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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • Update - Now gone about 6,000 miles after flushing AT fluid and replacing radiator, with 500 of those miles towing a 3500 lb camper. So far so good.
  • I checked my dip stick for my auto tranny , and the fluid is not burnt or mixed , its just than compared to the cars I ave had like toyotas fords chevy , the Nissan fluid is tanish or amber in color , and between your fingers its kind of on the thick consistency side more like a 20 weight motor oil, is this normal because everything is working good, I know you can substitue the Nissan fluid with dextron mercron ii , but that type fluid is red and very thin in comparison, in just curious that the Nissan fluid is normally a little thicker?
  • I had the same problem last fall. On Monday I was having the same problem again. Took it to my wonderful (he really is, I would never take it to the dealership) mechanic, he flushed the transmission again (to the tune of $321) and it is working fine for now. I emailed Nissan directly and they told me the would "open a file" about my problem. Laugable at best! My mechanic told me if he were buying a car for his own wife. He would buy first Honda, then Toyota then Nissan. He says he repairs Honda's least often and when he does have to repair them, even major repairs are usually 25% less to fix. Good luck to you! I'm going to keep mine for the remainer of the extended warrenty and then dump it like a hot rock!
  • Ask your mechanic about switching the two trans cooler hoses. May further help you.
  • Dear all - anyone aware of the cause of the transmission/radiator problem? E.g., Defective radiator? Or, bad engineering such as bad placement of radiator or radiator hose? How does the '07 differ from the '05 and '06 in terms of this design flaw?
    My '05 Pathfinder has already received a new (not rebuilt) tranny and new radiator at 59000. It now has 71000 with no noticeable problems. But, what if anything can I do to prevent it from happening again? Feedback would be appreciated!! Thanks
  • Bad batch of radiators;but Nissan won't admit it.Recall would mean replacing radiators, tranny's and hoses. Cost 100's of millions. THey will stall as long as possi ble
  • imagethey should by rights recall Al those bad vehicles, its not the public's fault its Nissan's and they have millions or can always get a bailout from Obama. here's a tip if you are buying used or new next time by ratings and repairs, its Honda first , Toyota, and Nissan last maybe we should just replace Nissan with Hyundai :lemon:
  • 3cho3cho Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    Same issue with my 2005 xterra. Just got slapped with the over $5,000 repair bill on this car. Had to finance a high interest rate loan to have the repairs done. This is unexcusable!

    ---- Someone Please Inform Me on How I Can Join This Class Action Lawsuit-----
  • Count me in on the Class Action Lawsuit. It’s Hard to believe that Nissan is unwilling to step up and make a recall to this issue.

    After the runaround for well over a month with Nissan and two different dealerships Nissan is unwilling to admit to a manufacturing defect.

    Nissan claims to compete in the same market as Honda and Toyota, but unfortunately do not share in the same quality or customer service.
  • yes , what happened during the years of and 2005-2006 Nissan changed Vendors for there pathfinder radiators, and they all had a flaw in them of leaking in the internal cooling line inside the bottom and thus causing the automatic transmission fluid to mix in with the antifreeze they should make good for this or seek a obama bail out if they cant financially afford to fix there problem with these year pathfinders, however the previous models older to 2004 and after 2006 the 2007 up to date are OK
  • We joined the class action lawsuit a few months ago and today I received an email from Lieff Cabraser indicating they had about 300 people that had joined this lawsuit. I sure hope they get a recall going on this! We haven't had our car for months because of this. We live in north Atlanta,GA. does anyone have any recommendations for a good mechanic in our area that can help us with our transmission? I can't afford $5000 from the Nissan dealer.
  • agggaggg Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    how do i get in on the lawsuit i have a 2005 pathfinder and my transmission just messed up same problems with radiator that leaked causing my transmission to mess up pls let me know me and my husband have three children and no other means of transportation and waiting around to see of the mechanics can fix it not knowing this was happening to evryone
  • I joined this class action against Nissan months ago, after having to replace my transmission and radiator (both sets of ujoints as well, but thats another story)
    and in going to check today, I don't see any progress.
    Has this been closed out?
  • I have the contact name for Lieff Cabraser who emailed me recently. This is still open. Here is copy from the email she sent me last week and her contact info is below.

    "'We now have about 300 people who have contacted us regarding problems with their Nissan Pathfinder. If we file a class action against Nissan, it would be a nationwide case including all 2005/2006 Nissan Pathfinder owners who have experienced the defect.''

    Best regards,

    Wenjie Cai
  • Here is the link to the Lieff Cabraser contact form to report Nissan Pathfinder transmission issues.
  • tseyffstseyffs Posts: 12
    Thank you very much. I really hope it goes somewhere.
    I know there has to be more than 300 Pathfinder owners who have run into
    this defect.
    Meanwhile I will keep watching.
  • Thank you so much I filed too, I have same problem and the cost is 6,000.00 and Im going through a divorce and now my car wont go in reversed. So I have four kids and no car. This was to be a reliable suv for the price and it is a piece of sh........
  • agggaggg Posts: 3
    thank you i contacted the lawyers too i hope we get somewhere with this anyways what makes me mad is that i only had a year and a half left to pay it off it is still in the shop not knowing how to make it run and we had to purchase another vehicle so im stuck do i still pay on it or let it go i have never been late on a pyment in 5yrs and this is what happens im so depressed about the situation
  • From what Nissan told me, they will not do a recall because there were not that many vehicles. But they did tell me when my vehicle goes in that they would work with me getting it repaired and possibly covering part of the bill or all of it. My situation was different, I was already a Aamco with my warranty company (stay away from Aamco, they suck). I wish I paid them the money to put the trans back together and taken it to Nissan.

    Anyway, Call Nissan directly, tell them your situation and you know there was a bad batch of radiators delivered and this was the cause. Push them, be nice but firm.
  • Just a FYI- keep a very close eye on it...I did the same repair on my 06 Pathfinder (new radiator, complete flush) Feb of May problem re-occured now need new tranny...if warranty is close to expiring I would get it in quick, probably a matter of not "if", but "when".
  • Yes, I did the same repair (new radiator, complete flush at 62k) in Feb of 2010, truck was running perfect for two maybe three months....then tremors started again in May, I parked the truck and waited for recall. No recall, truck is now at dealership getting new tranny, Nissan is paying for parts-I'm paying for labor (around $900.) I bought my truck "used" in 06 with 7k on it and did not have routine maintenance done at dealership. Thought I got a good deal, but some people are only paying 1/2 labor costs.
  • jachaijachai Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Pathfinder LE with 138,000 miles on and luckily have not experienced the tranny problem. I did have to replace a u joint on it at around 50,000 but was replaced under warranty, and am now in need of lower ball joints, but I am off road quite frequently and understand that this is rather common on trucks. HOWEVER, after reading all these posts I am freaking out that this WILL happen to me, as it sounds to be quite common. What are the tell tale signs? I have not expereienced any shaking or loss of acceleration yet. Is there a way to have a shop test your tranny fluid to see if there is leaking into it? If so, is there a way to fix it before destruction of the tranny? I just finished paying off this $40,000 truck and was looking forward to another 100,000 miles, but now am concerned..... Thanks
  • Have your mechanic reverse the tran cooler hoses from the radiator. should hepl avoid problem if it has occurred yet.
  • A current class action suit has been filed against Nissan for this issue. You can join or find out more about the lawsuit by following this link:

    or click on class action and when the cases come up in the lefthand column click the Nissan 2005 Pathfinder Transmission defect link.
  • gsg1gsg1 Posts: 1
    There already is a class action lawsuit pending concenring the radiator problem on 2005 Pathfinders. See under Consumer Class Actions.
    or copy and paste this link:
    Hope this helps.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    So?? What was the final result?
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Thanks for letting us know there may be a light (although dim) at the end of th tunnel!! :shades:
  • The suit is currently in progress. The result is not final yet. Anyone who feels they want to join or report their problem to assist the suit should go to the site and follow the instructions for the class action suit against Nissan.
  • I took my 2005 Pathfinder into the dealership for the problem with the radiator/transmission. I was preparing myself for a fight with Nissan over warranty coverage on the radiator (I have 58,000 mi's). Apparently in the last day or two Nissan issued a service bulletin on the problem extending the warranty to 80,000 miles on the radiator. Presumably that would include the transmission since the failure was caused by the radiator.
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    I received a similar extension for the gas gauge issue for the same vehicle in the mail last week. Unfortunately, my transmission issue occured at approximately 104,000 miles. Had they just informed me of the issue with the radiator (it was out of warranty), I would have replaced it knowing it could have caused transmission issues. They knew there was a problem and failed to communicate it to unknowing customers. The $600 radiator replacement cost would have been much cheaper than the $5600 I had to pay for both... Just sayin...

    BTW... I also had the gas gauge issue with the X-Terra I owned before the pathfinder. They had a recall/reimbursement for the issue years after I had the problem and I had already traded the vehicle in and trashed my records of the repair. How convenient...
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