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Honda Odyssey Alignment Problems



  • giantmangiantman Posts: 7
    I am now back on the thread. Got my 5th alignment yesterday, also fixed the 11 O'clock issue. It was better at driving straight with the wheel at 11 O'clock, but noticed lately pulling to left again. They performed the alignment with steering wheel now at 12 O'clock ----- BUT THE PULLING SEEMS WORSE ----. I tried to put on more miles 5K (now 17,000 on 2007) since the last alignment, but I called the dealership today to see what they could do. They seem to think they can unbolt the suspension and make some adjustments. UGH...
  • a4ka4k Posts: 3
    found more info.. There is a TSB on alignment issue.
  • That could be the procedure in thread #23 that was done for a person in Georgia and may work. Or this could be procedure linked to in thread 55. Lots of luck.
  • giantmangiantman Posts: 7
    This is wonderful info. I will make sure to give this to my dealer (although they should have it). Thanks for passing it along...
  • 3 days at the dealership and they informed me that there is nothing that they can do and that the car is performing as designed (eventhough the loaner that they gave me does not pull to the left).

    I am done, I will be filing a Lemon Law complaint with the State of Ohio. :lemon:
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    I have been following the left pulling issues plus "wandering" and other alignment issues addressed on this forum. After 14,000 miles, I adjusted to the fact that my '08 Odossey will never go straight down the road as my '04 T & C did. I like all the features of the Odyssey and would get another over the T & C.
    This week I noticed a vibration at 60 mph. As a result he dealer replaced both Michelin front tires due to belt separation. Too soon for me to evaluate how the new tires relate to the other steering issues that I have experienced.
    The dealer evaluates the tire condition by spinning them as you would do with balancing. I asked about the two rear- he said they appeared normal. Interesting that the two front would be bad and not the rear two.

    Any others with Michelin problems, or the tire relationship to the steering issues?
  • I mentioned this to my salesman and he said they would have to take a look at the tires to make sure I didn't run into any curbs or anything. My husband even noticed that it pulled. This is my first Honda!
  • st24st24 Posts: 1
    I was doing some research and saw your posting. I am having the same issues in my 2007 as you have described in your 2008 Ody. We have had the dealer align the vehicle multiple times. They have test driven the vehicle with me and agree that the pulling is extreme, but also turn around and tell me that the alignment is within specs and does not need alignment. I can be in the left lane and let go of the steering wheel and be in the right lane in under 3 seconds. I have never had any other vehicle in my life that would do that unless something was wrong with it, I would like to know how your situation turned out. I am considering filing the lemon law. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    If it is not the alignment issue then it is the tire. There are some tire problems that need special machine to detect. Tire warranty should take care whole or part of this tire defect.

    Take a look to understand Road Force Test by Hunter GSP7900, then locate a tire dealer has this machine near you. It won't cost much for this test. Less than $100 might kick the nightmare away.
  • Unfortunately, I haven't done anything about it, I've had to move it to the "back burner" for now but when I first checked into this forum I'd say there are more than enough Odysseys with this exact problem, like something should be recalled. I live in the state of Missouri and the lemon law here is sticky and tricky - whenever you take a vehicle in for service the service work order HAS TO BE WRITTEN EXACTLY THE SAME each and every time, also I think they have to have it over a period of 30 days (or something like that). Keep in touch and let me know how your situation goes. Thanks for responding,
  • I can report success with replacing the two front (Michelin) tires on my '08 Odyssey. See my message #59. I have put 3,000 miles on since replacing, and the handling has improved considerably. Pulling to the left is not as noticeable. There was no question when the tread separation happened that something was wrong. The feel and sound was similar to a flat. By the time I got to the dealer, the issue seemed better, but they reproduced the problem after spinning the tires on a hoist. I still wonder why the two front tires only presented the problem. So far the rear seem fine.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    In a case of 2 back are good tires ...
    If you moved/rotated the 2 back ones to the front might have solved the problem, thus save you some money on buying 2 new tires.
  • Took to dealership and tried to get alignment no luck still pulls left. Very good service but they act as though I am the only person to have this problem. They even replaced the steering knuckle and stil no luck. I replaced the tires checked the inflation and the pull is very evident. I hope to get this taken care of but am not sure its going to happen.
  • The dealer replaced the two front (with tread separation) at no charge. Same Michelin as the originals. So far, the handling is improved, but there is still a very slight pull to the left. Seems I have gotten used to it- not good and I wished it was perfect, but apparently many others are still reporting the problem, with no report from Honda recognizing the problem.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Take note there may be 1 of 2 at back is defective and bearing the pulling problem but is not as obvious as the front ones. Next tire rotation, the backs are rotated to the front, keep an eye if pulling come back.
  • odymareodymare Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,

    I have 02 aligment pulling issues since the day I got my ody.

    Taken it back to dealer the first week I got it. I got a new set of rim and tires with month. Problem is the tires. The problem still persist today.
    The aligment problem is like a second job to me.
    I get in the van and work to keep it going straight and not slam into the wall or other cars. I am thinking could be a brake caliper problem. But the two rotors have the same temperture. Can figure out where the problem is.

    I hope somebody start a class action law suit for this problem.

    Odymare. :sick:
  • Okay so I'm a mechanic and i might have a reasoning for your pulling and you all thinking it is an alignment issue. Okay so i have a feeling that all of your guys problems are in the car itself. just how it is build and the design of the engine, transmission, and drive shafts (and yes the tires).

    yes getting new tires will help your problem with pulling from what it sounds like to the left but it WILL NEVER BE FIXED! It is caused by what is called in the automotive world as torque steer. the drive shaft that goes to the front left and right tires is what is causing the problem. on the right side (dont quote me on the side) is shorter than the other. causing that side of the car to start moving forward faster and causing the pull. this is also common but not so much in BMW (you dont notice it because of how high of quality of the car)

    i have done many alignments on the honda ody and they come back almost very time even if the specs are exactly how the honda factory wants them.

    sorry but it is just something that will never be fixed and you will have to deal with it.

    and a little side note if your tires have a run flat technology in the tire and you need a new tire most dealerships A) dont know how to change them or B) dont want to deal with it. they are a huge pain the the butt
  • dgersteldgerstel Posts: 1
    donkin425, there is only one problem with your conclusion, I have never heard of torque steer happening while coasting or decelerating. I have had many front wheel drive cars, some with a lot of power, and know what torque steer is. I don't know how the problem is occurring for everyone else, but their descriptions don't sound like, just under power. Mine is definitely not torque steer and the real problem is that if is not constant. I was also once a mechanic and know that not being able to always reproduce the problem is a big issue.
  • 09 model and 700 miles. Pull to the left at about 60mph. Exactly as many of you have said. Going to the dealer tommorow.
  • Dealer said tire pressure was off. I check it my self prior and it was fine on all 4 two days ago to make sure it was not the tire pressure. They drove it 30 miles and said it was fine. I will see when I pick it up.
  • benjamn29benjamn29 Posts: 5
    I bought a used 07 Odyssey in late February. Immediately noticed that car pulled severely right but ONLY after right hand turns. Once you turned left the car drove perfect. Took it in and the replaced the front left strut but that didn't help. They then put in a new rack and that helped a lot, but it still pulled, just not as severe. In recent weeks it has gotten worse again, not as bad as when I purchased initially but still pulling and it shouldn't. Just received it back today after they put all new bushings, bearings and rubber in the front right strut...nothing different. No better, no worse. Unbelievable!!! Extremely frustrated!!!

    What in the heck is wrong with these things? It's not road crown...never had that problem in any vehicle I've had, including my '79 Volare. I can go down the same road if my last turn was left and the vehicle drives like it's on rails, BUT if my last turn onto the same road was a right turn I will be in the shoulder in less than three seconds...extremely annoying.

    So, seems like from all the reading here we've done about everything...addressed struts and rack. Any other suggestions? Is it possible I have a bad tie rod end on one side that when it's torqued on right turns it is not holding true or something??? What about the ball joints???

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Air pressures are alwasy good, we've rotated tires and all tires have consistent wear. Drives just perfect after a left hand turn, but not a right.
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 57
    I haven't posted in some time..see my previous posts #13,25,30,33 and 35. I got so disgusted and couldn't afford to take anymore time on this nightmare, so I simply gave up after returning to the dealership a few more times and them saying all was fine with the steering and the brakes. On my second to last visit, I think just to appease me, they said they tightened something in the steering rack, although they weren't supposed to. That was as of last year. I began experiencing more noises with turns and worsening brakes so I just returned to the dealer last Friday. They replaced the brake modulator which I think is a service bulletin. They also replaced one of the CV joints. This fixed the creaking and clicking with steering. The steering seems a bit more stable, too. The modulator fixed the problem of the brake pedal going down to the floor and vibration with braking. We'll see how it goes. I have approx. 20 months left on my lease.
  • benjamn29benjamn29 Posts: 5
    Yeah, they fixed my brake modulator least that's one thing they could fix along with the weatherstrip on the inside of both the driver and passenger door.

    Just put 250 miles on today, all highway. Everytime I turned right (as I was traveling south) it pulled, but when I turned left (to travel east) just fine. Same coming home but going north and west.

    Only does it when the wheel is cranked more than 90 degrees. For example, if the vehicle is going straight (after my last turn was a left of course) and I have a normal highway speed corner to the right it's OK after I come out of the corner as I only turned the wheel probably 20-40 degrees. Same is true if it's pulling to the right (after my last turn was a right hand turn)...if I have a gradual left turn in the road it's not enough to offset the problem and let the van drive true...continues pulling right.

    Funny how one try's things to compensate. As example, when I was traveling south on the interstate (that had a severe road crown), I drove in the fast lane (left) and even though my last turn was a right it seemed OK, but this is because the severe road crown was offsetting the pull to the right enough, BUT when I went into the slow lane (right), WATCH OUT! If I let go of the wheel, before a two count I was almost in the gravel.

    My next van will be a Sienna. My mother has one with 30K and hasn't had any problems...I mean nothing; I've drove it several times and the steering is sooooooo much more comfortable. My luck though, I'll get one and it'll have a problem.

    This is what happens though when one's on a budget and needed a newer vehicle. I didn't rush, but saw all the wonderful reviews of the Odyssey and for the features ours has compared to a comparable used Sienna it seemed the Odyssey was about $1,000-$1,500 less I know why. Wish I would have seen this post prior to purchase.

    I'll post what they say next as this will be my fifth trip in less than six months. I'm going to ask that all steering components be replaced, otherwise if they keep doing one at a time they risk me bringing it back each and every time.

    I've had two loaners, one and '08 and the other an '07...neither did what this one does.
  • walczakwalczak Posts: 5
    Had the same problem with my '07 odyssey. They tried everything. Could not fix it. Personally I think they knew it was a design flaw. They called it memory steer. Mine was to the left though. Once they realized they couldn't fix it, they said it as a design characteristic and the car was functioning normally. Finally filed claim with BBB and got my money back. It was a pain in the butt.
  • benjamn29benjamn29 Posts: 5
    Did you buy your's new? Wonder what the BBB would think in my case???
  • walczakwalczak Posts: 5
    Yes, I bought new. Not sure what rules apply when car is used. Did you try to get a history from Honda regarding repairs. Maybe you could see if someone knew about this problem.
  • benjamn29benjamn29 Posts: 5
    How does one go about history...just CARFAX? That always seems a bit generic.

    Although used, mine is certified so it's under full warranty as though it's new until I turn 48K miles or October of '10, whichever comes first.
  • joninpajoninpa Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    Have any of you experienced this per say:

    My 08 has now 9k and two weeks ago the tires were rotated for the first time. Quickly I picked up on the steering wheel beginning to wobble or shake at intervals (lasting only 30 secs or so) on the highway going above 50mph. I thought it could be surface related but on new paved lanes (regardless if it is center or not) it keeps on doing this. I had brought it back to the dealer twice. 1st time they rebalanced it and the second they did a "road force" one which honestly I never heard of such a thing before. Honestly, I have my reservations if anyone knows anything. Nevertheless, anyone can relate to this subtle wobbling?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Road Force is the quick way of finding anything that the tire balance cannot solve, like tire defect. Looks like the 2 rear tires have sort of problems but didn't show until moved to the front.
  • joninpajoninpa Posts: 4
    The results from the Road Force rendered that the wheels were off-balance by 28grams. All within acceptable tolerances they said. Just strange as I have never experienced such a thing in my 14 years of driving.

    The jury is still out until I bring it back for further look at. Honestly, I doubt that they themselves (techs at the Honda dealership) have a clue.
  • Sorry to hear of your problem...these Odyssey's are junk in my opinion.

    To go back to my issue with the memory steer. They put new lower control arms in as Honda said it must be the ball joints. To replace the ball joints they needed to put in new control arms. I couldn't believe it, it fixed the problem. Too good to be true...I guess.

    Now the vehicle, although not as bad, is again pulling to the right after right hand turns after putting about 500 miles on it. I would call it a drift instead of a pull but still annoying.

    Honda said they've replaced everything the can, but they haven't replaced tie rod ends. Couldn't this be the problem? A bad tie rod end would cause memory steer based on how it's torgued during a turn, correct?

    I can't believe all the problems people have with these things.
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 57
    See my previous post #75 which references all my other posts! Due to all the steering issues, several alignments have been done over the past year. I also take my vehicle in for the regularly scheduled service during which my tires are rotate. I now have approx. 19,000 miles on my 08 Odyssey and my 2 front tires are badly worn on the outside edge. I have to get 2 new tires. The wear is unusual. Also I have another problem. The car occasionally shakes and hesitates before the eco light comes on. I went driving with the service manager but he did not feel problem. It continues to worsen. Finally, I called the other day about the irregular wear on the tires and got the same manager. He said there is now a fix for the shaking problem. It is a computer update..something to due with the torque converter...hope it fixes the problem...hope they pay for the tires. ...
  • I bought my 07 w/ 30K miles on it about 6 weeks ago. Been in the shop twice for drifting/pulling. The first time, they rotated the tires. the second, they did a very slight alignment, but it's worse. They had put on new wheels/tires to get rid of the run-flats when i bought it. Also, there's a loud squeel coming from the back when I turn right - but only sometimes. They also had put new brakes on, so that's not the problem either. They replaced the power steering already. Dealership is over 35 miles away, and I'm supposed to go back again to get it fixed. But from the sounds of it, i'm in for a real nightmare. Any other discoveries? I am going to come armed with info from this board, but i won't pay over 30k for a used car that isn't going to drive correctly. (BTW - it's certified - nothing on the carfax - and i also have an extended warranty).
    I'm concerned, cause this one is hard to replicate. Fully loaded touring, black on black, and was the only one around for hundreds of miles. I looked for months.
  • cr40cr40 Posts: 57
    Please reference all my previous posts. Since last post I had to pay for 4 new tires and an alignment. The tires were not covered under the Michelin warranty. I finally called Honda and filed a defect notice for all the issues. Honda authorized dealer to replace torque converter. They did this and something regarding the radiator fluid. The shuttering has stopped for now. The stearing and pulling issues remain. Honda set me up to drive today with their regional rep. Did the test drive and left vehicle at dealer for them to try to fix. (regional rep was not pleasant and was badgering me and questioning me...I finally asked him jokingly if he is a lawyer!) Let's see what happens next. I also told them of 2 more problems now....beeping noise in rear (maybe brake related, and driver's side window intermittently won't go up when it is down. I try to put it up and it goes a little and goes back downl. Will update with progress. So tired of these issues and have lost so much time dealing with it.
  • I have posted here previously about my "08 Odyssey Touring pulling to the left since new. Three different alignments did not correct the problem until one done this week at 32,000 miles. The Honda technician set the right and left camber to minus 0.1 degrees. There is no pulling to the left now. He stated that this is the maximum setting they can do unless undersized bolts are used and he did not have them in stock. Previous problems were treat separation of both front tires (n/c replacement by Honda at 15,000) and steering wheel not centered at delivery. Past camber settings were always positive, not negative. Any others have feedback? It now drives like I expected- my comparisons are sons' Sienna's and my Lexus. Toyota seems to require less steering pressure to initiate a turn.
  • Are your wheels PAX? If so, could be one or both front tires may be the issue. They are reluctant to change them as they are costly.
  • My new 08 Odyssey pulled upon delivery. After 6 alignments, new tires, it still pulls left when turning left and right when turning right. At freeway speeds, it pulls right all the time. After a trip of about 2000 miles, the power sterirng motor was out, and the left tire was 2 numbers lower than the others. At freeway speeds, the car will change lanes in 5 scs. This car is a safety hazard and also causing fatigue in holding the car straight. My local Honda dealer says all this is normal. The Dist manager has driven it twice and it performed as above, but they gave me a snow job that it is the road or the nature of the vehicle and normal. I called nhtsa, 888-327-4236, and filed a safety complaint.
  • I did not get the run flat rims as I was aware of the past problems. Both of my front tires were replaced at 12,000 miles because of tread separation. Honda paid. My left pulling was helped considerably when negative camber was added to each front wheel. I still have some of the same issues as post #90. You just have to constantly correct (not straight down the road like my three past Chrysler vans). My son's have Sienna's and they have a much lighter driving feel and are much more pleasant to drive, but I like many of the convenience features on the Odyssey. My pulling is always left.
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    I have a 2009 Touring, no PAX, came with Michelin's which have been fine. I keep the tires at around 35psi for all 4 tires, and had them rotated at my 1st oil change around 6,000 miles.
    I have never experienced any pulling, except on one old country road with a huge crown and it wanted to go right (with the slant in the road), but it tracks true on normal roads.
    As for feel, I usually drive with just a couple fingers in the part of the well near the "talk/phone/nav" button. The feel is taut and responsive and gives a good feeling for the road. I also have an Avalon Limited (Toyota) bought new and that has always felt loose and too isolated from the road but I got used to it.

    My dealer provides a shuttle service to the city and uses older Odyssey's for the service and the one has 125,000 miles and the other over 150,000, and all ride great and are tight, no rattles, which is why I decided to buy my Odyssey.

    Maybe it's the Dealer/Service Dept that makes the difference, but other than the initial delivery prep, the only time they touched the van was at the oil change. I drove 1600 miles 1 month after delivery on vacation and it was great, no driving fatigue, and no stiff back or legs.

    Too bad your experiences are not as positive as mine has been, I did have a pull in the Avalon, but took it back after about 500 miles and they made an adjustment and it's been fine ever sense (55,000 miles). Both dealerships are part of the same family of dealers (they also have Chevy, Cadillac, Acura, Subaru, Buick and Kia) and they seem to pay close attention to their service departments (for instance the Honda, Acura and Toyota dealers combine to provide the free shuttle service).
  • And left. I am not sure but my 08 Ody never drives straight. When I am in right lane it goes to right in no time and in left lane it goes to left. In the middle lane it still pulls to right in no time. I love my 2000 Civic and I can drive hands free in any lane. I have done 4 alignments after I got this within 1 year at the original dealer. I am not sure why this won't just drive straight. I called up another dealer and they said the alignment is not covered under warranty. I do not want to keep paying for this when this van has not driven straight since I bought it. I am not sure what my options are. Please help. I hate this van. :confuse: :sick: :cry::cry::cry:
  • I see there has been no post since December. Has the issue been resolved?

    Yesterday I bought a 2007 EXL-RES with 44K miles for $22,000....Thought I got a good deal. 12 hours I had it at honda with alignment issues. The Service guy printed me records of the prior owner "fixes"
    1 Drive shaft
    2. Steering column
    3. tourqe converter
    4. 2 sets of tires
    5. 6 alignments
    6. Rotors and calipers. Etc....WTF I bought this Used from Carmax 10pm last night.

    I have the extended warranty plan from carmax so I guess this is covered. I have 4 days to take the car back. I think I will.

    Is there any other info out there to help me fix this?
  • I've had alignment issues since I bought my 03 Odyssey off lease in 05. At first I worried that I had bought a previously damaged vehicle but that was not the case. An independent alignment shop made what was a constantly pulling left vehicle better, but not quite right. I know someone else who bought their 03 new and had the same problem.
    Recently I had 4 tires put on at the dealership and they talked me into another alignment which put the vehicle back to factory specs. Wrong move.
    Well I always thought it was an assembly problem when built and went back to the independent shop and told him about the last 5 years with this problem.
    I was told that using the adjustments built within the suspension that I was still about 2 degrees beyond what is acceptable and said that the sub frame which mounts the drivetrain to the rest of the chassis is likely out of alignment. This was a common problem with earlier Citation, Pontiac 6000's or others using that body type.
    Well he loosened the sub frame mounting bolts and used a hydraulic ram to push the left side slightly forward. He said it would have to be a guess as there are no markings but he only moved it maybe an 8th of an inch and tightened everything back up.
    I thought I was driving a different vehicle and can't believe I had wrestled with this thing the last 5 years. Wish I'd known how to fix the problem back then. Too bad the dealerships can't fix it but I guess they are reluctant to admit there is an alignment problem that sometimes comes down the assembly line.
  • dvhagandvhagan Posts: 14
    Do you have the after settings for caster, camber and toe? I have a few past posts regarding left pull and what was done- better but still not perfect in my case.
  • amberdramberdr Posts: 7
    I'm here, I've given up at my dealership. They have NEVER heard ANYTHING about alignment issues (of course not!). My elbow hurts most of the time from driving. Today I closed my glove compartment and the left (plastic) hinge fell off, I'm not rough on my vehicle, I don't slam doors or anything. I guess the Odyssey isn't all that I've always heard it to be. Sad but true.
  • I don't have the settings, I just let the front end shop do their thing. I'm in Toronto and have gone to this shop over the last few decades and just trust the shop. Its called RI-CO Alignment. The owner said he had the same problem with his wifes Camry from the 90's and it was the only way to fix it. But my van drives straight now and I can't believe I put up with this as long as I did.
    I saw the markings where the bolts had moved slightly from its previous position on the sub frame. It didn't take much to make a huge difference in the way it drives. He also showed me the holes in the frame and sub frame which the factory use to line up for assembly. If anything is out just a bit then these vans don't seem to tolerate it well. I can understand why problems occur but they should be dealt with. It was a 100 dollar fix.
  • jhs24jhs24 Posts: 22
    My 07 odyssey pulls left generally, but sometimes slightly left depending on which way I last turned and how far. I purchased it used a month ago and my wrists hurt from driving it due to constant pulling and hard steering. I've got new tires, 38,000 miles on it, and had it aligned on a 4 wheel alignment twice at a shop that has had no trouble aligning my previous odyssey. They said it's all aligned correctly. I'm 33 and have never had a vehicle do this. I previously had an 05 odyssey and it did not have this problem. After reading this forum and post #23 I decided to take strut out and take it apart. I also own the 2 volume service manual set by Honda specifically for the 2007 model year so I was armed with the info to check the assembly. As it turns out, there are three arrows that should be lined up with the direction that the bottom of the strut points to. Left for the front left wheel and right for the front right wheel. The three arrows are 1) molted in rubber on the top of the strut mount plate 2) stamped in the steel spring retaining plate which is directly under the strut mount plate (the upper bearing is actually between the strut mount plate and the spring retaining plate) and 3) molded in rubber on the upper spring seat.

    When I pulled my off my van none of them were lined up correctly. It appears that the person who assembled it lined up the end of the coil spring with the rubber mount, then lined up the steel spring retaining plate with the strut direction and then lined up the upper mount mark to that. This resulted in the spring being incorrectly angled in the strut assembly according to the Honda service manual. I've taken picture of the before and after of the left strut assembly. I'm going to check the right one tomorrow.

    The strut mounts were not broken, the upper bearings were ok too. No physical damage seen. I'll report later when I finish the right one and get it aligned again.
  • amberdramberdr Posts: 7
    Please let me know the outcome, I've been dealing with this problem since I bought my 08 Odyssey new. The dealer says there has not been any recalls and they have NEVER heard a complaint about this (hard to believe). In the mean time, my elbow and wrist keep getting worse.
  • jhs24jhs24 Posts: 22
    See my post in 2010. I found the problem also referenced in #23.
  • jhs24jhs24 Posts: 22
    Just finished with the right strut and took it to Big O for a free alignment check and printout for free. I aligned it just last month, twice at this Big O, and it still pulled left most of the time, but my wrists hurt when I drove more than 30 minutes because of it. The steering was also very hard before, like it was too much effort on all turns etc. Anyway, I took the van for a drive and the steering was MUCH easier, but I suspected my alignment was off. I took it in to Big O just now and the toe was now way in on both sides because when I rotated the rubber mounts the correct way it lowered the front of the car. This makes sense that the toe was changed. Camber and Caster were both still good. The rear alignment was still ok too (ALWAYS get a 4 wheel alignment). So they actually re-aligned it and didn't charge me anything because I buy all my tires there and just had the alignment last month and the guys there know me by name. I also took my service manual in and told them what I had done. They guy behind the counter who I always do business with (he's been there for years) told me he has a lot of complaints about hard steering on some Odyssey's. The van no longer pulls all over the road and behaves like I"d expect. I've only driven 10 miles so far, so I don't want to shout "all clear" but I can say without a doubt BOTH STRUT ASSEMBLIES were not put together correctly according to my Honda factory manual.

    I will post pictures that I took while I was doing it. I also took a short video explaining what I was doing.

    There is a VERY fast way you can tell if your struts are assembled correctly with just your van jacked up and the front wheel removed with a flashlight if you know what you're looking for. I'll post more later. I've got to head out for a couple hours.

    I want to help anyone who has this frustrating problem. I think Honda should face the music and recall this issue. There are no new parts needed to fix it, but it would take about 2 hours per van to take the parts off, clean them, align them, reinstall, and do a 4 wheel alignment. The change happened after 2005 when the suspension was made softer from what I gather. I had no problems with my 05 steering.
  • jhs24jhs24 Posts: 22
    edited August 2010

    The above picture was taken of my LEFT strut off of my 2007 Honda Odyssey right when I took it out.

    The top arrow is pointing is pointing to the correctly aligned strut mount. The next arrow is pointing to the correctly aligned steel spring plate. The next arrow is pointing to the spring rubber mount (which is NOT aligned correctly). The bottom arrow says that all the above marks should be aligned to the middle of the two flanges. To fix this I compressed the spring, took it off, rotated the rubber portion to line up with the other marks, aligned all the marks to match the spaced directly in the middle of the lower bolt flanges, and at the same time made sure the bottom of the spring would sit correctly in the lower portion of the strut.

    I also wiped down all the components and checked the plastic strut bearing for wear (looks like a flat plastic disk, can't see it in the picture).

    I've got more pictures and a video I'm thinking of posting on youtube of what I found.
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