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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    We bought a 2006 Civic EX sedan new in Oct 2005 and while the AC seems to work well at cruise speeds I too have noticed the compressor cut off at idle (as in waiting at stop lights) and it will start to blow warm to hot air out the vents. Apparently Honda has only now addressed the problem with this TSB and dealers are still trying to convince owners this is "normal". It may be but I won't accept it now that a reflash is available. So, what we have is 2006-07-08 cars with this issue and Honda may have finally acknowledged it though individual dealers may not have.
    Regarding the rear tire wear, that may be one of the few "problems and issues" our early built 2006 Civic does NOT have though the tire wear of the Bridgestones seems poor being more than 1/2 worn @ 17K miles.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had this done last week, even though never felt this particular issue, along with the water pump recall and the rear control arms replaced. I still need to send my tire receipts to Honda in hopes that they'll send me back some $, but doubt that they will. Besides that, car's humming along nicely at 16.6k on the odo. Got her detailed on Wednesday and looks great...having the kids drive it for their vacation in August left the inside too messy for me to deal with.
    Bought her a new chrome extender for the tail pipe also and even though it looks like the old one, a bit more finished looking. The one last thing I'd like to get is some kind of clear rubber mats to just go over the carpeted one's that came with the car. Is there such an animal like the nice one's i saw in my boss's RX350 today? Hers fit over her carpeted mats just fine. Anyone know where these can be purchased?

    The Sandman :)
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    The one last thing I'd like to get is some kind of clear rubber mats to just go over the carpeted one's that came with the car.

    You mean something like this?
  • jnp1941jnp1941 Posts: 2
    We purchased a new 2008 Civic EXL loaded and have done about 1400 miles. We are very satisfied with the car but had noticed occasionally going downhill that the engine seemed to be braking the vehicle, which I thought might be a good thing. Most other vehicles I have owned seemed to gather speed going down hill which required pedal braking. Other than this I have not experienced the other engine speeds you talk about. We were amazed at the gas mileage on our first round trip of 600 miles 600 miles ago we got between 34 and 40 MPG mostly cruising at 68 MPH with ac on, about 45 miles of this was around town. I have not encountered air conditioning problems as I have read about on other forums.
  • The downhill engine braking you refer to is the "grade logic" function/feature of the automatic transmission. The Civic has had this since 2006 I believe, at least our 2006 has it as well. The vehicle senses a downhill (uphill as well) drive and the transmission shifts down a gear or more than one depending the severity of the grade and keeps the car in that gear or possibly upshifts one gear if the grade lessens. On downhill runs this reduces the need to use the brakes, on uphill runs it minimizes gear hunting (or downshifting then quickly shifting up again only to downshift once again over and over).
  • So i took my honda civic in for the regular 10,000 mile service car was running great just needed the called for maintence. I Got my car back later that day and i found that i had to have my car jump starte 4 times in 2 days. and i pushed started it a few times because of it being stick. I hooked it up to a battery tester at work and that was fine but when you start the car The altinator is not charging correctly. When the car is running it has a very rough and loud idle and almost sounds like an old diesle vw or benz. I took to dealer ship and they say nothing is wrong with it. so i fill it up the other day and i got about 10 mpg and now the gas gauge is not working properly. IE car is full but reading quarter tank or half tank. and noise has gotten louder coming from engine. Im very dissatisfide with this car at this point. i have bad treadwear as everyone has spoke of. :sick: Im just to the point were i take the car to the dealer and they look at me as if im stupid because im a girl but i drive a tow truck and work on my own cars. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?????? if so what was wrong and how do i get it fixed
  • I just bought a new honda civic 08 about 3 weeks ago. I took it to the dealership yesterday because when i crank up the car, i can feel a vibration which never happened before. After I took the car back the next day, it took me longer than usual to start up the car. The dealership said that is probably because they haven't start the car in a long time, but I went to Vegas over the weekend and didn't touch the car for 3 days and it didn't happen to me. Right now I will just wait and try the car for a couple more days to see what is happening to it. Let me know how is your car doing. Thanks
  • bluetoothlessbluetoothless southeast floridaPosts: 15
    Weak alternators might be the reason for the power distribution issues that hamper the performance of the Air Conditioners also? The engine compartment is so small I wonder if they had to engineer a fitted model that cannot output the amperage needed?
  • I have an 07 but last winter one day the car wouldn't start. Granted it was like 20 below but I didn't think something like that should have happened. It started later in the day and I took it to the dealer. They couldn't figure it out and said the battery checked out fine. After talking with them a while they decided to replace the battery anyway. It's never "not started" again but what I've always noticed with this car that after it sits for a long period of time say over night, it always takes more cranks to turn over. It gets to the point where I think it won't start. Could this be an alternator issue? Or maybe a starter issue? Anyone have any ideas. Thanks!
  • hard starting is a touchy subject with mine I wanted to say it was the altinator wich i still think it is. I have yet to get my car working correctly. I do believe that the altinator has an issue it makes clicking noises. But yeah it is definatly an annoying quirk the car has.
  • my 08 4door sedan so far has 4,800miles. bought in jan 1st 08. cranking seems to fine, no failed start nothing of that sort. happy so far, almost time for first oil change..

    my other car nissan sentra 94 didn't start today(didn't even crank!) the mechanic said i need a new battery and a starter! ....... may be some civics have a bad solenoid or something... just my thoughts :confuse: :confuse:
  • I started my car today in noon and after like 1 second after I started it, I experienced a horrible shake for about 3 seconds, any idea why is this happening? I am very disappointed and frustrated right now since it is a brand new car (only 3 weeks) :cry:
  • If you do not use your brakes on a downhill it does not downshift. If you use them gently and barely touch 'em, and also don't leave your foot on the brake pedal very long, it does not down shift either. I noticed this first with a vehicle I owned a couple years ago, which was also a 4 banger. It was a Toyota Tacome 4x2 base model. There's a couple downhills where I first noticed it with the Tacoma, and when I drove the Civic on the same hills it shifted the same. After the Tacoma I had a Sienna 6 cylinder, and it, too, did it. To get back to higher gear on the downhill you have to punch the gas pedal to the floor real quick. Like we used to have to do years ago to get the choke to turn off on a carburetor. Works most of the time. These auto trannies have come a long way! They work great.
  • I recently (about two months ago) bought a brand new '08 two door civic. I am a first time new car buyer but I felt confident buying a civic because of their reputation. A few weeks after I bought the car I noticed that the second power outlet (aka cigarette lighter) in the center compartment did not work. I figured no big deal, I will bring up the issue at the first oil change. This past weekend, though, I drove to Reno where it was hot and decided to try out the air conditioning for the first time. When I turned on the AC the buttons lit up like are supposed to but the air was no cooler than just running the fan. I tried various times to get it to work and even had other people try too. I'm taking the car in on Saturday to be looked at. Does anyone else have these problems? Is it normal to have various things not working on a brand new civic? :confuse:
  • This is not normal for a civic in my view. Sounds like a bad fuse for the AC. However, the outlet I believe is on a different fuse and would be unikely to have two fuses gone bad on a new civic. Good luck and hope this does not put a bad tast in your mouth. I can't se this being a big problem for them to fix.
  • so i went to the service to get my first oil change (car has 5000miles so far) and they found a engine oil leak near timing chain. They said they had to reseal and said its fixed. anybody have or had this problem? what is with the quality of HONDA nowadays? where is the quality control? This is a 2008 model that still has the same problem! God , just 5000 miles..... good thing i bought extended warranty. Something tells me that this car won't be reliable in the future... sigh

    edit: found some more information over the 8thcivic site..... seems to be a common problem

    mine was-The 24-mm sealing bolt on the timing chain end of
    the engine.

    Engine Oil Leaks
    The engine leaks oil.
    Some engine block sealing bolts may have been
    mismanufactured, causing the engine oil to leak when
    the engine is running.
    From VIN1HGFA1...6L000001 thru
    From VIN2HGFA1...6H500001 thru
    From VINJHMFA1...6S000001 thru
    From VIN2HGFG1...6H500001 thru
    The oil leaks can be in up to four places:
    • The 24-mm sealing bolt on the timing chain end of
    the engine.
    • The 24-mm sealing bolt on the transmission end of
    the engine.
    • The 20-mm sealing bolt behind the alternator.
    • The 20-mm sealing bolt behind the power steering
  • Wow, my oil change is coming due soon. At least they told you, I'm impressed! I'm like you though, I bought a Honda thinking the quality was way above average; so far I can't say this is the best car I've ever had.
  • ladyluck1. When i first went there, they changed oil and everything and said the car is good to go. I return home and i read the technician comments: saying that their is minor power steering leak. (i was obviously mad because nobody in the service center told me about this.)

    Two days after, i went their again to take care of the "power steering leak", and upon inspection they said it wasn't the pwr steering and it was the ENGINE oil leak!.

    I hope it is permanently fixed. The service advisors did follow thru and answered all of my questions and were patient. But my biggest gripe is the quality of Honda vehicles, particularly the civic.

    FYI! these leaks don't show up in the driveways , so you have to look underneath the vehicle to spot these leaks !

    My last and final complaint about this vehicle is the Accelerator response! the DBW system is flawed!, The vehicle has response delay of like 0.5sec before it would react to the throttle response. FLOOR the car and u will see what i mean! :mad:
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    H&R #51868-55, 3/4" drop.

    You may try factory Si springs instead.
  • Yeh, I know what you mean. I can't figure out what my car does when it accelerates, I gave up trying to figure it out. So I really don't know if it's running right or not. I guess we shouldn't have to wonder huh?

    I'm taking my car for it's oil change the end of next week, I'll let you know how it goes. After keeping up with the posts I feel I need to ask them to double check the tires for abnormal wear and engine leaks. If I looked under the car I wouldn't know what I was looking for.

    Good luck with your civic, I hope this was the end of your leaks, at least they were honest and fixed it for you. That's a big plus!
  • bluetoothlessbluetoothless southeast floridaPosts: 15
    Many issues related to AC cooling inconsistencies mentioned in this and other civic forums esp. 2006-2008.
    We need to start a petition(or class action) regarding this so they will flash the ECUs with another update, or replace the weak altenators.
    Second cigarette outlet in console will not power lighter, but is intended for electronics. It is mentioned in owner's manual.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Go back to the dealer with the info on the a/c reflash and have them do it. Took mine in and they did it with no questions asked. End of story!

    The Sandman :)
  • did anybody notice any increase in mpg or performance per say after the first oil change? :confuse:
  • bluetoothlessbluetoothless southeast floridaPosts: 15
    Have not reached that milestone yet, but have noticed rpms dropped from 4100 to 3500 in sixth gear while cruising at 80mph sometime after break in period. The car is still very short geared to offset meager 139 ft/lb of torque.
  • xxyxxy Posts: 16
    I got my first oil change on last monday. It was approaching 7000 miles and the oil life was still at 30%. Since I had a rule with previous vehicles to change the oil every 5000 miles I took it in. The service manager said he would do it this time but in the furture to wait until the oil life is at 15% or the wrench icon appears. I have the extended warranty on it. I took a day off from work not knowing how long it would take-it was ready to go in an hour-including tire rotation-asked about the cupping issue they claimed to know nothing about it. I have not checked the mpg since the oil change but will on the next fillup since you asked. Best I have received so far is 41.5 mpg on the interstate at average of 70mph with a/c.
  • I got my 08 Civic two weeks ago. Last night I was driving with the driver's window open and when I got home I noticed a line in the speedmeter's screen.
    I have tried to clean it with glass cleanser but it did not work. I am thinking that maybe a little stone caused the problem while I was driving in the freeway.
    what I can I do? Can I tell the dealer to change the screen under the warranty?
    Any input will be appreciated.
  • I don't think I understand how you think a stone from the road would put a line in the speedometer screen's shield.

    The thing is, don't tell them this. If it was damaged by something you did (a rock,etc) warranty won't cover it.
  • I agree... I think a stone hitting your speedometer screen is really a one in a trillion chance. Maybe it was already like that and you just noticed it? I would just tell the dealer about the line and wouldn't mention the a rock hitting it. I'm not saying to really don't know what happened. Good luck and let us know how it goes ;)
  • Thank you guys for your advices. I went to the dealer and they ordered the speedometer screen for this coming Monday.
    I did not say anything to the dealer about the stone :)
  • My AM reception is quite good. My car has the Navigation System. It's an EX-L 4 door. I am having the rear alignment issues though. I would like to see the TSB on that if there is one for the 2008 model.

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