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GMC Envoy Electrical Problems

snowstorm1snowstorm1 Member Posts: 11
well its not my night, I put up a few posts try to help a few ppl and the wife comes in and says that the signal is still clicking under the passenger dash after it turns off, it even sounds like its shorting out while you hit bumps, the signals and 4 ways still work fine, no drop in alt gauge just that damn noise click click click drivin me nuts. I own a 2000 envoy 4.3L 117kms on it anyone else ever had this prob or could help me out

thanks in advance



  • euroblueeuroblue Member Posts: 3
    i have had some problems like that . after about 3000 in changing parts come to find out it was 2 bad ground hope that helped :)
  • becnubecnu Member Posts: 1
    I have the 4.2 Vortec engine with 120000 miles. The engine is idling rough and stops when I reach about 55 mph. It starts back up and runs for a couple of miles then stops again. It this a fuel pump problem.

    Thanks In Advance!
  • srs4srs4 Member Posts: 1
    the signal relay has been clicking on its own for the last few years. But now the problem as gotten worse. Some things work and others don't. The power windows don't work or the AC or the radio. The gages work except the temp and gas. The headlights work so do the dome lights. I think its a relay but I have no idea where to start looking.
  • snowstorm1snowstorm1 Member Posts: 11
    I had my signal clicking and sounding like it was shorting and my mechnic said right away its the whole blinker assembly on the colum, i bought an after market, had it installed and bingo no more problems the cost here in canada for the part was like 180 bucks
  • rcrokerrcroker Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, it started when I was changing my battery and I drop the wrench which hit the battery terminal and a screw on the fuse box. All the fuses appear to be ok but there isn't any power to my AC, Window, Sunroof or door.

    Would someone please point us in the right direction.

  • eblueblu Member Posts: 3
    I got in my 2003 Envoy yesterday and it would not start. The panel went crazy and the CD changer started rotating. The seat adjusted when I put in the key, but it would not start. So, I called and since the service department was closed I spoke to a dealer who said it might think it is being tampered with and to wait 10 minutes. I'm thinking, I just put the key in and it thinks I'm tampering with it? Needless to say, he only frustrated me more. I got in my trusty Civic and went about my day. It's the weekend, so nothing I can do at this time. When I came home the radio was playing. I took the CDs out of the changer because they were really hot. Now when I put the key in there is a clicking noise. Of course all this is happening as it is about to be paid off and I have less than 28,000 miles on it. Thank God I kept my Civic. So, anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
  • princess22princess22 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 GMC Envoy and have had it just over a year now. Can someone please help me understand why every time I get the oil changed, or have the truck serviced all together the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on shortly after and stays on. Sometimes it goes off and sometimes it stays on. Either way its driving me nuts!
  • eblueblu Member Posts: 3
    Well, it was just the battery. Thank God. I just made the last payment, so I'm ready for it to start giving me problems. It has less than 30,000 miles on it, so maybe I have a while for anything major to happen.
  • john305john305 Member Posts: 1
    2006 Envoy the light rear lift door works fine. But the two side light do not come on as light or as stop light. Even the tow light connection work ok. How do I go about checking the fuse or relay?
  • prostocknovaprostocknova Member Posts: 5
    Theres a code you have to do Turn the ignition over without starting it, push the gas pedal down all of the way three times within 5 seconds, and the light should go off. Then start it to make sure. If this does not work, repeat procedure. This worked on my 2004 envoy, and is suppose to work on all year models. I swear its Gm trying to get you to take it to the dealer to have the oil changed instead of doing it your self which most people can do anyways ,Can you believe my local Gm dealer didnt even want to tell me the code lol he wanted me to bring it up there let them change the oil then THEY would reset it i laughed and CLICK! anyways that should work its really simple make sure to write it in your manual or somewhere for next time as well.
  • sjacksjack Member Posts: 4
    My girl friend has an 06 Envoy of course out of warranty, After refueling the fuel gauge will start to work and then go to empty. The owners manual addresses it and says to reseat the fuel cap and then after a few starts it should correct. OK Well once or twice yes it worked but now it seems to repeat the problem all the time. Any one ever heard of this?
  • socialbug101socialbug101 Member Posts: 1
    I paid off my 2004 Envoy and not with some of the problems that you all have stated I am having similar problems ie..... my speedometer is not working and I am so afraid that it is a matter of time before something major goes wrong and I have to buy another car. Is there anyone else having these same thoughts?
  • sjacksjack Member Posts: 4
    I would be scared also as reading here shows it has the potential to be a expensive repair. I suggest you contact a reputable local repair garage and just ask if they are familiar with these issues and go from there. As you know the GM dealer will certainly charge to repair at a premium but usually you can expect it to be the right fix. No one has ever responded to mine so who knows. I am waiting on a maintenance manual so I can begin reading up on my issue. Good Luck
  • brumpfbrumpf Member Posts: 14
    I have owned GM vehicles for over 30 years. I guess you would call me a loyal GM customer, However this GMC Envoy has ended 30 years of loyalty. I have a 2003 GMC Envoy XL and have never owned a car with as many recalls as they have had on the Envoy. The engineering flaws and just plain stupidity are too numerous to list here.

    1. Fuel Leak due to rust (partially reimbursed by GM)
    2. Trim falling off while driving (rear hatch upper trim; left mirror lower light and turn signal) Left Door Trim pulling away
    3. Windshield Wipers and Sprayers turning on by themselves. $650.00 electrical repair.
    4. Can't program remote mirrors to work properly.
    5. GM dealer installed heated seats that lasted one season and the dealer went out of business.

    This vehicle now has 38000 miles and I'm writing this to alert car buyers to think twice about purchasing this vehicle.
  • rpowleyrpowley Member Posts: 1
    Sometimes when I turn the key to start all the lights and gauges come on but it will not start. I turn the key to off and then recycle it to start and the engine starts right up. Any ideas?
  • claybreakinclaybreakin Member Posts: 3
    Hello all,
    This is my first time posting and I have a weird problem. about 2 months ago my wife called from work and said her truck wouldn't start. It was totally dead and I couldn't even get the key to turn out of the unlock position. I jump started it and it ran fine until this morning. Same thing happened. I jumped it and had the battery and charging system checked at AutoZone. They said everything is ok. I don't want to leave her stranded, what should I do?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I couldn't even get the key to turn out of the unlock position. I jump started it and it ran fine...

    How did you manage get it started with the key stuck and how did you eventually get it unstuck?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • claybreakinclaybreakin Member Posts: 3
    The key would move, but it wouldn't turn backwards so you could remove it. once I jump started it everything worked fine.
  • russ53russ53 Member Posts: 3
    I have had the same problem 3 times with my 2008 envoy.
    Go out to start the car and it's completely dead.
    Put the key in and in won't give it back until you apply a charge to the battery.
    All 3 times the dealer could not find anything wrong.The first time he said I didn't drive the car enough to fully charge the battery. This last time he said that there must be something in my neighbor hood that "wakes my computer up" at night and cause the battery to discharge.
    I really would like to find the cause of this problem. :confuse:
  • sjacksjack Member Posts: 4
    I am no electrical wizard but I can say our friends did this and it was the dealer installed security system which had a hot lead and would drain the system over time. If you have a dealer or after market security system or other device disconnect it and drive the car for a while or not and see if the problem goes away. One way is to pull the main CB for the system Most have one in line soemwher . If not find where it is powered and pull the connection or whatever it is and see what happens over a week! Good Luck
  • sjacksjack Member Posts: 4
    Finally found out there is a barometric sensor in the fule tank. If vapor pressure is not detected it screws everything up. I guess so you will go to a dealer. screw that; Decided to work it a little and the first thing was the fuel cap as we were thinking an air leak somewhere and went with obviuos first, TADA new filler cap and no more problems. Bought a dealer repalcement cap and it was different from the first or the first had lost some pieces. either way GMC will not be looked at ever again! What a pain and truly not nice enough vehicle to go thru this again Ever.
  • russ53russ53 Member Posts: 3
    It's factory stock with no extra add ons. The dealer put an amp meter on it overnight in their shop and could not find any large current draws. The largest recorded draw was 22 ma. Thanks for the thought
  • ljhayesljhayes Member Posts: 4
    Recently during the winter months in upstate new york, parts have started faulting. At first, the A/C control 1 and 2 would not work. However, 3,4, and 5 worked just fine. A few weeks ago, 3 and 4 also quit working. I am thinking this a condenser resistor, but im not positive. Anyone have any feedback?
  • klokyleklokyle Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought my 06 Envoy and have had no problems up until today when I got in and smelled a terrible burning smell. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I tried to roll down my window and it didn't work. Nothing,lock,child lock,mirror adjustment...nothing. The other 4 window controls work just not the driver's. Is this the motor?regulator?master switch?fuse? And any clues into why this would happen? Could water make this do this (from rain dripping down)? Or do I have a more serious problem? Thank you for any help..I am a mail carrier and really really need my windows to work!!
  • linda68linda68 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2003 Envoy. Everything was fine; however, I did notice that the sound that it makes when the key is in the ignition and the door open did not go away even when I took the key out. Drove it this morning - everything fine (except that key problem). Just got in it to go somewhere, auto door open worked, put down driver's window. However, when I started it the check gauges light came on and didn't go off; battery signal lit; gauges would not work and not I can't get the window up or lock the car. Any suggetions? Help? Thanks.
  • disgruntled06disgruntled06 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 envoy xl. All I can say is that it is the worst vehicle I have ever owned! It has been in the shop more times than I could even list here. I have replaced the fuel pump 2 times. The windows go down by themselves and there so many more things wrong with this vehicle but t my last one is the worst. On Tuesday May 26th 2009 I had an electrical fire . I went to get gas and it was raining . My driver side window went down by itself . When I went to put it back up my truck filled with smoke and sparks coming out of my drivers side door. I quickly pulled away from the gas pumps and pulled up to Wawa. I quickly turned the vehicle off and tried to get out. My doors malfunctioned and I was stuck in the vehicle. I was finally able to get out on the passneger side. I got the fire out and disconnected the wires in my door panel. Thank God I was by myself and didn't have my little daughter with me.Now I am driving around with my window wrapped up and waiting on GMC. I'm not holding my breath because like I said I've had several problems already with this vehicle and they were no help. Anybody who wants a safe vehicle don't consider the GM Envoy. They are horrible on gas and their service sucks big time!!! I will never own another GMC vehicle! When I think back on the 28,000 dollars cash I spent on this vehicle it really makes me sick! :mad:
  • brumpfbrumpf Member Posts: 14
    I agree with you. My 2003 GMC Envoy XL is the worst vehicle I've ever owned and I paid $43,000 for it in 2003. I'm writing a letter to the President of Government Motors with an addendum listing all the things wrong with the vehicle. I won't bore u but it is extensive and my vehcle has 38,000 miles on it (litely used). I just hopre the people read this when they are looking to buy an used vehicle. By the way, my neighbor has the Cadillac Escalade and he had to break a window to get out of the car the other day. Ralph Nader would love to get his hands on these vehicles, if he were younger.
  • lisette1079lisette1079 Member Posts: 1
    I am wondering if you had any feedback on this? Mine is doing the same thing, and I am at my wits end.
  • dodge01dodge01 Member Posts: 12
    I had a 2001 Caravan that would do the same thing. There was an electronic control module that would go bad and would only give you highest fan setting.

    It was a $10part and a 10min fix on my van. not sure where this item might be on the Envoy, hopefully it's not part of the blower motor
  • moavbillymoavbilly Member Posts: 3
    Did you ever get this problem fixed? I'm having the exact same trouble. It may take 20-30 key turns before it starts.
  • courtmayscourtmays Member Posts: 6
    i had the same problem i had to replace my battery works fine now.
  • courtmayscourtmays Member Posts: 6
    what was the issue?
  • tll12345tll12345 Member Posts: 2
    Can someone tell me where the fuse for the Rear Window Defogger is? I have checked the manual and there is no mention as to where this is. The defogger suddenly stopped working and I know that this is the first place to start. The switch lights and clicks when pushed.
  • claybreakinclaybreakin Member Posts: 3
    My Wife has a 2004 GMC Envoy. The rear speaker started picking up noise and is very annoying. Is there a filter that can be changed? If so where is it?
  • jshonisjshonis Member Posts: 3
    Problem with power window controls- driver's side-
    All other window controls work, but, it seems as if no power is getting to
    driver's door- no interior lights or key in ignition chime either-
    anyone have similar issues?
    (P.S: spent $2850.00 finally getting fuel gage fixed, among other things..)
  • jshonisjshonis Member Posts: 3
    As the risk of being too obvious..
    Is it too much to ask that a $40k purchase not have a problem every other week?
    GMC would do well to forget about re-inventing itself & concentrate on making quality products- (quality is free, a lack of it costs a fortune)

    thanks for letting me vent...
  • budlite1013budlite1013 Member Posts: 8
    I to am a recent owner of a 2006 Envoy. My drivers side door has no power. We just bought a new power bar switch.(the whole window and lock module) costing 400.00 and it is still not the problem. All gm can say is it must be a fuse. We checked and rechecked but still cannot find a burnt fuse. Did you ever find out what your problem was?? Hopefully if you did, it is the same as my problem.
    Thank you
  • tll12345tll12345 Member Posts: 2
    Nothing yet. I have a friend who is a mechanic and he can't find it either. He is going to check with someone @ chevy dealer.
  • budlite1013budlite1013 Member Posts: 8
    thanks for getting back to me! My husband even took the door panel off to see if any wires were broke or burnt but everything seems ok. even tested to see if there was power going to the door and there is. Called gm to see if there is a recall, but of course they are going to call back.... If you get a solution could you please let me know? thank you
  • budlite1013budlite1013 Member Posts: 8
    I to am a recent owner of a 2006 Envoy. My drivers side door has no power. We just bought a new power bar switch.(the whole window and lock module) costing 400.00 and it is still not the problem. All gm can say is it must be a fuse. We checked and rechecked but still cannot find a burnt fuse. Did you ever find out what your problem was?? Hopefully if you did, it is the same as my problem.
    Thank you
  • davecaldavecal Member Posts: 2
    Just brought the 2006 Envoy home, and going over it I found in the rear right wall compartment a plastic bag containing a pressure gauge with a length of hose, like new...
    Haven't examined it too closely yet, but was wondering is this OE or something that came with the SUV, or ???
  • budlite1013budlite1013 Member Posts: 8
    We found out that when you replace the power switch (the panel on the door that has the controls) for the drivers side door you have to take the envoy to a dealer to get it reprogrammed. So after spending almost $400.00 we have to cough up another $100.00 to get it programmed, I wish the people would have said this when we ordered the part!! It would have saved us alot of time and agony. Taking the envoy in this week to have it reprogrammed. I'll let you know how we make out!
  • harley65harley65 Member Posts: 1
    problem ,gas leak at filler neck on fuel tank did smoke test and found a crack and of course gm [greedy morons] said its not there problem at 51,000 miles but insisted 1200 bucks to fix it was a bargain needless to say it was 750 elswhere and much better to deal with i have owned over 30 gm vehicles and this one cured me im all better now i just went and got a new dose of ford!1 AMF TO GM [GREEDY MORONS].
  • dodge01dodge01 Member Posts: 12
    Sounds like I have the same problem on my 2004 XL. Always get a strong fuel smell after fill up and whenever tank is full. Got under vehicle and noticed it is wet/damp around where filler hose goes into tank. Wiggling the hose you can see it's not a tight fit. It doesnt drip onto ground, just stays damp when full

    What did they end up doing to your tank that cost $750?!
  • brumpfbrumpf Member Posts: 14
    GM lost a 30+ year customer with the GMC Envoy and their lack of support for the product. I personally think the car is a piece of junk. The worst engineered vehicle I've ever owned and I let everyone know my feeling on the Envoy. I just have 38,000 on mine and couldn't give it away fast enough.GM ought to be ashamed of themselves. It will be a rainy day in hell when I buy another GM car!
  • jshonisjshonis Member Posts: 3
    I have similar issues with 2006 Envoy- every other week I am getting something else fixed & contacting GM gets one nowhere (it would be a different story if this was some inexpensive sub-compact, but, I paid quite a bit for this car)
    I am giving up on these guys after 26 years of nothing but GM cars-
  • budlite1013budlite1013 Member Posts: 8
    Well after spending $700.00 i finally have power in my drivers side door. It was the switch and the SUV needs to reprogrammed after installing it, which the gm techs didnt know!! we called another dealer to find out. So now it is fixed, so hopefully thats the end of my problems with my 2006 envoy. I noticed there we alot of you on this site with the same problem i had, so hopefully this helps you out!!
  • gilbangilban Member Posts: 1
    my 2006 Envoy's rear speakers are not working The rear pass. would work then not work ,then the drivers side would not work while the pass.side would This went on for a couple of months now they do noy work at all
  • pnevepneve Member Posts: 1
    Hi, My 2004 Envoy has a code in history, B0016 RF/Passenger Frontal Deployment Loop (Single Stage or Stage 1) Resistance Low.
    Any thoughts on how to fix this if it comes back?
  • billdamanbilldaman Member Posts: 37
    There is a recall for the issue that you describe. I FORCED GM to fix the problem on my vehicle. They fought like hell to avoid paying for a known defect but I kept onn them for 4 months until they caved in. I too was (am) a long term GM custome and a former GM engineer for 14 years. The customer service is what is killing the company
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