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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • So I was on the web site filing my complaint and I looked for injuries that have occured in our cars. There is a complaint for 2009 Qtr 2 for power train failure cause an injury accident.. Lets get those complaints in!!
  • gabswissgabswiss Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    Hi,I just registered to share my experience.

    I took my CX-7 to have it serviced yesterday (regular oil change/transmission fluid change) at the Mazda dealership (always take it there).
    I told them to check the car cause we've been experiencing lack of acceleration recently (when going up hill mostly) and black smoke when accelerating every few weeks.
    Guy over there calls me mid day to tell me there is carbon residue all over the place so they need to clean/flush that to fix my lack of acceleration issue and I will be good to go. Thats when I decided to do some reseraches and found this thread.
    Upon reading the problem about VVT actuator,timing chain etc...I decided to call them and told them about that I also told them I'm hearing some pinging sometimes.
    They then decided to investigate further and they discovered the timing chain is at its breaking point.
    So they have my car in the shop now and they are contacting Mazda for the repair.
    One thing I'm worried about is I waited 10000miles for the last service (guy called me about that asking if I did the service somewhere else and if I have record.)

    I dont know if the engine is damaged or what kind of repair need to be done. Will have further info later today.

    BTW car have 41000miles

  • I expect to drive a new automobile 100,000 miles wth no major breakdowns and so far my 07' cx-7 has been about what I would call "average." At 45,000 the 2 timing chains, VVT actuator, water pump were replaced under warranty with little drama. One day service and no discussion about sludge or non warranty repair bills.Not a exactly a minor repair, but didn;'t leave me stranded along side the road as all I heard was a slight "rattle" and took the vehicle in for investigation. Currently at 61,000 miles, if I can make it another 40,000 w/o major issues , will have been satisfied with the Mazda. Otherwise, will have had my fill of turbo type engines. Drove an Audi A6 twin turbo for 100,000 miles and 6 years--very poorly engineered and unreliable car.
  • Unless there is sludge it shouldn't be a problem but I can almost assure you it will be. Mazda is really showing their true colors in this regard. If they fail to help you in any way send me your e mail address and I will put you on our list. Also got the Better business Bureau in Los Angeles where Mazda has there headquarters and file a complaint then file a complaint with SAFERCAR.GOV.
    (boogitybop at aol dot com)
  • I was both relieved and even more irrate when I came across this forum!
    My CX-7 has been sitting since last September when first diagnosed with sludge and then the warranty voided at the dealership. They dismantled the valve cover gasket and the sludge is plainly visable through the top of the engine, around the cranks and the timing chain. I had blamed this on poor oil changes but now am realizing there is more than just careless oil changes surrounding this chaos.
    Please include me in any distro's concerning this topic and I will begin the letters to every agency I can find an address for. Looks like the BBB, Mazda Corporate and State Representatives are a good start.
    john.bosserman at gmail dot com
  • ranger1500ranger1500 Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    Ok, to the guy who only expects his car to only last 100,000 miles with no major problems, you are cheating yourself. A car should go for much much more than that without any major issues. My 92 silverado has well over 200,000 miles on it and the most major thing ive done to it is replace the tires. Heck, my uncle owns a 1981 Toyota Celica with 475,000 miles on it. There is nothing "average" about an car going through two timing chains by 45,000 miles. These early model CX7's are crap you should be able to go at least 150,000 mi on a timing chain. I hope you got the extended warranty on your mazda and kept all of your maintinence records because if not your next 45,000 miles are goning to be expensive.
  • My engine failed on me a couple of months ago, and I was just so lucky enough to have mechanical breakdown coverage with my insurance company. Mazda was trying to charge me $8,000 to replace the engine so I got very, very lucky. My insurance paid the entire thing (aside from the $250 deductible). And the funny thing is, is that I didn't even realize I had this coverage on my car. I just happen to call them to see if there was anything they could do. So I urge all of you to call your insurance companies to see if you have that same coverage.
    As soon as my car was fixed I traded it in immediately!! I will never buy a Mazda again after the way they have treated me and everyone else.
    I have also talked to a lawyer who said his friend who deals with class actions is interested in persuing this case.
  • Driving an early 2007 CX-7 with 65000 miles. Water pump, vvt actuator, and both timing chains replaced so far. Average repairs for this model?
  • Our 2007 CX7 has 27,000 miles. We've been very happy with it. No problems, still looks and runs like new. A couple of weeks ago, my wife told me it makes a "funny noise" when she first starts it. I heard it once or twice, but since she drives it all the time, I didn't think much of it. Last week, she said it was making the noise every time she starts it. I heard it again and scheduled a service appt. Fortunately, it made the "rattling" noise at start-up when the service guy was writing me up. They called a few hours later, said it was a major deal, timing chain, and "hoped" to have it ready by tomorrow. I assumed the car was out of warranty since it's 4 years old, but the service guy said it would all be covered under the 60,000 mile power train warranty. It was last at the dealer a year ago at 17000 for an oil change. Since then, I've had 2 more oil changes, and have receipts, but they never asked about that. Guess I'm lucky in that the dealer is taking care of this. Makes me kinda wonder why given all the problems other have had.
  • loucx7loucx7 Posts: 1
    I own a 2007 Mazda CX 7 with 37,000 miles. After months of living with a loud "tapping" noise from the engine (the dealer kept saying that it was normal), I did some research and found that Mazda sent out a service notice saying that the VVT module on early production models had to be replaced. Armed with this info I returned tp my dealer. The service manager reviewed the info and checked my vehicle. He informed me that the timing chain was so badly worn that he would not recommend driving the car any further. He said that Mazda would replace the timing chain under the vehicle's power-train warranty and that the job would take 2-3 days to complete after they located a new timing chain.
    The dealer provided me with a rental car and the job took almost a week to complete.
    I'm very happy with my CX 7 and my dealer (Mazda of Knoxville) has been great; my engine has never sounded as quiet as it does now.
    It appears that after being in denial for a long time, Mazda Corporate is finally facing up to the fact that they have had a problem with early production units of the CX7.
  • I am so glad for you that is was that easy.. Our lovely dealership told us it was the "typical" noise as well.. Now we have arbitration on the 13th to replace our engine and turbo from the broken timing chain they have refused to fix up to this point.. Don't know how it ruined the turbo but who knows.. I am guessing since there is a service bulletin to the turbo stating that the valve of some sort doesn't allow the oil to drain back properly thus cooking the oil and causing sludge that they would want that out as well.. Glad your experience was better than ours.. As soon as my car is fixed I am zoom zooming into a dealership other than Mazda and trading in my car as quick as I can..
  • bern6bern6 Posts: 1
    only put 16,500 miles on my 2008CX-7 for a total of 33,500. was trying to enter a highway and realized the car would not go above 20-30 mph. had it towed to Mazda where I was told the turbocharger was bad and needed to be replaced. it is still under powertrain warranty but they will only cover if I can prove oil changes at every 3750 miles. I have no proof of them. they said there was sludge in the engine which from reading all of the above comments is put back into the engine from the turbo itself. they are not covering the turbo and my estimate of repair is $2500. i will NEVER buy another MAZDA.
  • Do some more research and apply to Mazda directly. That turbo charger was not designed to operate at the ratio it is set for, they turned it up to get more power, the problem with that is the oil is being cooked and turns into sludge. There are so many problems with this piece of crap it's unbelievable. I just spent four grand to replace the timing chain and some valves. Fix it then get rid of the thing and tell everyone you know about this. Good luck.
  • barb34barb34 Posts: 5
    I posted to this thread some time ago about our Mazda CX7 (07) that we bought new to take with us overseas, we were "sold" on it because according to our salesman there was a "military clause" in the warranty that would cover us, only to find out that a military clause does not exist and that Mazda wouldn't even sell us the replacement parts we needed to get our car running (we eventually found ways to get our parts via US salvage yards willing to ship overseas after hearing our sob story).

    Anyway, I am posting again with a question for all of you mechanically inclined people. Our CX7 now has 89k miles on it (SHOCKING!) and we are pretty financially stuck in it by now so I will drive it until the wheels fall off (which may not be too long :-) ). But, here is my question(s), 1) while the manual states that oil changes are necessary at 7,000 miles, I always change my oil at 3,000 miles because first I didn't trust the oil product being put in my car overseas, and second that is what I was taught - 3,000 miles=oil change (old habits!). Could this explain that while I am experiencing many of the other complaints (AC Compressor, heating fan, etc, etc, etc) I have yet to experience any serious turbo lagging (it isn't as strong as it used to be, but who would be with 90k miles?). And/Or 2) While living in Europe we drove in conditions where the speed limits were high or non-existent allowing us to travel at 85+ mph consistently. Could this factor have prevented the sludge from building up? Or is this an old school thought process? I am just curious, since returning stateside 4 months ago, I have not taken it into a Mazda dealer to have it checked because I don't want to be "sold" sludge problem....

    On a final note, I am with the rest of you and will NEVER buy another Mazda. The customer service is terrible and the fact that Mazda has the monopoly on their parts turns me off for future purchase - it is a Mazda, not a BMW, not a Mercedes, I should be able to go to any parts store and buy the parts I need to fix the car without being subjected to one of the Mazda mechanics/salespeople trying to invent repairs (but that is and entirely other rant/post).
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Driving an 07 cx-7 w/ 64000 miles. Use 5w-30 full synthetic oil valvoline and change every 5,000 miles.
  • Same problem with our 2007 Cx7 as EVERYONE else!
    We took our car in to Rodger Beasley Mazda of Austin about 4 months ago and like everyone else was told that our turbo was out, variable valve, and timing chain needed to be replaced. The cost would be $3750. Our car is only 2 years old with 55k miles. They told us that we needed to show proof of oil changes to determine if they would fix it. We provided them with the oil change documents but they then came back to us with the "sludge" and would not fix it! We have yet to pick up our car from the dealership. Oh and our service manager keeps telling us that our car had to have synthetic oil changes and ONLY PREMIUM GAS, thanks for letting us know. Mazda sucks! I would love to be included in any class action suit against them. I will be contacting the BBB, Attorney General, and whoever else.....
  • The same thing happened to my 07 cx7 with 34000 miles in June 2010. It was still under warranty but Mazda refused to fix it saying i hadn't maintained the car. I provided my oil change receipts and they refused to verify them. I had to turn the car back in and couldn't pay the $10K they wanted to repair my car. Now they want to settle for $2,200, one lump sum, so that this doesnt go to their legal team. Has anyone filed a Class Action Suit yet?
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    When buying a new car, it has come down to how accomodating the service department operates- which in these threads has become more important than any original price paid for the vehicle.

    I'm driving an 07 cx-7 which at 55,000 miles developed the "tick" upon start up. Brought in to the Mazda franchised dealer's service department and in one day replaced the water pump, timing chain, vvt actuator, and some rear seals on the drivetrain. No questions asked, no :sludge" issues mentioned, no records demanded-- in fact the only cost to me was for a rental car because the repairs were covered under the Mazda "power train" 5 yr. 60,000 warranty which does not cover the cost of a rental car.

    You haven't mentioned whether you bought ar leased the vehicle. This could make a difference on what you owe for an early turn in on an unpaid automobile. I would suggest getting expert legal advice before going any further with these issues.
  • fliarfliar Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    If you are having Warranty problems with Mazda, you should contact the " BBB Auto Line, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22203-1804. Their purpose is to resolve disputes between vehicle manufacturers and their customers. Generally, disputes submitted to BBB AUTO LINE are resolved within 40 days. In order to file a claim, you need to provide your name, address, the VIN and a brief statement outlining the disagreement."

    Best of luck to you, the loyal Mazda owners who placed your faith and large sums of money into Mazda's poorly engineered product. :lemon:

    Note: I just checked the BBB AUTO LINE website and Mazda participates in this program. You can even submit your BBB AUTO LINE complaint online at their website or telephone them at 1-800-955-5100 (M-F 9AM- 5:30PM ET). How easy is that folks ?? Good Luck !!
  • I am an unemployed, student and mother of two with a 2007 Mazda CX7 with about 85,000 miles. My car started making a funny ticking noise a few months back and I've had two mechanics tell me it sounds like the timing chain. Even though, they explained, that a timing chain shouldn't need to be replaced on a car that is only 3 years old or with the amount of mileage it has. I just recently took it to a local company called Mazcare and they took one listen and told me I needed a new engine and it would cost me in excess of $8,000 for the car. My car is not even worth that amount to fix. After reading through all 167 posts, I believe my car is having the same problems every one else is having. I do not have any further warranty on the car and I owe more than the car is worth. I have no idea what to do? I purchased the car two years ago because it was a good deal and it was only a year old, thinking I would have it paid off and sold before I started having any major problems with it, but apparently I put my trust in the wrong company. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.......
  • Here's the deal. This car was designed to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles on the dot. If you don't have documentation to this fact and I mean to the mile you are out of luck. Mazda doesn't care about you or this piece of crap car. Do not drive this car if it is still running. Take it to the nearest lot, Kia is trading for it and giving good trade ins. You may feel you're taking a loss and you are but get rid of it now! I had mine fixed here in Nashville by a mechanic, it cost me $4,000.00. The timing chain in your car is bad and it needs to be fixed. It does NOT need a new engine. It shouldn't cost more than $2,500 right now but if it goes it will damage some valves which gets expensive. There are service bulletins on this car on interior parts and the turbo which will be next. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this but get rid of it.
  • Doesn't matter if she has all the oil receipts or not.. Her warranties are expired by 25k miles..
  • Mazda called us before arbitration and offered to replace both the engine and timing chain if we pay labor.. We took the deal as to not have to take an entire day off work, drive the 3 hours each way to the arbitration meeting and so on.. Its funny to me if they deal out of arbitration what the custome takes as a deal is never viewed by anyone else but if we would have went and won EVERYONE could have seen that Mazda was wrong.. Funny and far toooooo convenient I think. Took them the entire month they had to fix it and it came back to us with a oil finger printed head liner and putting out white smoke.. The smoke seems to have subsided but I am still getting rid of the car.. When we picked it up the tech told me regardless of having synthetic oil in the engine now which is supposed to extend its life in any other car does not in the CX-7.. Now to make things more interesting its making a rattling noise every once in a while like something didnt get tightened or something was damaged during the engine switch out. The car is a problem sell or trade them in while they still are running and run the other way!!!
  • have you or anyone else had any luck with getting Mazda tio warranty this??
  • does any one know if there is a class action law suit against Mazda. I am having the same issue ast the rest of you with a timing chain braking at 75,000 miles. i have noticed that this is a common problem. i find it hard that Mazda has not yet had a recall on this. If anyone has any info on getting Mazda to cover this please let me know at
  • Mazda DID end up replacing my engine and turbo.. The chain broke at 42k miles.. By the time it was all said and done we filed with the National Safety and Transpo... Arbitration against Mazda for the non-warrantied items... AND we were all over the dealership because we had complained the year prior of ticking in the engine that they had sent us away for... We also had pretty good oil change records.. Like we were told by the lady that answers phones at the dealership we went through this "don't give up"...
    EVERYONE that reads this and has this problem.. My husband called and spoke with someone at the National Safety and Transpo and laid the footwork to forcing Mazda into a recall.. WE collectivly have to file a complaint with them so they can track it.. Good luck all.. Keep those oil change receipts and stay on the phone and computer and keep eye poking cause being on here is good information but will not get anything changed.
  • We received a letter from Mazda stating that the AC Compressor is having the warranty extended on it to like 70k miles.. I dont have it in front of me.. If anyone reads this and would like a copy of my letter contact me at and I could send you a scanned copy of it.. Contained in the letter they offered to repair free of charge and or refund any expenses up to that mileage..
  • My timing chain broke at about 47,000 miles and was still under warranty. I was quite concerned about them not replacing the engine because I had bought the car used and did not have all of the oil change receipts. However, when they looked at my engine they said it was spotless, so the dealer sent the pictures into Mazda warranty and they approved to replace the engine even without having any records. I was very fortunate, but I still filed a complaint with the NTSA.
  • Mine was FULL of sludge.. that is why when it was all said and done they (Mazda) replaced the engine and turbo.. Glad they replaced it for you and I am also glad you filed the complaint!!
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Yes, Mazda dealer replaced the timing chain, vvt actuator, water pump, and some rear driveline seals at 58000 miles under the "power train" warranty. Only cost to me was a one day rental car. No oil change records were asked for or offered for examination, and the "sludge" word was never mentioned during the transaction.
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