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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • I am getting a black platinum and struggled over interior for a while. wasn't going to get grey since i had that for last 5 years in my 4Runner. So i really thought i was going to get red rock. After much consideration I switched to tan (or sand whatever its called). I saw a tundra and a silver seq with RR and while it initially popped and I liked it, the dealer let me take the seq for an hour to lunch and I started realizing that I don't think i would like it in 6 months. What i do like is how they blended it with black mats etc. (wish they would do that with tan), in the end i think it would have gotten old. I decided on black/tan and its suppose to come in on 1/22. let me know if anyone wants any feedback after that.
  • Hi 3rd4rnnr
    I would appreciate your posting pictures of your Black/Sand beige when you receive it. That is the color combination I am considering if I purchase a Sequoia Platinum. I am in Canada and a dealer here tells me that combination won't be available in Canada. Black will only be available with graphite or RR. I hope he is wrong. The release (including pricing) in Canada is scheduled for Jan 21 or 29th.

    The main consideration will be pricing. If close to US pricing I will probably purchase, but if $10 - 20,000 more I will forget it and probably purchase a 2007 Escalade. The used prices are coming more in line with US pricing as they can easily be imported. Apparently Toyota won't allow their US dealers to sell new vehicles to Canadians.
  • vip3vip3 Posts: 1
    If your interested in importing a Toyota or Honda to Canada you can check with states that are farther from the border and have the car shipped to a US city close to your crossing. It is also helpful if everyone would email their protest of this ridiculous policy to the car manufacturers themselves. Canadians are importing thousands of US used vehicles every day and restricted them from new is discrimination! Why should a vehicle cost so much more just because it was driven across the border????

    Wise up Canadians and protest!!!!
  • Hi vip3
    Thank you for your interest and suggestions.
    I have written about 3 emails to Toyota Canada suggesting the price of the 2008 Sequoia should be comparable to US pricing (as well as to a govt. minister) and it will be interesting to see how the new Sequoias are priced upon their release.

    I agree, we Canadians should just not buy the new vehicles until the pricing is more in line, now that our dollar is at about par. That is my intention and if they don't come around to this line of reasoning, I will look into your suggestion of buying further South, or the 2007 Escalade (my 2nd choice). If you are interested in how they are priced, check out in a couple of weeks.
  • ttigerttiger Posts: 1
    I had read on the internet that they were going to make a chocholate brown vertion for the platinum series only.
    Has anybody heard if they are going to have other colors soon that are only in the platinum?
  • ttiger,
    We have just returned from purchasing a new 2008 Sequoia Platinum in Norman Oklahoma.
    It's interesting to note that the paint color is indeed a pearl "oak" with the light tan interior. This paint color is not shown on Toyota's web site so it was a surprise for us when we saw it. We liked it and it grows on you the more you drive it.
    The paint is sort of a maroon brown with a reddish tint and the pearl really stands out in the sunlight or under lights and the sand interior compliments with it really nice. My wife fell in love with it so we bought it even though we didn't get competitive bids to see if we could get a different one for less.
    The Sequoia, equipped out with all our options, MSRP' at $61,551 and we got it for $57,000 + $200 doc. fee. In addition we were talked into Toyotas extended warranty which, this is terrible but I'm not quite sure, cost an additional $2,500.
    This gives us full warranty coverage on everything for 6 years or 100,000 miles basically extending full bumper to bumper coverage from 3 years to 6 years. (I don't know if that was a smart move on my part but this car is loaded with very expensive electronic equipment and three more years coverage on that could pay for its' self, well maybe. Anyway it's done and we love the car/suv.
    Mixed driving around town and on the interstate home (about 40/60) averaged 15.5 mpg and you can burn regular gasoline as opposed to premium required by all the others in this class.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    There are Toyota dealers that will sell you a $0 deductible/ 7year/ 100,000 mile Toyota Platinum extended warranty for a 2008 Sequoia for about $1000. You can still cancel the warranty you bought from the dealer you paid $2500 and purchase the extended warranty from the dealer at the link below.

    I've not worked with him but many folks on the internet have been quite positive on his service.

    Here's his email address and a website with others that have used his service. e-toyota-platinum-6/
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    What's the name on the window sticker called? Desert sand, Cassis Pearl or maybe Pyrite pearl?
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    One other thought regarding the $2500 extended warranty. I really don't understand what extended warranty could have possibly cost $2500 from your dealer. The retail price on the most expensive extended warranty (Toyota's) for a 2008 Sequoia is $1850 at full list price. This would be Toyota's 100,000mile/7yr/$0 deductible policy. This includes unlimited towing to the nearest Toyota dealership, hotel and food upto $100/day if you're more than 150 miles from home, $50/day for a car rental and the warranty is transferable if you sell the vehicle.

    I can't imagine what else the dealer could have included to get the bill upto $2500 for an extended warranty on a Sequoia. ricing&carSelected=Sequoia_4x4
  • hdfatboy,
    Thanks for the information. like I've said, I'm not really sure what I paid for the warranty because the finance officer at the dealership was packaging it with other protective packages ( car ding repair, coverage for the deference my insurance company would pay and the outstanding balance on the loan on the car, sealants- which later I found were supposed to be part of my "vehicle Shield Package" I had already paid for in the original purchase price of the car,etc) none of which I wanted but was convinced by his sales pitch that the reduced rate he gave me would let me have all the protection for just a little more than for the extended warranty's cost. All this was figured into my total financing costs for the car and I really never knew the total final cost of all the packages until I had time later to sit down and go over everything I had signed.
    I know, it was stupid of me to sign all those papers without really going over them with a fine tooth comb but I did. Dumb.
    As I've said we have just gotten home from purchasing the car and don't have any registration papers on the car yet and even still have to go back to the dealer to get some of our purchased option installed.
    Everyone reading this needs to make a mental note that they should learn from my mistake and insist that any documents you are asked to sign be given you to TAKE HOME AND REVIEW before you sign them.
    While I knew I was not getting anything for free, I did think I was being offered an extended warranty at afair market price, which after time for review and research does not appear to be the case.
    I'd like to say lesson learned but it seems that as I enter into the "seinior citizen" realm the wisdom I was supposed to have aquired over the years has somehow faded into obscurity.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324

    I'm sorry to hear that the deal may not have been everything you thought it was. You might consider contacting "Troy" at the link I provided earlier. He has helped others cancel their "inflated price" extended warranty from high priced dealers and transfer to his more fairly priced warranty. Just a thought to maybe help your situation. Can't hurt to contact him for some advice if you think your deal was less than fairly priced.
  • mackabee
    Actually it says "classis pearl/oak"

    Like I've allready said, I'm not sure of what I actually did get or the exact costs. All I've got is the copy's of the loan aggreement with the costs of the packages listed but nothing really explaining what those packages cover other than what the finnance oficer told us. The extended warranty I guess would be mailed to us, we don't have it as it was not given to us when we signed the loan papers.
    The copies of the papers we signed are out in the car and it is getting pretty late so I will go over them in detail on this forum tomorrow after I've rested and had another chance to see what is actually what.
    Although I didn't get any copies of information on the warranty coverage, I am sure he said 6 years 100,000 miles and nothing about it being transferable.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Great color! You got the Cassis red pearl/oak interior. Great combination.
    Mack :shades:
  • mackabee

    you are right that is what it is, however it doesn't look anything like the color shown on the Toyota web sight. On the web sight it looks really red but ours doesn't look that red at all but more of a brownish maroon color with reddish tint.


    Couldn't sleep so I finnaly got the paperwork out of the car and went over all of it.

    Advantage Vehicle Service Contract (what I thought was a Toyota bumper to bumper extended warranty) $2,213

    Guaranteed Auto Protection Agreement (GAP) $360

    Paintless Dent repair $363

    Enviro Limited Warranty ( fabric,paint,vinyl,&leather protector) $363

    And something called A/T Transfer fee $288

    This comes to $3,587 in coverage that is pretty much worthless to me when all I was really interested in was what I thought was a Toyota extended warranty but turned out to be a service contract of some kind.

    I feel so stupid for signing all these papers without reading them and understanding what the actual cost were going to be for each one of them but he was so good at selling me that I trusted him completly and he made it sound like it wasn't that expensive. When I told him I was only interested in the extended warranty and wanted to wait and think about it he told me that if I didn't take it at the time of the car purchase it would cost $800 more to get the coverage later.
    I cant believe I was that stupid but I just was'nt thinking clearly at all.

    Expensive lesson.
  • rtribble, I hate to hear of seniors being taken advantage of. If the "service contract" and all the other add-ons weren't what you wanted, please go back to the dealer and get a refund. Also, contact the person referred to in the above post so that you can purchase a true Toyota warranty at a fair price.

    Mackabee, if I'm not mistaken, I think you're a Toyota salesperson? Nice of you to congratulate rtribble on his choice of colors but maybe you could give him some advice on his situation with the service contract? ;)
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324

    Please don't lose sleep over the purchase of a vehicle. Its really not worth it. It sounds like you got a great color combination on a great vehicle. Enjoy it! Life's too short to lose sleep over a vehicle.

    I do however think its worth a conversation with the manager of the dealership. This type of slick selling against a Sr citizen is despicable in my opinion and I hope you take the time to raise your concern about being sold something you didn't ask for with the dealership management. In NJ, there is a 3-day cooling off period on any contract including a vehicle sale in which the deal can be cancelled. Perhaps your state has a similar provision.

    Print out the Toyota extended warranty information and take it into the dealership suggesting your intention is to inform the Toyota Regional office of their selling tactics. I'm confident you'll get a satisfactory response.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    In NJ, there is a 3-day cooling off period on any contract including a vehicle

    I don't think so.

    I see a one-day cooling off period for leasing a vehicle but I don't see anything about 3 days to cancel a car purchase in New Jersey. (link)

    The only cooling off period for cars I know of is in California, and that only applies to used cars, and it's an cancellation option you have to buy. I'd love to see a link (for any state, not just NJ).
  • Although cooling off periods give you leverage, even without one you could claim fraud/misrepresentation in the sale of the add ons. I know you don't want to hire a lawyer and go through all of that, but simply telling them you felt misled and are considering meeting with a lawyer should be enough to get them to remove those items. The finance guys are paid a nice commission on the sale of the add ons so they are often incredibly high pressured in their pitch.

    No dealership wants a lawsuit or dissatisfied customer (at least the owner does not), so have the uncomfortable conversation with the manager and if he or she stone walls you, keep moving up the chain. Ultimately, you could higher a lawyer to send a demand letter, but I would not think it would need to come to that. Good luck.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324

    I stand corrected. There is no 3 day cooling off law in NJ for an auto purchase contract. (There is a 3-day cooling off for home purchases and any purchase over $25 in which the contract is signed in the home of the purchaser.) There is a 1-day cooling off for an auto lease as you pointed out. An auto contract can be cancelled if it can be shown that there was fraud used to negotiate the contract or if there is financing involved and the financing agreement has not yet been signed but the vehicle contract has been signed.

    Thanks for the correction. Makes it all the more important for folks to carefully read their purchase contracts before signing.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I wish you had found something.

    Carmax and Saturn dealers supposedly offer some sort of return policy, and I've heard that some Toyota dealers do too. I'm sure there are some strings attached (loss of deposit or per mile fee or have to swap for another car on the lot or some such).
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "I wish you had found something."... I also wish I had found a regulation as well to protect consumers purchasing a new car. there are 3 day cooling off laws in many states including NJ. Unfortunately vehicles are exempted.

    I even checked the FTC website to see if there's a federal cooling off law for auto contracts. Apparently even the Feds don't have one that applies to vehicles unless the contract is signed at a location that is not the dealer's primary place of business:

    Here's a good article within Edmunds on the topic:

    Lastly, here's a quote from the following article:

    "Contrary to general assumption, there is no federal law giving buyers the right to cancel their new car purchase within three days of sale. The often-cited Federal Trade Commission (FTC) "Cooling Off" law is only effective for door-to-door sales or sales made at other than the seller's place of business."

    New Car buyer's beware. Carefully scrutinize your contracts before signing because neither the state or the FTC will provide cover to rescind the deal unless there is fraud involved or the contract was signed at a location other than the dealership.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Baseballmom, I would advice rtribble to go back and talk to the finance manager and cancel the service contract, the paint and fabric protection is not worth the paper it's printed on and neither is the dent removal thing. If he paid cash for the car then cancel the GAP as it's no good unless you financed. As far as an extended warranty goes, go with Toyota Extra Care warranties. They are offered by the manufacturer and are less costly than the third party warranties offered by some dealers.
    Mack :shades:
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    rtribble, see my message to mom here in the forums. I gave advice on what you need to do to get those items off your list. I sell Toyotas at a dealership in Va Beach and I'm appalled that you got taken advantage of. There is no such thing that says you must buy something in order to get a lower rate or anything like that. Looks like you dealt with an unscrupulous finance manager. Go back and talk to the GM or GSM and explain the situation and tell them you don't want or need any of the extra fluff they sold you. As hd posted you can look online for Toyota warranties which are a lot cheaper than the third party warranties sold by some dealers. Last resort is to call other Toyota dealers in your area and find out if they sell Toyota Extra Care warranties and for how much. Wish you luck and let us know how it all comes out.
  • Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. The car was financed with all the extra coverages added into the contract. I cannot argue that the finance officer did not give me a chance to read the contracts before signing and while he never told me the individual or total costs of the coverages, he did tell me the monthly payment amounts. Even after I had time to go back over them all it still took me some time to fully figure it all out.
    I did call the finance officer today and tell him I was not happy to find that my extended warranty was not with Toyota and wanted to switch it to Toyota's Platinum plan which I understood retailed less than what I had paid for his Advantage Vehicle Service contract.
    He told me that what he sold me, although a $50 deductible, was just the same as what Toyota offered and had the added benefit of allowing me to take my Toyota to any dealership, Ford-Chevrolet-Etc, to have my warranty or covered service work done. He also said the Toyota agreement cost more than the $2,213 I paid for his. All I've got to look at is the Vehicle Service Contract registration page I signed which dosent tell me very much. He told me I'd have the contract book to look at in a week or so.
    I asked him that if after looking the contract book over I still felt unconfortable with it if we could get back together and try to work it out. He seemed aggreeable to this but of course it dosent mean he would let me cancell it and replace it with the Toyota service aggreement.
    After spending $3,600 for what in the most part is pretty worthless I would hope I would at least end up with a good extended waranty.
    Thats all I ever wanted in the first place. I just want a good extended waranty!
    As far as trying to cancel the purchase on the car it's self, I am vry happy with the car and the sales agreement reached on it and have no desire to cancel We love the car and are very happy with it.
    I guess at this time my only option is to wait and see what kind of service contract I actually have.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    What dealership are you at in VB? Barker or Checkered Flag?
    I did not realize that you were so close to me!!!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    I have the $0 deductible 7 year Platinum Toyota Extra care with all the towing and hotel stuff. I paid $1700 which I considered high. Though they gave me a heck of a deal on the Sequoia to start with. No high pressure to buy any of that other crappola. They did offer Lo-jack which I was not interested in. I would tell them you want to start over on this and feel cheated. I would NOT trust any after market warranty. There is no guarantee they will be in business 6 years from now just when you need it. It is just an insurance company that may or may not be reputable. Contact someone that knows more than you or I know about getting out of that deal.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I've been at both but most of my car selling days have been at the Flag.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    rtribble, you have options. Nothing is set in stone. If you don't want that extended warranty you have a right to cancel it and get your money back. Same with the other stuff if it has not been put on the car. I'd go to the General Manager of the store and if that doesn't work contact the owner. The third party extended warranties are not the same as Toyota Extra Care warranties. Toyota will be around for a long time and we don't know about third party companies. Next thing you know they are out of business. Also did you know your comprehensive factory warranty is 3years or 36k miles whichever comes first ? This covers everything on the car except wear and tear items like windshield wiper blades or brake pads. You drive train or power train warranty is 5 years or 60k miles which ever comes first.
    You're probably from the old school of thought that you want an extended warranty and that is ok. My personal experience with all my Toyotas is that I probably needed it for the first Camry we bought as the down exhaust pipe rusted through and fell off right around the 60k mile range but it was not covered under warranty. I guess I could have pushed the issue to have it fixed "in good faith" but I was too young to know better. I know better now. ;) The only time we purchased an extended warranty was on my wife's 97 Camry and that was only because I got it at cost and the car was pre-owned and it was past the certification requirements. Never had to use it. On all my other Toyotas they have been new and I never purchased an extended warranty. Cars are still going strong without major repairs.
    $3600.00 is a lot of many to pay for things you don't need.
    Mack :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Apparently even the Feds don't have one that applies to vehicles unless the contract is signed at a location that is not the dealer's primary place of business:

    I found an FTC ruling in California that said there was no cooling off period if you buy a car at a tent sale or fairgrounds sale and the dealer has a permanent place of business. Lost the link already.

    Thanks for the nudge - I accumulated some stuff and cranked out a CarSpace Guide about it. Maybe if enough links show up in net searches, the myth will die (or people will demand the right to a cooling off period - lol, am I dreaming or what?).
  • You're a good man, Mackabee! :)

    rtribble, I hope you take Mack's advice and push the issue to get what you really want and cancel the items you do not need.
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