GMC Envoy keyless remote problems

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I own a 2002 GMC Envoy. Not sure what happened but all of sudden I can not use my keyless remote to lock or unlock my doors. I checked the batteries and they are not dead, but I can not open the back hatch or use the back windshield wiper or rear defrost. This happened once before and I thought I corrected going through the computer program for Driver 1 and Driver 2.

Please help.


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    I have had the same exaxt problems and am anxious to see responses.
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    I have had this happen a couple of times on my 2002 Envoy. The first time I swore that I fixed it by going through the computer program, but when it happened again I couldn't figure it out. My husband crawled into the back cargo area and popped a cap off the back hatch or on the side of the cargo area. He unlocked it by using a screw driver. I think the manual referenced this. Anyway it took care of the problem.

    Good luck.
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    hello i just wanted to ask you about the problems you were having with the rear hatch and keyless entry for your 2002 gmc envoy. I am having the same exact problem and it is very frustrating if you could please let me know how you fixed the problem and what i need to do to get it repaired it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    I asked my husband and he is trying to remember what he did. He crawled in the back of the Envoy and popped off a plug on the hatch. He thinks he either inserted a philips screw driver or the tire iron, and turned the lock so it unlocked the back hatch. He doesn't remember if it reset itself automatically or if he disconnected the battery first. This is the second time that this has happened to us. Good luck!

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    I have a 2004 Envoy XUV SLT, and have replaced the rear tailgate latches 6 times in the last year. GMC paid for 5 of them, but are now refusing to pay for anymore, as they only warranty the original set for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Has anyone had this problem with these latches? Does anyone know of an outside vendor besides GMC where a person can purchase these latches?? :cry:
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    all of a sudden the remote hand controlls wont work i changed the batteries and it still dont work can anyone help
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    I can not use the keyless remotes and can't lock the rear hatch or use the rear wiper. I have changed the batteries in the remotes. any one have an idea?
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    Hello Robertfrommn,
    Have you had the dealership check the key fobs to see if they have gone bad? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I have the same exact truck and have had this problem now for about three years and it is so frustrating to own a truck that you are supposed to be able to haul things in and you can get it to drop down or swing open, and crawling in and out of the back is a real B*tch if you no what I mean. :mad: The Chevy dealership here wants $650.00 to fix it but with all the other electrical problems that the truck has it would cost me $1300.00 to get it all fixed. I will never buy a GMC or Envoy again!!!
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    A bit late but just bought all three latches from They seemed to have the best online price. This is the second time I've replaced them. Our youngest son lives east of Albuquerque and we end up driving on dirt roads quite a bit when visiting. The motor pulls the latch release okay but the dust/dirt seems to gum up the ability of the motor to unwind and let the latch go back to the catch position so that the door latches when closed after being open.

    What would really be helpful is if someone knows how the disassemble the latches and clean/relube the mechanism.
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    I had a problem with the keyless remote for a 2007 Yukon. The remote would not work to unlock the car. Then by accident it started to work. The problem seemed to start and stop working. I could use it to lock the door when I got out but it would not work to unlock it when I tried to get back in. Very frustrating! Then I realized if I used the key and unlocked the door it would work until a short time after the car was turned off. I looked through the manual thinking I had accidently activated some kind of feature that timed out the remote after the car was locked. No luck. I called the dealer service department. They told me I needed to replace the remotes (yes it happened to both remotes at the same time) this did not seem to be the problem from my view I felt it was with the car. Tried many things and nothing worked. Then I was helping someone move and left all doors open for a long time when loading up the car. This killed the car battery and I needed to jump start the car. The battery was completely dead as if the battery was disconnected. Then we jump started the car. By letting the other car run for 10 minutes after connecting the jumper cables and then starting the car.
    :) Then the unexpected happened the remote worked perfectly (both remotes) I guess it was like when your smart phone has a hissy fit and you need to do a battery pull. I hope this helps someone.
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    The XUV uses a system of cables to run the tailgate systems. It is comprised of a motor and a regulator. The regulator is capped with a snap-on metal cover, of which mine fell off and the spool and cables fell out and into the tailgate. A new regulator is $138, and an hour to 1.5 hours to get everything hooked up and running correctly at the local Chevy dealer. What I would have done if I knew this was a snap on cover is used some stainless steel cable ties to reinforce the cover staying on. Everything worked flawlessly until the cover fell off. Also, if the tailgate doesn't work, neither will the key fob as the first step in the programming is related to the tailgate.
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    Remote went out on a cold, rainy night last December when I stopped at a store on the way home from work. Not only the frustration of having to use the key to enter the vehicle...the hatch was dead AND lacking a key option to unlock. Took me a few days to discover: Rear defroster...dead. Rear wiper...dead.

    This past winter (Michigan) was very mild. The remote issue (and the others) would go away for days at a time but always come back when it got cold. Since it turned warm a few months ago everything has worked fine.

    It's evident this is a common problem, like the instrument panel and headlight failures. I'm sure GM is aware of all of them and knows exactly where the failures occur and how to fix them properly. Unfortunately, instead of owning-up to their engineering and/or supplier eff-ups, they insist you take it back to a dealer charging $75/ outrageously over-priced parts and "shop supplies".
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    I own a 2004 GMC Envoy . Not sure what happened but all of sudden my remote start will not start my rig. :confuse: It locks or unlocks my doors, so the batteries are not dead. The little red light on the remote start lights up when I press the auto start, the park lights flash once, then pause for about 20 seconds then the flash again 3 or 4 times then go out, but my rig won't start. :mad: The receiver for the remote inside my rig above the rear view mirror, once blinked a little red light, now that little red light burns steady and does not blink. With winter upon us I sure would like my remote start to work again :D
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    I own a 2003 GMC Envoy. Recently it started not letting me in using the remote. I'm truly frustrated because it's the only car I have and I use it to drive my husband to get his chemo and radiation. I was left stranded at the hospital because I couldn't get in. Having to take cabs to get back and forth to the hospital because this problem with this vehicle. Worst thing is there's no key entry to the trunk or any other place in the car. So my car in sitting in the hospital garage. Just like everyone in this forum I change the remote battery and still I can't get it to open. Right now I can't afford to pay $650 to the dealership. I'll appreciate if anyone can tell me how to get in it by bypassing whatever it's keeping it from opening it. I'm already up to the stars in debt with medical bills fighting for my husband's life. If anyone can instruct me how to bypass this situation please help me out. 
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    So you no longer have a key to the truck?
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    We have a 2006 Envoy and a while ago the back glass cleaner quit working, then the key fobs stop working and the back hatch wouldn't open then the fobs would work then quit again.  We unlock the door with the and use the button on the door to unlock the other doors but the back hatch still won't open.  Try new key fobs but no luck.
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