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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • tltermtlterm Posts: 1
    Took my car in for an oil change on Tuesday, April 12th and technician noticed SLUDGE in the engine-- advised me to take it to the dealer. Dealer faxed my service records to the warranty department and claim was DENIED due to an inadequate record of oil changes. After reading about all of the claims that were denied that did have perfect records, makes me think it would not have mattered either way. Now, I have a 2008 car with 45,000 miles on it for which I owe $9K that needs $7K worth of repairs. I told the dealer to put the covers back on the engine and I would come pick up the car. I will not give them one penny to fix it. If this really is a defect in some sort of engine value, then they need to step up and take responsibility for faulty engineering.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    You didn't state whether the car was purchased new or used? Also, how often was the oil changed before this mishap? At the least, every 7500 miles should qualify for warranty repair under the Mazda powertrain provision.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited April 2011
    Sludge does not of necessaty indicate a failed or failing engine.

    I would "tie" the turbo wastegate fully open and then change the oil every 1000 miles or so with a very lightweight high detergent oil for 3 times. If that is successful in removing the sludge, as well it might, then I might consider removing the turbo entirely or at least leave it mostly disabled.
  • runnernicrunnernic Posts: 15
    Hi. I am leasing a 2008 Mazda CX-7. My lease is up in a few months. I've had nothing but problems. Today, I was driving on the garden state parkway and my car starting screeching. It got louder and faster the more I accelerated. It sounds like rattling and screeching along with the sound of a helicopter landing. I was so scared. Then, it wouldn't accelerate. It would hesitate once I hit 40 miles an hour then just jerk to 60. When I turned the car off and then back on it made the loudest noises and rattling. I brought it in today to the dealership and they said they've never seen this. I only have 26,000 miles on the car. I'm so upset! I can't wait to get rid of this car. Any advice? Is it the engine? I'm so afraid to drive this car.
  • I have an 07 and just got the whinning noise. The thing I have noticed is after I shut the engine down it takes the noise a few seconds to wind down. I have noticed a loss in power as well. Is there a fan in the turbo that causes that? The engine runs smooth with no vibration and the whinning sound louder inside than out. Also, I had the oil changed at the dealership and the sticker shows to come back in 7500 miles so I assume this is OK to go that long between changes.
  • Well, they got me. I just got a call from the dealership and was told it will be $2K to replace the turbo assembly. I had thought this thread had a bunch of doomsday's in it and was just a bunch of guys complaining. Sorry about that guys. How do you stand a chance with this motor taking care of it using regular maintenance and getting this? Even the "el cheapo" brands last longer than this. Well, it looks like I have no other choice than to bite the bullet. Good luck to the rest of the CX7 owners.
  • One would think we all are complainers but its all so very true.. To the peril of our pocketbooks... I had my engine and turbo replaced.. Now the transmission clunks through gears and drives like they forgot to hook up the turbo.. Glad I live where the lemon laws are pro consumer
  • mazdausasuxmazdausasux Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    I urge you all to contact FTC and your state attorney's office. Also discuss the matter with your insurance company. Progressive (my insurance company) is pulling samples from my failed engine. To repair my car will be over $10000.00 for a new engine and labor. Mazda USA told me if I did not use a new engine they would "brand my car"????? Please continue to share your stories in an effort to keep others from buying cars from Mazda and other companies that refuse to stand behind their products and honor their warranty. Urge your state representatives to help their constituents by telling these companies like Mazda that you are not going to screw with hardworking honest people....fix you faulty products. Mazda can recoupe some recoup some of their money be firing their waste of a job employees at Mazda USA!
  • nattiekinsnattiekins Posts: 29
    They quoted me the same price but when they finally caved and paid for engine and turbo and I paid labor I received a rebuilt.. They are LYING so you spend more money... and if you do buy a new engine ask for the dealerships invoice proving new parts
  • catsmith14catsmith14 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2007 CX-7. I bought it used 15 months ago with 16,000 miles on it. It now has 40,000. I have had the oil changed regularly, around 4000 miles. On Friday, the car started making noises sounding like a space ship landing. I had the gas pedal to the floor and it wouldn't accelerate over 20 mph. I had it towed into the dealer and I am now biting my fingernails and waiting to hear if it will be covered under warranty or not. I'm not optimistic after reading these posts.
  • pastorjasepastorjase Posts: 1
    Count me in! Our '07 Mazda CX-7 has cost us a lot of money. At 65,000 miles our air conditioner froze (locked up) and caught fire, the variable timing actuator broke when the timing chain stretched, a fusable link fried and a bill for over $6800 was just the beginning. Our dealer kept the car for over 2 months. They called me into the service manager to see the crystalized oil in the engines valves. (I felt like I was getting bad news from the doctor)
    Mazda, admitted that the A/C had issues and offered to replace the A/C but told us they would not pay for anything else...citing poor maintenance because we had not used Mazda dealerships for oil changes.
    At 7000 miles I reported blue smoke coming from my exhaust. The dealer said it was nothing to worry about. Now I find that "blue smoke" is indicative of a bad turbo.
    After two months in the shop my wife and I pick up the car and we are told all is well. We drove 200 miles and noticed a severe oil leak. The only place open was a WalMart and I had them look for a leak and change the oil. The mechanic told us that they found, what appeared to be, some kind of absorbent padding shoved up above and around the oil pan. They topped us off with oil but refused to change the filter for fear of liability. We had the car towed back to our dealer in Greenville, SC. Apparently, the dealer forgot to mention that the top half of the engine was not re-assembled properly and engine failure was eminent. They charged us an additional $2k for repairs and sent us on our way. The engine light remained on and the dealer could, or would, not explain why.
    The engine now burns oil badly, however there is no smoke coming from the exhaust. It rattles like a diesel truck occasionally. Now they tell me that we need a new engine and turbo. The cost? $10,000.
    We need to sue.
  • leslieweiler73leslieweiler73 Posts: 11
    edited May 2011
    I took My 2007 Mazda CX7 in for a routine oil change two weeks ago and they refused to do the oil change WHAT???? Well they said if they did oil change that they would be liable so whats the problem the timing chain and cam gears and guess what only 61,000miles AGHH !! OUT OF WARRENTY OF COURSE!!! I purchased the car used with like 40k on it and didn't even know the previous original owner mind you i am only the second owner of the vehicle had the extended warrenty purchased and i only had thirty days from the day i purchased it to change over the extended warrenty. We didn't even know it had one, How did i find out when i called Mazda original warrenty since we are only 1000 miles outside the powertrain warrenty and after i read all the things in this forum. So Mazda knew we owned the car and it had an extended warrenty i was excited till i called the extended warrenty number they gave me and thats when i found out it was null and void since we didn't change the name over in thirty days well if we would have known it we would have. So if Mazda knows we own the car and it had an extended warrenty why not tell us we had thirty days to clhange it over to still keep it in effect (legal robbery) That's why. If they knew we owned they should have told us. Well needless to say i am dealing with them and I am having car towed to dealer tomorrow so they can run there own diagnostics on the car, in which i agreed to pay for the diagnostics. I told my lovely phone rep named cheri about all my research and findings on here and wow what a response i am getting i do believe i will get them to cover it but not 100 percent sure just yet and of course told her i was going to file complaints on them through the BBB and the nhtsa they did not like that. I hope they will cover it seeing that this is a defect for sure and we are only 1000 miles out of original warrenty. Any one have any advice to help me along I would Love to hear it. If any one has a lawsuit im intersested in joining in please they need to be stopped!! :sick:
  • :lemon: As the original owner of a 2007 Mazda CX-7 who has maintained my vehicle in accordance with Mazda's guidelines. A Mazda warranty does not engine still failed at under 50,000 and while under warranty. Mazda does not stand behind their faulty products. PLEASE contact your state representative, insurance company, state attorny's office and the FTC. I'm sorry you're (and the rest of us) dealing with Mazda's garbage... but united we can prevail! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Well my :lemon: is on the flatbed on it's way to the dealer for the diagnostics they need to run when i already had one done and know whats wrong with it. i am sticking it to them i will not take no for an answer nor can they tell me something else is wrong because i am mechanically inclined my daddy didnt raise a dummy lets see if they try and throw me under the bus... :lemon: will keep you posted
  • If you purchase the Mazda 2007 CX7 used find out right away by calling Mazda if it has an extended warrenty purchased by original owner!!! YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS to chhange it in to your name it is transferable only then. Don't let it go to waste check and see not that they honor there warrenty from what i have read but you never know change it just to be safe.. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • I will say how predictable its the VVT and the timing chain. I will not back down. Know the waiting game begins.. Hey haven,t said no YET!!! I hope at least of a win win for everyone involved. :sick:
  • Well now they are asking for those good ole oil change reciepts so what are they going to say since i had them done faithfully every 3000 miles not 7500 as they recommend?? Are they going to say that i had too many done and that caused the problem!!! :P I cant say that im a loss for words because everything i read on here is coming to life the exact way everyone said it would. Well i went ahead and made my complaints to all the numerous places recommended and as well have a couple legal begals checking into if they want to help out with a suit against them let yas know what happens next probably tell me sludge well thats a no brainer because with a bad timing chain and vvt thats what you get sludge and metal shavings!! :lemon:
  • I really want to see how many people are interested in taking legal action against them on this and start a petition to have it recalled. Let me know i am tired of these corporations getting hardworking people screwed over left and right you madeit you sold it stand behind it and mean it. I will never ever buy a model in its first year again they couldnt give me a Mazda CX7 for free!!!! I know im out of warrenty and admit that but what is 1000 miles seriously and ive only put 20k on it since i bought it thats 3 oil changes according to there specs...
  • mazdalemonsmazdalemons Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    I bought a 2007 CX-7 new and at around 6,000 miles my wife started to notice a rattle in the engine, poor fuel economy, and a loss of power, she also noticed the engine light was on. I called the Car Company in Waterloo Iowa, where I bought the vehicle. I let them know what was going on. the car company told me to bring the vehicle in and they would look at it. We took the vehicle to Waterloo, after a couple of days I got a call from the service department telling me something about an actuator recall, that they would do on the car and that would take care of the problem. A couple days passed and they called back stating the car was done and we could pick it up. This happened four more times and they were unable to find anything wrong, until of course after the warranty was out, at 38,000 mile now it’s an EGR Valve. Apparently the car company had to persuade Mazda to help with the cost of this, and it still cost me 240.00 for a problem that has been ongoing sense we bought the car. When the car was brought back to us the engine light was still on, I told my wife that they just did the work, it may take a little while to turn off. At 41,000 mile the car was back at the dealership same problem, but now it needs an 8,000.00 dollar engine. WOW!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE.
  • melissavamelissava Posts: 2
    We have an ’07 with 63K miles on it. Original owners and well maintained. Just replaced the timing chain due to sludge damage ($1500), then the car lost acceleration, and now they are saying we need a new engine. Car was driving fine before new timing chain. They are offering to pay about 30% of the engine replacement bill. We'd keep the old turbo. Please advise -- should we hold out for a better deal, or scrap the car, or something else?
  • nattiekinsnattiekins Posts: 29
    Im sorry you are having so many troubles.. I am still stuck on the fact it was accepted that sludge cause the timing chain to fail??!! Look up the tsb's for this car its common knowledge that bad vvt's cause timing chain failure and faulty valves in turbo cause the sludge... good luck getting anything from Mazda... we had our engine and turbo replaced and received a" fixed" car with a whole new list of issues... im loving my Honda van I traded my migraine in for...
  • melissavamelissava Posts: 2
    Thanks. What a nightmare!
  • mad19mad19 Posts: 1
    Hello, I am in for a lawsuit against Mazda. I've only had this cx-7 from Nov,2011 with 54k on it and it's been no more then a money pit!!! MAD AS HELLLL. Jeff.
  • petrobobpetrobob Posts: 1
    Hi Any possibilty you could send me links to Mazda white papers and District Manager stuff. Am just getting started in a fight with Mazda and can use any/all the info/help available. Thanks
  • mond1mond1 Posts: 1
    I just wanted to add myself to the list of 2007 Cx7s with this problem. I bought mine in May of 2007 and it has 69000 miles on it. In March of 2011 I expernienced the YVT issue which cost me over 2500. Then just yesterday I was on the highway and lost acceleration in addition to engine making high pitched whirring sound. I had it towed to the dealer and guess what? Low and behold the turbo went out. I am fighting Mazda on this one especially after the major issue I had less than 3 months ago. Teh funny thing is that I got all services through them and they of course never noticed a problem before. I am never getting a Mazda again.
  • jenijen32jenijen32 Posts: 1
    :) I am sooo thankful that after reading all of these comments that I got rid of my 2007 CX7! But I didnt get out of it without having some issues :( I had to have the EGR valve replaced ($700) along with about 3 sets of new tires (first two sets costing $1200)! Not to mention the premium gas that I had to put in it! Im now a proud owner of a 2011 Kia sportage and I love it so much more. I dont miss that CX7 one bit!!! Thank Goodness I got rid of it before the engine went out! I will never own another mazda again!!! You couldnt give me one!!!! :lemon:
  • OK finally here is where i am at with my issues the diagnosis came in it is timing chain and vvt so they want oil change reciepts, so i had them email me how many they wanted at first they tried to tell me six know mind you we only put roughly 20k on it that would be three reciepts according to there recommendations of oil change every 7500k so i emailed back and pointed that out to them and then they corrected themselves an said three.. Well i have proof of 5 for them, i still have to take those in to the service which will be tom when i go back there. They did the work on the timing chain and vvt and we paid the bill and picked up the car because we needed it to go and get all the oil change records. t time we picked it up they said that there was smoke coming out the exhaust and the TURBO might be going bad on it and just make sure we check oil often. I was not happy to hear that esp. when there was no smoke before they worked on it, so we drive the car and go get our long overdue errands done and the car starts stalling when you come to stop or slow down esp with the air on so i called them back and let them know what was going on they said bring it in i thought the timing was causing this issue, so we took and sat at service all day!! Needless to say they couldnt find the issue and needed to keep car good news they paid for a rental, called next day and no answers yet still keep rental on them. Called today and found out they had problems getting the cam timing on point then they said there was gunk on an airflow thing blocking air from getting to engine so they replaced it at no charge then hear comes bad news they said the ring arround the oil cooler part was spilling out oil.m I was upsset the car has never leaked oil i told them at least not until they touched it. Also if it was leaking when we brought it in when he did diagnosis and worked on car why didn't they see it then????? No reply on that except the part is about 400 and labor around 600 then i said again it was not leaking till you worked on it and they agreed to fix it for free, thank god i just paid 1600.00 for timing and vvt, so when i pick up car tomorrow i am taking the oil change records that i have from our 20k and they have record from the previous owner there is no gap in oil changes, i will have to wait and see what they say about repaying me for the timing chain and vvt?? i have a feeling they will say they repaired the oil cooler ring and gave you a rental on us. Well i got proof there was no oil leak before they touched it so what can they say now? So i hope i will as well get my 1600.00 returned to me, I though will be happy if they just give me the cost of labor which was 923.00 if they do that i will be satisfied and say they stood on the problem but i did however issue complaints to the nhtsa and bbb because of the problem being the same as everyone and it is truely a deffect and the need to recall it and take care of everyone!! :surprise: :surprise: :surprise: Even though they seem to be doing the right thing with me i want them to honor everyone that has put there trust in them and purchased there products. So i am here for all of us :lemon: owners!!
  • I am seriously looking and consulting atty i will let you know what i come across
  • Can you email me any info on what your atty said and are you doing a class action suit?
  • I would call the warrenty place speak to an agent express your complaint you are only 3k outside the factory powertrain wrty, Get there name and a reference number on your complaint and tell them all the things you have read on internet as well as let them know you are going to file complaints to nhsta and bbb with all of us other :lemon: owners if you have all you reciepts you might get help also let them know where you took the car to be repaired. Tell them you feel that 3k is not much miles outside the wrty and that with all the complaints you have read you feel that you are not fully liable for this issue with your car as you feel it is a defect. :lemon: Make them give you requests of what they want you to prove in writing keep notes of your calls and who you talked to and when :lemon: . Keep proof of all your corespondense with them, i as well have printed several complaints i have read to bring to the table when they decide if they are going to help with our probs and so far i have gotten fully on them a rental and another issue that went wrong with our car after they worked on our car and they at this time are paying for. I so far have paid for the vvt and timing chain because i needed car to go get my oil change records but the car ended up back in the shop the next day after i picked it up and it needed other repairs i waited the day we brought it back and they needed it longer and put us in a rental when they found the problem they are fixing the repair at no cost. When i go to pick it up tom i am taking the oil change records that they asked for so i can get reimbursed for the vvt and timing chain. Just dont take no for an answer. Although they have not said they will reimburse me i have gotten a rental as well as another 1500.00 repair at no cost and i am certain they will at least pay for labor on the first repair, i will have that answer tom for certain. our car was 1k over the wrty. I make sure i keep calling as well i have emailed there corporate office and wrty headquarters along with phone calls, i think you just have to be persistant and stubborn with them. Goodluck!!
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