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Infiniti EX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tangofantangofan Posts: 50
    You may want to try a different dealership. I found Infiniti of Coconut Creek to be the highest price and not truthful in their dealing with me at all. I bought mine at Warren Henry and also got very good treatment at Sawgrass Infiniti back in the middle of 2008/
  • sam_peytonsam_peyton Olathe, KSPosts: 22
    I am about to accept this deal but I want opinions as to whether or not it is a good deal before I do.

    MSRP $43125
    AWD Journey
    Premium package
    Navigation package
    Roof rail
    Cross bars
    Splash guard
    Cargo Protector
    Wood trim

    Deal is $34625 (so 8500 off MSRP)
    I do have a trade in but I ask if I took the trade-in off the table would it change the offer and they said it would not effect it.

    Does anyone know why the destination charge would be different between dealership.
    The dealership in Kansas City said it is 815 but the one in St. Louis said 865, any idea why?
  • p996p996 Posts: 56

    Here is what I am referring too. Car_Man is DEFINITELY wrong about The March EX35 lease numbers. I can't trust him anymore. He is off my short list of trusted "insider info guys"
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Based on my negotiations to date, I think you can get him down, possibly up to a grand depending on cars on their lot etc. My assumption is your number is exclusive of taxes and tags though. If not, great deal. But can't really evaluate the deal when there is a trade involved.
  • gn555gn555 Posts: 1
    I got an offer of 33,000 out the door for ex35 rwd Msrp 41, 025. LA, Ca. I am still thinking about it.
  • sam_peytonsam_peyton Olathe, KSPosts: 22
    No no tax, title, license, not even document fee (but there is cheap $189)
    The asked if I take the trade off the table would it make a difference and they said no. I called several other dealers and said no trade but just cash and I haven't been able to beat it. But I am seeing people with deals for $10000+ off MSRP and I can't understand why I can't get that. I talked to at least 10 dealers in the midwest, some with more than 10 EX35 in stock.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Well I seem to have gone backward. Today I got someone to $9000 off MSRP. Basically a $42000 MSRP down to $33000, then add on tax and tags. Via phone, I had some other dealers suggesting they could do $1000 cheaper than that, so $10000 off MSRP, but I guess I need to test that by walking into the dealership and making them put pen to paper. I would think anywhere between 9k and 10k down from MSRP is the best outcome possible. The person a few posts up who said $33k out the door for a $41k MSRP, wow, that is far better than what I have seen. My quotes about are not out the door prices. Unless CA has hardly any sales tax, then it might be comparable to what I am seeing. My sales tax is like $2k alone.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Ok I sealed my deal and here it is in case it helps anyone. It was $1000 cheaper, if you account for trade, than the dealer I haggled long and hard with last night.

    $32,360 OTD. That includes about $1800 worth of tax and $250 registration/title. So price to me for the car was $31,800. The MSRP was $42225. So I was able to get them $10,500 below MSRP after all. It was an EX35 AWD with the Premium Pkg and the Luxe Style Pkg and then other odds and ends, like splash guards, rails and crossbars, cargo cover, and wood. They wanted to charge a random processing fee, but they said they needed $100 to be there and so then they just lowered the car to $31,700. It's all the same money. There was a difference of $300 on the trade between dealers (got hosed from both, but what can you do) and $600 on the car and another $100 in a processing fee difference, so a grand separating them. Anyway hope that helps.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Ok I realized my last post wasn't clear.

    Dealer 1: Best offer was 32,400 on MSRP of 41,800, and I felt like I had to really work to get them to that. 100 processing fee. Taxes and tags separate. 1200 for my trade (not happy about that, but my 2002 Audi had 155,000 miles on it and just had a transmission failure which would be a grand to 3 grand to fix). Probably should have checked CARMAX for the trade, but was thinking even just to donate it and take a small tax deduction.

    Dealer 2: Best offer was 31,800 on MSRP of 42,225. No random fees (well they did have a 100 fee but they adjusted the car price to 31,700 to account for that). Taxes and tags separate. 1500 for my trade (first offered 900 but I talked them up; maybe should have tried to get to 2000 but didn't want to push my luck; unlikely they noticed the mechanical issues since they just eyeballed it and I think was feeling not so hopeful based on last dealer trade number which maybe it was an error to let that affect me).

    So, if you take the trade out of the picture (and I did get set pricing and did all heavy negotiating even before mentioning I was trading anything; said I needed to call my father at the end and oh after all he says I have to do a trade), Dealer 1 was at 32,400 for the car and 34,700 OTD. Dealer 2 was 31,800 for the car and 33,860 OTD. Factor in trade and Dealer 1 was 33,499 OTD and Dealer 2 was 32,366 OTD. 1,100 difference. My numbers are a teeny off b/c I was randomly rounding.

    Of course Dealer 1 was insistent that they could not go down any further and doubted I could get better when I said I had better offers. They had me wondering for a second, but I really had done good legwork which ultimately gave me the upper hand, but their tactics were working as well in some respects. They thought I would get secret fees added in etc. at the other dealers. Anyway I felt I got just about the best possible price on the car at Dealer 2 so I didn't go farther and just inked it. Had emailed pricing with 3 other dealers and felt my best chance at a steal was with Dealer 2 anyway. Only regret is if I could have eeked out more $ on my old car somewhere (private sale or CARMAX or whereever). But I tell you, it was easy, they just took it away without any trouble to me.
  • ZanboorZanboor Posts: 8
    You got a pretty good deal. No worries. Compared to mine, at least.

    In my case, CARMAX gave me $23,000 US dollars for my trade which was costing me an arm and a leg for stupid things to fix aside from dealing with their gouging dealerships (BMW).

    The Infiniti dealer asked $36,325 USD (before taxes) for an EX, RWD, Premium, Tech, Lux, Wood, Tint, splash guard, rail and crossbars and offered $22,500 USD for the trade so, I went ahead with it. Mainly coz I didn't want to keep my X car.

    In Texas, we don't pay taxes on the value of trade (6.25%). We only pay on the difference. So, this made my trade worth about $24,000 USD by saving me an extra $1500 in taxes.

    All in all, it was about $8,700 USD below MSRP (before taxes).

  • sam_peytonsam_peyton Olathe, KSPosts: 22
    That is amazing. I am not sure how you and all these people are getting so much off MSRP. My dealership here is Kansas City, wouldn't even match what the dealership in St. Louis was doing which was the $8500 off MSRP, and $13500 for my trade- which according to KKB was only worth $12800. My trade was an 07 Ford Escape is good condition with less than 20,000 miles on it. I bought it new in March '07 and still owe $15822. I am never going to buy a domestic again- they lose their value so quickly. So St. Louis on an MSRP of $43125, was giving me it at $34625-13500 (trade)=$21125+15822 (trade pay-off)=$36947.12 (no TTL or fee)

    So after talking to them and their manager the KC dealership was only willing to take the 8500 off MSRP and give me $12000 for my trade, and they were trying to sell me one that was Black which was not my color of choice. So MSRP $42675-8500=$34175-12000 (trade)=22175+ 15822(trade pay off)=$37997

    The second St. Louis dealership MSRP $42675, Offer was $39342 with trade pay-off, didn't break it up. I straight up told them that was the worst offer I received.
    The Wichita dealership was willing to take $9760 off MSRP but they did not want my trade at all, but the MSRP on that vehicle was $1250 higher (luxe style package), and car max would only give me $13000 for my trade, so $44375-9760=34615.0- 13000 (trade-in @ car max)=21615+15822 (trade pay off)=$37437

    These numbers do not include tax, title, or license.
    KC Dealer MSRP $42674, Price $37997
    St. Louis MSRP $43125, Price $36947
    St. Louis (second) MSRP $42675, Price $39342
    Wichita MSRP $44375, Price $37437

    I called/traded emails dealers from Louisville, Kentucky, all over Illinois,Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin. I could not get anyone to give me a better deal. I was willing to travel and take my trade off the table.

    Is anyone who has gotten these great deals (10000+ off MSRP) located in the Midwest?

    I really wanted to buy it from the dealer in Wichita and he tried hard to help me break even with the St. Louis dealership since Wichita was closer and he would even meet me half way to deliver my vehicle but he couldn't quite get there and I couldn't justify spending more since the vehicle in St. Louis had everything I wanted and Wichita extra package didn't matter to me.

    I finally went with that St. Louis dealership giving me the 8500 off MSRP and 13500 for my trade. I really like their service and they gave some extras like paint and fabric guard, personal assistant (conceigere) for 3 months, key assistance for one year, and free dent repair for one year. Plus they had the color I wanted.

    I picked up the vehicle today and I love it.
    Platinum Graphite AWD Journey
    Premium Package
    Cargo Protector
    Roof rails/cross bars
    It is beautiful but I feel I over paid for it.

    But I live in the KC area and I had to drive to St. Louis because KC wouldn't even come close in my trade.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    Well actually if you got a grand more than KBB for your trade then really it's essentially like you got 9500 off of the car, which is right on the mark for within range of best possible you can get I think. It's all the same money. I probably should have gotten a grand more for my car - still kicking myself majorly for not going for it more on that - but it's too late now. So ultimately I think I had the same sort of deal as you, all things considered. BTW, maybe it is a midwest thing. Anyway, I think you should feel good about your deal. If you look back just 6 months ago on this board, people were paying way more for your car. And I love the Platinum Graphite...that was my first choice, but I didn't want to pay 1100 more for it.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    I'm not sure what I could have done differently on the trade. I think they lowballed me on it b/c they knew they had given me the most off possible on the new car. So they tried to make some of their money back on the trade. The car had KBB/Nada/Edmunds of 2400-3500 for poor condition. Like I said, it needed a new transmission or some sort of throttle thing, costing anywhere from 1000-4000 to fix. It had some other smaller issues as well, mechanical and cosmetic. Maybe the "poor" condition prices account for that, or maybe not that big of a mechanical issue. Anyway, I think a fair price for the trade would have been 2000-2500 (meanwhile it cost me 33k new, so major depreciation). So I got $500 less and I'm just trying to tell myself ok then it's like you got 10k off MSRP instead of 10.5k, which is still great, in order to not drive myself crazy. And it was easy. No annoyance selling it on Craigslist or donating it (for probably just a 3000 deduction).

    But, now I know, go for it and let them say no. I have no idea why I didn't bring out the KBB print out I had and let them explain to me why they aren't giving me the 2400 for poor condition. Dang it!
  • sam_peytonsam_peyton Olathe, KSPosts: 22
    I love my new EX, as I was driving home from St. Louis I was so scared I would wreck it, and they are so many little gadgets, it was hard to not get distracted by them.
    You are probably right. I feel pretty good about the trade especially since my Kansas City dealership would only give me $12000, but the KC dealership doesn't own any other brands and they wouldn't put my Ford Escape on their Infiniti lot, they would have had to sell it whole sale. However, the St. Louis dealership owns 12 other brands and so they were probably going to out my car on one of their lots, so I think they'll actually make money on my trade. Oh well, but I did get more than KKB and Car max said so I can't complain.
    Besides the dealership in St. Louis give you one of those easy care packages (dent repair X 1 year, keycare X 1 year, and personal assistant X 90 minutes within the first 3 months), and gave me complimentary paint and fabric protection) with the purchase.
    I have purchase 3 cars new and I have never been in and out of a dealership faster, they didn't even try to sell me any additional items.

    It was totally worth it driving to St. Louis to get that Platinum Graphite one. The dealership in KC said that we are within a few hundred dollars of the deal St. Louis was offering, wouldn't you rather buy it from us and not have to drive all the way there and back? I said that it is a few hundred cheaper in St. Louis and it is the color I want. Isn't it silly that they would even offer me a better deal since they knew that the other dealership had the other color I wanted?

    All it really cost me was one tank of gas and a day of my time and I got the car I wanted in the color I wanted and the best deal I could find. I didn't think I wanted the wood, but now I am glad I got it, it looks really good! Even the roof rails look better on the platinum graphite color versus the black.

    I am going to stop checking this forum for better deals, I need to get over it because it is done and I can't go back in time! Besides I LOVE my car!
  • design52design52 Posts: 1
    Well, to make a long thread longer…

    I’ve been working with (2) dealerships in Ohio and they seem to be giving me abysmal offers. Will be doing their 0.9% financing deal with $5k down and a $2k trade in on a Honda Accord.

    MSRP: $43,875.00
    Discount: $3,248.00
    Selling Price: $40,627.00
    Doc Fee: $250.00
    Taxes: $2,657.01
    Subtotal: $43,534.01
    License Fee: $25.50
    OTD Total: $43,559.51

    I’ve been working on them for days and they refuse to budge from their original, seemingly “take it or leave it” offer.

    WTF am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

    Scott in Ohio
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    You're not doing anything wrong. We are getting such big discounts because we are forfeiting the 0.9% financing. At least I'm pretty sure no one is getting 10k off plus 0.9% financing. You have to take an either/or. You should be able to negotiate out of that $250 doc fee or any processing fee, either way. When you look through this thread, look for what people paid with the 0.9% financing so you are comparing apples to apples. As an interesting exercise, ask those dealers if they can give you the car for $33k even + taxes and tags and no processing fee with 4.9% financing. Then I guess you pick which one makes most financial sense to you.
  • allprimaallprima Posts: 7
    Hi all,
    I recently puchased a 2008 g35x sedan and Infiniti just sent me an offer in the mail...
    Basically, it's an offer code for a $500 Amex gift card on a new purchase or lease of an Infiniti vehicle. (I will also receive $150 for "referring" you) If any of you have recently purchased or leased a new infiniti and would like the $500, please email me at According to the instructions on the flyer, i just log on to the infiniti website and enter the vin # of your car and my car and we both get the gift cards - no strings attached. I dont know anyone personally who is buying an infiniti soon so i figured i'd post the offer up here. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • cargeniecargenie Posts: 1
    I find it curious that ONLY one person "Achieved" $10,000 off MSRP. Having served my Infiniti clients for over 6 years I can debunk this myth entirely. One has only to go to to see an approximate "Cost" of a vehicle and any rebates offered. If you have a current Infiniti you may get the loyalty $$ which varies by region. I say "May" as it is either a rebate or low interest financing. Some dealers write down their ten oldest new and pre-owned vehicles monthly so that it is possible for one dealer to sell a vehicle for less than another who doesn't follow this practice.
    It doesn't make sense to throw in a trade difference figure as this too can change especially when one tells another dealer approximately what another dealer is giving (truth or not) as this skews the numbers. Some states tax on the selling price of the vehicle and others only on the trade difference. Some state's sales tax is higher than others.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    I'm not in the market for an Infiniti EX, but while shopping for an FX, I came across several dealers in the Washington DC area with online pricing of right around $10,000 off MSRP for remaining EX's. Checkout JBA Infiniti in Ellicott City, MD and Infiniti of Tyson's Corner, VA. Also, Jim Coleman Infiniti in Bethesda, MD shows online prices of $8K to $9K below MSRP on all their stock of EX's. So I'm thinking that these are real discounts, at least on EX35's.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    I bought in the DC area and walked out the door with an EX35 for over 10k off MSRP. Not sure why you think it's a hoax. I had one dealer who wouldn't do such significant discounting but they didn't get my business because they played around too long (maybe they would have ultimately come down) and all the other dealers were willing to tell me the bargain basement price without much haggling. I'm not seeing any posts where people are paying just 5k or 6k off of MSRP nowadays. It's always more. And it should be. Dealers have a dozen or two of these '08 models sitting around, and they've been there for months and months and months. And the car has not been popular by a longshot. Personally I would not have bought the EX35 for just a 5k discount. I bought it because of the discounting, and I think others are of the same mind. Thought it was a very good car for 32 grand. I wish I could've waited for the 2010 though. Curious to see if there'll be the same level of discounting for that new iteration.

    I think in the next month or two, for anyone looking to scoop up an '08, the issue is going to be choice. I think people are grabbing the less optioned models (MSRP from $39k to $43k) and there could be mostly fully optioned cars out there (MSRP $44k to $46k).
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    And I didn't get any loyalty money. I wasn't coming from an Infiniti. I didn't get the 0.9% financing with my deal. 4.99% instead.

    Not sure why you mention tax, since I think the numbers people are giving are not inclusive of tax. When someone says 10k off MSRP, they mean that their $43k vehicle was sold to them for $33k plus tax and tags. The $33k would include freight.
  • LilGreenLilGreen Posts: 2
    I recently started shopping for an EX35. I have been looking for months for something small and not so SUV-ish and really like this car. I test drove today at Nalley Infiniti in Marietta, but the initial offer was nothing like I've seen posted here.

    I test drove a Journey with premium pkg & nav - MSRP was $41,300, dealer knocked off $3500 for cash and $1000 if I financed and added back in $600 doc fees. By the time I added $2500 tax/tags, I was looking at around $40k OTD if I financed or $37.5k if I paid cash. I like the car, but not that much. Anyone have any details on ATL area dealers offering $10 off MSRP? If not, I'm willing to drive within about a 300-mile radius to save some $$.
  • Did you go into the dealer and tell them this is how much you are willing to pay?
    Don't have them give you a number. They aren't going to give you the lowest number. Or you can email the Infiniti dealerships in your area with the number that you are willing to accept.
  • These $10,000+ off are for the 2008 models. Can you get $10,000 off for the 09 models? If not, how much do you think we can get off? Thanks.
  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    I do not believe that there will be a 2009 model. Infiniti released the 2008 model to overwhelmingly medicore sales numbers. Infiniti 'held the presses' after the dismal sales numbers and poor feedback about the rear legroom. They are 'reworking' the rear seats (reportedly), and will be releasing a 2010 model with more rear legroom. I do not know when the 2010 will be released. Does anyone know the release date?
  • tangofantangofan Posts: 50
    Infiniti of Orlando told me the 2009's will be in at the end of May.
  • lfolfo Posts: 24
    I don't think there are going to be any 2009s. Unless they do 2009.5, but I doubt it because I don't think they are ready with the adjustments and there are still lots of '08s on the lots to clear out. I heard that the next out will be the 2010s, which will have the reworked back seats to add some legroom. I think it'll have the Euro spec engine also, but am not positive. I wouldn't count on huge discounting on those. For the ATL person, the best deals seem to come after the person requested quotes online (you can do this through this site by pricing out a car) and dealt with the online departments to get prices from a host of dealers.
  • My price was $7.00 over invoice, less the rebates ($5,500). I wasn't a current owner so I couldn't get the $2,000, if such an incentive existed. I love the car. Put the 2,000th mile on it today.
  • ilmicalilmical Posts: 2
    I am planning to buy a EX35 Journey RWD in SoCal area. Does anybody here wanna to share their negotiation experiences particularly in this area? Like which dealer may have better bargaining room and good attitude? I was trying to follow the posting thread, but it seems like the final price can be off the MSRP from 15% to 5%. It really makes me hard to decide the bottom price. Thank you in advance if you can share your experiences.
  • tangofantangofan Posts: 50
    Back in May of 2008 I got a very good price offer from Metro Infiniti. Not sure what they offer now but I would try them.
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