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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are now 2 versions of the CX-7, one without the F/awd system and the "turbo" one with. If you think you really need the F/awd system then I would go for the turbo motor but immediately "wire" the wastegate WIDE OPEN.

    If you lost to much "go" as a result you could have the head milled to raise the compression ratio to the DFI standard of 12:1.
  • jbolesjboles Posts: 3
    I only know about the many engine problems with the 2007 CX7. The warranty company and dealership have been awful in attempting any resolution, despite the fact that I have a long term warranty. From all of the other posts in this forum, it seems like Everyone gets the same denial: There is sludge in the engine, which means you did not maintain the car. They even refuse to hand over the pictures they claim that they took of the engine saying that the pictures were "Their Property" How is that for customer service!!
  • I would recommend you absolutely STOP looking at Mazda. They have done nothing for the many many people out here who've been taken advantage of. I personally took excellent care of my car and at 73,000 miles replaced the timing chain, vvt actuator and repaired bent valves. It cost me $4500.00 dollars. I traded that POS as soon as I got it back. If you want something like this but only from a reputable car company look to Ford edge, Toyota Venza or a hyundai or Kia. The Kia is an excellent car for the money, but do not buy a Mazda anything.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    +1 on the Venza.
  • My turbo has gone in my engine for the second time! I had to replace it 15 months ago. Here we go again!!! Mazda needs to take responsibility that there is an obvious problem with these turbos! I have kept up with all my oil changes. I will never buy a Mazda Ever Again!! Are they that crooked to rip off so many consumers that have put their hard earned money and trust into a company that turns around and doesn't even back up their own MESS!! I've had it!! I've seen so many posts about this same problem, something should be done! If all businesses would treat their customers the way they do, there would be nothing left in the US. I've Had It!!
  • Count me in!! 4500$$$ for first Turbo replacement in my CX-7 now another for the second replacement. UNBELIEVABLE!
  • My advice to anyone that owns the CX-7 and has turbo problems. Spray paint both sides of the vehicle saying "This car is a peice of Junk and Mazda doesn't Care!!!" Drive it around everywhere you can!! That's my next step!
  • I wish I could drive my Mazda around...unfortunately it's toast:( I've been trying to complain on Facebook, but I haven't gotten a responses. If more people took action maybe that would make Mazda would fix there problems. There recall is pathetic!
  • Marnic73 go to this site below you don't need to put your vin # but put all other info in.
  • One of the single most important things you can do to extend the life of your turbo is install a "turbo timer". I just got one for my wife's CX-7, it cost $30.0 and the "cool down time" it gives after turning off the ignition will save your turbo. It keeps the engine running for a period of time after you shut off the ignition. Cooling the turbo so the oil doesn't "bake" in the bearing.
  • where did you find one for $30?
  • Mazda seems to be telling everyone who brings in their CX-7 for problems that the only repair option is to replace the engine.
    Not knowing what your engine issue is I will only emphasize that if the engine runs but has lost most of it's power then it can be repaired much cheaper and doesn't need a replacement.
    My daughter's engine ran very well, but the turbo was fried. And they told her she needed a new engine. It was a lie.
  • Has anyone gotten the recall notice in the mail? IT IS TRUE. Mazda is FINALLY putting out the recall on driving chains, vvt accuators, etc, etc, etc AND they are extending warranties to 84k! Yes, I paid for a portion of my new engine but you can bet I'm going for the reimburssement. I haven't check their site, I'm just going off of the letter I just received.
    Good Luck!
  • where did you see 84K miles? mine said 70K
  • You are correct. It's 84 months or 70k, whichever first. I was reading the letter so fast I just remember the 84 in my head.
  • I bought 2008 Mazda cx-7 used at 16,000 mile on it. Had oil changed couple times and at 35,000 mile and engine quit. I took it to dealer and told me that your engine is sludge up with oil and due to lack of maintenance warranty is voided. They will not repair under warranty. This is ripoff.
  • Just read about the lawyer who took Honda to small claims court and was awarded over 9,000!! she says it is way better than a class action law suit, maybe all of us CX-7 owners with problems need to do this!! Mazda either needs to fix all these pieces of crap or pay up and we know they aren't about to fix them. Even with a recall they want proof that the oil was changed every 3000 miles or something ridiculous! We bought ours at a carmax dealer and have no proof of anything before we bought it, so they won't fix or do anything! Really am thinking of small claims court!
  • Purchased a 07 CX7 GT in 2009 with 14k. I have never owned a car with everything like heated seats, leather, moonroof, etc. My kids, wife and I consider it a luxury vehicle. Recently at 46K I replaced the EGR valve $573 parts/labor (ouch). Few days later got the letters in the mail about the VVT and heavy white exhaust smoke, thats when I found this forum. Sounds like the worst is yet to come. So I ask everyone, any advice? Can you elaborate on the ticking when starting? Loud, heard during idol?
  • I'm still in awe at the response from Mazda. I got the recall paperwork, thought this is great for everyone it is affecting, and now I'm thinking that dealers are told to give this scripted answer for all engine problems.

    I still have not sent in my paperwork to get reimbursed for labor and expenses put into replacing my engine because there's something just not right about the wording of exactly WHAT they are covering. It almost appears they will pick apart the invoice I have and take out parts that don't apply to this "engine noise" that they say they'll cover. It's just not sitting right with me. So, I guess I'll call a lawyer friend and see what he thinks. AND, if you don't sign the general release at the bottom releasing Mazda from all claims I'm sure they'll just shot it back and say "sorry, incomplete paperwork".
  • When did you get your letter? Our car has been sitting for a year now and even with claims to the better business bureau and the highway saftety administration, we have not heard anything. Is there a website for the recall?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you think you could live without the BOOST power level it might be a good idea to "wire", literally, the turbo wastegate fully open.
  • At 55,000.00 miles heard a slight "rattle" when starting the engine. Because of what was read on this forum--took the vehicle(07'cx-7) to a franchised Mazda dealer and they replaced the timing chain, vvt actuator, (which is the chain tightener), water pump and few rear driveshaft seals. All covered under the powertrain warranty and finished in 2 days. My only charge was for the rental car. No documentation of any kind(oil changes, etc) was asked for and no mention of any "sludge " issues that are discussed on this forum.

    When reading in this forum how Mazda won't cover any of the above mentioned repairs--I think the problem may be more with the dealers than with the Corporate parent-Mazda itself. As franchised Mazda dealers-they are still independent (for better or worse) on how they operate their day to day business operations and reading about how the dealers mentioned in this forum are refusing warranty repairs--this is a decision at the dealership level that of course makes the Mazda Corporation look bad and can hurt future sales/service of the brand but at the end of the day--it is the DEALER himself that makes the decision to honor/decline a warranty for repair that may come into the service bay on any given day. The Mazda Corporation is only as good as the dealer--and shopping the dealer's service department when contemplating the purchase of a vehicle may be more important than the price of the vehicle. The Mazda dealer where I purchased the cx-7 has stood behind the warranty the last 5 + years with no hassle or prolonged negotiation and I would seriously consider that dealer when purchasing my next vehicle.

    Would I buy Mazda again? I've had some issues with the cx-7 but generally like how sporty the brand is and the dealer service was right on--the answer would be -"let's see what the experience of my current Mazda((now at 80,000) will be at 100,000 or 150,000 miles--."
  • Thanks for the information. We are now debating trading it in with what I keep reading.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I have DIY cleaned, cleaned out, the EGR valve on my 95 LS400, ~300,000 miles, at least 3 times.
  • archearche Posts: 3
    Here is the paperwork for the VVT and Timing Chain

    VVT & Timing Chain Paper Work

    and here is the TSB on the VVT

    TSB Info

    Hope this helps.
  • Same thing here in pa !! Word for word !! we looking into a class action law suit now Feb 2012!! was just wondering if anyone started one back then ?? please email me if u have any info thxs
  • I know ur pain. Bought my 2008 at 24'K and dies just before it rolls over to 30'. I was fortunate in that the dealer I got it from guaranteed a powertrain warranty. Mazda of course denied my claim like they have for everyone else and the dealership I bought it from ate the entire bill. Served them right for selling me a piece of junk! Planning on getting rid of it before I own it 1 year. Worst decision I have made in a long time! Good luck to you
  • scgalscgal Posts: 4
    After looking through my service records yesterday, I've had a lot more repairs over the past few years than I remembered, starting at 6,125 miles... intake shutter valve, powertrain control module reflash sensor, shutter valve, air conditioner, EGR valve, camshaft tensioner assembly, axle repairs and engine skipping - all replaced/repaired.

    Taking Cici in to dealership this week before something happens while I'm out driving around. The engine rattling noise is still there, and I saw smoke come out while passing on the interstate a couple days ago... uh-oh. :(
  • anya80anya80 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    I have the same problems with my CX7; first AC went out, clicking noise after started. Took it dealership FOUR times - they never could find anything wrong with it. Two weeks ago it completely breaks in a middle of the road and horror begins.... Timing chain... warranty declined - because of sludge... etc... paid $1700 to have that fixed so I can trade it in for Honda CRV.Go to pick it up, it wouldn't start - now motor needs to be replaced. Extended warranty, that I purchased year ago, won't cover it - lack of proper maintance (have ALL oil changes receipts). Just got quote from dealer - $8,000 to replace motor in it!!!! :mad:
    Just started a complaint with BBB but wanted to see if anyone wants to join it on a law suit against Mazda. Something needs to be done! Contacting Attorney General and US DOT tomorrow.Let me know if you are interested, more of us joins together the better chance we have to win with Mazda.
  • yes, I would join a class action. mine had 72k when the letters went out, so Mazda said tough. Mine is rattling and I plan to have it repaired by an independent ASE tech with experience on this engine before it blows. I plan to keep up with this and other forums as I have a feeling Mazda will regret the way it's treating it's customers.
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