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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • One more reason not to buy a Nissan again. After my experience with my Pathfinder (and I got money back from Nissan after protracted attempts) i'm done.
  • If anyone is interested in joining our class action law suite please contact Gary Graifman. I have attached the link. I am a plaintiff in this suite for the state of Pennsylvania. We have plaintiffs from a number of states attached to this suite. I was of the first to experience the problem almost 2 years ago. I like many of you did not fully need to replace the transmission until after the 80,000 mile mark. Although problems were beginning much earlier, my mechanic at the time did not think that a defective radiator was the problem. So other things were replaced prior to it being to late. I had a complete transmission failure at 92,000. My problems started around 60,000. All people who experience a breakdown of the radiator which cause failure of the transmission and/or other parts should participate in the lawsuit if they have not been reimbursed by Nissan. Here is the link:
  • Wow I am so glad I stumbled on this blog, I thought i was alone with this problem. I too went to a Nissan dealer and informed them of my transmission having slipping issues. They told me up front that the transmissions in this model have had no problems to there knowledge and to try and flush the system and add new (special Nissan only manufactured) fluid at a cost of $20 bucks a quart. Well this worked great for about 2 months and then the shuddering at about 45 to 50 mph. started, followed by more slipping and then finally crapping out in the middle of our last ct. storm on the way home from work. Never did Nissan mention any of these issues, which after reading this I'm sure they were aware of, but know I am just over my warranty mileage and am fearful i will get stuck with one hell of a hefty bill. I will contact Nissan and follow up on this with legal action as I hope every one here will. If enough of us are informed and willing to fight this they should have no option but to settle.
  • wahoo! i am so happy i finally got rid of my 05 piece of crap nissan! i will tell you if it wasn't for having that extended warrenty i would have had to pay 7000.00 for repairs on it the past 4 months and i am so sorry for those of you that actually have to pay for it and having to fight to get your money back! but i just became a sah mom and there was no way i could afford the upkeep of that vehicle b/c with it just getting a new tranny in jan it was still messing up on me and the viberation noise still hasn't stopped! anywhoo i am just estatic that i traded it in and NEVER ever will i ever own another nissan again! i went to chevy this time!
  • Hey I was curious, did you get your car fixed at a Nissan dealership? We paid $5,000 for a new trany before the radiator recall and now they say they wont reinburse b/c we didnt have the work done at their dealership. Yah, Nissan doesnt care at all about their customers..we are way under 80,000 miles too.
  • We did have the repairs done by nissan... purely by luck...
  • Our Transmission failed in our 05 Nissan Pathfinder in July 2010, we took it into a local transmission shop, they found radiator fluid in our tranny. We went straight to Nissan they said they knew nothing of their radiators being defective and hadn't heard of anyone elses transmission shuttering around 50 mph. So we shelled out $5000 and had our transmission replaced, Nissan didnt have any newer radiators so the shop put the radiator and tran on their own cooling system so that the radiator wouldnt leak into the tranny again, and ruin the new one. It wasnt a huge change in the system, just a $300 cooling system for the radiator. In Dec 2010 we found out Nissan had recalled their radiators, we started the reinbursment process, it was almost complete, then Nissan said they wanted us to get the new radiator installed even though our seperate system was working just fin, and then they would reinburse us. Took our car in , got the new radiator installed, had to buy the $20 hose to connect rad to tranny. Then Nissan said they wont reinburse b/c we had the radiator put on its own cooling system (mind you it was only $300 out of the $5000 to have that done and we bought the $20 hose that made our system back to normal) so we had to talk with the Nissan consumer affairs, to dispute this, then they came back and said, I quote, "Nissan does not reinburse for work done at other shops because we cant guarentee their work" We are now going to the Attorneys General office b/c we were told from the beginning that it didnt matter if we had it fixed at another shop, we werent under warranty AND their recalled part broke our transmission, and we took it to a transmission shop, then they said they never reinburse for work done outside of NIssan.......NEVER dealing with Nissan again!!Such bad business practice
  • Fixed at Nissan Dealership. Even though I spearheaded it,they worked with me through trans and radiator replacement. And I got my $$$back from Nissan, a year later--after they extended the warranty on the radiator.
  • We completed a bypass by giving the radiator its own cooling system and the tranny one. This was done before the recall, after we found out about the recall they denied us first by saying since we 'altered' the tran and rad they wouldnt reinburse us, so we had our car taken into Nissan, they put the new radiator in and we had to buy the $20 hose to have the rad hooked back up to trans. So everything is back to normal, now Nissan says they still wont reinburse b/c we had a new transmission put in at another dealer. We are fighting this as the new trans cost $5000.
    Maybe we are dealing with different matters though, it sounds like you didnt have a new transmission put in?
  • I am new here, but i have a 2005 pathfinder with 57k (low miles) and i got the letter for the radiator extension. Now i haven't been to the dealer for the ECM recall but going in soon...They said that they will check the radiator at the same time...i haven't had any trany slipping or shuddering or signs of fluid on ground. I said to the Service manager on the phone that what i have is a ticking timebomb right?? he said no i have people with $125k in here and their radiator is fine! I'm like well your telling me they don't all fail? he said no..I said so what happens when the radiator fails on me, when i am over the 80k?? he said your on your own!! I called Nissan america and opened up a claim and told them my situation...You know when i bring it in they will tell me the rad. is fine and not cracked. Shouldnt Nissan just replaced these to eliminate the future Trany replacement and bad press??? what should i do with it? I just paid it off and not in a position to trade since i just got divorced....what is it worth with that mileage and in ave.condition.??
  • Since its under warrenty you should just have them replace the radiator anyway. You have a right to have the new one put it
  • they already said they won't if its not broken yet....
  • I'd pour some antifreeze down the tube for the transmission fluid and tell them the transmission has started to shift oddly. Don't wait until it's too late and you're stuck with the bill!
  • I was fortunate with my '05 Pathfinder. After experiencing same problems with transmission, ECM, fuel sensor, and radiator, made appointment with my local Nissan dealer. Vehicle has 66,500 miles and just expected all these items but transmission to be replaced. I was prepared to hassle over the underlying main problem, the transmision. Tech rep. called me same day, however, to inform radiator and transmission will also be included at no charge.
  • use2work , you were having the bucking at 50 mph? Did you see it leaking antifreeze on driveway....did they have all parts in stock and how long did it take to repair?
  • Really! Because with ours they said that even though we had it fixed at another place they still wanted us to have them, Nissan, put in the new radiator, then they said they would reinburse us for our transmission $5,000, so we had them put the new radiator in , waited for our check in the mail, then they said they never reinburse for work done at another shop, even though it was the radiator that broke it....ugh, we are fighting that one now - but yah, they wanted us to get the new one since the old ones can break your tranny. If you have an 05 and that radiator was recalled, I would absolutely fight it that they put a new one in, or have them sign something that says if it breaks in the future, even over 80,000 miles that they will pay for it b/c they refused to put one in now.

    I dont know, but Im not liking Nissan at all now :mad:
  • bev62bev62 Posts: 9
    The dealership called and said that my vehicle was ready after having it for 3 weeks. They replaced the radiator, transmission, water pump, heater core, and thermastat. Everything was covered under the extended warrenty. I was just lucky I had less than 80,000 miles on my vehicle.

    I still can't believe Nissan didn't issue a recall on this problem. So many people have had to pay for this Nissan screw-up out of their own pockets. This will be my last Nissan.
  • Has anyone ever seen any news article on this? Maybe that is the way to push Nissan to take care of these problems for everyone. When Toyota had their problems, the story was all over the place. A ruined transmission won't kill anyone but it sure can kill a family's savings or finances. I was over the mileage when mine crapped out and had to get my tranny rebuilt (with a new radiator) instead of replacing it because of the cost. It still cost me $2500 and now I was told that the catalytic converter is shot which will cost another $1700.
  • I am one of those people who were screwed by Nissan !!! After fighting with Nissan USA for over 6 month they denied my claim for the 5th time and closed my case. :( I had to replace the transmission and radiator at my own expense. I say we get as many people as possible to post how we feel about Nissan and all of our problems on thier facebook page. I did this a couple of weeks ago an boy... boy... did I ruffle a few feathers. Well at the least I felt better that I could share my horrible ecperience with others.
  • Did your vehicle have the rumble sound at 50 mph or did you have another symptom that caused you to take it in.
    What basis did the dealer use to say you needed a new trans?
    I'm getting ready to take mine in and want to make sure they replace the transmission as well as the Radiator as i have had the rumble in the past.
    I have been preventing it by keeping my trans fluid replace fairly frequently.

  • Rumbling was key issue. Knew it was trans. Called local reliable Trans place to confirm. They said they knew about problem and I should have it and radiator done. Battled with Nissan. They eventually had me pay 1/2 dealer labor charge ($450). I got the money back from Nissan, with a lot of effort, after they extended the radiator warranty. All along, they did not want to link the trans problem with the radiator;but too much pressure from customers and lawsuits and they finally extended the radiator warranty.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    It doesn't matter if you change your fluid once its a leak from the radiator into the transmission cooling lines it goes right into the fluid and mixes with it,your only hope is to get the radiator replaced and the transmission flushed twice to get it all out.
  • bev62bev62 Posts: 9
    Mine was rumbling and slipping. There was transmission fluid mixed in the coolant in the radiator. Once the dealership saw it there was no questions ask they just said that it was the radiator defect. They ended up replacing my radiator, transmission, water pump, heater core, and thermostat.
  • I have recently purchased a 2006 pathfinder from a dealer and am curious as to how I should go about finding out if I possibly have a tranny problem or how to determine if there is a future problem that I should look out for. I do know that there is an external tran. cooler on my vehicle and it looks like a factory installed unit. I know that the vehicle has a towing package from Nissan (at least that is what I was told at the dealer).

    I also noticed during the initial driving test at the time of purchase that there was a slight noise during takeoff but the salesman put it off to sand on the driveway? Even my wife noticed this and she was the driver when this occured. Now I have my doubts after reading all the problems from Nissan owners of 05, 06, and 07 models.

    Is the name of the radiator readily visible on the radiator as it is installed in the SUV? Can the radiator fluid be tested for water content?

    Any help on this matter will be most appreciated and thanks for any advice that I receive.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
  • I have a 2006 with 73,000 miles and it seems to be the transmission issue. I just replaced the tires and still get a slight shimming in the front end at 50-60mph,I also get a clicking sound in the front end when I slow to stop which sounds like it slows down as the wheels slow down to stop then is gone when stopped. Do you think this is the transmision and what should I tell the dealer ? Thanks for any guidance.
  • Check to see of wheel bearing or CVC joint problem.
  • I cannot find any loose parts in front end will have to check further. Thanks.
  • you will hear a rasping noise if it's a wheel bearing. similar noise with possibley more grinding if it's a cvc joint. Also could be a bad engine mountif noise is not coming from wheels.
  • It makes a clicking sound like something is not engaging and slows down as the wheel slows down-when in 4 wheel drive sound goes away and 4 wheel drive sounds very rough.
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