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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • angileyzangileyz Posts: 4
    My 2006 Pathfinder with 36K has a bad tranny... not the typical tranny/radiator issue. It was described as defective. I have been waiting for 2.5weeks and Nissan still hasn't been able to get a tranny, they are back ordered. Nissan is covering everything and has me in a rental, so far so good... Does anyone know how long they can keep you in a rental or if there are any other options, like Nissan buying the vehicle back. I am also curious if the tranny's are made in Japan and if so does anyone know the impact?
    I am greatful that this is being covered and don't mean to sound like a brat!
    Thank you!
  • UPDATE: SO after getting the second U-joint fixed, something is still rumbling when the transmission downshifts... Most noticeable at around 47 mph downshift. SOunds like I am running over rumble strips for about 3 seconds. But it only happens once in a while for now... So i dumped it while I still could yesterday and bought and Toyota Highlander. Loving it. I got 12,5 for it by the way.
  • What year was it?
  • homer028homer028 Posts: 4
    Sounds like it was the tranny not wanting to lock into OD. If you could have, you would have been able to tell by locking out the OD on the transmission selector. I have the same issue and have been living with it for a couple of years now until I can scrape up enough for a new one.
  • tim2011tim2011 Posts: 6
    I dropped my 06 Pathfinder off 3/21 and they just got the transmission in this morning and should have my suv ready tomorrow evening. They are covering the rental until fixed.-not sure where it is made.
  • I took mine in today, they told me there is nothing wrong with it!!
    I asked them to check the radiator fluid to see if it has oil in there, the idiot said "all systems are working normally"
    Great, i guess they want me to drive it until the think locks up!
  • khyltonkhylton Posts: 2
    Very interesting you post on the Pathfinder. I'm just learning about the problems with the radiator/transmission on '05 and '06 models. You mentioned that there may be "optional cooling lines" connecting the radiator and transmission. Is this model or equipment specific? I am getting the idea that all Pathfinders have this problem, but your comment made me think that may not be the case. Thanks for any info.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Find a reliable trans shop. They will know what to do. My guys reversed the cooler lines to the trans. They said that if I noticed a drop in acceleration, they would put them back. I had no problem, Switching the lines is an insurance policy of not having it happen again. I don't know if it would do any good if you are in the process of having the proble. I had it done right after Nissan changed the trans and radiator.
  • tonloc3tonloc3 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately we are suffering through this issue now. Took our 2005 Pathfinder to our Nissan dealer 3 months ago with 90,000 miles on it as we were feeling a slight vibration in the tranny at about 45 -55 miles. Vibration would go away if I accelerated, let off the gas a little or turned off overdrive. Nissan advised that they could not feel anything but suggested we have them do a flush and fill ($200) as the tranny fluid looked dirty. This seemed to ease the problem for a couple weeks. It has since re-appeared 3 fold. We just took it back Friday with 95,000 miles on it. This time I made their tech ride with me. After 3 minutes we turned around, went back to the shop as he felt it. Once in the shop he popped off the radiator cap, stuck his finger in it and then showed me the oilish mix. He then went and talked to the service desk. I went in after a few minutes to see what was going on and they proceeded to tell me about the recall, the issue and I was OUT OF LUCK because of being over 80000 miles. I have a call into Nissan as I think they are to blame for the tranny as they should have known about the issue and diagnosed then and should have saved me the cost of a tranny. They should also stand by a bad part. Have my fingers crossed. This will definitely determine if I will ever own another Nissan. Note: We also suffered through the Fuel sending unit issue. Nissan did step up and honor us 10,000 over the 72,000 mile limit.
  • mengoairmengoair Posts: 1
    My 2006 Pathfinder was going bad @97,000. Luckily I have the 100,000 mile extended warranty plan. I feel sorry for those that are getting screwed by Nissan. It took two and a half months for mine to get fixed and I just got it back on 4/23/2011. You are going to have to wait much longer, I think. As of now (4/25) they have 39 transmissions on back order. I was at the top of the list to get a transmission because of my previous wait time. I also got a brand new one- not a remanufactured one. Do not know why. From what I understand they usually go with the remanufactured. On the Nissan buyback "are you kidding?" I would not hold my breath for that one. I had a rental car for about a month and a week. I only got the rental car after bitching because I was still driving my broken [non-permissible content removed] pathfinder around. They will keep you in the rental until your car gets fixed. The excuse they gave me for the long wait time was due to the misfortune in Japan. Funny thing about mine was that it had been diagnosed and the part ordered about three weeks prior to the earthquake.

    So do not get your panties all in a bunch and enjoy the rental. I am curious if you got it yet though? Did they replace the heater core, water pump, and/or thermostat? Good luck to all others who are not under warranty and dealing with the BS.
  • angileyzangileyz Posts: 4
    Dropped off my Pathfinder on 3.28.2011 and got it back today 4.27.2011. A week into the ordeal I was told I was backorder 86 and had been moved up the important list because my vehicle was inoperable... I think Nissan footing the bill for the rental likely had something to do with it also... Not so sure if I am going to keep it or do a trade in... I think I'll get a '67 Camero ;-)
  • Hello to all of you! I will like to give my opinion about this situation with the pathfinders,last sunday my husband went to the store,some how the service light tourns on,the diagnostic says; transmission/radiador manufactor problem. So! I took the car to the dealer,and they told me is right the transmission is contaminated by the radiador fluid, but that is not the problem,the bigest problem is they are charging me over $600 dlls to replace the radiador when this part in question still have extended warranty.
    I get really upset when I told them why I have to pay for that,I don't have that much of money,then they offer me an used radiador for $250 dlls. I explain them again why I have to pay? if the car still have warranty,I being a very good customer with them since a have that car,never late in my payments,paying more of what they ask me for,and what I have in exchange? no consideration for my problem. The truth is that this is the last time I will buy a Nissan SUV.
  • This is my response to any body who needs me for this problem with Nissan Pathfinder I'm having a problem with the transmission screwup becuse the radiador fluid make a milshake inside,and the Dealer is charging me over $600 dlls for a new radiador or $250 for a used one :mad: . I agree with every body in this site,I have being on recall many times already since I get this SUV,two years ago. If someone can response to my 911 I will really appreciate. :cry: Thank You.
  • lloydjvlloydjv Posts: 2
    Still waiting on our truck to be done. I called two weeks ago and they say the new transmission had an internal leak and it would take another week to get new transmission, install and check. At least they are taking care of it, but I get the feeling they have had so many problems with this that they have run out of resources and reliable new transmissions for replacement.

    At this point, we'd just as soon trade it for the the Altima they loaned us and have them rework the financing.
  • tonloc3tonloc3 Posts: 3
    How many miles are on your pathfinder?
  • horns15horns15 Posts: 1
    Like described in many of the other threads, I started feeling a shutter or rumble at around 60 mph. I took it in to the Nissan dealer and they said it was the transmission and that unfortuneately it was out of warranty. However, they recommended me to a non-Nissan transmission guy. The tranny mechanic that I went to said he found water in my transmission. He did not say how it got their, but only that the tranmission was contaminated with 10% water. He flushed it and said that should do it. He charged me around 500 dlls. I went home feeling a bit uneasy and perplexed. I was like how the hec did water get in my tranny. I haven't been in a flood or crossed any rivers. That is when I googled "Nissan Pathfinder transmission rumble" and I found this discussion. Thanks to you guys I was able to connect the information: what the mechanic said and what you guys were saying was the root cause. I went back to the dealer and told him that I was certain my transmission was contaminated with radiator coolant and had a bad radiator which leaked into the tranmission pipe that entered and exited the radiator. The dealer said leave your PF here and will check your claim. The next day the dealer called me and said that I was correct and that a new radiator and transmission would be given to me. They also said that I was still under the 80K extended warranty of the radiator. I have 71k in my PF. Thanks to you guys I was able to save around $6000 since the transmission was bound to breakdown in the future since the flush was only a band aide. If I would have been confirmed with the work the non-Nissan mechanic did and never have turned to the internet for an explanation, I would not be getting this matter resolved. I must say that the Nissan dealer I'm dealing with has been very coopertive thus far.
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    I had been putting off bringing it in, but today i started hearing a clicking noise come out of the front differential i believe...but before that for a week, i have been feeling an uneven shifting pattern at about 45 mph from 3 into overdrive..
    I also need the recalls done (ECM) and airbag sensor. So I have 61k on this SUV and i am really hoping that its the radiator and transmission and will get fixed under warranty.
    Let you know what they say tommorow.
  • zoebearzoebear Posts: 1
    OMG, I had NO IDEA about any of this until today when I brought in my 2005 Pathfinder because it was running terrible, and low and behold, guess what is happening?? I can't even beleive it! I do not know what Nissan is going to do about it yet, but I already have 110 k miles on it so I am assuming not much since it is over the warranty and I just paid it off as well! I am beyond pissed about this ordeal! Time to car shop I guess! :lemon:
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    Nissan doesn't want to pay you have to go to a lawyer that representing this case, his name is in a earlier post ,this is going to cost about $5000 or more .it happens on 2005 and 06 and some 07 models ,I have a 03 another problem is in a service bulletin not a call back and its the swirl valve screws loosen up and fall into the intake manifold and destroy the V6 engine.
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    Update: dealer says.the clicking noise in front end is defective front can that go with 61k?? also needs serpentine belt and cost $1k.
    dealer said radiator and transmision are fine.
    Is this the beginning of my woes?
  • luckyducluckyduc Posts: 17
    It seems that u-joint failures are common. I have replace two on the rear drive shaft of my 2006 pathfinder already with less than 60k miles. I intend to buy an after market u-joint in the future if anymore fail.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    You're being hosed. My tranny place replaced my belt for $60. Don't know what pulley would cost. Better find reliable mechanic and price it out.
  • tonloc3tonloc3 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately Nissan did not step up and I now have to pay the dealer that screwed me in the first place $5000 for a new radiator and rebuilt transmission or go to the highest rated tranny shop in the area who will replace radiator, rebuild tranny and flush heat / cooling system (tranny fluid in heater core, thermostat, etc..) for $2400. Guess which one I am going to. I understand I have 95,000 now but I only had 90,000 when I first took it to them and they mis diagnosed. This seems like a huge design flaw on Nissans end. Needless to say we will have the car fixed and trade it in. Never again will I own a Nissan product. My suggestion is to sale yours if this hasnt happened because it will.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    your doing the right thing , not only the tranny and radiator is a big problem ,its those little swirl valve screws that fall into the intake manifold and destroy the pistons and engine parts. after 60 ,ooo its your out of pocket that pays for this big design flaw in the v6 nissan motors in all of them even Altimas .just google search [Threadlocker on Power Valve screws ] and you will see pictures
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    All i get from the service advisor is "The radiator issue is not with EVERY Vehicle" I said its a ticking timebomb and why are they extending warranty of radiator?? I told him i have read hundreds of post of people having their radiator and tranny blow up..."well yours is fine" he says. Now i read about the swirl valve screws falling out and destroying engine. So i am living with the fact that the radiator could go and engine could sieze at any time if i don't have the screws tightened to tune of $1k most likely.
    Its paid for and i have title, but how do i replace a vehicle like this without having a payment, (i can't take one on now) and what would it be worth in a trade or retail? would feel terrible about selling it to someone knowing its a timebomb.
  • raygoraygo Posts: 3
    My 2005 Pathfinder broke down 3 states away from home. Had it towed to the nearest dealer. I had the transmission replaced already 10 mo. ago. Believe it or not, same problem happened again! I had the tranmission rebuilt. Now the miliage is at 86,000. I've been on the phone with Nissan(begging) They say they will get back to me with an answer in a few days, Anyone know what my chances are? I owe $10,000. on the car. I use my car for work and am now also out of work. How is this possible that so many lives are being affected by this car?
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    Did you have the radiator replaced with the first tranny repair?? thats what caused it if you read all the prior posts.
  • raygoraygo Posts: 3
    yes the radiator is new, the transmission rebuilt.
  • 9728jim9728jim Posts: 10
    I had to replace my u-joints twice on my 2005 pathfinder. You probably don't need to replace the entire driveshaft. The dealer tried to tell me the same thing but I went to a local mechanic who was able to change the u-joints and the problem went away.

    I also had the surpentine belt changed for $100. Within 3 months the belt was squeaking again! I now just hit it with belt dressing every couple of months.
  • spinynormanspinynorman Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    Now has been about 15 k (including the camper towing) since I flushed the tranny (about 20 qts) and replaced the radiator. No tranny rebuild. replaced 4 qts of Matic S about a month ago just for good measure (old looked ok). Runs/shifts ok, no apparent problem remains. Cant speak to potential long term effects, that's why I continue to update this forum.

    Nissan reimbursed me for radiator and a shxtload of fluid which I replaced myself. At the time the problem happened (June 2010) my Pathfinder was out of warranty. I didn't know they were to issue the warranty extension (Nov. 2010?) to cover the radiator and resulting tranny damage or I obviously would have had them replace the trans. When this happened in June 2010 I decided not to rebuild the tranny and just replace AT fluid and radiator.

    My advice - if you can get a new tranny and radiator from Nissan, go for it. If Nissan wont cover tranny replacement then it may be worth the risk not spending 4k to rebuild the transmission if it still drives (read my earlier posts) because you have nothing to lose. But definitely replace the radiator and complete transmission fluid flush (not just the drain and add 4 qts but flush, drain and drive; repeat 4 or 5 times so nearly all of the original fluid is gone, takes about 20 qts). Just my experience, has worked so far. Hope it helps somebody.
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