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GMC Envoy Electrical Problems



  • i had the same problem i had to replace my battery works fine now.
  • what was the issue?
  • Can someone tell me where the fuse for the Rear Window Defogger is? I have checked the manual and there is no mention as to where this is. The defogger suddenly stopped working and I know that this is the first place to start. The switch lights and clicks when pushed.
  • My Wife has a 2004 GMC Envoy. The rear speaker started picking up noise and is very annoying. Is there a filter that can be changed? If so where is it?
  • Problem with power window controls- driver's side-
    All other window controls work, but, it seems as if no power is getting to
    driver's door- no interior lights or key in ignition chime either-
    anyone have similar issues?
    (P.S: spent $2850.00 finally getting fuel gage fixed, among other things..)
  • As the risk of being too obvious..
    Is it too much to ask that a $40k purchase not have a problem every other week?
    GMC would do well to forget about re-inventing itself & concentrate on making quality products- (quality is free, a lack of it costs a fortune)

    thanks for letting me vent...
  • I to am a recent owner of a 2006 Envoy. My drivers side door has no power. We just bought a new power bar switch.(the whole window and lock module) costing 400.00 and it is still not the problem. All gm can say is it must be a fuse. We checked and rechecked but still cannot find a burnt fuse. Did you ever find out what your problem was?? Hopefully if you did, it is the same as my problem.
    Thank you
  • Nothing yet. I have a friend who is a mechanic and he can't find it either. He is going to check with someone @ chevy dealer.
  • thanks for getting back to me! My husband even took the door panel off to see if any wires were broke or burnt but everything seems ok. even tested to see if there was power going to the door and there is. Called gm to see if there is a recall, but of course they are going to call back.... If you get a solution could you please let me know? thank you
  • I to am a recent owner of a 2006 Envoy. My drivers side door has no power. We just bought a new power bar switch.(the whole window and lock module) costing 400.00 and it is still not the problem. All gm can say is it must be a fuse. We checked and rechecked but still cannot find a burnt fuse. Did you ever find out what your problem was?? Hopefully if you did, it is the same as my problem.
    Thank you
  • Just brought the 2006 Envoy home, and going over it I found in the rear right wall compartment a plastic bag containing a pressure gauge with a length of hose, like new...
    Haven't examined it too closely yet, but was wondering is this OE or something that came with the SUV, or ???
  • We found out that when you replace the power switch (the panel on the door that has the controls) for the drivers side door you have to take the envoy to a dealer to get it reprogrammed. So after spending almost $400.00 we have to cough up another $100.00 to get it programmed, I wish the people would have said this when we ordered the part!! It would have saved us alot of time and agony. Taking the envoy in this week to have it reprogrammed. I'll let you know how we make out!
  • problem ,gas leak at filler neck on fuel tank did smoke test and found a crack and of course gm [greedy morons] said its not there problem at 51,000 miles but insisted 1200 bucks to fix it was a bargain needless to say it was 750 elswhere and much better to deal with i have owned over 30 gm vehicles and this one cured me im all better now i just went and got a new dose of ford!1 AMF TO GM [GREEDY MORONS].
  • Sounds like I have the same problem on my 2004 XL. Always get a strong fuel smell after fill up and whenever tank is full. Got under vehicle and noticed it is wet/damp around where filler hose goes into tank. Wiggling the hose you can see it's not a tight fit. It doesnt drip onto ground, just stays damp when full

    What did they end up doing to your tank that cost $750?!
  • brumpfbrumpf Posts: 14
    GM lost a 30+ year customer with the GMC Envoy and their lack of support for the product. I personally think the car is a piece of junk. The worst engineered vehicle I've ever owned and I let everyone know my feeling on the Envoy. I just have 38,000 on mine and couldn't give it away fast enough.GM ought to be ashamed of themselves. It will be a rainy day in hell when I buy another GM car!
  • I have similar issues with 2006 Envoy- every other week I am getting something else fixed & contacting GM gets one nowhere (it would be a different story if this was some inexpensive sub-compact, but, I paid quite a bit for this car)
    I am giving up on these guys after 26 years of nothing but GM cars-
  • Well after spending $700.00 i finally have power in my drivers side door. It was the switch and the SUV needs to reprogrammed after installing it, which the gm techs didnt know!! we called another dealer to find out. So now it is fixed, so hopefully thats the end of my problems with my 2006 envoy. I noticed there we alot of you on this site with the same problem i had, so hopefully this helps you out!!
  • my 2006 Envoy's rear speakers are not working The rear pass. would work then not work ,then the drivers side would not work while the pass.side would This went on for a couple of months now they do noy work at all
  • pnevepneve Posts: 1
    Hi, My 2004 Envoy has a code in history, B0016 RF/Passenger Frontal Deployment Loop (Single Stage or Stage 1) Resistance Low.
    Any thoughts on how to fix this if it comes back?
  • There is a recall for the issue that you describe. I FORCED GM to fix the problem on my vehicle. They fought like hell to avoid paying for a known defect but I kept onn them for 4 months until they caved in. I too was (am) a long term GM custome and a former GM engineer for 14 years. The customer service is what is killing the company
  • I own a 2005 Envoy XL, I purchased it new. I've had tons of electrical issues and it was even at the dealer for about a month and they finally fixed it. I made a case with Better Business Bureau and got GM to may my car payment for a month. that was in 2006 just when the warranty ran out. Since then I've had all the issues I've seen mentioned here. Today, my husband told me my break lights were out, I checked the bulbs and was replacing the fuses, when I replaced the fuse for the back lights it poped as I put it in. Has anyone had this problem before, and is this going to cost an arm and a leg? If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. :sick:
  • brumpfbrumpf Posts: 14
    Got a new one for you, I can't get the key out of the ingnition. I have to restart and sit there like a fool for about 5 mintes and then I can turn it off. Thanks for the great idea the Better Business Bureau.

    GM recalled the vehicle for this windshield wiper problem. I took the car in and supposedly got it fixed. As soon as my warranty expired the windshield wipers shorted out the whole unit in the steering column and it cost me $660.00. GM wouldn't stand by the problem. So I'm going tofile a complaint wit the Better Business Bureau like you did, instead of taking them to court. This vehicle should be designated a lemon.

    Needless to say, but I will repeat it here, GM has seen the last of my business!
  • Just make sure you keep all your service receipts. GM even extended my warranty for 90 days, of course nothing happened until after it expired. I do have over 140K miles on the vehicle, I drive it like crazy. Last year I had to replace the transmission and now I'm told the cooling fan needs replacement but its been replaced twice by the dealer (for free because of my complaining) my check engine light stays on all the time, I'm told the vehicle will over heat, but it has never happened so I attribute it all to an electrical short some where. Now my fuel gauge is also out. :mad:
  • My wife's 2000 Envoy started doing weird things today. I started the thing today and the gages and the lights started flashing off every 5 seconds or so. And then when I backed it in the driveway and stopped it just stalled and I could not get the key out. I turned the key forward and everything was still black turned it back and forth a few times and it cranked over then I removed the key when we got out nothing came on no dome light no power locks. Anybody have a guess at what might be wrong. Thanks in advance. :sick:
  • This has happened to me a few times, It turned out to be a big mess with the electrical system. the short was finally blamed on the rear defogger connections, the mechanic said it had shorted out the entire system. My first suggestion is to check all the fuses and replace them, its not too expensive. Good Luck :confuse:
  • I feel your pain - I have a 2008 that has had one issue after another - it's been inthe shop a dozen times. I think it's electrical - but they always find something else to "fix" on it. Nothing like driving at 11:00 @ night going 70 miles an hour - radios dies, then your headlights, and then you coast to the side of the road hoping nothing (like a guard rail, cement barrier, or cliff) if there!!!!! It started right back up - lights radio & all - but it's been one issue after another!!!! My warrant runs out soon and although financially I can't afford it - I'm going to have to unload it. Otherwise, I'll definately be broke!!!! Do you know what the endless service record has done to your over all value??
  • I'm scared to - to drive this miserable GMC Envoy!! Mine soon will be out of warranty and it's in the shop at least every other week - I have to believe they've already replaced 1/2 of everything on that car!!! Next time - I'm not buying GMC - for sure - I've always had a Chevy and my husband wanted me to "upgrade" to a GMC - I got 4 wheel drive which he does not like - and he claims that is what all the problems stem from. Other than him being a jerk, I think the car is just short of a "lemon!!!"
  • I totally agree with YOU!!! We have been GM customers since 1974 and my 2008 GMC Envoy is the worst of the worst - we have never had a car with this many problems - it's in the shop every couple weeks. I think they'ver replaced 1/2 of it - which is a good think because it will soon be out of warranty. GMC has some major flaws in it's product line. Have you had any "stabilitrack" problems - I've had it in for the recall, and every couple weeks the "service stabilitrack" light comes on and they change something else. The garage is about as inept as they come - but it's miles to another GMC dealer. I can't afford to keep the thing after the warranty runs out.
  • tunerotunero Posts: 2
    if you still have the problem? it will be the hot and cold door module it can be change by glow box
  • tunerotunero Posts: 2
    what exactly your truck doing?
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