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Honda Odyssey Alignment Problems

zuraxuszuraxus Posts: 14
Since the first day that I picked up my new '07 Odyssey I felt that van is pulling to the left a little. I did address this issue to the dealer right a way and after little hesitation they put did the alignment. Results were Ok, they told me that everything was within manufacturer's specifications, butt hey made a little touch to make perfect. When I picked the van up from the dealer I ttok the car on highway and I felt the same "pull" again. I tried different roads, change the lines, considering road profiles, but even the road was profiled to the right, van is still pulling to the left at high speed (50-60 m/h and over). I already put about 8k miles on the van and mainly highway miles and I know that is not right. 2 weeks ego I made the appointment with local dealer to pay for the alignment from my packet, I just want to get over with, after service was done I noticed that there is $ 0.00 balance on my bill, I asked why??????? my answer was: " Sir, Your alignment is so perfect that we didn't even touched, everything is right on mark"
An body know what could be the problem, what I should do in this case, van is still pulling to the side and is very frustrating on the highway, when I can't just have wheel freely in my hands only I have to apply constant force to counterbalance the pull. Thank you for advise.


  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    My new 2008 Ody Touring pulled to the left and the steering wheel was also be too far counter-clockwise when the car was going straight ahead. The dealer corrected the steering wheel position and changed the toe back to original factory specks and it now does not pull left. Compared to my 2001 T & C, more effort is required to keep the vehicle going straight. Seems as if more force is required to activate the steering mechanism. The Honda service technician said that most '08s seemed to wander a slight bit in the center and just required more input from the driver. Other problems encountered was a rattle in the passenger sliding door (loose bolt corrected) and headlight aiming off. They will need to be set lower as just the slightest load in the rear drops the vehicle enough that you get constant reminders from oncoming vehicles. Any other '08 problems people have encountered?
    Thanks, dvhagan
  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    Honda vehicles track very straight unless there is a problem. Service techs that say pulling right or left is "normal" on a reasonably flat road are just flat out wrong. The first thing to confirm is that the tire pressures are set correctly--I'm assuming someone's already done this. As far as alignment is concerned, I've owned 8 Hondas and have never had factory alignment be set wrong. Very unlikely. Most likely IMO is a tire with a slipped belt or some other defect. Try switching the tires front to rear to see if that corrects the problem.
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    Tire pressure has been checked many times cold. The dealer did cross (X rotation) front to rear at the time they changed the toe. Again it does not pull left or right now that it was changed to the factory spec. The showed me the before and after readings and it was out. What they said appeared to be normal is a very slight "wandering" straight ahead with no road crown present. The front end mechanic said I was not the first to ask about the "wandering" and increased steering pressure feel. He said something has changed in '08. He had talked to some technical people at a higher level with Honda about the problem. Tire problems were also discussed and one of the alignment persons suggested checking again after the tires had worn after perhaps 8,000 miles.
    Thanks for your input.
  • I just bought Odyssey EX. I have the exact similar problem. I have the same increased steering pressure. It has got around 300 miles. The dealer said they will check the steering and rotate the tires. I have the appt. next week. Will keep you posted.
  • zuraxuszuraxus Posts: 14
    thx. just to let u know, I had alignment checked twice, there was no improvement, finally I did tire rotation and that took care of the problem, that means is a bad tire that is cosing this problem, if u still have a chance try to claim the tire via your local dealer were u got your car from, if not let them bring this case to Michelin for you ( new car warranty cover everything except tires). good luck. Let me know...
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    Thanks for the reply concerning your bad tire. My dealer did suggest putting around 8,000 miles on the tires and then re-evaluate. Honda evidently just requires more steering wheel pressure to initiate a turn- I have a Lexus RX350 loaner today while my older Lexus is being serviced. The RX350 has a nice "light" steering feel and shows no tendency to wander while going straight down the road. The only other thing that I have noticed is the awareness of when the engine goes from running on all six cylinders down to fewer in the ECO mode.
  • zurazus,

    Your post states my experience so well I could of written it. I picked up my Odyssey in August and complained after 300 miles. Along with the van pulling to the left, when moving around 5 mph the steering wheel will twist back and forth in my hand if there is any bumps in the road. Sometimes it will dart left or right while moving at a moderate speeds. After a alignment and with no improvement I was told that the problem was "lot rot" and to put 4 to 5 k miles on it and see if the problem went away. Well after 7k miles I took it back and they rotated the tires and it helped quite a lot but still not close to the way the demos felt. Today I called the dealer and told them that they had convinced me that the problem was in the tires and that I expected them to replace them with four new tires. As of now I am waiting to hear back from the service manager to see what he can do about it. Will post the outcome later.
  • As to the tires- My service department in Des Moines told me that they put three different sets of tires on one Odyssey before it was correct. As for the increased steering pressure, one of the mechanics told me that there were problems a "few years back" and he had worked on over 40 vehicles making changes, I assumed in the steering gear components. Another said that the pressure component is now all electronic and he did not know of any way to change that. I still feel the odd steering when I am making minor changes on a curvy road. It is like the vehicle has a mind of it's own as to steering direction. As to the feel of the vehicle in the ECO mode when it drops cylinders- The Wall Street Journal had a review of an '08 Accord (compared to a Malibu), and he said the ECO mode feel bothered him because his being aware when it was "dropping" cylinders. After my alignment to correct toe at 800 miles, it will go straight on a perfectly level road with no apparent crown. When there is a crown, you have to keep at the wheel to correct the pull. Thanks for your input.
  • Had problem with my 07 Odyssey pulling to the right. Dealer checked out, said it was in specs and still pulled to right. He then ordered concentric bolts and installed to bring camber adjustment to perfect, that did the trick, now drives straight. Honda says everything is OK if unless it completely changes lanes in 5 seconds when letting go of wheel.....wrong in my opinion.
  • crazyloucrazylou Posts: 1
    Same problem: Odyssey 2007, pulls to left. Had it aligned twice, no help. Honda says it is normal, I say it is not. The car will follow the crown of the road too much. Considering calling for Honda representative to look at car. My other cars have never done this. Dpon't let hands off wheel even for a second.
  • mikesingmikesing Posts: 7
    I have the same problem with my 07 honda, with the pulling to the left my wife says she has to always put pressure to keep it straight.At my last inspection the dealership told me everything is ok...but if
    you let go of the steering it will go acrosss 3 lanes.When i drive the car i always feel i clicking & slight vibration in the steering wheel like something isn't right from time to time .My 99 ford taurus doesn't do any of these things and has a smoother ride i feel everybit of the road with my honda..HAS ANYONE HEARD OF AS RECALL ON THIS STEARING ISSUE!!!!!
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 55
    I am having the same experience as all of you who posted in this forum. I purchased an 08 Odyssey EX-L approx. 1 month ago. I initially noticed that the steering wheel was a little off center, cocked slightly to the left in rest position (when driving straight) and vehicle was pulling to the right. I took it into the dealer and they straightened the steering wheel (still seems a hair off but closer to straight) and they said I did not need an alignment. I took the car on a trip and upon returning, went back to the dealer and told them it was still pulling to the right. When I got the vehicle back, they said it did not need an alignment, but instead, they rotated the tires from front to back and that the problem was due to the vehicle sitting on the lot, that the tires get flat in spots. I left the dealership with the vehicle and drove right back after testing for 20 minutes on various roads and the highway. When I returned to the dealership, they put it on the alignment machine and printed out specs showing it was within normal limits. I told them it was still pulling. They told me to come back to the dealership once they got advice from Honda on what to do next. I returned and left the vehicle there all day (got loaner car.) The service manager advised Honda told them to take the rims and tires off another new Odyssey of the same model and try that. The service manager advised that they tried two different vehicles out before removing the rims and tires and they both pulled even worse than mine. They went ahead and put those on mine anyway and that and it did not help. They put my rims and tires back on (according to them) and now the alignment and pulling issues are even worse. They then did something called "road force" that tells them at what degree to mount the tire onto the rim. This made the vehicle even worse. Now, the steering wheel is slightly off to the left, the car pulls to the right mostly, sometimes pulls to the left, requires much pressure to keep the vehicle straight on the road, etc. It does not feel safe and does not feel right. I told the service manager that I feel fatigued from having to constantly compensate for the steering issues. I have owned Hondas and Acuras in the past, so I know this is not normal for Honda. I have also owned Lexus, Toyota, Volvo, etc. and know this is not proper or safe for any vehicle. Throughout this process, the service advisor and service manager claim that this is normal behavior for the Odyssey, but I know there is a problem. At one point on a test drive after repair, they told me that Honda's rule is that a vehicle pull is normal as long as it doesn't completely change lanes within 6 seconds. Now I have an appointment to meet with someone else within Honda that is coming down. I believe the service manager said he oversees all Honda service within my state. I have mentioned to the dealer that I am considering filing lemon law.
  • zuraxuszuraxus Posts: 14
    wow, you went thru a lot...sorry. I had my car twice at the different dealer ships and all the time I been showed the print out from the alignment machine and explanation that everything is according to the Honda's specifications. When I rotated the wheels on my own i noticed that the pulling is gone...the van acted very normal on the road, of course pulled to the side if the road wasn't even but comper to the pilling that I had before it was acceptable...
    But couple weeks ego I noticed that the pulling is coming back again...I have about 12k on my van already and I don't want to wast more time with dealer ships and theirs mechanics...I think I will leave it the way it is unless Honda will admit to some kind of defect on make a recall. Thx. again for sharing this with us.
  • giantmangiantman Posts: 7
    I have 10K on my 2007 Odyssey EX. Very similar to the above posts, I have taken mine to the dealership now 3 times. I have noticed my car pulling to the left mainly with freeway driving mostly in the center and left lanes. The center lane being the crown point of the road, I was unable to accept the dealerships response that the car was following the slope of the road. The last time, they came to the conclusion that the car must be designed to pull hard to the left while on the freeway. They had me drive another Odyssey and sure enough that car was just as bad on the freeway. I have still not accepted this explanation and have requested the Honda Rep for the dealership to contact me. No contact as of yet, so I think I will have to formalize this in a letter. I don't think that this pulling at high speeds can be safe. :lemon:
  • hondaman35hondaman35 Posts: 3
    They key thing is you need to get these guys to drive your vehicle and see what is occuring. In the last 5 months, I have taken my vehicle 4 times two 2 diff dealers and each time was charged alignment, rotation and sent on my merry way. I was about to give up, looking to purchase another vehicle, but before I made this costly move, I called the Service Manager at my dealer and who was nice enough to look at my vehicle.

    So, I just picked up my Odyssy after 2 full days in the shop. They tried everything, including swapping the wheels, alignment, rotation, you name it. The dealer actually dealt with the Honda tech line as they could not figure it out.

    Turns out that it was in the strut area. They disassembled the struts and found springs seats were not aligned and bearings were tight. They aligned the caps and seats and replaced the bearings. All this under warrantly and now problem is solved. I was told that this was actually put into a "national database" where technicians can share this information.

    I think this is a common issue as I think my sister-in-law has the similar van and is having similar issues. Good luck and don't give up!
  • Hey, thanks for your posting Hondaman35. Took copy of posting to my dealer's service manager. He asked me for the following:
    1. What year is your Odyssey.
    2. What is the name and location of the dealer that fixed the problem.
    3. What is your VIN if you would be so kind.
    Thanks, any or all will be appreciated.
  • kids_vankids_van Posts: 2
    Thank you all for the posting!

    I have the same problem with my 08 EXL (we bought it 04/11/08) and up to this time it was not yet resolved. I went to the dealer twice. First, they told me that there’s no problem. On second time I did a test drive with the technician and he was convinced that there was a pulling issue and wobbles whenever it hits a bump specially the front left tire. We drove the car last weekend and the pull was still noticeable everytime I’m in the leftmost/fast lane (asphalt surface). The wobble is obvious when it hits a bump specially going in/out of our drive way though there’s no pull when in a flat cemented surface.

    I’ll going to show this posting to the service advisor/manager and let see what they will do next.

    More power!
  • giantmangiantman Posts: 7
    What happened to post 18? I wanted to share that with my dealer. Honda Man, can you at least re-post the dealership?
  • The pulling fix is message #16, there is an option that will take you to it.
  • giantmangiantman Posts: 7
    But post 18 had the dealership name. I am meeting with the regional Honda Rep next week and wanted to give him the dealership to contact. I think it was Georgia, and a guy named Mike. If the name violates the blog policy, can I get just the dealership name?
  • Since can't show names here's the fix:
    "Turns out it was in the strut area. They disassembled the struts and found spring seats were not aligned and bearings were tight. They aligned the caps and seats and replaced the bearings. All this under warranty and now problem is solved. I was told that this was actually put into a 'national database' where technicians can share this information"
  • Honda Carland, Roswell GA
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 55
    Update on my Odyssey:

    Since my previous post, I inflated the tires evenly. The vehicle still has pulling issues. It occasionaly pulls to the right, depending on the road but now predominantly pulls to the left. Additionally, my steering still is very odd. The wheel jerks back and forth in my hands, feels like there is more resistance and requires more pressure to turn it to the right and more play and less resistance to turn it to the left. The dealership never returned my calls or emails to confirm my appointment with the Honda rep, so I didn't get to see him. Now I am scheduled to meet him later this month. I gave my service manager the information from the post of the fix in Georgia. He looked the information up and said nothing has been posted in the database and nothing was pending posting. I asked him to call the previously mentioned service advisor in Georgia for more information. I am gathering all my documentation in case they cannot fix this problem, preparing to consider filing lemon law. I really like everything else about the vehicle, but it is not safe and is very uncomfortable to drive with the steering and alignment issues. I also called my salesman today to let him know of the issues.
  • Apparently you haven't had the 'soft brake pedal problem' that I have had. It's a great vehicle otherwise.
  • kids_vankids_van Posts: 2
    Please checkout this website '' this will help you identify what type of pull you're experiencing and may want to discuss it with the service dept. Mine I believe is a bump steer problem.
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    I had the #2 post. On my trip from AZ to Colorado today, I still notice pulling to the left, even with a very strong side wind coming from the left. Is pulling to the left a trend in all the above posts? My dealer in Des Moines suggested that more miles on the tires might make some difference- I am at 5000 miles now and still feeling the pull to the left even after an alignment at 500 miles. I am taking print outs of all the above posts to my service department next week. Is there anything in the Honda database about the "strut issue" that the above posts reference to?
  • Dealers just love to blame tires and in my experience Michelins just don't have many problems. Let me us know what your dealer finds out about the strut issue. I haven't got back to my service manager on the strut thing yet but gave him the info.
    What do you think of the brakes, I've had an 07 now this 08 and find them abnormally soft and have got an open case on this with Honda in Torrance, CA. They give me a scare each time used in an emergency stop.
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 55
    It's interesting that you mention the brakes. I was driving several days ago, still testing my steering and pulling issues and I was, my van doesn't feel new anymore, the brakes already feel lower. I dismissed the thought since I was focused on the other issues. My brakes are still working good, but I will certainly monitor this. Thanks for the info.
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    I have noticed the brakes issue. They are much better than my 01 T & C. I like everything about the 08 except my arm gets tired keeping the steering wheel pulling to the right. The service person at my Des Moines dealership said that "the 08's just seem to require being more involved with the steering wheel as compared to the '07's". I did drive friend's 06's and they seemed to steer straight with no pull.
  • See the 117 posts on Odyssey brakes, mostly on soft pedal problem.
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