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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • quesocorequesocore Posts: 7
    Thank you! I'll stick with the after market. When you say the connector tube do you mean that's the point where it is potentially leaking? I wonder if once pulling the OE rad out I can inspect that.
  • blastlaneblastlane Posts: 10
    Our Pathfinder had both the radiator/transmission, then the u-joint issue. The "vibrations" are different. The radiator/transmission is a shudder. The u-joint is a definite vibration that gets worse very quickly. Mechanic fixed the u-joint free of charge.
    Nissan Customer Service called last week and referred our claim to the Regional Specialist. We are now waiting for the "Regional Specialist" to call to review our claim.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Went thru whole trans/radiator mess. Got Nissan to replace both for $450 labor charge. Called my indep trans guy who reversed the cooler hoses to bypass radiator. So far so good. If you can, ask indep Ask trans person about reversing hoses. Should work if you don't have fluid contamination. Only thing they asked me to look out for is slowing acceleration over 40mph, but all good. Good luck.
  • blastlaneblastlane Posts: 10
    We heard back from the Nissan Regional Specialist yesterday. He refuses to discuss anything because we have joined the class action lawsuit. He wouldn't even tell us he could help us if we took our name off of the lawsuit. Very disappointing on Nissan's part. Our only hope to recover our $5,000 is for the lawsuit to go through and win or for Nissan to finally admit there is a problem and reimburse us all. Does anyone know if the lawsuit has even been filed yet?
  • quesocorequesocore Posts: 7
    So you had the coolant mixture and they did replace the transmission? What was your warranty status when they replaced it?
  • upset007upset007 Posts: 1
    Well I just got back from Nissan Dealer because my pathfinder was vibrating at 40 mph, while I was excelerating. Of course I looked up what it could be before I took it there and seen stuff about the u joint and coolant leak into radiator. Well it figures I have both problems. the dealer says it is going to cost 2500.00 for the coolant leak repair and 400.00 for the u joint repair. I just bought the car from a dealer about 5 months ago. Of course it is no longer covered under any warranty. It has about 87,000 miles on it. Does any one know another way to fix this? I live in Maryland. Thanks.
  • quesocorequesocore Posts: 7
    I don't know of any. Does the $2500 get the transmission replaced? I hope they aren't proposing to replace the radiator and flush the trans fluid for that amount!
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    I cant wait until Nissan is exposed in this. They are the most unethical corporate business so FAR. At least Toyota stood up the plate after their exposure and attempted some kind of smoothing out.

    Anyway, Maryland guy, bring it to Pa, Selingsgrove, Pa, its the cheapest replacement Nissan I found. Youll end up replacing all of it. And I had a new U joint put on at the same time as well, about $100.
  • Just wanted to say I've followed this forum for a little bit now, I got the 40 MPH "shudder" in my '05 Pathfinder about 1200 miles ago. I took it in initially to our mechanic and he said it was the u-joints or the rear differential. I got on the web and found this forum. Thanks for all the information shared here. Nissan is really letting it customers down with this one.

    Our issue ended up being the U-joints which out mechanic replaced and everything runs fine now, BUT, I will definitely keep an eye on the radiator.

    BTW - our gas gauge went out ages ago and our mechanic said it would over $500 to replace. We passed and have just tracked mileage, glad to see we're not the only ones in that boat either.
  • 9728jim9728jim Posts: 10
    Sorry it took me so long to respond quesocore,

    I did not perform the "flush" on the coolant system. I simply drained the radiator and added fresh coolant. The coolant I drained looked good, no sign of tranny fluid, so I think I'm fine.
  • fishman7fishman7 Posts: 1
    We would like to get in on the lawsuit, could you give me the information on how to do so? Our radiator started pushing coolant into the transmission and our car would vibrate going between 50-55 mph. It costs $5000 for a new transmission, so just like you we are wanting Nissan to reimburse us.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88 Go to this Url and follow the yellow brick road.
  • sstanisstani Posts: 11
    I had reported a complaint to about our Pathfinder issue about a month ago. I have received a questionnaire form where they are asking for further detailed information including any repair invoices,etc. I will be sending a FULL PAGE detail of what happened with our car months ago! and also I am sending the Nissan dealer repair estimates and our local mechanic invoice where he gives a full description of what he found. The more people that report their problem with the Pathfinder to NHTSA with full details including the VIN, the better!!!!!!!
  • condrenvcondrenv Posts: 9
    O.K.... I have the same shutter that eveyone is talking about. I have had 2 Nissan dealers and one tranny guy tell me it is the tranny. Now that I have a warranty policy Nissan said they fixed the problem. They replaced my radiator and flushed my tranny (6xs) for an additional $891 and everything is running fine. So my question is simply... Are we being riped off my mechanics or is my tranny going to fail in the near future?? Pleaase let me know if anyone has had a tranny flush after the radiator failed and the shutter is gone.

    I am so...... confused and frustrated you have no idea !!!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    your at their mercy , after all who's knows more about a tyranny other than those who work on them every day at one time I watched a kid in a junkyard take my auto tyranny apart on a old piece of plywood and I put it back in the car myself ,ran good for years.LOL

  • mpadonmpadon Posts: 2
    We have an 2005 XTerra Off Road model and have hit the same problem. The estimate for repair is $6000. I hope you will include XTerras in your call for action - they have many cross over parts with the Pathfinder.

    I am equally as disgusted with Nissan. I wrote our Congressman and Senators and they received a response from Nissan simply saying the vehicle was out of warrantly and our problem.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    What goes around, etc. I'm not a lawyer, but Nissan will eventually have to pay. Legally, the warranty should not be considered since they installed defective parts.Ypu can sign on to the class-action suit at: and report to:
  • condrenvcondrenv Posts: 9
    Before you go and put that kind of $$ into your truck try changing the radiator and get a good transmission flush. That worked for my 2006 pathfinder. I had two dealers and a transmissions shop all tell me that I needed a $5700 transmission. I spent $900 and all is well. I am not sure if Nissan is trying to screw the consumer or is it the mechanics trying to make money. My truck was really.... bad,,, It was shuttering in the rear betweem 40-60 mph and then it started slamming in to gear. Then one day it just stoppped going into gear. Well good luck.
  • dotdotdotdot Posts: 1
    If anybody could help[ me I have a question. I am about to get a rebuilt transmission. Some one said I need to also change the sensors in the transmission at the same time because of the coolant and transmission oil mix. Has anyone dealt with the sensors in the tranny. Thanks
  • kuya1284kuya1284 Posts: 6
    That resolution may not last very long. I've done and the problem reoccurred within a few months. If your coolant was like chocolate milk prior to having the fluids flushed, I'm sure that the issue will resurface as the coolant and transmission fluid are going to mix again.
  • Yes my mechanic flushed mine 10 times and still nothing. transmission needs to be replaced. I changed all fluids filters and radiator nothing has worked. I also have 05
  • kmonkmon Posts: 8
    I just found out at 132000 miles that my Nissan Pathfinder has radiator fluid leaking into the transmission fluid. the dealer told me that I would need to replace the Trans. and the Radiator at the cost of $6000.00. I have a call into Nissan to see if they can assist in paying for the cost of the repair. Has anyone had any luck with Nissan picking up some of the cost?
  • blastlaneblastlane Posts: 10
    You can always try to see if Nissan will pay. I wrote a nice professional letter, but it still came to a NO response from them. Whatever you do, do NOT tell them you have joined the class action lawsuit. They won't even attempt to talk to you if you have. Good luck with your new transmission and radiator. Ours is doing just fine now that we have had it fixed. I just wish we had our $5,000 back.
  • kmonkmon Posts: 8
    edited July 2010
    Thanks, I still have not had it fixed yet. I am waiting to see how Nissan responds.
  • kmonkmon Posts: 8
    Nissan called me this morning. Guess What? They are not willing to help out with the repair bill. This has been the first Nissan that I have purchased and I can tell you it will be the Last. Nissan just likes to talk a good game but won't stand behind their product. There is obviously a defect in the design of the radiator if so many people at different mileages are having issues. I hope Nissan has to pay for this in a huge recall. They would be better taking care of the problem now with the customers who are having issue then have to pay millions in recall bills.
  • pherrlepherrle Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Has anyone considered trying to go after Calsonic? I believe they are the ones who make the defective radiator. Doubtful they will do anything by may be worth a shot.
  • My 2005 Pathfinder had the same issue - had been shuddering for several months. Coolant leaked into the transmission via the radiator. I sent a sample to Blackstone Labs confirming this, but the contaminated transmission fluid is very obvious because it looks like a dirtier version of campbells tomato soup mixed with milk. The tests however revealed no signs of excessive wear with the transmission.

    About 2 months ago with 78,000 miles I replaced the radiator ($200 for aftermarket, WAS NOT going to get another defective Nissan radiator), $200 for 18 quarts of Matic S and $20 for new nissan coolant. Vibration cleared up immediately. It now has gone about 3,000 miles and seems none worse for the wear. I will be towing our camper with it soon, which should be a good test.

    Moral of the story is to change the radiator and flush the hell out of the transmission, then see what happens before spending $$$$ for a new transmission. I will update this in a few weeks after towing and road trip, but have my fingers crossed.
  • ftjoeftjoe Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    I posted earlier on my 2003 Pathfinder but now things are just getting worse. Four weeks ago had an issue after warming up with very slow acceleration from standing start and shifting issues (staying in a low gear at higher speeds). Had a rebuilt transmission put in and still had similar issues when we got it back a week later. Found out the engine oil was low four quarts, then the car was fine for two weeks until my daughter went on a trip 200 miles away (of course). Same issues in the beginning, slow standing start and won't shift.

    Now the local Nissan dealer says transmission fluid is "burnt" and two gears are suspect. So the rebuilt transmission has 12 month warranty, but is there some other issue such as coolant that might be causing the tranny to fail? I'm concerned the transmission shop will say its not their fault the transmission failed if the cooling is no good and won't cover under the warranty. Any thoughts or advice?
  • kmonkmon Posts: 8
    edited August 2010
    Thank you for the tip. I am in the process of doing the same thing. I am going to replace the radiator first, drain and flush out the trans and see if it improves. Let me know how you make out it in a few weeks if the trans holds up and the shuttering goes away.

  • petekapeteka Posts: 2
    We are having the same problem with the radiator fluid leaking into the transmission fluid, ruining both the radiator and transmission (one month after powertrain warranty expired), $6000 repair bill. I reported this issue to the NHTSA and encourage everyone else to do the same.
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    •ONLINE: Select the "Begin Form" button to the right.
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