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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems

I have an 07 CX-7 that I bought in April. I took a 6000 mile trip this summer and could not have been happier with the comfort and performance of my vehicle! Two days after I arrived home...I noticed a grinding noise when I started it up. It was happening everytime I would start it so I took it to the dealership. They had it for 3 weeks! First they said it was something to do with the timing belt so they had to pull the engine and replace it (it took several days to get the part in). After all of that the noise was still there. They talked to the "hotline" and decided to replace the entire engine! This took several weeks for the engine to arrive! After it was installed I had several "kinks" to work out. The electrical system seamed to freak out a bit. I have had nothing but problems ever since!

I am in the process of trying to settle with Mazda and the BBB Lemon Law Dept. I want a new vehicle but they will not budge! They are offering me an extended warranty or $2000. I am not happy!

I drove a 2002 Hyundai Sante Fe for 5 years, 90k miles and NEVER had it in the shop for anything. I wish I had replaced it with another Sante Fe!!!!


  • Same thing happened to me - engine replaced at 15200 miles. I have been out of my car for 34 days now since purchasing 14 months ago. Am in the process of arbitration with Mazda. Wish me luck.
  • I have 36,380 miles on my Mazda CX-7, 2007 and the Mazda dealer says that I need a new engine, due to lack of maintenance. I only had the car for 3 months, it was in under warranty the first week for a new A/C compressor, then in again for a new r/headlight replacement/wiring and all - due to something electrical. Now it needs a new engine. Mazda says all four cylinder walls are scored and the timing chain is off. They blame the previous owner, but there is no proof one way or another. I have been on other forum sites and I am not the only one with this problem! Someone emailed me two days ago - he HAS all of the maintenance & oil change receipts and MAZDA STILL says they won't do anything, "due to lack of proper maintenance" - HOW CAN THIS BE????????????
  • The warranty expires on 3 years or 36,000 miles. You've obviously passed the 36K mile warranty.

    With that said, even with the proof of service records, Mazda legally doesn't have to do anything for you. Now, in reality, they really should with only a few hundred miles over the warranty AND you have complete proof of service records.
    Have them call in the Mazda regional manage to review your situation. As a matter of good faith, they really MUST replace the engine. If they don't then call your local consumer advocate (TV, newspaper) and get them on the case. Nothing like bad publicity on TV to get your problem resolved.
  • soooooooo glad I got that extended warranty for piece of mind
  • you're assuming that the ext warranty vendor won't give you the same runaround on coverage?????
  • They can try, but I keep all the documentation and know how to get them to see the situation from my drivers seat..... I've fought that battle before and consistantly win...
  • This is the plan that I got for my CX-7

    You can get a quote for your car in this system but these are "list' prices. They have the 120/100 for a CX-7 AWD under 25K miles for $2187. Think I paid $1600 at the dealer.
  • Well I've spent most of my morning searching for others who are having the same issues I am having with my CX -7 (07) and I have to say that surprisingly I have been able to find a lot of people with similar issues. BTW the warranty for the power terrain is 60,000 not 36,000. My vehicle is still under warranty and Mazda is also claiming that even though the timing chain broke and the VVT acuator that the engine damage was due to lack of maintenance not due to the breaking of the chain. It sounds like as consumers we have to stand up and fight these bullies! I'm a single mother, work hard for my money, and now I have to pay a car that doesn't run! Its been in the shop since May so I have now been out of a car for 4 months even though I pay my monthly payments, pay my vehicle insurance, I still have no vehicle. Oh and by the way I did purchase the extended warranty but that does you no good if you're car still falls under the original warranty.
  • Powertrain is not the engine.

    Powertrain is the transmission system or AWD system for turning the wheels.

    A timing chain break (which seems to be very suspect) is an engine failure, not drive train failure, thus a timing chain failure is only covered under the 36K mile warranty.

    Any, I would recommend that you contact this person at the USDOT and let him know of your issue, and that of the dozens of other owners who are having this problem with the 07 model.

    Derek L. Rinehardt
    Safety Defects Engineer / Federal Investigator
    U.S Department of Transportation
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Office of Defects Investigation, Vehicle Controls Division
    1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
    W48-219, NVS-213
    Washington, DC 20590
    Office: (202) 366-3642, (877) 536-8368 x63642
    Fax: (202) 366-1767
    Email: [email protected]
  • niko61niko61 Posts: 3
    Per Mazda website:

    Powertrain Warranty Parts List
    The listed below are the powertrain components covered under the Powertrain Limited Warranty:
    Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, and All Internal Lubricated Parts (Piston engines)
    Rotor Housing and All Internal Parts (Rotary engines)
    Timing gears
    Timing chain/belt and tensioner
    Timing chain/belt front cover and gaskets
    Valve Covers
    Oil Pan
    Oil Pump
    Intake Manifold
    Exhaust Manifold
    Engine Mounts
    Turbocharger Housing and All Internal Lubricated Parts
    Supercharger Housing and All Internal Lubricated Parts
    Powertrain Control Module
    Water Pump and Gasket
    Fuel Pump
    Seals and Gaskets
    Freeze Plugs were not added
    Transmission and Transaxle
    Transmission Case and All Internal Parts
    Torque converter
    Clutch Pressure Plate
    Transmission Mounts
    Transfer Case and All Internal Parts
    Transmission/Transaxle Control Module
    Front/Rear Drive System
    Final Drive Housing & all Internally Lubricated Parts
    Manual and Automatic Hub (4X4)
    Front Wheel Hubs and Bearings (FWD Transaxles)
    Rear Axle Housing & all Internally Lubricated Parts
    Axle/Drive Shafts
    Propeller shaft (RWD and AWD only)
    Universal Joints
    Constant Velocity Joints
    Rear Axle/Hub Bearings (RWD and AWD only)
    Seals and Gaskets
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    OK. I'm completely wrong. Thanks..
  • So just returned from Mazda dealer my complaint was the engine sounds like a diesel ticking noise , At first they said it sounded normal then another tech came over and stated that it sounds like a chain slap noise ,After they removed the manifold they determined that the engine had jumped time and that the timing chain needed to be replaced requesting for me to provide the Oil change receipts or neither they nor Mazda would cover the repair ( who keeps these receipts ) So a couple of questions other than this noise the car runs great , 1) if it has jumped timing shouldn't the engine light come on , 2) It only has 27,000 miles Do I really need to provide receipts of past oil changes , Which I can get , But what about if I changed it myself .

    Thank you
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    Infortunately, the 2007 model year seems to be loaded with engine and turbo problems that occur prematurely and very early in the life of the car. Just take a look at all the message boards about the engine problems. Check out and

    #1) That is a good question. One would think that the CEL would light up with such a "dramatic" event. A timing belt should be replaced periodically per the owner’s manual specifications. It may have worn and stretched just enough to slip over a cog a bit. The dealer must remove the timing belt covers and check the alignment of your cam and crank. If it really jumped, there should be subtle marks on the cogs and the rear cover or casting. The compression will be good during a cranking test, but will not be ok during a running compression check. If that’s the case, they should replace the timing belt and check the pulleys. If your timing belt did not slip, the timing chain tensioner or guide shoes may be worn and will require replacement Either way, this seems to fall outside the normal replacement guidelines and I would consider this a premature failure of the system.

    2) Yes, for them to honor their warranty they have been demanding proof of service which based on the owners manual is oil change every 7,500 miles. If you have done them yourself then you need to show sales receipts of 6 quarts of oil and an oil filter on the sales receipt dates about every 6 months or 7,500 miles. If it is not a problem to get the sales receipts, then just do it, so you leave nothing to chance.

    Good luck!
  • In August while travelling down Route 95 in Delaware, the CX-7 going at speed of 60 shut down. Car had to be wrestled to side of the road as everything died and there could have been a horrible crash. Car towed 125 miles to dealer. Timing chain broke at 73,000 miles. Dealership said it happens. Needed to replace the engine at a cost of 7,000. Wrote letter to Mazda citing fact a timing chain would eventually need to be replaced but not at 73,000. Mazda had no compassion and refused to give any break due to mileage. Three thousand miles later and a month later, turbine failed. They wanted 3,500 to fix it. Called Mazda explained problem first the engine then the turbine. Probably happened due to lack of maintenance. Wrong I have all the receipts. They didn't care. Mazda said we will call you back. Never did. Got rid of the car at a loss. We will never buy a Mazda again. We never even saw the service manager at the dealership. Mazda USA was non-responsive :sick: . There is something wrong if both the engine and turbo fail at the mileage they did. Oh yeah they refused to pick up any cost of the rental car. No more Mazda.
  • Thank you for that great info. I will definitely call him before my hearing which is scheduled for Tuesday the 3rd of Nov. I am so tired of dealing with this issue. I haven't had a car for so long. Its awful when you play by the rules, struggle and fight to give your kids a good life and then something like this happens to make things more difficult! Its a bit overwhelming at times. Thanks for all the input.
  • I am so glad to read this comment about the timing chain. 2 weeks ago I was on a trip(to St. Louis from Tulsa, OK) and a "knocking" noise started once I was on the highway at speed (70 mph) and I was losing power intermittently while accelerating. It continued for about an hour and I found the nearest authorized Mazda dealer (Reliable Mazda in Springfield, MO) and stopped to ask. It was close to closing time on a Friday evening. The Service Manager made a cursuory check, and "conveniently" thought to check the timing chain by opening the oil reservoir cap and visualy inspecting. He said it looked fine. I asked him to describe to me the "symptoms" of a timing chain that is not operating correctly (ie. slipping, etc.). Everything he described made it sound like a timing chain issue. I asked how serious it looked and his exact words, "well, coulld be or couldn't be" I asked him what I should do and he replied,"well, you can continue or your trip or not, I just don't, but it could be fine." So, being late my wife and I set back out, not 20 mins later the timing chain failed. The car is 2.5 years old with just 34k miles on it and regular maintenace. Although I am in the similar situation with Mazda Warranty in that I have 2 verifiable oil change receipts. But they HAVE denied my warranty claim. After speaking with the District Service Manager for the region that works directly for Mazda USA and not the dealer, he explained that despite the owners manual having the oil changes at every 7500 miles it should be no more than 3-5k miles because the turbo engine is HARD on the timing chain. I'm sorry but us poor, dumb consumers are not certified technicians on high performance turbo charged engines. After reading this and a couple other stories about this EXACT same issue, I believe that Mazda engineered an inferior timing chain for the stress that the 2007 model year engine places on it.
    I have filed complaints with the BBB against Mazda USA, as well as, the California Attorney General. I have also sent complaint letters to the following people:
    James O' Sullivan - President and CEO, Mazda North Am Ops
    Yasuo Kunita - VP Customer Service, Mazda North Am Ops
    Eric Johnston - VP Sale, Service, and Parts, Mazda North Am Ops
    Blase De Leo - Regional GM Southeast Region, Mazda North Am Ops
    Ron Stettner - Regional GM Midwest Region, Mazda North Am Ops
    at the following addresses:

    10 Corporate Park, Ste 200
    Irvine, CA 92606
    7755 Irvine Center Drive
    Irvine, CA 92618

    I recommend that every person suffering from this systemic issue do the same and apply the very appropriate pressure on a car company that has made a great car but with inferior engineering. Warranty will repair this issue and make sure it does not happen again. Anyone else suffering this issue please contact me at [email protected] and we can coordinate a strategic camapign to resolve this issue for other American in this situation.
  • Thank you for the infomation on the corporate officers. I also filed a complaint with the Nathional Highway Transportation Safety Board.
  • Heres one for you Brought the car to the Mazda dealer in Danvers Ma. where I bought it just 24 months ag now 27, K miles later Complained about ticking noise They took the valve cover off determined Engine sludge told that this caused it to jump timing and that they would have to take pics and have Mazda review to see if they would cover the repair ,Also asked me to provide the oil changes for the past 24 months which I di ( 5 of them ) aprox evry 3,500 miles Told me to drive the car home and park it, Well the car runs great so I dropped it by the local certified garage They said it needed a good oil change and the timing is fine . Still waiting for the Dealer to call me and bring back to have the repairs they tell me that Mazda will not cover this in warranty , So being the smarty pants that I am I bring it to another Mazda dealer and pay them to check it out . They listen to the engine and take it for a test drive Top guy says what are you crazy Nothing wrong with this car . They then call me at work later on and clue me in that According to Mazda they revoked our engine warranty after looking at the pics from the previous dealer ,So a misdiagnosis by the dealer has cost us our warranty . Yeah like I'm gonna let this one droppppp. Good thing I was able to get my oil receipts from the three different companies that changed the oil The second Mazda dealer is going to bat for us Stay Tuned ...and wish us luck
  • If you read mine that is exactly what happened and here is one better for you. At my 30,000 mile oil change the Mazda Dealership said there was sludge. But I had properly maintained the engine, so I had them clean the sludge. Then the incident with the timing chain breaking occurred at 34k miles, heres the kicker, when the Mazda dealership I towed it to opened it up... you guessed it SLUDGE. And of course they are citing improper maintenance as the reason. BUt how can an engine have more sludge f it has been cleaned. Assuming the cleaning was done, that means the engine must burn oil at an outrageous rate and producing the more than average sludge. Combine that with the multiple notations that the turbo engine of the CX-7 produces extreme pressure and heat (direct statement from Mazda white papers and Mazda District Managers) that engineering defect!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sorry, turbo engines are ALWAYS defective, far from an optimal design, VERY far.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    You've done everything I would do except for one thing.

    Here in Boston, some of the local ABC, CBS and NBC news affiliates have a consumer advocate that reports on scams or bad business. These spots are run during the evening news. Ild call them and have them show up a the Mazda dealership or perhaps they can call Mazda USA and see what response they get now.

    I'm truly hoping these problems have been resolved in the 2009 model.
  • Here is a GREAT idea if you do not get the resolution you desire in this situation. Go and park your car outside the dealers entrance on weekends and tie a bag of lemons from every door handle on the car. In addition write a BIG sign that says Mazda sold me a lemon and wont fix it. I guarantee this will capture the attention of the service manager to resolve the issue. In the meantime drive all around town with the lemons hanging from your door handles. No making lemonade here, this is just sour business practices that need to be stopped.
  • My 07' Mazda CX-7 just had the same problem on the 13th, and guess what the dealership said the same thing due to improper maintanence which isn't the case at all, why should I have to go back and search 2 years worth of records for them to tell me tough luck, I am seriously looking into a class action lawsuit, has anyone looked into this already?
  • I do not think anyone has looked into a class action suit. When I put my problem out there with the engine and then the turbine I did not know how many cars had a problem. I have all my records for oil changes and work at the dealer ship. They just did not want to see them.
  • I Just replaced my engine at 42000 miles with no help from mazda. Has anyone had luck gettintg through to them or hearing back? They used the same "lack of maint." deal with me, even though I bought it used and only owned it for 8 months. I had to pay another mechanic to replace the engine. I don't have money for lawyer . . .any suggestions?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Yes, in the future stay well away from turbo charged engine, ESPECIALLY second hand.

    The words "TURBO" and "TurboCharged" are a well known attractant for those of the "boy-racer" mentality, if not actual "boy-racers". They do not treat their cars/engines well and probably remove all of the aftermarket GU-GA, evidence, prior to resale.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda knows there is a problem with engine sludge. Mazda has allerted their dealer network as well. I'm just curious as to what they are going to do about it.
  • Add me to the list. My CX-7 has failed and dealer wants $90 per hour just to diagnose problem. After only about 30-45 minutes of research, I have come to believe that consumers may have grounds for a class action lawsuit against mazda. This vehicle is horrible.
  • BTW, this is a 2007 with about 70k miles on it.
  • I am the original "poster" of this message.....still have my 07 Mazda....still having problem after problem with the darn thing! I would be very happy to be added to the class action lawsuit list when it comes available.

    Good luck to all.....I know I have learned not to ever buy another Mazda!!!

    Happy Holidays!
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