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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • goatsuckergoatsucker Posts: 2

    Ive been shopping for a Murano, so I did exactly what you suggested. I've test driven 3 LEs and 1 SL AWD for comparison.

    All test drives where done on long stretches of small roads, not highways. I tried to keep the Muranos going between 20 and 40.

    What I found is that it varies. Within a single test drive, I sometimes feel some vibration, but most times I dont.

    It seems to be highly dependent on the road. On smooth pavement its less noticeable. On bumpier pavement, the vibration increases.

    However, its very slight. Its probably subjective and highly personal how much one feels road noise.

    But the interesting thing is that the SL AWD seemed to have less vibration (if any).

    Im not very sensitive to road noise in general and I most likely would have never noticed the LE vibration if I had not read about it in this forum.

    Is there any utility in the 20" wheels ? It seems to be entirely a styling option.

    Is it possible to replace the wheels with 18" ones ? Perhaps you could convince the dealer to let you try a set of smaller ones and if that makes a difference consider your alternatives, maybe even aftermarket wheels.

    Based on my comparison of the SL AWD vs. LE im inclined to think the 20" wheels are the cause.

    On the other hand, the Murano is a very quiet and smooth drive, pretty much as perfect a crossover as I think im likely to find at the moment.
  • pucks10pucks10 Posts: 2
    Hello: my wife and I really like the 09 SL AWD Murano. We test drove it twice on back roads, never on the highway. From what I'm reading about the jerking issues, I guess we need to test drive it on the highway and give it a workout before we decide. The dealers we consulted have really dropped their price close to invoice price and are desperate to sell.
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Mine feels more like something is 'rumbling' underneath you. Almost seems like there is a balance problem or a bad tire, rim, etc. It is definitely much more noticeable on a freshly paved, smooth highway. I drive a 8 mile stretch almost everyday where the road is very flat. At all speeds it feels like there is a shaking going on - when lightly gripping the steering wheel I can see my arm shaking ever so slightly. I don't think (at I hope) it has anything to do with the 20" wheels - my dealer said he wouldn't repalce them with 18" since that would make the car different than what's on the sticker.(?). Not very cooperative. I've got a file open with Nissan and will insist on new tires/rims after I get to 1000 miles. Let me know how you make out. Other than this problem I think it's a great vehicle.
  • pucks10pucks10 Posts: 2
    In reading posts about the 09 Murano SL on the edmunds site, I noticed all positive reviews for that particular vehicle, and one person even said their's drove like a BMW 328 ! C'mon, really? Now I think some Nissan salespeople with down -time go and post all favorable comments. Almost every comment is positive. Thanks to this community and these posts above, I will definitely do a more thorough test drive soon.
  • Pucks 10 I would make sure you drive it on an open road make sure you don't have any jerking at speeds between 40 - 50 MPH I have been dealing with this jerking since I got the Murano 1600 miles ago. I am ready to trade it in!! I called the dealer today and they told me to run 2 more tanks of 93 oct. gas in it, and then let them know what is going on. I told them "NO" it is not the gas! I need to call tomorrow and make an appt with Service manager! If I did not have this jerking it would be GREAT! I like everything about it. Good Luck!
  • goatsuckergoatsucker Posts: 2
    Is it even possible to do such a wheel replacement ? Aside from cost and warranty issues. IM assuming their argument about being different from sticker has something todo with the warranty.

    Im suggesting it just as an experiment to at very least rule out the wheels conclusively.

    Something else to consider is that the Murano comes with all all season tires. Maybe smoother tires are worth a try.

    I realize its at least labor for the dealer, so they will be reluctant. Maybe try and sell it to them as just an experiment.

    Good luck!
  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    Today I got a call from my dealer who said that they have a special lease termination program for 2007 Murano(i am on my 6 months out of 39) and that if i end my lease they will give me $1000 off the new lease on 2009.

    Sounds strange that dealer is offering such a deal. Are there some problems with 2007s and they are trying to bring them back? Are 2009 not selling at all?

    Any guesses.
  • bmr123bmr123 Posts: 60
    The clock was recalled to get a software update on the 09 murano. Supposedly its unable to keep the time correctly.
  • hapeeownerhapeeowner Posts: 5
    I have had my 09 SL for about a month, have put 1000 miles on it and have not experienced any of the problems I am reading about here. This is my first CVT car and the dealer told me I would have to get use to the CVT as it is different from any other transmission I have ever driven with. They also advised that I "feather" the gas peddle at the start (taking off from a stop) which I believe makes a big difference over the "push the peddle to the floor" method I am use to.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Murano. I have every option except the Nav package and I think that makes the only diff between the LE and mine being the wood grain interior (looks cheap to me) and the location of the iPod connection.
  • hapeeownerhapeeowner Posts: 5
    It seems like all of the vibration posts talk about Toyo tires. I posted that I have had my car about a month without experiencing what others are but my car came with Goodyear tires. Of course, mine is an SL and has 18" tires so that may be why.
  • reddevil4reddevil4 Posts: 17
    I have to agree with you, I purchased the 2009 Murano SL (AWD) model with Navigation System, Bluetooth, Dual Moonroof, Backup Camera, and Leather Interior with heated seats for $35,000.
    I feel that it was worth it I love the way it handles and is rated high for its safety features. I also like the wide vision that the headlights give you, you can see all the lanes and shoulder without blinding on coming cars. I espesually like the Navigation System because not only the visual it talks the commands out so you can watch the road and it bongs when its time to turn. And lastly the 3.5 V6 engine and CVT transmission are a great combination.
  • alkrezalkrez Posts: 1
    I would like to purchase a 2009 LE Murano and import it into Alberta. Anyone have any experience doing this?
  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    Hapeeowwner, You do not have the Ipod integrated in the radio, the 20" alloys, heated rear seats, power tilt & telescoping steering wheel with memory, plus all LE's are AWD. You do have a very nice vehicle though.
  • davidv935davidv935 Posts: 17
    Don't they sell the LE in Canada? Two differences that I can think of - odometer is in miles, not KM; and I don't think you can get daytime running lights on the US versions - something I was told was mandatory for all Canadian cars manufactured over the last 15 years. I don't know Canadian law, so you'll have to determine whether that's correct or not. Canadian cars used to be cheaper than the same US version, but I guess the declining US dollar has changed that. What's the price of gas in Alberta nowadays?
  • scion111scion111 Posts: 16
    Never solved it completely. It's still there - exactly as you described, but not quite as bad. I LOVED my 2004 Murano but can't recommend the 2009 (with 20" rims? if that's the issue). Be sure to drive the LE you like on LOTS of smooth highways to see if you get the same result - you won't feel it on local roads - only highways.
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    I finally traded in my 04 Murano last month and got an Infiniti EX. I love it. So no more problems to report on this board, but, i was infront of a Murano last night, and i noticed its front passenger fog light was out, and that reminded me I had to post on here. I've noticed quite a few driving around with that same front passenger fog broken. And when I had mine, the dealer replaced that same light on mine twice! How can the drivers side one work for over twice as long?!

    Just wondering if other people have noticed if one fog light has gone before the other, could it be a design flaw? I know if you hit mine in the right spot, it would normally come on again.

    Just a thought.
  • dotty447dotty447 Posts: 7
    Same here. This is the end of the fourth month I've had the 2009 LE and 3,000 plus miles driving mostly in the suburbs. No issues with any jerking or vibration. CVT needs some getting used. Tried both premium and regular gas and haven't noticed any difference in terms of mileage or acceleration.
  • stupfdstupfd Posts: 1
    They do sell the LE in Canada. The problem for Canadians is that you can't get the SL with leather...which is completely stupid. They force you to spend the extra $$$$. The base price on the S (cheap, no option model) is almost 38000.
    I am in the process of getting an SL with heated leather and NAV from US. You do have to install daytime running lights. Canadian Tire sells the unit for around $80 and the OEM Nissan brand is $150. The speedometer does not have to be change to KM but can be done at a Nissan dealer for around $200 apparently. Duty is 6.1% at the border and GST and a $100 A/C tax is added. If you are driving it back to Canada, the dealer you buy from requires a min. of 72 hours before you cross the border to allow the paper work to reach the border crossing of your choice.
    This is what I have just spent the last 3 days finding out! Worth every penny of savings though!
  • pasell3pasell3 Posts: 15
    This is an interesting arguement in that no one really seems to know if you should or should not use preimum or regular. The question I have is, if you do use PREMIUM, are you saying 89, 91, or 93 Octane? Regular to me is 87 Octane. I have been putting in 93 since most stations now only offer 87, 89, or 93, not 91. Occassionally you can get 91.

    Does anyone here use 89 and not 87, finding that the vehilce performs well?

    I've only had my Murano for 1 month (2200 miles as I do a LOT of driving for work, have the LE AWD with everything EXCEPT Nav) and I'm getting, according to the computer, 20.9MPG.

    I'm interested in knowing what others here are using as it relates to the Octane Level. Some, when you say premium, are saying 89 (slight upgrade) while others say TOP fuel at 93. There's a LARGE difference in $ between 89 and 93, but not 91 and 93.

    Finally, I just received my Consumer Reports magazine and they rated the 09 Murano just below the 2008 and 2009 Lexus RX350...In that magazine, it says the fuel tank hold 21.9 gallons of gas? LOL? Really? I ran mine down to below empty where it said I only had 12 miles until empty and when I filled it, I was able to squeeze in 18.2 gallons.

    Thanks for the response.
  • Bought 2009 LE month ago,great vehicle except the same vibration/jercking feeling at various speeds as it was described on this forum. Went to the dealer once, they balanced the tires. The problem remains, made another appointment for the next week. I wonder if anyone actually resolved this issue or it something "one would have to live with"? :(
  • I have the SL AWD model and so far so good. I have 7,800 miles on it and so far I haven't had any vibrations. I have heard other LE models have had problems with vibrations and only the LE models have 20 inch wheels. The SL models have 18 inch wheels.
    At leased you are covered under warranty, (good luck)
  • I'm still having the problem. You can feel a slight, annoying shake in the seat of your pants and steering wheel. If I hold the steering wheel lightly, I can even see my thumbs slightly shaking at various speeds - mostly around 70-80 on dead flat highway. My dealer said he checked the tires/rims but I'm having a Nissan rep come out and drive the car with me. I definitley think it's either a balance issue or maybe tires - mine has Toyo 20" Proxes. What do you have?
  • Anbody notice.......................

    While checking out a S model today I was looking at the joint of the door (where the hinge connects to the body) below the last hinge there is a upward folded piece of sheet metal that separates the front fender well and the door/passenger compartment. I noticed a grey foam like material above that and sure enough it is styrofoam filler. I looked further and on both sides; more styrofoam WTH?

    I hope that does not become a fungus issue when it gets wet. Is it better than foam or fiber fill like in Volvo? :confuse:
  • I guess your question is a good one to ask the service department at your dealership. If fungus starts in that area maybe someday there would be a recall to cover the filler. As for now I guess it is a good insullation and soundproffing for road noise. And as far as safety the Murano and Rogue models carry a high safety rating.
  • Are there any issues with warranty? I am looking at a 2009 with 6000 miles at an auction. Nissan Canada says I need to prove the unit was purchase and registered in US for at least 6 months before I purchased it.
  • I am about to get a 09 Murano but I am very concerned about its safety. While the insurance institute of highway safty give it a top pick. The national highway traffic safety admin. only rates it four stars for both driver and frount passenger. this is not very good for a new car in that class. The Rogue has 5 stars for driver and 4 for frount passenger.
  • Just a note to say thanks for the info everyone. I just received my Murano LE today. I'm an SUV person so not sure about CUV. I just said goodbye to Jeep Grand Cherokee. I feel as if I have just embraced Suburbia. However, I loved my 2002 Altima, so I do enjoy Nissan ownership. Sorry about the verbal ramble but my point is just to say thanks to the posters and I will be reading and posting any issues or praises that come up. Any tips would be appreciated.
  • Congadulations on your new Nissan Murano LE and welcome to the Murano Log On Board.
  • Thank you. I played with the Setup tonight. Bluetooth, XM, and plugged in the ipod. Long way from self installed under the dash 8 track tape.
  • After reading the how most owners are happy with their Murano's on these web pages I went out and bought a used 2009 s awd today. I was surprised how nice it handled and how smooth the cvt was. Thanks everyone for the info
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