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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • bamagurl37bamagurl37 Posts: 1
    :confuse: Anyone noticed paint peeling from bumper piece between the rear tail lights. This is an '08 and it shouldn't have that issue. I read a post on a Civic 06 that was doing it... but not seen anything with the newer generation. Shouldn't the warranty cover this? I have an '08 Honda Civic Si sedan in Ralley Red.
    Thanks frustrated in Bama
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    Hi bamagurl37,
    Paint peeling on an '08 is definitely warranty. I'll keep an eye out on mine since you raised it. Let me know how it turns out.
    Good luck!
  • This problem started with my 2008 Civic about 6 months after I purchased it new from the dealership.

    After sitting in stop and go traffic the automatic transmission and the engine seem to stop getting along. At a constant speed, eg 55mph the engine races, as if the transmission is constantly searching for the right gear (also only driving on a level surface).

    The gear indication light sometimes flashes. When the problem is the worst the car will simply refuse to go forward.

    I've taken the car to the dealership on several occasions but they can't seem to find anything wrong. They can't re-create the scenario even though it happens to me almost every time I have sat in traffic for more than a few minutes.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can approach this with Honda? The car has been to the dealership at least 4 times with no action taken or problem identified.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    I purchased my 2008 EX coupe with the XM receiver. Within 3 months I noticed the XM radio reception would occasionally begin to fade in/out with it finally going silent. The XM banner showing the station name and song name was present but no sound. The XM reception would return only if I turned off the car and then turned the car back on. The normal radio works while the problem is present. I took the car to the dealer and of course they couldn't find a problem and they didn't know of any such occurrence. I returned to the deal two months later with the car manifesting the problem. At that point they took my car into the service area. 45 minutes later the service adviser comes back and tells me its a known problem. No XM receivers are currently available bla bla... So Honda's are primarily good working machines. But if you have a problem you'll have to pull teeth to get it resolved.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Accessories purchased at the time of purchasing a new vehicle should be covered under the standard warranty. I just checked and they have XM receivers currently available for sale, so I don't buy that excuse that it's not available. I I would take it to another Honda dealer if this dealer isn't fixing the issue.
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    Hey Goose,
    Sorry for you but glad to know I'm not alone. :) Maybe someone from Honda can advise if there is a target ratio from Honda for warranty Vs retail repairs in each of the dealerships because the hunger to repair when under warranty is definitely absent. Wait 'til you need a brake job/timing belt and see how accomodating they are. sound system is nowhere near as fancy as yours but I do have the IPod plug in. So my kids showed me how to download music (legally I might add) and I loaded up my IPod. Welcome to the '90's dad. Over the next couple of weeks, the sound started to fade and whenever I touched the IPod there was a thumping noise through the sound system. As we're trained to do (sold actually) when we buy a new Honda, we take it to the dealer. So I did....again. This time, I was advised that the cable was no good, that the IPod was no good and that I needed to turn up the volume on the IPod. My replies in this order were: I installed a brand new cable, tried 3 different IPods and that I didn't need to turn up the volume a week or so ago. Normal, nothing wrong was the reply. 2 weeks later, my radio quit completely (duhhh) which was terrible because I could hear more prominently the clunks and rattles from the suspension and road noise that they couldn't find anything wrong with either (see warranty above). Took back to the dealer and allegedly they ordered a radio. A month later, I stopped in and asked about the radio and was advised that it was back ordered. Really, they didn't order one to begin they "put a rush on it". A couple weeks later, new radio installed and it works fine. I've seem many other radio issues so we're not alone. They need to replace the radio (stereo) system. Make sure they order it and good luck with your car.
    My '78 civic was a better car than the one I'm driving now. Licensed Mechanic for close to 30 years now (that I refuse to tell the dealership because in a sick sort of way, I enjoy the B.S. I get when I visit the dealership) so I think I know what I'm talking about. Here's a challenge for anyone following a 2008 Honda Civic anywhere in Canada. Look at the rear wheels and the angle that they have on the road compared to the front wheels. It's called negative camber. It prematurely wears tires and makes the car unstable. Dangerous actually as the front wheels fight the rear ones which leads to Canada and the USA. Apparently there is a recall in the USA but not in Canada. As I understand it, all of these cars are assembled in the same place so why no recall in Canada? If I'm wrong, sorry but they are the same parts with the same specs. I get it but Honda doesn't appear to...Honda Canada anyway. And who really does the reviews on the cars we buy? Perhaps do a review or two on cars that have a few km's/miles on it Vs brand new out of the showroom.
    One day I'll write a book and I see this is a pretty good start. Anyone from Honda listening??????
    Safe driving to you Goose! Turn up the radio. ;)
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Look at the rear wheels and the angle that they have on the road compared to the front wheels. It's called negative camber. It prematurely wears tires and makes the car unstable. Dangerous actually as the front wheels fight the rear ones which leads to Canada and the USA. Apparently there is a recall in the USA but not in Canada.

    Technically it's not one of the three recalls listed here: &styleId=100804556&engCode=4INAG1.8&transCode=MANUAL&mileage=30000&zip=89122

    but there a Technical Service Bulletin has been issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    See item 13: G1.8&transCode=MANUAL&mileage=30%2C000&zip=89122&type=tsb&serviceType=#13

    If you look that up on the NHTSA website

    you can get the technical bulletin and probably get your dealership to do the fix so you won't have the uneven wear.
  • I bought a brand new 2008 Honda Civic, 2 door LX, and have had a problem with my rear tires pretty early on. Whenever I drove my Civic I could hear a thumping noise coming from the rear of the car, sort of like a washer on a spin cycle. I initially ignored the problem thinking it was normal with the new tires. Eventually the noise got to be pretty bad so I took the car to the dealer, at this point it had about 18,000 miles.

    The dealer told me it was probably the tires, but that they would perform a rear wheel alignment, I agreed. Prior to the alignment test done by the dealer I took my civic to a bridgestone location and received a free alignment test since the car has bridgestone tires. Their results showed many things off with the toe and camber of the Civic. When I took the car into the dealer for their alignment test, everything was magically normal with the car's alignment. They also gave me a BS excuse that the rear tires were defective, hard to believe and an interesting convenience for them since it was only the rear tires that were visibly chopped up. I've looked for service recall information but haven't found much. In the end I was able to get new tires from the factory, only having to pay for one of them. I guess Honda accepted some of the responsibility.
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    Sounds familiar re: tires but that is also a long story so I'll save you the pain. The truth is that tires don't make noises (thumping noise) like you describe. Sounds like a strut to me. It may not be leaking fluid but they are gas over/hydraulic so you can't visibly see when the gas leaks out. The gas cushoins (dampens) the action of the strut and without any gas pressure, you basically have an air pocket that slams against a hydraulic piston. That's the noise you hear. As for the camber/toe-in specs, yes, there are "factory tolerances" ie minimum and maximum dimensions so the dealer/mechanic would have ignored the angles if they were within them. "Good enough" is more likely what the front end guy said and trust me, I worked with a bunch of them many years ago. Take it to another dealer and indicate that you are concerned about tire wear again. Yes, tires do wear and in large part it depends on driving habits but I'll guarantee that your premature tire wear came from the wrong angles in the suspension. And I hope you didn't pay for the alignment. With that kind of mileage, it should have been warranty. If so, ask for that money back too. If not satisfied with the outcome of the other dealer then contact the "customer service" division of Honda and tell them you're not satisfied. At the same time, you should tell them that they owe you for a tire (maybe an alignment) that you paid for. Interested to know how it turns out.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    If I use Mobile 1 fully synthetic motor oil, how many miles do I need to change the oil. mine is 70 % highway driving. Since I change my oil last time at 5,000 miles before ,the service minder for oil life is only 20 % left.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    If I use Mobile 1 fully synthetic motor oil, how many miles do I need to change the oil. mine is 70 % highway driving. Since I change my oil last time at 5,000 miles before ,the service minder for oil life is only 20 % left.

    I use Mobile 1 as well. I do the changes per the service minder. Usually near 6,000 miles before it hits 15% and says to change.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Thanks. Is the manual stated 10,000 miles oil change interval? If the minder reach 0%, will the warning light come on?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    When the new body style Civic came out, there were no more stated intervals in the manual. You will see a wrench starting at 15% and the percent remaining will be displayed on the odometer screen as well as the codes for the recommended maintenance at that time.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    I think I will not use fully synthetic oil if change interval is only 5 - 6 k.
    I probably will go in for oil change at 10 % level.

  • I own a 2008 Civic w/10k miles the gasket frayed and the dealership believes the part shouldn' wear like that over so few miles but they won't warranty the gasket because Honda won't cover it. Has anyone else had this problem. Please don't say the seat belt did it, I'm extremely careful with my getting in and out of the seat. I love the car but feel slighted by the dealership and Honda.
  • tsuteratsutera Posts: 1
    had the same problem with the drivers side door...I have 12,000 miles on my civic and took it in for service and they said they would order it and cover it.....
    Paramus Honda, Paramus NJ
  • bb7813bb7813 Posts: 2
    What did you do to get the new tires? Mine are wearing badly on the rear 25,000
  • my 2008 Honda Civic only has 10,500 miles on it & I need new tires. Firestone says there is no mileage warranty on new cars, so I am stuck buying new tires. The dealer, Ralph Schomps Honda offered me a "forever tire replacement warranty" which I did not buy, but I can't help but wonder if I would have had better tires if I had bought it.
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    Sorry to hear about yet another couple of victims of poor suspension design on Honda Civics. Honda should come clean with both of these examples, admit they have design faults in the rear suspension and recall all 2008 Civics...and pay for new tires....but they won't, not until something happens ie. consumer pressure or regulatory intervention or worse, an incident that causes bodily harm. My tires are OK (tons of road noise) but the car is becoming more and more unstable on the road, especially when one of the rear wheels hits a bump in the road and the car decides to venture off into another lane. I agree with Honda in that the car is "exciting to drive", especially for the people beside me.
    Anyway, I'm still trying to sell it so better not slam the car any longer. Good luck with your tires but it's the car design to blame....
  • bb7813bb7813 Posts: 2
    does anybody have a link to the service bullitin relating to the 2008 civic tire issue?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Scroll down to the 6th post in this thread. Somebody scanned in a copy of it: 25229
  • the TSB is for 2006 & 2007 - my 2008 Civic EX has 10,500 miles on it & the tires are down to 4/32 (7/32 in some places). If I get new tires, won't they wear just as bad?
  • I'm not sure I've seen a TSB for 2008 models. You could do an internet search and see if they've released one. If not, I'd take in the TSB and if your tire wear matches the patterns shown, demand that the fix be done.
  • hi i have a problem with my car, on wednesday i had left my car in a multi storey car park for a short time, when putting my key in the ignition i noticed a green key light flashing on my dashboard, my engine was running but my car was not revving past 1, does anyone know what the problem maybe. thanks? :(
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    From what I hear Honda has a new policy covering some wear-n-tear items. Dealers have to contact HQ for prior authorization before doing any warranty work. I had to replace a mid-floor (lower) P/N 74626-SNE-A00 (under the car) myself. It fell off (broke in half because some screws fell off and the car run over it). I brought it to the dealer who contacted the Honda HQ and they declined to cover it under warranty claiming "wear-n-tear". The dealer could fix it but they wanted some $ 65 for it (plus labor to install). I bought a brand new part on the internet ($ 9.71) had it shipped for free, tax free, and installed this item myself. So, when Honda is turning $ 10 warranty items down there is something wrong with their system. Either dealers are charging back Honda with excessive labor or Honda is really in financial straights.
  • tjk2tjk2 Posts: 1
    I feel like my clutch is very warn. I have a 2008 EX-L with 35,000 and when often it sounds like I am stepping on a duck every time I press the clutch it is a very shaky start and I have owned over 10 manual cars. It also feel like I broke one of the engine or tranny mounts because it start off bumpy. I also get a whistling coming from the motor. But other then that I love the car.
  • pegm1pegm1 Posts: 1
    Hello, is anyone else having a problem with uneven tread on their FRONT tires for the 2008 Honda Civic? There is 30K miles on the car, the back brakes are bad and the front tires have uneven tread. Is it possible that before they sold the car to me, they put the back tires on the front? Because I am reading everywhere that the back tires are the problem.... I'm so upset, I'm not rich so to have these problems so soon after buying this car just really stinks. I hate the feeling that I am being taken by the dealership...... ugh!
  • All tires on todays new cars are cheap. To get 30k on a set can be an achievment for some. All four tires are the same size making friendly tire rotations a breeze. Just remember to check you tire pressure at least every oil change and rotate every other and checking your alignment twice a year won't hurt. Doesn't mater what brand of car you have, they all come new with cheap tires and all need the maintenance above to extend tire wear. There is a recall for bad rear tire wear on the 2006, 2007 that some claim Honda should issue the same recall for the 2008, but I have yet to have issues with mine with the above maintenance.
  • Hi...No problem with my tires. I have been rotating them every oil change though, maybe that makes a difference? I have heard that if you purchase better tires, the ride is better as well as the tires last longer, if you get some extra bucks you might want to think about making that investment.
  • I have a 2008 Civic EXL with 16,462 miles on it. I was shocked at having to replace the front 2 tires at 12,257 miles. I had not rotated the tires but I expected better than 12,000 miles from them. This is the only complaint I have about the car.
  • lweekslweeks Posts: 12
    All Civic's in Canada are built in Alliston, Ontario. Civic's are also assembled in U.S.A. Lloyd
  • PLEASE contact me if you've had any trouble as below with your 08 civic. I am in Canada.

    The brakes have malfunctioned twice-no brakes at all in slightly slippery condition.

    Measurement of oxygen showed extreme high and low amounts in car while running. Amounts are unsafe! means engine misfire, or combustion problem.(?) Also my car doesn't start in cold weather readily. I can't drive the car-I get headaches, nauseous, and dizzy, plus other things. This is from the oxygen amounts.

    Driver's door lock is broken. passenger window failed to close on one occasion.

    car dents if you breathe on it.

    Please contact me with any similar problems. transport canada has my case.
    the dealer and maufacturer is bullshitting me, and, doing nothing.

    I have not had a car to drive for TEN months. It has been and still is, a nightmare.

  • Regarding the O2 (Oxygen levels) I am sure you must mean levels measured by the series of O2 sensors within the exhaust system rather than actual levels of oxygen within the cars interior. A failing O2 sensor will trigger a "check engine" light and may cause, as you noted, mis-fires, and/or a lean or rich fuel air ratio. This is easy to find AND fix, easy to find since the problem will log a code that the technician can read and decode with a hand-held code reader. Easy to fix(but not necessarily inexpensive) since these screw into the exhaust system at various points. This level of O2 is important to the engine but will not cause oxygen levels within the passenger compartment to vary AT ALL!! There cannot be a greater level of O2 in the car than in the general atmosphere but if there was an exhaust leak (not likely in a new car) the levels of carbon monoxide can increase causing the "dizzy..headaches etc."
    Regarding the window and lock failures, these are possible and should be an easy diagnosis and fix at the dealer.
    Regarding the dents...yes the hood and trunk lid especially on ours (2006 EX sedan) seems very thin. This is the price for a lightweight fuel effecient car.
    Regarding the brakes...if the ABS engaged in slippery conditions it will feel "funny" if you have not experienced it before but if that is what it was this feel is normal. Take the car onto a vacant snow covered parking lot and stop rapidly from 20 mph or so to feel the ABS engage. Is this what you felt???
  • The clutch sound most likely is your clutch spring. This is usually under warranty and can easily be replaced. I have had several hondas with the same issue. It is not dangerous if you leave it like that.
  • cj7375cj7375 Posts: 15
    my CIVIC 4dr. LX has a terrible road noise.

    Guys, any suggestions to dampen the road noise ?

    I am thinking of replacing the stock tires - but I am not sure which tires are quiet and long lasting.

    Some people are boasting Good Year Comfortread as the quietes tires, but they are rated "H" up to 101 miles/hr top speed I think. Others are saying Michellin MXV4 Plus ...

    Also, has anybody applied some noise deading materials with success ?
  • lisa311lisa311 Posts: 2
    I am also having problems with the rear tires on my 2008 Civic. I have approximately 27,200 miles on it. Dealer has checked it out, and it has corrected parts with the "C" stamp on them. The tires are lumpy and causing terrible road noise. It is now causing problems when I hit small bumps in the road too. The car slides, and Honda is denying the problem. I was informed today by American Honda to buy 2 new tires and have it aligned. I don't see how this will solve the problem, and I'm considering my options with the car. Any new info would be greatly appreciated.
  • hi There is a class action law suit against Honda Canada for your car's uneven tire wear. The law firm is in BC, Canada. A serach online should bring you to them

    good luck

    My 08 civic has an oxygen problem, and, the brakes have failed.
  • You are mistaken-the actual oxygen levels inside the car are erratic. the car is deemed unsafe to drive by an environmentalist. if my problems are so easy to fix, why has the local dealer anfd Honda Canada not fixed? it has been 11 mos. I have no car. they blame it in my "aggressive driving"! What garbage.

    civic owner 08 lemon
  • this is bull! vibrations have been linked to tire problems, for which a class action law suit is in progress on BC Canada Look it up
  • YOU ARE CRAZY TO BUY FROM HONDA. never never buy from them. the civics are junk. mine is. I am stuck w a lemon I can not drive. I will be suing them until they bleed
  • regarding the brakes----the brakes did not employ. I didn't post that they felt funny, but they they failed. this is what happened. I pressed, the car did not stop. At all. 2x. the car is a lemon. And, the oxygen level is low, and spikes high low on driving. that is it. the headaches etc, if you look it up, come from low/high oxygen levels. the symptoms fit low oxygen.
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,607
    What exactly is that and what are it's credentials? What you are saying about the interior oxygen levels makes no sense...please elaborate.
    Sorry you seem to be having so much problems with your Canadian made Civic. Enjoying my '06 LX very much overall.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I was just trying to post a few polite comments/fixes/possibilities regarding your "problems". Don't get me wrong, I am not defending Honda Motors in the least, in fact I am less than thrilled with ours and use every opportunity to try to steer potential buyers from purchasing a Civic based on our many small but "non-Honda like" problems. Personally I believe that Honda, much like Toyota, is riding the wave of a previously garnered reputation for high quality that it no longer deserves or strives to continue.
  • Thanks for your msg. I agree wholeheartedly. I am completely frustrated, as my car problem exists now for 11 months. I actually can not drive my car, which is impossible.It sits in my driveway, and I walk or do without. Absolutely no one will listen or attend to the matter. This includes Transport Canada, honda Canada.....I have written the CEO of Honda Canada with no response. I have contacted MP's, with no response. no one actually cares if I get taken for a ride on my lemon vehicle. . It is ridiculous. The local dealer and Honda Canada are screwing me on this car, therefore I am furious with them. In Canada, there are no laws to protect consumers such as I who end up with a lemon. Good luck
  • yes, the whole thing is rather unusual

    . Basically, my car, and only my car (not other hondas, no other models, etc) has been making me very sick upon driving it-wicked headaches, nausea, dizziness....long drives left me sick for 2 days.

    Since I am never sick, this was odd. I initially suspected carbon monoxide.I recently had testing by a local company-testing as outlined by the head of emissions Canada. The results showed erratic oxygen levels inside the car. Unusual low levels, when running, and spikes to 25, and 18.5 at intervals.

    This explains my headaches, etc. I have yet to find someone to decipher re the vehicle. I plan to have testing repeated. Although all was done to protocol and put in writing, no one seems to accept it. One thing is sure...there is something oddly wrong with my car.

    To add, the brakes failed completely 2x. There have been other small problems with the vehcile-electrical, door locks, power windows. It is junk. I am so sorry I bought it.

    Honda canada, my dealer, transport canada, the CEO of Honda Canada, they are all ignoring me. I am expected to pay the lease on a car that I can not drive. I do not have a car at the moment, and it is impossible . I have been fighting for 11 months! It's become my full time job.

    Because of the non service, I feel anyone is CRAZY to buy from this company. I have been dealt complete disrespect and hatred from them. I have been threatened by the local dealer....the owner has hung up in my ear 2x, Honda Canada employees are unbelievably rude.....stay away.

    No one wants to lose money on the car, so I have been stiffed with it. Honda Canada is worth billions, while the local owner of the dealership is worth millions But that's ok......screw the little people, so that you can be rich.

    good luck
  • In BC canada, there is a class action suit happening re tires on 06 07 08 civics. You can find this online.
  • you are crazy to buy honda, and crazy to buy 08. I have a 08 lemon, that no one will do anything about. the car is pure junk. Find and read my posts. I am getting screwed on my car. It sits in my driveway-I can not drive it. I have no car. I have been battling for 11 months, and am being ignored. Stay away from honda. there is NO customer swrvice. Heaven help you if there is a problem.
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,607
    My '06 has been almost trouble free. Had a couple of the early recalls done and the rear control arms taken care of and the car's been perfect ever since...just a pleasure to own. Getting 31 combined, with 80% in suburban driving.

    Love my Honda and loved all the Toyota's that we had. Like to keep things in perspective in these forums and to have a balanced discussion. Obviously some are having certain issues but I really believe that that % is somewhat low compared to the total volume of vehicles sold.

    My Civic rocks!!

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • yes, it is rare to have a problem honda. this is my 3rd honda. the first 2 were trouble free forever.

    Problem is, Honda are such snobs, that when there is a problem, they do not serve their customers. THIS is the problem, and this is the reason I will never again buy from honda. This is why I warn others to shop elsewhere.

    Incidentally, the cars are not made in the same manner as they were in the past. Cheaper materials, more problems..........

    .I have several serious problems, and I am not being served. they are not returning my phone calls. This is non service. For me Honda may rot in hell. I have not had a car to drive for 11 months. I am still fighting.
  • jonesbb630jonesbb630 Posts: 31
    edited March 2010
    I must say I've had an 84 Accord, 86 Accord, 88 Accord, 91 Integra, 95 Integra, 96 Civic, 97 Accord, 2000 Acura EL, 2001 Accord, 2002 Civic, 2005 CRV, 2008, Civic, 2008 CRV, 2009 Honda Lawnmower, 2009 Honda Snowblower. All these driven by my wife and me and knock on wood, not one lemon and nothing but pleasure to own and operate. By the complaints listed on this forum, I must be a hell of a lucky Honda owner. I must say that I have always done the recommended maintenance on all my Honda pruducts from oil changes to wheel alignments twice a year, tire rotation every other oil changes and regular recommended maintenance.

    My Blood Pressure would not handle anything but Hondas right now as I had Ford and GM before all my Hondas and left them before I get a heart attack fighting for warranty issues and poor craftsmanship. Until I get a real lemon, I guess Hondas will continue to be parked in my driveway as long as I'm paying for them.
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