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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176

    If this thing gets 21 city that is impressive.
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    Anyone ever used a wood grain dash kit to "spiff" up the interior? Or do these look stuck on and make it look worse?
  • amheck1amheck1 Posts: 44
    Looks like nothing new for the January incentives on the 2008 models at least in my area. Still trying to move the 2007's, it seems
  • awj123awj123 Posts: 7
    I would agree on all points, but I still struggle with the dash layout and interior finish. If the materials and layout were similar to the Land Cruiser, then a Platinum Sequoia would be parked in my garage right now.

    Lucky for you that you're not in the market for a new SUV now. I have heard rumblings (probably on this forum) that Toyota had received enough negative feedback on the interior layout and trim on the Sequoia so that they took out all the interior pictures from their initial promotional material. Pehaps it's worth waiting until the '09 model comes out next fall and see if the interior gets an upgrade.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Just wait 10 years. There will be all sorts of cool things out.
  • Anyone claiming any dealer has 5 sitting on their lot that's BS,i drove by RH toyota here in maryland and there are none,not one sitting on the lot
  • Longo Toyota ( has 27 of them on their lot.
  • why not say 100 ?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Because when you search inventory there, 27 show up. VINs and everything.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    That would be awesome to pick from 27 of them.
  • Are we talking 07 or 08? if you say 08 i call BS,or computer glitch :mad:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    They all say 2008 in the listing - can you decode the vins and get the model year?

    When I check the first vin in the listing, the tenth digit is "8" which should stand for 2008. US built in Princeton Indiana?

    Maybe they are allocated to Longo so they have the vins, but no delivery?
  • jabcjabc Posts: 20
    I, too, are disappointed by 2008 Sequoia's small trunk space behind 3rd row.
    It's 2nd row legroom is also behind the competitors' (eg. Armada, etc).
    I was planning to replace my 02 Odyssey with 08 Sequoia.
    Now I am reluctantly considering a new Sienna as the replacement.
    I got 4 kids.
    If I buy a 08 Sequoia, in order to make it work for a long road trip with a lot of luggages, I have to fold down 1/3 or 2/3 of the 3rd row seat.
    My kids will not be very happy about it ...........
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    My dealership's GM showed me an accessory booklet for the '08 that had a wood-grain stick on thingey for the spray-painted silver part of the dash all around the driver. Both the wife and I were not sold on it. Our thought is that it just introduces yet another color and texture to the interior. Besides, the Sequoia interior just does not look like a wood interior. It still is a work truck interior. Reminds me of the saying, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but..."
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "I, too, are disappointed by 2008 Sequoia's small trunk space behind 3rd row. "

    Yeah, my wife makes my dog be back there. He is 85 lbs and there is plenty of room for him in my Honda minivan but the Sequoia is rather tight. I would gladly give up 6 inches of legroom divided among the other rows to have 6 more inches behind the 3rd row.

    I was going to get a Sienna AWD but we needed real 4WD to pull our boat out of a sandy non-paved ramp. When the Honda lease is up, I plan to replace it with an AWD minivan like the Sienna unless Honda has one by then.

    I never thought about luggage back there. It is rather small for that.

    Oh by the way -- I drove the Honda for the first time after only driving the Sequoia. When I was turning around in my driveway I thought my tires were out of air until I checked them and they were at 42 psi. Turns out the Sequoia has much more boost in the power steering. I prefer the Honda way but I was caught off guard after getting used to the Toyota,
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "My dealership's GM showed me an accessory booklet for the '08 that had a wood-grain stick on thingey"

    If I knew how to easily pop off the silver part I would paint it black. I am fairly sure I could do a pro job of it. Part of the trick is to put some 300 watt quartz lights on it and get it to 120 degrees (use IR temp gun) so the paint dries on contact and does not run.

    The nice thing about my SR5 is that the gear-selector has no silver on it. It is all black. The Platinum one I test drove had silver, black, and red rock on the gear selector! One color beats three!
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    That would look instead of the spray paint silver.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I thought about getting a hard rubber ink roller and black paint and at least doing the tops of the silver around the gages. That alone would help a lot.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    hmmmm....I might need to go and look at the dealer again. I can just see my wife's mouth drop as I take black paint and an ink roller to her 60K truck :)
  • wrxcstiwrxcsti Posts: 21
    If Toyota is going to make an extended length model, I'd be very interested. I wonder what the chance is for that to happen?
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    An extended length Sequoia that matches the Suburban/Yukon XL/ESV in size would be perfect for my needs. Sign me up if this is true....
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Stay tuned. Toyota will be making a dually Tundra and also a diesel to compete with Chevy and Ford.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    With the current seat layout, I also would have wanted a longer one. However, I would settle for less room in the 3rd row and more room behind the 3rd row. They made a TON of toom in the 3rd row and I am not sure why. Whoever we stick back there will be a kid or someone with low seniority who can deal with it. They made it with huge legroom which is wasted on us. But where does the luggage/dog go?
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    I own an 07 Tundra and love it but I paid 28600 for it. I can not believe Toyota did not make any attempt to upgrade the interior on the Sequoia. For 58k I would expect much more than this. Even the Tahoe is more luxurious than the Toyota. Trying to tack on a cheesy plastic faux wood dash is an insult. I was really looking forward to the release of this vehicle but after looking at one I did not even ask to drive it. Tundra inside for twice the price. Bought a QX 56 which is more along the lines of Lexus. Totally blows the Sequoia away for 5000 less.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The space in the third row was intentional. Previous owners complained about having only children sit back there, now full size adults can sit back there comfortably.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Well the previous owners screwed me over then as we lost all the cargo space which matters much more to me than the adult who will sit in my 3rd row three times a year.
  • I would like to have some opinions on the red rock interior. Who has it and what are your thoughts?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You can fold the third row seats and there's also a cubbyhole on the floor you can use for storage.
  • de77de77 Posts: 40
    The Sequoia sepcifically is not recommended by CR?
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    I agree with you, I am also very disappointed overall in the new generation Sequoia. The interior is too light for an SUV that is used to haul stuff and people. The color choices are terrible and should include at least one dark color that would at least hide some dirt and grime. The Platinum does have the Redrock interior but who wants basketball interior... if you havn't seen the Redrock interior it is UGLY.

    When you pay this much for an SUV you would expect some extras to be standard. The Limited does not come with memory seats, power tilt nor does it have adjustable brake/gas pedals. These should be standard on this vehicle.

    The exterior is plain... even the Platinum which is the Top of the line is nothing special to look at. The only way that you can tell if it's a Platinum is by the name plate on the C pillar. You should be able to tell the difference betweem the SR5 and Platinum without having to look at the name plate.

    Even though the Sequoia is plain looking and does not have the features I expect I still want one but... I am 6'3" and there is no head room with the sunroof. The seat does not lower and I am trying to purchase a Limited without a sunroof and with 2nd row bench seating. The dealerships in Arizona have tried to order the Limited without the sunroof with no success. I was wondering if anyone has tried to order one without the sunroof, if so what state (region) are you in and what dealership have you used?
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