker-type torque wrench.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    Like you, I've never been able to distinguish any performance difference when using regular, mid-grade, or premium on my 2004 Maxima SL or my 2009 Murano LE AWD. However, on my 2004 Maxima, my MPG actually increased by 1.5 MPG when I switched from premium to mid-grade. I never went back to premium. On my 09 Murano, I'm using mid-grade and getting the EPA 18MPG in city. Haven't been on a road trip yet, so don't know what my highway mileage actually is.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    You ordered the car I searched all over the midwest for. Perhaps they're selling so many because the ad campaign promotes the bronze with beige interior. I ended up buying the LE in Merlot with the beige interior because I didn't want to wait. Ended up having to get the car from Kentucky because it was the only one within 500 miles of STL. Wife loves the Merlot, and I like the beige interior for the same reason as you've stated and because it hides dust longer than the black interior.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    There's another Murano forum thread titled Navigation/Harddrive/Bluetooth that covers some of this. When the car is in motion, way too many nav features are disabled like you can't find the nearest hospital while driving or the nearest Mexican restaurant while you can use voice commands to enter an address. On the Music Box, you can store over 9GB of music, but can't search for your favorite album while driving. On the Bluetooth phone, you can use voice to dial a number or say a voicetag, but you can't go through the 40 numbers stored in your car's phonebook and select one beyond #12 in the directory. I think it's a greater safety hazard having so many things disabled because you spend a lot of time trying to find that phone number, or find that album you want to hear, or find a point of interest in the menu. These things all work great when you're at home or in a parking lot, but not while driving. Garmin doesn't disable anything, so I don't understand why Nissan and Toyota (and I'm sure others) think they have to.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is this the one? Murano Navigation / HardDrive / Electronics

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 2
    FYI... fixed with a new ipod cable from the dealership. Thanks for you help.
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    Ive had an 04 Murano since new, and put 122,000 miles on it. It's at the dealers for a service and a few other repairs right now, and the rental I got for the night was luckily an 09 Murano.

    I'm looking at trading in, so this worked out perfectly - you really can't tell from a 10 minute test drive whether you're prepared to fork over $40k for a new car!

    -Looks are growing on me, not so keen on the rear end still though. I prefer the taller more vertical LED taillights from 06 - 07 ones.
    -Interior is nice, but the metal trim doesn't seem as 'real' as what's in my 04? I would want the LE, but I HATE the awful faux wood that you're stuck with. Nice that the steering wheel adjusts for both rake and reach now, but you can't get adjustable pedals? Don't like the new gear lever or the position of it. Now that every person in the country has a mobile phone....where has the mobile phone holder gone? Do you put it in the cup holder, or do you put it in the large bit to the right of the gear lever where it slides around and you cant get at it easily. Sunglasses holder up above you....about time!
    -Performance - MUCH IMPROVED. The extra 20 odd HP and redesigned CVT makes a fantastic difference. 80% of my driving is on the hwy, I really noticed the extra power on my 40 mile drive home tonight. However, they took away the manual shift option, which I don't understand...they even put paddle shifters in the Rogue, why not the new Murano?
    Handling - WORSE? Anyone else noticed this? My 04 is an SE, with the sports suspension. But this 09 handles more like a regular SUV than a car, like my SE does. I have a big long sweeping offramp I go down every day, and my SE feels stable at ahem mph, but the 09 felt a bit iffy about 15mph less than that. On the hwy, if you do a quick left to right with the steering wheel, there seems to be much more body sway, but my SE feels like a car and sticks rigidly to the road if I do that. Handling is a big part of a vehicle for me, and a big reason I got my Murano 4 years ago over many other SUV's, but the handling on this one is enough to stop me buying one and look elsewhere...the EX maybe?
  • I am new to this fourm I have 2009 Murano LE with 700 miles on it, and I am having a vibration. I traded in a 2006 with 30,000 miles on it never had a problem. I hope I did not make a mistake. Has your dealer been able to get rid of the vibration? What have they tried? I have an appt on Tuesday of this week for a clicking in the steering wheel and am going to tell them about this vibration I did not buy a $40,000 car to have this problem. Thanks for any update that you can give me.
  • I am new to this fourm I have 2009 Murano LE with 700 miles on it, and I am having a vibration between 40-70 MPH I have it at the dealers for the last 2 days. First they call me and tell me they did not feel the vibration so I had to drive 56 miles back to the dealership this morning and drove it with a service tech and he felt the vibration said he would balance the tirers and we would be ok. They call me 3 hours later and tell me it is still there they have a call into Nissan. I am ready to loose my mind.... I traded in an 06 SL with 30,000 miles never was in the shop. I don't know what they are going todo. IF any of you are having this problem what has been done to fix it, or has Nissan bought it back? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I really like this Murano but I will not have a $40,205.00 car with a vibration. Oh, ya the best part is they gave me a KIA MINI VAN for a loaner!! It has not vibration.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Just bought a 2009 LE (4/28/2009) and am experiencing a subtle shake or vibration at almost all speeds above 30 mph. When I test drove one, I mentioned the slight shake to the salesperson (NissanWorld of Springfield, NJ) and he said it was likely that the car was not serviced yet. My 2009 LE exhibited the same shake (almost like you're always riding on a sligtly bumpy road). I brought it back to the dealer on 4/30/08 and drove it with a service tech. He confirmed the sensation and we then drove another LE, which exhibited the same behavior. I'm in the process of contacting Nissan Customer Care and the tech is contacting Nissan tech support to see if thee are any known issues,etc. Could it be the tires? Mine has Toyo 20" Is it the CVT transmission? The service tech said it may be a trans issue. Anybody else experiencing this problem? I love the vehicle - it's perfect in every way - but the ride is not nearly as nice as my 2004 Murano.
  • I don't know what they are going todo, I was thinking tonight about it being the CVT. This CVT is so much different then the one in my 2006 SL sometime if feels like it has a shift to it, and we know that is not the case. I too have 20" Toyo. I will keep my posting up to date on what happens with mine, please do the same so other who are having this problem all can have it taken care of. We all spent alot of money on these Murano and Nissan needs to stand behind what they are selling. I am going to give my dealer till Friday 5-2-2008 before I call Nissan customer service to open a ticket on this problem. It's such a nice looking SUV and they made some great changes but if they don't fix this vibration they can KEEP IT! :confuse:
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Keep pushing. I already contacted Nissan customer care and opened a ticket. The service tech at my dealer said to let the vehicle "break-in" and that the Toyo tires might be compressed from being strapped down. I hope he's right, as it is an awesome vehicle in every respect - except the ride. It almost feels like something is "rumbling" underneath you - especially when you're driving down a dead-flat, freshly paved road that you know is glass-smooth. Is that what you're experiencing?
  • I have an update as of today, I got a phone call from my dealer telling me they had to replace all for Toyo tires and that the vibration is gone. I picked it up and I have to say it is much better then it was almost 100%, I think they have to much air in the tires so once the cool down I am going to check them and drive it again. At some points I wonder if the vibration is coming from the CVT it feels so much different then my 06. I will keep you posted. Just as and FYI I also found another good website called NISSANMURANO.ORG I have also posted on it.

    Thanks for taken time to post your update.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Thanks for the info. Strange - I mentioned the tires to my service tech, but not the brand. He said "What do you have, Michelin, Bridgestone?" I said "No, Toyo." And he replied that those were high end tires. I find it a littel hard to believe that Toyo makes a better tire than Michelin or Bridgestone but I could be wrong. Anybody know?
  • Well guys as of today it is still not fixed. I drove it about 60 miles and it still have a vibration at speeds above 40. I just wonder if it could be the CVT. Has anyone felt a shifting like feeling on the new 09 CVT? sometimes I get that feeling. When I am going up hill and I let the speed get to 40-42 this vibration is very noticable. It give me a sick feeling in my belly! I don't know if that from knowing that I have to pay for something that is not right, or just the feeling!! I am off to another dealer to drive an LE to see how it drives.

    I have an appointment with service manager on Wednesday that was the frist they could see me.

    What do you guys/gals think of the CVT?? for those that had a 06 model years my CVT never felt like it was shifting I can't talk about other years don't know if they were the same as my old 06, if I would have know this I would have kept it..

    Well I just got back from driving another LE at a dealership closer to home, and it has the same vibration at the 40+mph speed. What is going on? I almost sh@@ when I started down the road and I felt it. Maybe this is something that the new model year is going to do. I know I am not happy with it.

  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    So the tire change made no difference? I'm almost convinced that my problem is a tire/rim type of issue. Took my 09 LE on a flat side street and drove it really slow (about 3-5mph) and it seems to "wobble" slightly during each tire rotation. This street had a very mild grade, so I went to the end and came back, this time in neutral (to eliminate the trans) and the slight wobble is still there! I've had no "shifting" type issues - it's just that "rumbling" feeling I get at higher speeds - which would make sense if something was "out of line". Please describe what you're experiencing as best as possible. Thanks!
  • I thought that the tires did make a difference most of the drive home was at 60 -70 and it seems ok at that speed I am getting it is worse at 40 -50 now. I tried putting mine in neutral as well today and I did not notice any change. I can get this vibration to happen if I go 40-45 it is like you said a rumbling/vibration it is hard to describe. When I drove the new 09 LE today it did the same thing at same speeds. I did not tell sales guy that I already had one so I was driving with him, I felt bad but this is going to get the best of me. If they can't fix it I don't want it! It makes me sick to drive it. My 06 was the best SUV I ever owned when test drove a new 09 LE not the one that I bought I thought WOW they even made this one better, I am having a real hard time saying that now, about the ride. When your driving it the ride is not even good it has a rumble to it. What could be wrong??? Scion111 if we need to I am up for a phone call.
  • sadsack862sadsack862 Posts: 20
    Insist that your Nissan dealership remove all of the brake pads. Also insist that they rotate them and remount them. This is the important part. INSIST that the mechanic tighten the nuts by hand to the factory specified torque. Do not let them use an air gun !!!! Let me know if this works. As strong as those brake pads may seem, they can be warped out of shape ever so slightly, and because tolerance is so tight between the rotors and the pads they can vibrate sometimes with or without braking. Steve
  • Steve,

    Thanks for the information. I have a meeting with service manager on Wednesday to see what they are going todo. I have a feeling that it is my CVT! Today I drive it another 100 miles and some speeds it is fine then are others it has this vibration/rough feeling. I pressed the overdrive off today at the same speed and it seemed to be better. I don't get it. I will take your advise as part of my meeting.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    I'm going to make an appointment with the service manager at my dealership this week. Not sure if we're experiencing the same thing. Mine is not a vibration per se, "rumble" is the best word I can think of. Yesterday I tried changing the tire pressure to the manufacturers PSI (33 lbs.) For some reason, Nissan had my tires pumped up to 40 PSI? Anybody out there know why they'd have it that high?

    mbe350nissan09 - I'd be happy to call and discuss if you like. I'm in New Jersey (Eastern Time). If you'd like to talk tomorrow (Sunday, May 4th) feel free to email me a number to call late morning. Send to
  • That is funny you say that about your PSI mine too was at 40 and on thedoor label it says 33 PSI COLD I have mine at 33. My 2006 I had it at 33 as well and I got 30K out of my tires.

    Looking forward to talking with you Scion111
    I hope that Nissan comes up with a fix for our Murano's
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    No improvement in my Murano. Sent Fax to dealer today (5/5/2008) stating that we need to drive the car together (myself and a senior Murano servic tech) to ascertain exactly why the vehicle rides so rough. I'll advise as to what happens.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Just got back from ride with head service tech at dealer. He drive the car and said it rode "smooth as silk"? Said the feeling I get is probably because I'm riding on 20" rims as opposed to 18" and the tires need to get about 1000 - 1500 miles on them to round out if they got compressed. Hmmm. I feel it, my wife feels it, but he doesn't. I told him I'll give it a shot but will be back if it doesn't change... Will keep everyone posted.
  • For those of you that have read my other thread I have been looking for anyone that had a vibration feeling in a 2009 Murano LE. I have come to the conclusion that it is not a vibration or from the tires now. After the dealer installed 4 new tires last week I still had this vibration/jerking problem. My best friend who has been a GM mechanic for over 25 years drove my Murano the other night and said the it not a Vibration you are feeling it is a Jerking from your CVT. After many road test and 200 plus miles I agree with him. When I am driving and I reach speeds of 20 mph up to 60 mph the Murano starts this jerking back and forth and you can feel it is the seat. It is like you were driving a standard shift vehicle and you shifted into a higher gear and you were not at the right speed so the car starts jerking. I drove on roads that we flat and smooth in drive when I reach the above mentioned speeds the Murano starts jerking it is really bad at 42-50. When I get up to 60 mph and put it in natural it goes away no jerking just a nice smooth ride. When I get to speed above 60 smooth no jerking! I have also tried press the lock out of the overdrive and the jerking goes away. Are any of the other 09 Murano LE owners feeling this? I have been speaking to a guy that I meet from another forum and he is not having the jerking problem he is have a vibration. Can anyone help???? I have an appointment tomorrow with the service manager. When I bought my last 2006 SL I was not sure I was going to like the CVT and I loved it. Never any jerking/vibration it was the BEST vehicle that I have ever owned. I was looking forward to owing a 2009 thinking it could only be better then the 06 WOW was I wrong. I know that Nissan made changes to the CVT probably to get better gas mileage but this jerking feeling is enough to drive it off a bridge. I am not real happy with this Murano! I hope it can be fixed. Thanks for any input you have.
  • zahtecezahtece Posts: 4
    Hi, just bought an 09 SL AWD...I am not too happy about the jerking either...when the overdrive is on it feels bumpy and the engine is noisy do you hear the engine when you accelerate and the overdrive is off. I drive in the city a lot and therefore the OD should be off for better gas mileage..don't like the ride like this though. So, I see I am not the only one experiencing this.
  • Hello Zahtece,
    I was thinking that I had the only Murano with this jerking problem. This is what I was told from a Sr. Service Tech at my Nissan dealership
    As an update to my jerking!! I spent 1.5 hours with a Sr. Tech today we drive my Murano and then a New one. Mine has the jerking at speeds above 20 real bad at 40-50 the new one was smooth. They called Nissan and they want me to run 3 or 4 tanks of premium fuel they said that the o2 sensor could be acting up causing this jerking. They told me that the Murano running at 40-50 mph is where the fuel economy is happening I have never heard of this but I am willing to try after this if it does not go away the Murano will!

    I have about 135 miles on the tank of 94 and it is still there I think it is even worse. I don't know what to-do, I am so upset! I was thinking tonight about traded it in on something else but I know they will try to steal it from me, I don't want to loose any money due to the fact that it should not be doing this. I think I am going to call on Monday and tell them I want someone from Nissan to come in and drive this Murano. I will not be happy until the make the jerking go away. Where are you from? I am in PA

    Boy, they sure know how to take the fun out of buying a new car.
  • ukkoukko Posts: 23
    We tested the 09 SL AWD yesterday. The engine noise was very noticeable when accelerating but did not feel any vibration. This is the first time, on this site, I have read vibration happening in the SL. It would be interesting if anyone else, with the SL, is having the vibration problem. Our test drive was only about 10 minites. The vehicle handled well, the seats were comfortable, and the space was good for a taller person. We did not feel any vibration up to 60 mph. If anyone else, with the SL, is feeling vibration please let us know. It appears the added toys in the LE is not worth it unless one actually has bluetooth and uses music players. Skipping the moon roofs can also save a thousand dollars.
  • endodocendodoc Posts: 15
    i've had an 09 Le for two months and have had none of the issues mentioned's great . turned in a toureg.. i would only say there is some wind noise at about 60mph
  • martinrrrrmartinrrrr Posts: 12

    Where did you get this advise? The manual states that OD is to be used when you need additional braking. All cars have, at least the ones that I have owned, OD and none have ever recommended turning OD off for better city driving gas mileage.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    I'm almost convinced that my problem is related to tires/rims. Not at all satisfied with the service I'm getting at my dealer ( The head service tech there drove the vehicle with me and said it rode "smooth as silk". So, either I'm crazy - or he's inept/lying. I've got a case open with Nissan and will pursue until I get a satisfactory resolution. My advice - drive several demos and pay careful attention to the ride. My 04 SL AWD was a great vehicle - and the 09 LE, on paper, seems to be a huge improvement. But until these vibration/rumbling issues are resolved I'd recommend paying careful attention to the LE/SL, etc you drive and make sure you don't have the same problem.

    Let's hope Nissan makes good on these problems.
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