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Infiniti EX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 122,996
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  • Looking at the new EX35 with just the Journey and Navigation Package which includes the Premium Package - the MSRP window sticker is $40,465. (This does not include the Technology Package with lane departure warning or adaptive cruise control.)

    I have 2 questions surrounding the residual value as I have not been able to find a residual value on or likely due to the fact that the car is new to the market.

    Question # 1) Can you provide an update on this %?

    Also, here are the facts of deal that I am considering:

    > Negotiated Sticker: $38,400
    > 36 Month Lease
    > Money Factor: .00117
    > Miles: 15k per year
    > Money Down: $0
    > Dealer states 52% Residual
    > First Month and Tag/ Title will be due at signing

    Question # 2) Does the residual value apply to the MSRP window sticker OR the final negotiated price of the car? What is the industry standard?

    The facts above could prove to be a better value if the residual is based on the widow sticker.

    Any help or additional advice you or anyone can provide is appreciated.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,808
    3 years, 15k per year ... 52% isn't horrible ... but not good this early in the year.

    Money factor is quite good.

    residual is always calculated off MSRP.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • We just bought our beautiful new EX35. Black obsidian with graphite interior. Loaded with Premium, Nav, Wood trim, splash guards and cargo protector. Paid 39,200. I was a very straightforward negotiation. They through in the all weather mats. No roof rails or tech package. We are very happy with the car so far. The technology integration and driving experience are really top notch and for us blew away the BMW X3 and the RDX.
  • are you using premium or regular gas?
  • The EX35 like most vehicles in this class require premium gas.
  • The EX35 like most vehicles in this class require premium gas.

    I suspect that the EX, like my M35, Recommends Premium (91 Octane min) and does not Require it. Recommends means that the engine's published performance specs (e.g. HP) are at the minimum stated octane; however a lower octane can be used with dimineished performance w/o voiding the warranty. Requires means that using a lower that Required octane rating routinely will void the warranty.
  • ts1234ts1234 Posts: 21
    Stopped by the Infiniti dealer in the Detroit area.
    Dosn't look like they are moving off the lot to quick.
    Counted 12 sitting in the lot waiting for a new owner.
  • anyone wanna list their prices paid? especially lease prices
  • Hi Kyfdx,

    What is the money factor and residual for February for a 36 month, 12,000 mi/yr lease? Are there any other incentives or promotions? How much should I expect to pay over the invoice in St. Louis, MO metropolitan area?

  • mcw08mcw08 Posts: 4
    Hi, I am planning to purchase an EX35. I just got a quote from Costco auto program. The dealer quote is the following:

    Is this a good price? Does anyone able to get lower than Invoice?

    EX35 AWD
    -Premium Package
    -Nav sys
    -Tech Package
    -Lux Package
    -splash guard
    -cargo protector

    MSRP: 44775
    Invoice: 40973
    Costco Price: 41473 (500 above Invoice)

    Thank you for any advice.
  • rontekrontek Posts: 10
    I am surprised you got below MSRP. The info I have been getting from the dealers in the MA area is that because it is a limited production vehicle in the first year, they are sticking pretty much to MSRP. May throw in accessories, but thats it. It is the only vehicle Infiniti is not offering its 1.9 and 2.9 financing rates on. I would say the price you received is very good.
  • mcw08mcw08 Posts: 4
    Thank you. Actually, I think Costco Auto Program is great. No hassle at all. Just fill out a simple form, then they would search a dealer near your area. Within an hour, someone called me and made sure what I needed. 15mins later, they offered a quote and asked me to come down to the dealer. I am still waiting to see if they have any other special interest offer during Summer time. I doubt Infiniti will have any for EX, but I keep my finger cross.
  • rontekrontek Posts: 10
    I actually spoke a litle too soon. When I actually started "Negotiations" with dealers in my area I was able to get a better deal than before. Right now I am down to 5% over invoice, which is still not as good as the deal you received, but a lot better than MSRP.
  • Just brought home an AWD EX35 Journey that the dealer had on the lot for about a month and a half. Paid invoice for it.

    Will post some mileage numbers on the other thread eventually.
  • We just took purchase of an EX35. We got 5% off the MSRP price for a fully loaded one (without the Custom Leather).
  • Just took delivery of my EX. Got it pretty well loaded — AWD Journey, premium, nav, tech, lux style, roof rails, crossbars, mud flaps and the cargo protector. Sticker was $45,675, paid $41,352 plus taxes/tags. Platinum graphite with stone interior. Dealer also included free service for two years, free oil changes for life of the car, plus a free annual exterior/interior detailing.

    So much fun to drive!!
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    Wow, that's like $200 over invoice? THEN two years of free service AND free oil changes for the duration of ownership? That's an insane deal. Mazel tov. :surprise:
  • hazozitahazozita Posts: 6
    Thanks – I was pretty pleased with the deal. They don’t seem to be moving all that well – the dealer had 36 on the lot.

    My only small disappointment was that I couldn’t get it with the graphite interior. They had several in graphite, but none had the tech package, which was a must-have for me. I could have done a factory order, or have them get one from another dealer, but at a higher price. After thinking it over, it seemed that keeping some extra cash in my pocket made the stone interior look pretty good after all. :)
  • rontekrontek Posts: 10
    What State are you in? Or the state you purchased the vehicle?
  • Ohio
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    I'm in Ohio as well. Mind mentioning your dealership?
  • rontekrontek Posts: 10
    Mine is in MA . Kelly Infiniti
  • The one in the King's Auto Mall.
  • vwvw1vwvw1 Posts: 18
    I'll post more information but just put a deposit on a new EX.

    Journey AWD
    Luxe Style
    Roof Rails
    Forget a couple more things. Maybe cargo net and mud flaps not 100% sure.

    MSRP $44,725
    Paid close if not invoice
    24/15k miles lease for $480 month
    $1500 total out of pocket (includes Acg fee, 1st month and doc fees)

    Dealers ARE willing to deal. There's plenty of the Ex's sitting on there lots. They want to move them.
  • vwvw1vwvw1 Posts: 18
    Made a mistake on the MSRP

    It was $43,725

    Not $44,725
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 131
    Any info on March deals on the EX35's?
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 131
    Just looked, and unless I'm misinterpreting it, it looks like Infiniti is providing the following for March on the EX35:
    - $2000 Manufacturer to Dealer cash
    - Special lease terms in terms of money factors (I don't know what they are)

    So we should be able to get the vehicle for up to $2000 below invoice PLUS some good lease terms.

  • parcarparcar Posts: 2
    We bought an EX35 in Atlanta GA and got a good deal. We went through the Employee Purchase program EPP/VPP because i work for a large bank which is in the program. Make sure you check out that program it is great and lots of companies are on the list. With the program, we got the car for $315 over invoice and we bought it on the last day of February and they had a special promo that day and we received $2000 off if we used their financing. We got a rate of 4.65% for 60 months so I was pretty happy. Through the bank we could get 4.1% but with the $2000 we saved almost 6,000 on this car (1,700 below invoice)

    EX35 RWD - Tidewater w/ Wheat
    Premium Pkg
    Tech Pkg
    Lux Style
    Wood Trim

    There are deals so people should not accept the too new story. Also wait till the end of the month...Nissan and Infiniti are famous for running specials on the last day of the month. Also not all dealerships knew about this special ...when I shopped around that day after my dealership told me I called a few others and they had to ask around to find out about it. I don't think they are selling that well either yet. One dealer told me they sold their first one this month. But sales are supposedly picking up.

    I love the car. It is perfect and has so many gadgets. Good luck.
  • parcarparcar Posts: 2
    I jsut posted my message about the $2000 off if you use Infiniti financing. We got it on the last day of Feb but it looks like it is going through March. The purchase rates were good see my message above 4.65%..
  • Location isn't everything. Timing is. If you bought a few days before the $2000 incentive was announced (like I did), you are S.O.L.

    Already talked to the dealer and Corporate Customer Care and the answer is Sorry, Charlie!

    The technologically advanced and beautifully styled EX35 sitting in my driveway has changed from a source of pride to an irritant, and I'm afraid that P.O.'d feeling will stay with that vehicle for a long, long time.
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