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Dodge Intrepid Problems

geneogeneo Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I have a '95 Intrepid ES which looks good and runs
good.....most of the time. I have heard and read
of others with this car having certain recurring
problems and I think I'm one of that
"crowd"-----rotors needed to be re-surfaced twice
and only 60K miles (mostly highway); water pump
failure at 36K miles (just past 3 year warranty
time limit); etc. I know the auto trans in this
car is also on the watch list.
Now, today, and twice in the past 4 days, my car
has died after being driven for 20-30 minutes in
warm weather. Main problem-----it stalls out and
either won't re-start (cranking ok) or after
starting roughly, it won't idle in park or let you
get into gear before dying. This morning, my poor
wife almost got rammed on a major highway in the
Phila. area as she limped to the shoulder.
The car is at the dealer now being diagnosed and
I'm looking for some similar!
I hope it's not the fuel pump as I understand they
are very expensive for this model.....any comments
or suggested fixes???


  • I found some information that may help with the '96 Intrepid that is shutting down during driving and you may be able to get it fixed for FREE! I am selling my '94 Intrepid and I did some research. I found a place that describes a recall on some '94 Intrepids that sounds exactly like the problem you are having. Give it a look:
    Go to
    click on "find your car now"
    click on one of the '94 Intrepids for sale to open up the ad
    click on "more about this car"
    click on "model info"
    click on "recalls" on the grey sidebar
    click on the recall named "electrical system"

    It sounds exactly like your problem and you may be able to contact Chrysler and complain enough until they fix it. Good luck!
  • Sorry, I wrote '96 Intrepid above and I meant '95 Intrepid. Either way, read the info. It may be valuable!
  • MN9thPAMN9thPA Posts: 6
    My 94 Intrepid with 57000 miles has been a good performing and enjoyable car. I have had the A/C repaired under warranty, needed new plug wires at 43000 miles, had both seat tracks replaced due to broken plastic guides causing rocking and have leaking transmission lines which aren't covered under my 70000 mile warranty. Of course the rotors have warped twice, so I don't ride the brakes much, I downshift instead and keep the wheels lugnuts torqued evenly. The newest problem is a clunking in the suspension when I stop and when I accelerate. It only does it once in each direction, as if something is shifting in the suspension. This problem started the day I picked the car up after having the recall dealing with the control arm reinforcement. I thought it a coincidence. I asked the dealer if they thought it related and they said no. I noticed that when I jacked up the car slightly, it would clunk once as if tension were released. I had to drive the car and stop each time to get it to clunk over and over while I tried to find the clunking part. I found that the clunking was comming from the lower control arm. I have yet to take the car back to the dealer because they believe in replacing things by trial and error before they find what is really wrong. Has anyone else had this recall and had the same problem?
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    In order to keep similar discussions together, I am copying and reposting this from another topic:

      #0 of 0: (dnebb) Mon 03 Jul '00 (06:15 PM)

      I'm having a problem with severe vibration in the steering wheel of my 1999 Dodge Intrepid. I've been told that Chrysler has acknowledged there is a problem but I can't find it documented anywhere. The Dealer says it's caused by defective tires - The Goodyear Dealer says there's nothing wrong with the tires. The problem showed up at 12K miles and I've had it in twice for servicing. Gotten nothing but the run around.

      Does anyone have information?
    Do any of you have any thoughts for dnebb?

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    My 98 concorde lxi an issue with steering wheel vibration when I was applying brakes.

    The dealer changed the front brake rotors to fix this.
  • amaleamale Posts: 2
    The Chrysler service people have very selective memory and a very strict script to follow regarding customer complaints. Their usual first line is "your the first one with that problem."
    They know very well by now that they have a problem with vibrations caused mainly by alignment and or tires. If your car came equipped with the Goodyears and they are still original then it is Chrysler's problem. Don't let up on them until it is resolved.
    If the dealer doesn't give any satisfaction, you should call the area rep you probably could find the number at the following site.
    Good luck.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    I think amale's helpful post was meant for dnebb - I had reposted that information from a similar topic. Thanks for your information, amale, I hope dnebb comes back to see it.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • jamesk9jamesk9 Posts: 18
    I have a 1993 Intrepid ES. The air never worked when I purchased it in 1997. The car now has 135,000 miles on the odometer. In 1998, I took the car to a DC dealership, and they noted the evaporator was bad. There is pressure in the system (approx 30 on both high and low side), and the compressor will not turn on when the air is turned on. Any help to for the quest for cold air would be appreciated.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    If you haven't already, you might also look through our airconditioning topic (#194) in case there is something helpful there.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    I am reposting the following from a similar topic:

      #0 of 1: (esj1) Sun 09 Jul '00 (04:17 PM)

      I've got a 96 Dodge Intrepid. While having the engine oil serviced at a Lube Shop, the plastic handle broke off the dipstick and the stick is stuck in the tube. The mechanic has said this is common (his experience) with the Intrepid. Has anyone had this problem?, How do they resolve it?
    Does anyone have any advice for esj1?

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • cameronfcameronf Posts: 1
    My 1999 Intrepid has had the electric windows worked on 4 times in one year. The car has 18k miles and has a noticable vibration at speeds over 35mph. Since the vibration is still occuring after rotating tires, I can only speculate that it involves the suspension or drivetrain (alignment, rotors...).
    I hope this is covered by the warrenty. On a closing note this is the second time I have purchased an American automobile and will probably be my last.
  • x1262x1262 Posts: 7
    DC IS OUT. My third and last Dodge product. Same old story substandard quality. One of the reasons I remained hooked was the dismal tradein value. No other dealer wants one of those on their lot, but next time (in about 15 months) my 00 Intrepid (both year and value = 00) will be gone and good riddance to the shake rattle and roll.
  • mddrivermddriver Posts: 1
    Yes, I've encountered many electrical problems in two years. My '99 Intrepid had computer problems which led to the windows not operating...but the sunroof did. Then two of the windows worked. I have had the car in to be repaired several times. The last time, my extended warranty saved me several hundred dollars.

    We also had a problem with the car not being able to go over 35 mph. Dodge fixed it, but kept the car for two weeks.
  • jadtuckerjadtucker Posts: 4
    I owned a Durango before trading for an Intrepid. I had problems with the Durango so I thought I would trade and not have to worry about having it fixed all the time. Boy was I wrong. The Intrepid has had two window motors replaced. The passenger front door leaks occasionally when it rains. I took it to a body shop and was told it was a factory flaw with how the door was designed. Water runs in above the speaker and down the door into the floor. The air conditioner has a terrible odor sometimes. It doesn't do it all the time, but when it does it is bad. I had it fixed last year. They ran a deodorizer through it for 24 hours. But it is doing it again. And the ignition locked up on me one day. The steering wheel was locked in, it was in park and I was parked on a completely flat surface. No matter how hard I turned the key it would not budge. Finally after five minutes of trying I got it started. I am going to fill out the papers for arbitration, but I don't expect much success.
  • srobsrob Posts: 2
    I'm new at this so be patient. My 1999 Intrepid
    left interior push light bulb has blown. Does
    anyone know if this is a big deal to replace?
    Will Dodge try to rip me off to replace the bulb?
  • I have a 2000 Intrepid that keeps giving me problems. Sometimes it starts and other times it will not turnover at all-- the car is completely dead. If you wait anywhere between an hour or two it will start back-up again. The dealer replaced a sensor but it still is acting up. They have not been able to duplicate the problem so they said their not sure what's causing it to do this. I travel a lot for my job and it is very frustrating to have a car that won't start sometimes. Has anyone had this problem happen to them? If so what will fix the problem?
  • burky1burky1 Posts: 2
    I have had 2 power windows motors replaced and a ongoing vibration problem. The dealer sent me to a Goodyear dealer, who sent me back to the dealer. Can anyone tell me what was the problem with the Goodyear tires? What was the solution to the vibration problem. My car seems to thump down the road.
  • burky1burky1 Posts: 2
    Say cameronf or dnebb, did Dodge figure out your vibration problem? I have the same vibraton and the dealer is blaming it on the Goodyear tires and the tire dealer says there is nothing wrong with the tires. Help anyone.
  • vicky5vicky5 Posts: 1
    This is a letter we had to write to the Corporate Office of Dodge:
    "In October 1998, we purchased a Dodge Intrepid from your dealership. Since that time it has been in your department about six times within the last six months. This letter is to let you know of our total dissatisfaction, with the car itself and quality of workmanship from the service department.
    For air conditioning alone, it has been in for repairs five tomes and we continue to have the same problems. AC only works when the blower is on high. A new motor and/or compressor is now in stock, and scheduled to be installed, but this has not taken care of the problem for longer than one week's time in the past.
    Our back door lock has been previously repaired as well, and it works only about 10% of the time."

    Since this letter, we finally did get the problems fixed, but I hate the car! The outside paint is also pealing around the windows!!!!!!!!!
    We are in the process of buying a different car.
  • Per kind suggestion from Pat455, I'm reposting this from "Transmisson 'Shift-Lever' Failure in Intrepids (Topic #1531)". I'm new to the Town Hall. Pat, thanks for the advice.

    The Shift-Cable (linkage) on my '99 Intrepid w/37K
    miles became VERY STIFF & BALKY, overnight,
    without prior symptoms. I had to use significant
    FORCE to get the car in (any) gear. Dealer would
    not cover under 3-YR/36K warranty, it cost me $200 to fix. I spoke with the service technician, who told me that he's seen a 'few' of these 'go bad' on Intrepids -- but he could not tell me why. I have the old 'worn' part -- I plan to FIND OUT what happened, and why. The old cable appears undamaged, and may have only needed lubrication (?).

    This is ridiculous -- I've owned lots of cars, and NEVER had a Shift-Cable or any other transmission LINKAGE part 'go bad', EVER, especially not while the car sat in the garage overnight, especially a 'pampered' car with only 37K miles.

    For Sherlock Holmes types out there, a couple of
    facts might prove interesting:
    1) I washed the car, including an underbody flush
    with my electric (non-nuclear) pressure washer,
    before parking the car in the garage, where the
    Intrepid sat unused, over a long weekend.
    2) Unused (see above), except that my 14-year old
    'sat' in the car with his friends 'listening to
    CD's', at least once during this weekend ('honest,
    Dad, we never touched the shift-lever' . . .).

    Regardless, I'm angry that the dealer refuses to
    cover under new-car warranty, and I'm curious --
    if the dealer service tech has 'seen a few' of these (failures), HOW MANY OTHERS out there have failed?

    Concurrent with the transmission shift-cable
    failure, I noticed a VERY FAINT 'tin-cans-rattling' SOUND, a 'brief' sound (from somewhere under the car, front-end), that occurs only when I touch the accelerator, to maintain a steady 'parkway' speed of 25MPH. I can hear this when the windows are down, while driving very slowly -- it's a faint noise. RELATED ???

    Has anyone else out there experienced this
    problem? If so, how was it resolved? Thanks.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Glad you found your way over here. :-)

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • As a mechanic, I've seen this problem on a regular basis. It happens when the seal between the headlight bucket and the lens fails and allows moisture to accumulate inside the assembly. A couple things to consider:
    1) I don't know what state you live in, but if your state requires regular safety inspections, go talk to a licensed inspector. In many cases, the moisture inside your headlight assembly can corrode the light socket, cloud the reflective material, discolor the lens, and thus lower the candlepower output to the point that the headlights do not shine brightly enough. Therefore, this is a SAFETY related problem, not just a cosmetic one. Talk with a licensed inspector, he will probably agree. My 89 Eagle Premier had the same problem, and it discolored the lenses so badly that I had to replace them to pass VA safety inspection.
    2) I have seen some mechanics drill a couple of SMALL weep holes in an area that is both not visible and not subject to the entrance of moisture. They then use an air hose to blow out the existing moisture. (CAUTION) Speak to a licensed inspector before you attempt or have anyone attempt this. It may be an illegal procedure in your state.
    Maybe if you pose the question to your SM as a safety issue, along with the advice from an inspector, it may push them to correct the problem properly, instead of telling you it's "cosmetic". Besides, your warranty is 3-36 Bumper to Bumper. The headlights are, afterall, between the bumpers!
  • juliadjuliad Posts: 2
    What do you think about my 1993 Intrepid all of a sudden shaking in the back end like there is no tomorrow and starting to fishtail? It is a very loud noise when it started to shake. I couldn't go over 15mph without this happening. I limped home. I had it towed to a garage today.
  • markp7markp7 Posts: 1
    The 2nd day I had my 2000 Intrepid I had the front window defogger on with the ac on, and the back seat air vent was sweating - the entire back counsol was actually dripping. The service manager told me this is normal on humid days - anyone ever encounter that? It has not happened again in the last week. Also, has anyone noticed how little legroom the Intrepid has in the front seat - the Stratus actually has more leg room according to the specs, and the dealer told me he does not recommend this car to anyone over 6'2". Is it possible to get the seat moved back since it does not go back that far (leaving a good 12" or so behind it and the back seat when the front seat is all the way back)? I've tried a couple places and they say its illeagle to touch the seat.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Sounds terrible, possible rear end will need to be worked on. Bearing gone bad maybe?
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I don't know if it is illegal to move the seat back or not. The mechanic probably does not want to be liable if anything were to go wrong.
  • the oil in my less than 30,000 mile 1999 Intrepid jelled and the engine seized. The dealer is trying to claim that failure to change the oil caused the problem and is balking about covering it under warranty. All my auto mechanic friends are saying head gasket leak. This was a problem on the Stratus and Neon. Anyone else come across it in the 99 Intrepid???
  • Thank you for your prompt response. I am doing as you suggested
  • the status and neon suffered head gasket failure in only the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder. I haven't heard of the same problem with the V-6. Antifreeze does not cause oil to gel. It will make your dipstick look like there is malted chocolate milk in your oil pan. And it will also destroy your engine's bearings in no time at all!
  • thanks milezero and Juliad aka dc13
    I have a good friend who happens to be employed by Mobil/Exxon in their, of all things, chemical analysis lab. I'll post the results when I get them and probably forward same to the NHTSA
  • marimikmarimik Posts: 3
    I have a 1995 intrepid es that has all the whistles and bells on it. does anyone else have or had the following problem. first the keyless entry quit, and i replaced the batteries in the remote, no luck. then the power roof quit working, and now works intermittently, now the a/c has quit all together and will work if i jump across the relay which i replaced. service tech said it was the body control module, can any one help?
  • alkrautalkraut Posts: 1
    I owned, and suffered through a 1995 Intrepid, since new. Just traded it for a new Honda Accord.
    My Intrepid punished me in all the "usual" areas, including transmission, water pump, fuel rail, front end, etc. The worst was the A/C problems. The intermittent problem described by marimik was an early problem that I had. I thought it was a relay since shutting down and restarting the engine brought back air for awhile. Problem turned out to be a transducer. Dealer replaced and the AC worked for awhile. Next was evaporator, discharge hose leaks, compressor, then condensor. $1200 in all. Ironically, my Intrepid, which, by the way, was a great driving car, and very comfortable, started costing big bucks in repair after I finished paying off the 4 year loan, about 60,000 miles. My average monthly costs for the duration of ownership exceeded my earlier monthly payments! There apeared to be no end to the costly repairs. I finally decided to throw in the towel and buy a car that is relatively immune to gross depreciation and maintenance problems...a Honda! Trade in price was a joke. Independant used car dealers don't want LH cars because the lemon law in NY state costs them too much in warranty costs. New car dealers offer $1500 to $2000 below Edmunds trade price. I had 81,000 miles, sold the car for $4800, and cut my loses.
    My recommendation to others is to do the same. Good luck.
  • marimikmarimik Posts: 3
    for anyones info, i stopped by a dodge dealer today and they were actually helpful when you speak to them in person. i told the mechanic what the problem was, he got his portable computer out, went to my car and checked it out. bingo, a bad evaporator sensor. $25 and it's working fine for now. keep you all posted on any more problems. also fixed the power roof by taking the overhead console out, unplugging it, plugged it back in and it's working for now. keep ya posted.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Sorry to hear about the problems with your Intrepid. I have a '98 which I purchased new, it now has 30,000 trouble free miles on it. My neighbor recently purchased a new 2000 Taurus, which I've had the opportunity to ride in. It doesn't have any less road noise, or more power, or even a superior sound system, than my Intrepid has. It does have far less room in it though. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll stick with the Intrepid.
  • dwaylahdwaylah Posts: 1
    I have a '97 Dodge Intrepid. Periodically, the amount of air coming out of the vents is reduced to near nothing. It usually occurs after being on the road for 200+ miles. The a/c is on. Each time it's been pretty warm outside.

    If I turn the fan off, then I turn it back to high, it sounds as if the air is going to blow hard, but then it backs off again to near nothing. Turning the fan off for a while seems to fix it.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    take it in and have the dealer recalibrate the ac/heater unit. Do you have auto or manual temp control? they should be able to check this problem out with their computer scan tools and fix this for you.
  • I've owned an intrepid for 1 year. So far I've had problems with the transmission seals, a/c repairs 4 times, dust in the rear taillights, moisture in the front signal lights, heater motor, warped brake rotors, "clicking" noise when the doors are opened, door weatherstripping coming off, slow power windows. Although they look and drive nice, I wouldn't advise anyone to buy one.
  • what year is your car?? you say 94 junker but you only had it for one year? Could your problems be from the owner before ,neglecting maintenance? or beating the car(rental or lease) ? Fill us in why you think this. If you have the 94 many changes have been made to todays 2001 cars that were a concern with the 93-97 LH cars. As the 94 model was only the second year of this car Chrysler was still finding issues and changing them in later years and now that your 94 is 7 years old things tend to wear.Dirt and moisture tend to get into places in 7 years. Todays new LH cars have come a long way since 94, they are not perfect but what is??
  • I traded my 96 Ford Windstar in for a 2000 Intrepid - thank goodness! So far I have 13,000 trouble-free miles on it. By 11,000 miles on the Windstar, my rack-n-pinion steering had gone and the problems had only just begun. We have to realize that cars are mechanical and they will break down! Excessive problems should not be the norm, however. All dealers have their "lemons" - (and I think I've owned one of every make) - hopefully my Intrepid will give me 100,000 miles more trouble-free. Good luck to everyone. Keep us posted. I, for one, like to know if there are potential problems I should be aware of. Thanks!
  • sorry to hear about the problems, but when you build 350 000 cars a year sometimes things go wrong .This is not an excuse for having a car break down but hopefully the dealer will fix all your problems. Just keep going back to the dealer I know its aggravating but the only way.
  • I am considering buying a 1995 intrepid 3.3, 6 cyl., 4 door, all power with 90,000 highway miles. The seller says that he has had problems with the a/c and in the morning when it is wet or dewey the brakes squeal a little but only once and then they are okay. As far as the a/c it does not blow real cold air. Says he took it in for maintenance and it worked fine for a while but he thinks there may be a leak. This car seems to be a steal in the low $4,000 but I am hesitant. Should I be aware of any problems or concerns for this year?
  • While the 95 model car has some problems ,yes A/C is one of them. This car has the 3.3 engine that is tried and true. Do you know the owner ? has he maintained it over the years? Your best bet would be to take it to a mechanic you can trust and have him go over it and give you an idea of anything that may be in store for repair in the future. A/C can be very expensive to fix, how hot does it get in your area. Good luck...
  • I own a 1996 Intrepid E.S. with the 3.3 litre engine and 73000, it has been the most trouble free car i have bought in a long,long time, I have not had problems with the a/c or steering like others seem to have, in fact the a/c is so cold that i have to turn it down!!! The 3.3 litre engine is far better a better engine than the 3.5 litre, it is simpler without all the high-tech that the 3.5 has. I know a good friend that is a mechanic a a major dodge dealership in Iowa, he tells me that he has NEVER seen a 3.3 litre in the shop taken apart. Hope everybody has had the same good experience with this car i have, it is a dream to travel in and gets about 27mpg, only thing i wish it had is a better sound system.
  • I'm on my third Intrepid. Company cars all. 35,000 miles a year min. I'm about to take delivery on a 2001 Intrepid base model. Thank God the company that handles these cars is sticking with the Dodges. I've rented many different makes and models and think the Intrepid can hold its own with any comparable vehicle. You can keep the under powered,ugly,cramped,uncomfortable,gas eating,OK handling,put-put sounding Ford Taurus.
    The GM full size cars are OK for the most part and the power/gas mileage is pretty good but I like the Intrepid.
    All of my associates have the same type vehicle and report the same experiences,for the most part.
    At 60040 mi. this car has had its first real service other than the work prescribed in the owners manual maintenance schedule.It received its first set of brakes,front and back. They cut the front rotors because it is a good thing to do and the vehicle management company didn't approve of new rotors.
    Early on the '99s Check Engine light would come on due to "a bad gas cap seal".Never a problem with engine,trans,A/C,wipers,windows but Goodyears "best" were quite worn and hydroplaning like crazy after only 30,00 mi. A new set of Goodyears other"best" solved the problem.
    Regular maintenance,oil change every 3,000 mi.,dealer service as per the manual etc... is the key as has been the case with my own private vehicle('95 Voyager with 0 problems other than a bum rear wiper motor in its 126,000 mi.)and other non-Chrysler vehicles,15 in all. Maybe I'm just lucky but I'll choose and Intrepid over any of the vehicles in the same "full size"class.
  • what are the reasons for the check engine light to come on?
  • The light will come on if the cars computers have
    found what is called a FAULT. A fault is something
    that the computer sees as not being in its normal
    range. A bad sensor will cause a fault . When the
    light comes on your best bet would be to take your
    car in to have the computer read and the fault
    repaired. Fault's are stored in the computers memory
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    Your correct about the fault codes being stored in the computer. The only time that fails if the vehicle looses complete battery power. Mine had an intermittent battery problem, the dealer told me the computer would clear the fault if the power was lost for a time.
    The last time I had the check engine warning the dealer found a vacuum leak, and a complete different problem from what the computer indicated.. At least thats what the sm told me, I'm certainly not a mechanic, no reason to question him on that.
  • So sorry to see that so many people made the same mistake as I did in buying a Dodge Intrepid....I hope all of you who have the newer models and love them feel the same way after your car hits about 40k miles. I am the original owner of an Intrepid that has had the A/C condensor replaced 4X (and it's not working now), the ABS braking system replaced (and it wasn't covered under warranty because it was an option), the water pump and fan broke twice (actually the fan still works because I gave it to my husband and he put it in his classic car), 2 heads replaced,
    the transmission has been replaced twice, the paint is falling off the car and it has left me stranded at least 30 times since I purchased it. Unbelievable. I also have a '94 Camry with the same number of miles...the only thing I have done to it is change the oil and buy new tires. I am on my way to trade in my Intrepid for a Camry because I couldn't imagine selling it outright to anybody-- I will NEVER purchase another American car
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    There is an awful lot of posting going on here that involves personal issues, NOT issues with this vehicle.

    Stick to maintenance or repair issues that you are having, or can assist with, on the Intrepid.

    Please review your (recently revised) Participant Agreement, paying particular attention to the section on "Contributions and Participant Conduct."

    It appears that this dispute has been carried over from somewhere else. Leave it out of this topic.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • dc13dc13 Posts: 23
    I do have one of those newer models,(00) and with my experience they haven't improved at all, just more of the same old problems.Actually the 00 is worse than the 98 I had. I had mine serviced at a local shop yesterday and they found coolant in the oil. The mechanic advises that cyl head damage is common with that engine. The head gaskets have been replaced once already (33k). I'm really not sure if I will take it back to the dealer, or continue to drive it until the problem become evident enough for a proper repair. The local shop advises internal engine damage could result if repairs are not done. The car now had 39k.
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