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Saturn Aura Transmission Issues



  • ditoolanditoolan Posts: 3
    My Aura is currently at a repair shop (126k) waiting for a tranny rebuild and also has a cat conv code issue. The tranny is supposed to be covered up to 120k from what I have read due to a recall regarding a cable issue they extended it. GM REFUSED ANY ASSISTANCE. I just wanted them to pay for the dealer to diagnose the issue being they wanted 2 grand to even look at it..hit a brick wall at every turn. If anyone has any advice or has had this similar problem repaired please help! I have seen that the codes could be bogus and be caused by a dirty engine...I have been told that GM doesn't even make the one cat conv anymore and might not be able to get an aftermarket one which means I will not pass a state inspection...
  • Felt some occasional hard shifting into reverse for a week or so, then the whole thing died completely on the road yesterday. 110,000 miles, so no warranty help on the $3000 bill to repair transmission. Shop said it was what typically happens when these trannys go down: loss of 3rd-5th gears and reverse, and very expensive to repair. I've had several cars go beyond 200,000 miles and have never had to replace a transmission, so I am disappointed in the Saturn.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    4 speed auto has shift cable only covered longer than normal.... 6 speed auto has wave plate problems and is covered on a case by case basis. usualy when wave plate goes it wont shift into reverse.
  • teegee2teegee2 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    We just started experiencing the same transmission issue on our 2007 Aura XR 3.6L auto transmission and we only have 48,000 miles on the car. Since the transmission slipping causes the vehicle to randomly want to stall out, I filed a complaint with the NHTSA because this puts the driver in potential danger. I asked for a recall to be issued, and sited this particular forum, stating the numerous consumers having the same issue which simply cannot be random and unrelated.

    If you agree with me, and feel a recall is warranted, please go to the NHTSA website ( and file a complaint asking for a recall.

    Also send a letter to GM Customer Assistance ( or send email to: [email protected], so the complaint is on record.
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    Jennifer Thilmont; the last 8 digits of my vin number is 8F222982; 59,234 miles...It is jumping up and down the gears at 40-45mph and its automatic transmission... It seems like it wants to act like it wants to stall when its doing that...Jen
  • jd29skjd29sk Posts: 3
    I am having issues with my transmission that just started to occur after 88,000 KM on my 2007 Saturn Aura XE. The shifter would indicate that I was in a reverse or park, but the car would continue to move forward. I was able to start it by putting in into neutral to get it home, but now it won't start at all. I looked at the recalls they did for Saturn Aura's and it very much sounds like the shift cable issue, but when I gave my local dealership my VIN... it was not part of the recall.

    I spent about $1000 trying to get my break lights to work correctly, and then they wanted to charge me about $2000 for replacement of the driver control module and installation before I told them I would not pay another cent into the issue and they did it for free after I filed a complaint with GM Canada. For 3 years I had the break light issue on and off in which it went to the dealership 1/2 dozen times and now I see that GM is considering a recall on this issue? I will be submiting a claim if the recall does go through on past bills. I'm annoyed at the issues that have occurred, but I'm pissed off at the response of GM and the massive delays. If there is a bigger tranmission issue than the shift cable, i'm going to give up on the car as there is no way with proper maintenance a car should have these issues at 88,000 KM. Since GM closed the Saturn line it's been awful to try and get anything accomplished.
  • ditoolanditoolan Posts: 3
    I just picked my car up..$2300 for the rebuild....I will email a complaint also, hopefully I will be able to get reimbursed if they recall..
  • jd29skjd29sk Posts: 3
    Just an update on my post. It was in fact the shifter cable and the dealership has agreed to fix it at no cost under "special coverage". I think they have to look further into this matter as there are probably many other VIN's that are not covered under the recall and they should be. Again another safety issue and this is the second incident where I've had to go to GM Canada and lodge a complaint before they agreed it was a manufacturing issue. Just like the break lights!
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    I already took my saturn in for that and it did nothing for my car... Yes it was a recall for me and covered 100%....I will never buy another Saturn again... This has been the worst of worst issues I have ever had with a car...
  • jenst33jenst33 Posts: 5
    I hope you have gotten your issue taken care of because I owe $12,000 on my Saturn and will never buy another one again...
  • jd29skjd29sk Posts: 3
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    unfortunely saturn wont care if you ever buy another saturn since they are out of business.
  • I have a 2010 Saturn Aura with 113,00 highway miles that stopped today. I put the car in drive and heard a rubbing sound. The car jerked so I stopped. I put the car in drive again and heard the sound again. The car would only go 20 miles per hours. It will not go into reverse. This is a problem and should not have happened on a car this new. Is it the transmission? Is it part of a recall?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I am very sorry that you've experienced this issue with your Saturn vehicle. Have you had an opportunity to get into a GM dealership for diagnosis? I can check if there are any recalls listed under your vehicle. If you are interested, please send me your full name and VIN to [email protected] ATTN: Amber. I look forward to your response.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    if you have a six speed auto it could be the infamous wave plate problem. they break and usually first sign is no reverse. also you dont have a 2010 aura. that was the only saturn not built for 2010. has to be 2007,08 or 2009.
  • My 2007 Aura's transmission failed on Monday at 92,000 miles. Quote from local dealers were $3650 to $3800, but they could not guarantee any parts availability as there are only four transmission in the U.S. apparently. They said GM had no information about availability of a factory refurbished unit.

    Local transmission shop said the same. They get parts from the dealer and if the dealer doubts they can get them, this independent shop couldn't either.

    The dealer offer to tear down the transmission (for $4,000 to $4,500) but again, would not commit to being able to get the parts to fix if if they tore it apart.

    So apparently, not only is it broken, but there don't appear to be the parts to fix it.

    Has anyone been successful with customer care? Or am I wasting my time talking with them?

  • ditoolanditoolan Posts: 3
    GM covers the transmission up to 100k from what I was told. Mine failed at 127k. Had it rebuilt for $2000 at a local reputable shop. The dealer only puts in refurbished/rebuilt anyway. Good luck!
  • Just an update, talked to Saturn Customer Assistance just now, they said the transmission is warranted for 5 years or 100,000 miles and since mine is six years old, it is not coverage under the warranty. She asked what they could do to assist me. My reply was that I wanted the parts available to get it fixed at a reasonable price.

    Her response was that I needed it to be towed to the dealer (it is currently at a friends garage since that was the closest place to tow it to when it failed) and I would have to pay the "diagnostic fee" to have the dealer look at it before they will go any further. If I have the dealer repair it, they will waive the diagnostic fee, if I choose not to get it fixed, I will need to pay it (she will call me back to let me know what the fee is). She said that any assistance is on a case by case basis.

    She never really addressed my questions regarding availability of parts for repairs.

    the Saga continues...
  • rhino26rhino26 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2007 with only 43,000 mi on it, transmission quit on me on the freeway...almost caused an accident. I had it towed to my mechanic, he check with GM..they said no warranty (5yrs) and my repair will cost in excess of 3000 I am amazed 43,000 miles and the transmission is crap, its not even broke in yet. This does not shed a very good light on GM or its policys. I have been a loyal GM owner for 40 yrs have owned 7 different GM vehicles. This will be my last.
    it is disgusting to have a car with 43,000 mi and have to expend almost 4000 dollars to rebuild the tranny because there are no new ones available. Thank you for another well built american car.
  • wsu_qtwsu_qt Posts: 5
    First I would like to say that I love my 2007 Saturn Aura - now with that out of the way this is the first major issue hat I have had but boy is it a Big issue! I have 106,000 highway miles and it stopped in a storm on my way home from work. The transmission started jerking, then making a weird noise and then my speed slow dropped to 20 miles an hour. I pulled over and let the car run for a moment. As I tried to merge back into rush hour traffic my transmission light came on. I put the car over again and tried to go in reverse - it did after a few seconds passed. This is a major problem for a single broke soccer Mom who relies heavily on a car. I will be at my dealership tomorrow. Is the cost really $2,000 - $4,000. - Oh-No!! Has anyone determined if G M has issued a transmission recall? Is any of this part of a recall? :cry:
  • scmadscmad Posts: 5
    The transmission issue on the 2007 Aura has not been listed in any recall by GM. I too have a 2007 Aura and at 106,000 miles experienced the same scenario. My cost $3,600. :sick: It's a hard swallow.
  • wsu_qtwsu_qt Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply!
  • j_gj_g Posts: 3
    Interesting because my 2007 Aura just rolled 106K and just stopped shifting while driving on a residential street.

    Dealer tells me it is not because of maintenance but rather metal fatigue. Essentially the 3 and 4 gears broke.

    Like the rest of the posts I had no indication of a problem. In fact the car had the power steering unit replaced by the dealer 2 weeks ago and they said the car was in great shape.

    Dealer mention GM may have a plan to replace or help defer some of the costs. The warranty expired at 100K but I own several GM cars and I was planning on getting a new one soon...
  • wsu_qtwsu_qt Posts: 5
    Contact GM customer service.
  • My problem seems to be different than most of these, I have the 6 speed auto. If I take off from a stop first gear seems to slip then catch and spin tires. All other functions seems normal, any suggestions? I have 115k miles.
  • wsu_qtwsu_qt Posts: 5
    I am not sure how many speeds my transmission has :(! All I know is that I have an automatic and manual drive transmission.
    If this helps - the issue seems to be with the wave plate but the best thing is to contact GM Saturn customer service.

    Good Luck
  • j_gj_g Posts: 3
    Update on my issue with my 2007 Aura and 106K miles on the car...

    The part that broke shredded it's self and did damage to both the transmission and the radiator because the transmission coolant flows through the radiator.

    I contacted customer service at GM and they worked with the dealer to fix the car. Because the car was out of warranty they technically could have done nothing. The initial estimate was 4,000 for parts and labor.

    GM covered all of the parts, fluids, and misc items, I had to pick up the labor which was about $1,200.00.

    GM sent me a 1,500.00 spiff for my next car that can be used in conjunction with any other incentive they are offering at the time.
  • scmadscmad Posts: 5
    Fortunate for you that GM paid the major portion of your transmission/radiator replacement; not sure how they pick and choose the 2007 Aura owners. So nice to know that the sun shines on a few chosen people.
  • I have a 2009 Aura 4 cyl 6-speed trans and THOUGHT I had a transmission problem... I had many of the problems with 'slipping in & out' of gear, bucking, and even the traction control system failure light/warning coming on. I had two things wrong with it: 1) intake vaccuum hose damaged, 2) one intermittent coil failure. Those things were fixed. Transmission is COMPLETELY fine now. I don't know if it was the computer just compensating for those problems making the transmission act that way or what but it is fine.
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