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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • sirraf,

    I recently test drove a white/gray limited without sunroof. 2nd row buckets though. Truck was in FL.
  • ratom - I was very high on red rock. I thought it would look great with black exterior. but then i saw it on a couple Tundras and another Seq before I made my final call and it looked a little too orange. Still kind of neat, but I think by 6 months or so I would have regretted ordering it. I ended up ordering black with Tan on my seq. suppose to be here next week.
  • why do you want one ??? You're whole post was about how you hated it ? That is fine, that is your opinion and I respect that but why on earth would you still be getting one ? Why don't you get a vehicle you like ???? I happen to love my new 08 Seq. I love everything about it, that is why I am driving it. Just curious.
  • blows it away how. in terms of the dash board ? I guess it is all a matter of taster. I could car less if I have faux wood on my dash. it is all about power/power train, for me and hauling an 8,000 lb boat. for that this vehicle rocks.. (in my opinon better interior-wise than my old Escalade... was very pimp and very cheesy in comparison)
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    "if you havn't seen the Redrock interior it is UGLY. "

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :blush:
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I was able to install my own sonar. People said this would be too hard to do so before doing this I called a Toyota dealer and asked for a quote to add the factory system. They said they would not be willing to try as they did not want to drill into my bumper and would want to buy a new one pre-drilled and then paint it. That was too silly for me to bear so I tried it myself. Came out perfect and took me about three hours including all wiring for just the back.

    Kit as it came. $120 delivered. Grey color is close enough to the Toyota Slate Metallic.

    Connect positive to the reverse light which is a dark blue wire.
    Connect negative to the white wire with the black stripe.

    The factory sensor locations are easy to find because there are marks inside.

    I am satisfied with how they look. They work as expected but I need to try them out in the real world to be sure how I like it.

  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I have an '08 Sequoia with red rock interior and black exterior on order. I saw the red rock interior on a white Tundra crewmax and thought it looked great. I also liked the black door panels and black carpeting as opposed to the lighter grey or beige carpeting which I think is going to look dingy after a single boating season.

    In the end, car manufacturers offer different colors because owners have different tastes. If that weren't true then we'd all be driving "black" because Edsel Ford said you could have any color model-T you wanted....... so long as it was black.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I was ok with the redrock I drove. The silver trim was the weakness of it more than the color of the red rock. Graphite is by far the color to get.
  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    Qx is no slouch in powertrain dept either. Look at torque numbers. Remember this is the wife's rig. I haul my 7000lb boat with my Tundra. The 5.7 and six speed is an awesome package. A package that was bought for 28600. I don't expect to pay twice that for another row of seats, more roof and an antique nav system. The wife didn't go for the multi colored interior either. Can't understand why they aren't offering a black interior. Differences between Q and Sequoia go way beyond fake wood and 61 more hp. I'm sure the Sequoia is a fine vehicle. Just don't believe they will command these prices because of power train only. But as you stated it is a matter of the taster.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Has anyone here also considered the Lexus GX? It also has 3 rows and $ starts around 45k. Load it with NAV and Mark Levinson, the price is right around $50k. Understand the size and power are different, but sounds like the Lexus is a better buy.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    It is interesting b.c we actually loved the versatility of the 3rd row. It is, by far, the most comfortable of the 3rd rows for adults. That is important to us. You can fold down part of the 3rd row and still get stuff in part of it and our dog (a 65lb yellow lab) fit behind a raised 3rd row. She was not terribly comfortable but she could easily ride back there for the 3 hr trip to Hatteras, NC

    As for the Red Rock interior, both my wife and I hated it, but we understand that people should have choices. The worst part on the Red Rock was seeing a true black carpet and interior panels. That should have been available as a stand-alone color.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Nice rig and my wife really liked it, but it is being redesigned for '09. Plus we're talking totally different sizes. The GX is based upon the 4runner so you're comparing a 4runner to a Sequoia in terms of size.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Agreed on the QX. Your choice, IMHO, btwn the QX and Sequoia is pretty basic- Do you want a luxury SUV or do you want a very nice truck/SUV? The Sequoia has a bit better powertrain but the interior and gizmos cannot compare to the QX. Different needs for different buyers....
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I think its good to have choices and the QX and Sequoia are 2 strong competitors. The Sequoia advantages are the size of the dealer network versus Infiniti unless you are right near one of their dealerships. Not sure if you would want to get a QX serviced at a Nissan shop.

    The Sequoia wins on space since it has substantially greater interior space than the QX, there is simply more space in all 3 rows. This was the deciding factor for me.

    I actually think the ride of the Sequoia is more comfortable than the QX which I found to have a more truck like ride than the Platinum I test drove.

    The sound systems seemed comparable. The Xenon headlights go to the QX. The fit and finish of the interior goes to the QX. Much nicer.

    Lastly is esthetics which of course is in the eye of the beholder. I find the Sequoia to be a much more attractive vehicle that the QX. To my eye the QX exterior appears cobbled together, almost like the designers were going out of their way to "unusually different". The B, C & D pillars look like they were each designed for a different vehicle. And the headlight placement is simply odd to my eye.

    In the end I would have loved a Sequoia with the QX's interior however space can't be improved with aftermarket upgrades and it wasn't likely I would be happy over time with the smaller vehicle, so a Platinum Sequoia was the winner for me.
  • tbevertbever Posts: 39
    I love that extended sunroof! What option is that? ;)
  • tbevertbever Posts: 39
    I was at a local dealership a couple of days ago, test drove 08 LTD. The salesperson said the rear DVD option is not available in vehicles with the sunroof. Is this correct? He did say they did not have many vehicles on the lot yet and was not totally familiar with all the options.

    My impressions:
    1. Much bigger than my 2001 Seq. The front hood is huge. There seems to be bigger blind spots but the side mirrors are also bigger.

    2. Much more powerful with better acceleration.

    3. The one I drove was fitted with 20 inch wheels. The ride was harsher than my 2001, but the handling was a bit better. The turning radius is noticeably better and it is easier to handle in tight parking lots.

    4. The engine is louder. No wind noise on the freeway at 70 mph.

    5. I like the dash layout. It is big but I am 6 2 and it is not a problem for me.

    6. Less headroom with the sunroof but with the seat back and angled the way I like it still more than adequate headroom for me. There is noticeably less than the old sequoia.

    7. The one I drove had fake wood trim on the dash. It looked horrible. They had 4 sequoias on the lot, all of which were fitted with the fake wood dash courtesy of Gulf States Toyota. Personally I would not buy one because of that.

    8. Less room behind the 3rd row seats, but I usually leave out one of my 3rd row seats right now as it is, so for me being able to fold the 3rd row flat more than makes up for that. Getting into the third row seems to be much easier with the current seating configuration which slides forward rather than the prior flip and fold. Minivan is still easier though.

    9. I like the styling better with the 2008 Seq vs 2001. I really was not a big fan of the front end of the 2001 anyway. They did something with the grill to make it better (can't remember what year). I also was not that happy with the dash but it was OK. I replaced all the electronics with an Alpine DVD/GPS system so it was not an issue.

    10. Towing a 6000 lb boat/trailer with the 2001 seq was a bit too exciting for my likes and I am hoping the bigger engine with the 2008 will do better.
  • I am going to give you my opinion because I had narrowed down my purchase decision to a GX or an '08 Sequoia just last week. My wife had accompanied me on the test drive of the new Sequoia and her initial feeling was that it was too big (although only an inch longer and wider than my '04). Three days later we drove the GX. Her impression after that drive was,

    "this is just too small. If we were buying it for me, it would be perfect, but for the main haul the family to the beach vehicle, it would be too small."

    I went back to the Toyota dealer last Saturday and purchased an '08 Platinum Arctic White Metallic with red rock interior. I have driven it for a week and approximately 700 and can say that the truck is awesome and has exceeded all my expectation.
  • I went to the Toyota dealer last Saturday and purchased an '08 Platinum Arctic White Metallic with red rock interior. I have driven it for a week and approximately 700 and can say that the truck is awesome and has exceeded all my expectation.
    1. It is only one inch longer and one inch wider than your '01 (I had an '04)
    2. The engine and drive train are awesome, found myself merging onto the interstate last night at 90mph!
    3. Mine has the 20's, I don't notice the ride to be any more harsh than my '04 with 17's. Turning radius is much tighter.
    4. I had the Borla dual exhaust on my '04, so to me, the '08 is quieter.
    5. I agree, most of the most used controls work from the steering wheel.
    6. Can't comment on this, I only am 6 feet tall.
    7. Mine doesn't have wood trim, can't comment.
    8. I agree.
    9. I also like the redesigned Sequoia better.
    10. With over 400 ft-lbs of torque, towing anything should be a much more enjoyable.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Can you post some pics on your CarSpace page? I'd like to see some "real world" photos now that they are hitting the dealers. Thanks and congrats on the new ride!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    That is not true, a Platinum and Limited can be had with DVD res and moonroof.
  • kiiwwii - the lexus is much smaller, built on 4Runner frame and cant haul much 4 or 5,000 lbs i think
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I am done now with it all. I got the front in in another 2 hours. So all in all, I would say a 6 hour project. The cables are all concealed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Pretty sweet.

    Your first post would make a nice CarSpace Guide.

    /hint :shades:
  • de77de77 Posts: 40
    Local dealers are already giving the Sequoia up for invoice in S. Florida, even though we have 2 on the lot. I didn't expect these vehicles to maintain top dollar for long, but this is a little faster than I imagined.

    Keep in mind those reading from rural parts of the country, that we have Toyota dealers like we have Starbucks in Florida- practically on every street corner .
  • Wife wants the platinum but I am hesitant due to the captain chairs. I have read some messages about this but I would like to hear some more details on the pro/cons of having captains chairs versus bench seats. We have one child (1 year old) and maybe another down the road.

    She likes the idea of having the better chair (lumbar support) in the back for when she is back there with our son. She also likes the idea of the console for storage.

    I am uncertain if the having the child in a captain chairs (on side of vehicle) is as safe as being in the center of the vehicle on the bench.

    Can someone provide a pro/con list? I'm sure there are many things we are not thinking of....also, this would be our first SUV.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Your child will be very safe on the captain's chair. Remember you have side curtain airbags to protect in case of a side collision.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    We are in a similar situation as you. We have a 3 YO who currently sits in the middle of our Pathfinder and loves having her mother sit next to her on drives. Wife is pregnant and due in March.

    We'd love to get captain's chairs and I can't even tell you why beyond the fact that they look nicer and classier and that we'll have easier separation of the kids in a couple of years. However, we're most likely/definitely getting a bench seat. Our thought is baby gets the middle seat. 3 YO gets the passenger side bench seat. That leaves a the driver side bench seat for an adult or as our pass through into the 3rd row. We fully intend to use the 3rd row for adults and did not want to deal with the car seat issue and trying to fold captains chairs that already hold two car seats since we plan to keep our 3 YO in her car seat for at least another year or two before we move her into a booster seat. This is huge considering the console in the Platinum is not removeable.

    Our final thought is just that it seems more practical to use the full size and versatility of the bench seat instead getting the captain's chairs for the wrong reasons (ie "the look"). After all, you're probably buying the Sequoia for the size of it.

    Some of this obviously depends on how far down along the road you plan on another kiddo and how long you usually keep vehicles.

    Just my $.02. Good luck!
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    "Our thought is baby gets the middle seat. 3 YO gets the passenger side bench seat. That leaves a the driver side bench seat for an adult"

    Yes, this is the exact setup we use. I highly recommend it.
  • Where in S Fl are you we are heading to Tampa in a couple of weeks and thought we would look there. We live in NW FL and have two dealers within 45 miles in either direction, but they only have a couple of 08's on the lot and I would like a larger selection, but I also want to see it before deciding which one to get. Any dealers you could recommend?
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