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GMC Envoy Electrical Problems



  • yes this could be a fuel pump, what you should do is a fuel pump pressure test ,drive it with the pressure guage attach observe pressure when the car acts up at that point if pressure drop then it a fuel pump working intermittently, if pressure is still there then it may be relay or wiring check it out, if this helps
  • I have had the same problem and went back and forth to the dealership numerous times.......finally blew my top and they sent me to a Chev dealers service department ...the problem was a short in the wires in the steering column... repairman said it was common problem and it took him forever when he worked on the first car with the problem but now that is the first thing he checks ......that explains why it goes off and on at different times and sometimes stays off for a week or an hour or a day or two....ho[pe this helps////////DB
  • sarahmsisarahmsi Posts: 5
    I've posted previous messages about my car, so I won't go into detail. But I've been reading the electrical issues and I've got one if any one can suggest anything, i'm open. My brake light fuse kept burning out every day, sometimes weeks when I put it in it popped immediately. Now, I've had the same fuse in for a month, tested it and still shows good, but still no break lights and get this, if I have no break lights my cruise control doesn't work either, crazy, I know. So, I'm driving a 5yr old Envoy with no break lights, no cruise control, a broken gas guage and today my husband was on the passenger seat and when we parked his door would not unlock.... had to start the car, put it in reverse, back up then drive forward and put it in park again then the door unlocked.. We should do a class action on GMC with these Envoys...geez.. :lemon:
  • As I was driving my car the dash board lights all lit up,including the low oil, anti locks, every light, couldnt read the gear I was in, everything!! The air conditioning stopped working, the radio turned off, the windows and locks wouldnt work! It would go back to normal for a couple of seconds and then would go out again. I took it in the shop and they couldnt figure it out, they actually fixed something with the computer. It was back to normal for a day and back out again today!!! HELP!! This is a 2005 Envoy.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Tkaminski1,
    Are all of your instruments out? Did you call the dealership back to say it was doing it again? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Okay, yesterday I was doing my errands, stopped at the store before I picked my kid up from school. Was out of the car 20 min at most, when I got back in, it would not start, no lights, nothing. When I tried the key again, the instrument panel was flickering and there was a high pitch sound coming from the radio. I called AAA and they came and jumped my battery and said I needed a new battery, this is the second battery I've replaced. They said an electrical short must be draining my battery. $175 to check it out and see if they can find the problem...... Yeah like I can afford that right now. And Tkaminski1, I'm guessing your car is out of warranty? if not, take it back and make them fix it.
  • I actually took it to a local place that does my repairs, not the dealership. They have my car right now and have had it since Tue. I am waiting to hear from them, but they seemed to be cluelss as to what the problem was. They charged me $700 so far and I am having the same exact problem. Have you heard of this problem before?? I was able to drive it for a day and then the next day it wouldnt start in my garage, had to have it towed.
  • Yes it is out of warranty. I am hoping the place finds the problem today and eventually we are trading it in for a new car.
  • eblueblu Posts: 3
    Went out to start my 2003 GMC Envoy and it wouldn't start. It made some static noises and the power came on but it wouldn't start. I think I have around 50,000 miles on it. I really haven't had any other problems with it. This is just inconvenient. Glad I still have my Civic!
  • You guys are scaring me! I just bought a 2005 Envoy and reading all of your problems with your Envoys is worrying me! Have had it for 3 weeks, and had the airbag light stay on, which the dealer fixed, since it happened before we actually bought it, and the engine light come on, which we are waiting for an oxygen sensor for it. Hope I have better luck than all of you!! Luckily we bought a good warranty!!
  • loushuloushu Posts: 1
    I hope you have fixed the problem. If not, ask the mechanic to check the switch in the steering wheel column. I saw an earlier posting suggesting the same.
    I had similar problems on my 2005 Envoy as you had described. While I was driving one day, all lights in the instrument panel suddenly lit up. I pulled the car to the side, stopped the engine and tried to start it a few minutes later. At first there was not even a clicking sound, like the battery was totally dead. After a few tries, the starter cranked but the engine wouldn't start. A few more attempts later, handles in the instrument meters swung widely but the engine still wouldn't started. The car was towed to a repair shop. After several days, the mechanic told me the problem was a short in the switch in the steering wheel column and he had replaced it. The car was fine since.
  • I was having the same problems. I am retired now so I don't drive my 2004 Envoy XUV much. I had replaced the battery July 09, and by November 09 when I would go to start the vehicle I would hear "clicking noises" and it would not turn over. I could jump the vehicle and it would be good for 4 days, and then the battery would be dead again. So I just had to let the DANG vehicle sit for about a year, and drive my Maxima. I had purchased the battery for my Envoy from AutoZone (they are wonderful by the way), and they replaced the battery with a new one this year. I had the vehicle in the shop several times again in 2010, and no mechanic could figure out what was "draining the battery" down till it had no power what-so-ever. Then I remembered that the same thing years ago happened to someone else I knew. The bottom line is I was not driving my vehicle enough or starting it and letting it run in the driveway (whatch out in some states/cities this is illegal), and so the "SECURITY SYSTEM" was constantly running (the red light blinking) and that was "draining the battery". So, I jumped it again in October 2010, drove about 40 miles, and I make sure to atleast start it about every 3 days, I have not had a problem with starting it since then (it has been well over a month now), also no more clicking noises. I hope this helps, I love my Envoy but like you I couldn't trust it.
  • I have a 2005 GMC Envoy also. Amazingly just after the warranty expired i started having trouble. First the Check engine light said camshaft position sensor failed . I replaced it and this did nothing. Then the Speedometer started acting crazy. Shortly after this the radio works sometimes and mostly it doesn't. Now it misses very badly and tells me multiple cylinder misfire and cylinder 6 misfire. i Swapped out the plug and coil to another cylinder with no effect...What a POS!!! trade in value is a joke so im stuck with it..
  • cheitcheit Posts: 2
    Hey guys, I am having the same battery draw issue you all are having. Periodically, we will come out in the morning to start the Envoy and the battery is completely dead. I have checked doors, cell phone chargers, etc. and nothing looks like the obvious problem. I don't touch anything, I simply charge the battery backup and look at the vehicle for lights on, door ajar, etc., but I don't see or hear anything that would be the obviousl problem. It's happened 8-10 times over the past 9 months, and I have had the battery replaced, had a small service station do a battery draw test (they found nothing), and had the GMC dealership do a full electrical test, and battery draw test (they found nothing either). Tonight, I am making the dealership keep the Envoy overnight to try and see if it goes dead by morning.

    Our Envoy is the Denali version with the DVD and Nav, and since the DVD player is broken (that's a whole other story), I'm going to disconnect the power to the DVD Player via the fuse or directly when I get it back, and I'm going to see if the DVD (technically an "after-market" item) is causing the issue.

    I'll keep you posted, but would love any feedback from the original poster if they managed to resolve the issue.
  • About 6 months ago my Emvoy completely died, no lights no nothing, took battery in and there were 3 dead cells so I they give me a new battery. Two weeks ago, car completely dies 30 mins later starts up fine i take it to the shop, gages are all out of wack, none of them are working. Shop tells me its the cluster in the computer, fixes it, car starts gages work great. Fri car completely dead. Put the positive from the jumper cable on my battery, not even connected to the other car, it starts. Wont start Sat or Sun, get a jump this morning and it starts. Have it at the shop right now, hoping they can find the issue. So frustrating, have had this car for 3 years with no problems until now. Its a 2004, have already put in 500.00! From what I have read here it could be a multitude of problems!
  • cheitcheit Posts: 2
    Hey guys, update on my Envoy (2006 Denali version). Car died in the garage overnight, so I didn't touch a thing - I just charge the battery and drove it straight to the GMC dealership. Had them keep it overnight. It was dead by the morning, so they did a draw test and found some wiring in the back hatch that was lose, and based on how the wires landed/feel when we closed the hatch, it would make a connection and drain the battery. We thought for the longest time it was that the hatch wasn't closing all the way, since it seemed to be happening after we got something out of the back (groceries, etc.). Turns out we weren't far off. My recommendation is as soon as it dies, don't touch anything and just bring it right in so the draw on the battery will be there when you take it in. Also was told by the service rep that the starter causes a number of issues with this vehicle. Issues arise when you shut the car off, the starter doesn't fully disengage, and keeps certain items on (electricly) when you think the car is shut off.

    I'm now fully repaired for under $150, and I hope you guys have the same luck.
  • Do you have a DVD systme built in your car? The dealership came to the conclusion that it was the DVD system draining the battery. Before the battery issue I had an electrical issue that kept going in and out. They noticed their was a fuse in the tailgate that was short. Good luck!!!
  • Looks like quite an old e-mail don't know if you got it fixed yet I just bought one and it doesn't work either I know the fuse box is under hood on drivers side, I checked mine and i have 12 volts at the window but it still doesn't work I haven't fixed it yet im thinking it is a bad ground not a fuse.
  • keepupkeepup Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue with my speedometer as most of you. Somtimes it moves other times it reads 40 when I'm on the freeway and I know I'm doing at least 100 and then there are the days when the needle just sits at 0! If we all call Transport Canada ( 1-800 333-0510) and put in a complaint we might stand a chance of getting the Envoy added to the goodwill act and get our vehicles fixed or our money back, but we need everyone to call. So if you know someone with this issue give them the number. I have always been a GM person I even talked 2 of my best friends into buying an Envoy... come on GM step up to the plate and stand behind your products! Dont make me switch to one of those other 2 vehicle makers!
  • ghg29205ghg29205 Posts: 1
    I just bought my 2002 GMC Envoy on December 15th.

    For the last couple of weeks, at random times during the night (or whenever the car is sitting idly parked) my rear brake lights and front parking lights come on for 5 minutes or so and then by the time I check again a few minutes later they're turned back off.

    This has caused me to have to jumpstart my vehicle several times now over the last few days.

    I've tried several different things as far as adjusting the ambient light settings for when I use my remote door lock and I've also tried simply using my key to lock my car when parking it. Nothing seems to be working.

    I'm dreading taking it into GMC after reading some of the horror stories on here about how difficult it seems to nail down what sort of electrical problem may be at play here.

    Has anyone else heard of anything like this problem?
  • soozie2soozie2 Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    My 06 Envoy denali started developing problems over the last few months: service stabilitrak lite stays on or goes off whenever. Last month my headlights went out completely and had to replace the low beam relay. Recently the engine light came on but nothing showed up on the diagonostic computer. Three days ago the stop engine warning signal came on and the oil pressure gauge went all the way down. I got out checked the oil it seemed a bit low, so I added a quart and went on my way...started up okay, no warning lights,ran okay, then about a half mile down the whole thing happened again. Scared me to death! I was alone on a dark road waiting for AAA for three hours! Got it to the mechanic who when he did the computer diagnosis was told i need a valve. He replaced it and the engine light is still on. I am so disappointed , I thought I was driving a reliable car. BTW just broke 70k. Any advice?
  • mtuvamtuva Posts: 1
    did they find the problem?
  • soozie2soozie2 Posts: 4
    My envoy denali is still not fixed. It appears there are some serious electrical issues. The computer diagnosis says it is one thing, they fix it then it tells them it is something else. Engine light is still on and so is the stabilitrak light.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Have you spoke with a GM Dealer?
    GM Customer Service
  • I have had all the problems that some have mentioned when it comes to this auto. I have replaced the ignition because I couldn't get the key to turn in the lock position so it could be removed. Now I can't get the brake or tail lights to go off when the truck is not running. Has anybody had this same problem and what did you do go get them to go off?
  • I awoke this morning to find my brake and parking lights on and the car was not running. Did you have any success in finding out the problem and what did you do to fix the problem.
  • i have the 2006 envoy, 4.2 inline 6 engine 38k. i've had it for almost a year and never had a problem til now w/it. it started a few weeks ago as my family and i were returning home on the highway the rpms plummeted, power steering failed and the car died completely mid highway. luckily i was able to coast to the shoulder. my hubby (a mechanic) couldnt see anything immediately wrong. i turned the key and it started up again with no problem, like it had never happened. we drove home thinking it was a fluke. it got so bad over the nxt few days tht in the span of a 16 mile trip it did the same thing 10x's. fuses & relays have been switched out, engine parts cleaned & codes wiped at the shop. still doing it and GM said they've not had any complaints with the Envoys to date and no active recalls. my husband deploys in a very short window and i would like to have a reliable vehicle while he's gone especially w/my 2yr old being special needs. any and all help is welcome
  • soozie2soozie2 Posts: 4
    Hi gab: i sympathize....have you talked to a customer service rep from GM? I am currently investigating my ongoing denali issues with them and hope they will stand by their product. If you really research further you'll see there are many issues and complaints with this models electrical systems and suspensions. I might be naieve but i can only hope gm will strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty in making us retain our loyalty with future purchases.
    Good luck.........sooz
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I recommend having the vehicle diagnosed by a GM dealership. Please keep me updated on your situation. If you have any other concerns or problems, please feel free to email me.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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