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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I find it very interesting that buyers looking at Toyotas are always comparing them to to entry luxury editions of other manufacturers like Infinity, Acura, Lexus, etc. Yet they don't want to pay the price for a Toyota. :confuse:
    Mack :shades:
  • I'm pretty sure the Armada isn't in the same class as the Sequoia. Maybe that's because I'm a pretty big Toyota fan and a current owner. I'm not getting too close to my desired payment on the 2008 Sequoia's so I started looking around, and came across the Armada.

    I'm looking at a 3 year lease, so reliability isn't really a concern to me. The Armada seems to have DVD and a nice Tech/Nav package for around the same price as a base Sequoia Ltd. I haven't driven either one, just curious if anyone else here has.

    Suppose I'll be doing some dealer visits today/tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance,
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You have to have some differentiation between trim levels that's why.
  • votovoto Posts: 2
    My wife just bought a Black Platinum fully loaded. We paid way too much for it but she has been waiting forever. Anyway, my question is has anyone else had a problem getting the XM sat radio to work. When I push the AM/SAT button I can't get it to change to Satellite so I can retrieve my satellite ID. I called the dealership and they say it is XM Equipped. I can't imagine that I just paid $60,000 plus grand for a car that has not included the XM equipment. I called the XM people and they say they need the radio Id first. Anyone else with a platium, can you help me out?
  • Now that you mention it, how do I hook an iPod to the audio system? I see the AUX jack but it looks like a female rca stereo plug?? Ummmmm, how do I hook an iPod to that? Please don;t say you connect it via the headphone jack and have to buy some sort of adaptor cable, that is lame... But if I do, what cable do I need??
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    After I drove the Sequoia, we went and drove the GX470. Too small and over priced compared to the Sequoia. We liked the Lexus color. When I mentioned that the paint had a flaw in the hood the salesman said it can be fixed under warranty. Matching a factory pearl paint job is near impossible. We left and waited for email responses on the Sequoia. Not that many non luxury competitors in the Sequoia size class. The top of the line mainstream cars and SUVs are usually very close to the luxury counterparts.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I don't want to pay full price for any automobile, especially not in today's market. If I was trying to get a brand new Corvette ZR-1...yeah I'd pay full price and then some. No way for a common SUV.

    As for comparing Toyota to the luxury brands....that is how Toyota priced them. A loaded Platinum is 60K. Guess what that directly competes against? Escalade, Denali, Mercedes GL450 and GL320, Infiniti QX56, Lincoln Navigator. All of those are all within a couple grand. That merely highlights my assertion that Toyota either overpriced the these SUVs or they did not put enough in the Platinum to differentiate it from the lower Sequoia models or compare well to the luxury brands that play in this neighborhood. Plus, you get a lousy 3yr/36K warranty compared to at least a 4yr/50K for the others. Yet another of my feelings that Toyota is in over their head here. Then again,,,the market will make that decision quite obvious.

    As for the poster looking at the'll like them. The QX is based upon the Armada so you get the same powertrain and a similar interior- not as nice as the QX, but similar.

    Is the Armada as good as a Sequoia with similiar equipment? Not in my opinion. The Armada's trump card will be that they are dealing them well under invoice. They have something like 4500 rebate on them right now. I've seen where people are getting a 51K sticker price down to just around 40K. It is honestly difficult to say that a QX at 51/52K is 10K better than a loaded Armada, but we prefer the extra luxuries on the QX.
  • "As for comparing Toyota to the luxury brands....that is how Toyota priced them. A loaded Platinum is 60K. Guess what that directly competes against? Escalade, Denali, Mercedes GL450 and GL320, Infiniti QX56, Lincoln Navigator. "

    You would have to get a Mercedes GL550 for $85,000 to match the performance of the Sequoia. Even a GL450 with nav and dvd is $73,000. Not $60,000.
  • "Now that you mention it, how do I hook an iPod to the audio system? I see the AUX jack but it looks like a female rca stereo plug?? Ummmmm, how do I hook an iPod to that? Please don;t say you connect it via the headphone jack and have to buy some sort of adaptor cable, that is lame... But if I do, what cable do I need??"

    Well, you would need a cable that has a mini headphone jack on both sides. Try Radio Shack. Why is it lame to have to buy a $4 cable?
  • "I called the dealership and they say it is XM Equipped."

    Generally you have to buy an add-on to get the XM to work. I think your car is XM ready but does not have the XM receiver. If it does not have a line item on the sticker that says XM, then it does not have it.
  • votovoto Posts: 2
    If I paid $60,000 plus for a car that is XM equipped and they can't put a receiver on about a joke. This is our third sequoia, now I gotta go back and pay for a receiver, when I told the dealer, I want it fully loaded with everything....even added an extra DVD and remote start.
  • As far as I know, they are not XM equipped. The radio simply has an input to accept an XM tuner and another aux imput that you can plug an mp3 player into.

    Would you be willing to measure the distance that the remote start works in an open space? I am dying to know.
  • Nice truck. What wheel package is that?
  • Those are the basic 18 inch wheels.

    BTW, I get between 18.0 and 19.0 MPG (according to the trip computer) with cruise on 64 MPH on the highway. If I just do mixed driving and be somewhat careful but go up to 75 or so, then I get around 16 MPG. If I drive aggressively and on hilly back rounds, it is more like 13.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Base GL450 is 53K or so. Performance is quite similar to a Sequoia and probably in many aspects, better. You can get a very well equiped GL450 off the lot for just a bit over 60K and let's not forget that we're talking about a Mercedes Benz....not a Toyota. You'd be getting someone to come and pick up your GL for service as opposed to pulling into a Toyota service bay along side a 12K Yaris.

    My point is that the Seqouia is trying to move into a very different neighborhood with the Platinum prices. Nothing more...nothing less.
  • You named the MSRP of the Sequoia but are comparing it to a Mercedes for 'what you can get it for.' That is not parity. You have to compare MSRP to MSRP, or discounted/stripped price to discounted/stripped price.

    Base of the GL450 is $55,500 but base of the 5.7 liter 4x4 Sequoia is $38,500. A $17,000 difference.

    If you take the GL450 and add in some of the things the Platinum has, such as the Premium package (nav, etc), DVD, enhanced offroad, 19 inch wheels, trailer hitch, running boards, ipod interface -- it is $77,000. Hey wow, also a $17,000 difference.

    To get the engine power of the 5.7 Sequoia you really need to compare it to the GL550. They are within 1 HP of each other. The GL550 is $81,000 with DVD and trailer hitch. $21,000 more.

    I am refuting the claim that the Toyota is about the same price as the Mercedes. It is clearly between $15K and $20K cheaper and also larger.

    "You can get a very well equiped GL450 off the lot for just a bit over 60K"

    Maybe you can, but I got a fairly well equipped Sequoia for $43,000. Also this works out to a $17,000 difference. It seems like that is about the offset. I did also buy a Mercedes (SLK). I don't experience with Toyota service yet. I have been perfectly happy with Honda and Subaru service for my remaining two cars.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    Base GL450 is 53K or so

    The GL320 CDI was my first choice. I drove a 2007 with 8000 miles on the odometer. It was fairly well equipped. The price was $72k firm at San Diego MB. If I had liked the way the 7 speed transmission shifted I would have bought it. I do not know if I got a bad one or not. It was not smooth shifting. The Sequoia 4.7L with 5 speed is superior. I expect more trouble free miles also. Plus I left over $30,000 in the bank by getting the Sequoia Limited 4X4. I also looked at the Lexus GX470 and did not like it. The LX470 is OK. I have driven my step daughters a few times. No better than the Sequoia and less room. I will keep it until a full sized diesel SUV is available for a good price in CA.

    You would be hard pressed to get a comparably equipped GL450 in San Diego for less than $68k.
  • I also wanted a GL320 but they are not legal in my state. Also there was not enough room behind the 3rd row for my dog. Thirdly, the current price of diesel nearly nullifies the extra MPG. 20% more MPG than a comparable power gasoline engine but gas is $2.98 and diesel is $3.30. That is 10% more so 1/2 of the savings is gone before you even drive :(
  • If you go to the toyota site and download the brochure XM is an option and the price is $450
  • Can some help me differentiate all of the DVD options available? I've been going thru the SET inventory, and have seen

    Headrest DVD system
    Rear-Seat Entertainment
    10" DVD system

    Are all of these really 3 different options?

  • There is no way you can find a GL450 for $50k. My friend bought one with very few options and he paid 70k. He finds it to be not much better than his Honda Pilot in terms of comfort and driving.

    Yes the Mercedes or the BMW will impress your neighbors a lot more than a Toyota. It will also go to the garage a lot more often.

    The Mercedes also comes nowhere close to the Toyota in terms of interior space.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I'm not going to look at option packages and what costs what and what has what b/c in the end you are still comparing apples to oranges bc no vehicle is directly comparable and exactly the same as a competitor. Some always have something that another lacks while the latter has something that the former is missing.

    Here is my point....when we were looking at SUV's we looked at a broad range of trucks...everything from a Tahoe to an Escalade. When we honed in on what we wanted, we were up at the 50-65K MSRP price point. Please note that I said the MSRP b/c some vehicles go well under MSRP while others do not. While this forum is a wonderful resource, most every vehicle has an enthusiast forum where you get even more detailed information. The internet is a wonderful resource and has forever changed the automobile industry. No longer am I stuck researching or buying from dealers in VA where I live. Instead, I can easily strike a deal with a dealership hundreds of miles away, using information that I have gleamed from individuals thousands of miles away, and get my truck here quite simply. Thus MSRP is just what it is....a number. It is not the holy grail. Today's economic landscape clearly dictates that a rational and patient consumer can easily beat MSRP on most any vehicle, especialy these large SUVs.

    The players that we honed in on were the Escalade, QX56, GL450, Navigator, Denali, and Sequoia Platinum. I won't get flippant and play a Sesame Street game of "which does not fit"? If anything, Toyota should be thrilled that the top level of their SUV is being cross-shopped with the luxury marquees. I'll even surmise that many will choose to buy the Sequoia over the aforementioned choices.

    I cannot speak for anybody else but at that point, it becomes a balancing act of what do you want and how much are you willing to pay for it. Some things are very objective (gas mileage, MSRP, seating capacity, dimensions, HP, torque, warranty, safety equipment, etc.) while others are VERY subjective (quality of materials, ergonomics, exterior/interior design, how it drives, dealership experience, your emotional attachment/attraction to a vehicle, how much you will actually pay for the vehicle, etc.). The balancing act arises in coming to a decision about what you want/need and what you are willing to pay for those desired attributes.

    My point is and has always been that the Sequoia Platinum is playing with some big names and, in my and my wife's humble opinions, it lacks in some qualities that are found in many of the others. Just like some of the others lack in some positive attributes that the Toyota has. I have listed them before but I'll do it again....the Sequoia has a great drivetrain and a very functional and versatile interior. It lacks some of the subjective traits that I mentioned before. The best way to describe, in our opinion, what the Sequoia is missing is this- when you slide into the driver's seat, you just don't feel like you've entered a 55/60K vehicle like you do in the others. It feels more like a "really nice truck/SUV". Does that mean that it is a bad truck? No way....we are still strongly considering it.

    But the Seqouia Platinum puts itself in a very different market than a 38-45K SR5 or Limited model. Yet you are getting some of the very same bits/pieces that you will see, feel, and touch every time you get into the vehicle as that 38K SUV. Compare that to a 50K Denali, 53/55K GL or a 55K QX/Navigator, or a 55/60K Escalade.

    Obviously we are on a Sequoia forum with some new Sequoia owners. That alone introduces much subjectiveness about particular vehicles. Like I said, there are some great parts to the Sequoia, but there are also some negatives. Even if we buy the Seqouia, I will always readily acknowledge the deficits that it has compared to some of it's competitors. Such is the deal when making individual decisions.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I'm not sure where you read that you could get a GL450 for 50K. I clearly said that I'd put a well optioned GL450 at just over 60K.

    As for your comment that the Mercedes will spend much more time in the garage than a Toyota. Perhaps in the past, but I'm not sure that is a given today when comparing the new Tundra platform and 5.7 to the GL. Plus, I've got a much longer warranty on the Mercedes than the Sequoia to protect myself. All of those are considerations that I mentioned in my previous post.
  • My brother just bought a new Sequoia, trading in his 2004. He, too, thought it was fully equipped with a XM-ready radio, but it's not. He had to buy the receiver. He's really not happy with this, especially since my much lesser 2008 Honda Element (I know, it's weird, but very practical) at 1/3 the price came with a fully-capable XM-ready radio. Just push the XM button, and scan the channels. Toyota should have made it that easy, especially at the price of the Sequoia.
  • I've been reading these forums for some time, as I'm halfway through replacing a '04 Lexus GX470 and a '04 Escalade for me and the I thought I would relay my experience so far...
    We replaced my Escalade with an '08 MB GL450 which the wife now it priced out at $62k loaded with premium package, 19" wheels, hitch- everything but rear DVD. It is a solid SUV with great performance- at least a half second better 0-60 and better stopping power than the Land Cruiser, LX 570, Escalade or Sequoia.

    In addition to owning the GL, I have driven the '08 Sequoia, '08 Land Crusier, '08 Lexus GX470, Audi Q7 and '08 Escalade. The best value out there is the GX470 that can be bought loaded for about $50k- unfortunately it's too small for my needs (and the wife wanted the MB). While loaded with great features, the Sequoia is nice but does not have the interior finish of the Lexus, LC, Escalade or MB- nor will it provide a similar warranty or service experience as MB or Lexus (lexus is 2nd to none). While I like the size and features of the Sequoia, the ride/performance is OK, but the dash layout and quality of materials in the interior are pushing me to either the LC or another Mercedes...noting that the Mecedes is $3k cheaper than the LC when similarly equiped (net price offered by local dealers), and they are approximately the same size (one's longer, the other wider). I would really like the LX570, but don't ant to pay $77k+ for a new SUV. The best price I got on the Sequoia Platinum was $56k- only $6k different than the MB. What makes chosing one more difficult is that the Platinum has more/better features than the LC like 20" wheels, heated/cooled seats, and a functioning 3rd row seat.
    At this point it looks like a toss up between the LC and the MB for me, unless I want to save $6-10k and buy the Platinum. I wish the GX was bigger, as then I'd have an easy choice. In closing, I would definietly buy the Sequoia if the dash was a similar layout and finish as the LC- but right now I don't think I would ever feel good sitting behind the wheel of a Platinum when there are some premium vehicles priced fairly close to it. I'd be interested if the readers are coming to similar conclusions when evaluating the Sequoia & other premium full size SUVs.
  • "The best price I got on the Sequoia Platinum was $56k- only $6k different than the MB"

    Rear DVD on the Mercedes is $2670. And really, the Sequoia 5.7 engine should be compared to the GL550 as they are within 2 HP of each other.
  • I'm with you awj123. When I first saw the 08 Platinum on the lot with a 57k sticker I almost choked. I too am looking at the Mercedes GL450.. I test drove the Lexus GX470 and BMW X5- both a bit too small. I would normally say reliability wise Toyota wins but Consumer Reports no longer says that. I have an '01 Limited now and have loved it. 120k miles and still going strong. What possessed them to make the Sequoia engine BIGGER?? I never thought it lacked power- although I don't tow. I guess I'm just struggling to pay close to 60k for a Toyota that isn't even recomended by Consumer Reports.
  • There is evidence that the Toyota pricing models breaks down as you go further up the line. I could debate it both ways. On one hand I have made the point that a LX570 is still $20K more than a Platinum, so that is a fair amount to explain the difference in interior quality. On the other hand, in the end, I gave up on the Platinum and got a $43,000 ($48,000 sticker) SR5 with basically all options. It is a lot easier to rationalize away the non-perfect luxury details when you are in the lower $40K range. Yes I gave up ride height control, electronic suspension, ventilated seats, power moving steering wheel and folding mirror, etc... All I really miss is the sonar and power rear gate. I do have power folding rear leather seats and stuff.
  • Is the power rear gate an option on the SR5? I'm assuming so, right?
  • No, it is not. Sonar is though. I am not sure if a dealer could add the sonar. Even if they could, they would probably charge me 2x what it is from the factory.

    I could add the electrochromic mirror though pretty easily.

    I cannot find a way to get a leather-wrapped steering wheel in an SR5, but mine came with one. It is listed on the Limited.
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