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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • glogoglogo Member Posts: 1
    I've been driving MT cars for 20 years and was just told that I burned out my clutch on my 9 month old Civic. With the exception of my first used MT car, I have not burned out a clutch with my other 2 cars and each had over 125K miles before I traded them in.

    I bought the car and live in San Francisco and the hills can be brutal. This issue started on one of the steepest hills in the city on Sunday. I had to stop at a stop sign. When I tried to re-engage the clutch, I put my foot on the gas - nothing. I floored the gas - nothing. After a total of a second or two, I started to roll backwards and stalled. This happend twice. Traffic building up behing me, I pulled the emergency brake, revved the engine and engaged the clutch before I disengaged the brake. I made it through the intersection but seem to have done some damage - the engagement point on the clutch has definitely moved.

    My first thought was that gas wasn't getting to the right place to get me through the intersection. I took it to the dealership and they say it is all the clutch.

    I am very frustrated that I am already faced with replacing a clutch at 9 months. I am having a hard time accepting that it is possible to burn out a clutch on a single hill (which is what the dealership is telling me) and I know that I am not a bad driver. If I were a bad driver, two of my other three other cars would not have lasted 7-9 years with over 125K without issue. My first car was bought with 60K and I had to replace the clutch after 75K - I wasn't the first person to learn on it.

    Has anyone else had an issue like this? Is it really possible to burn out a clutch on a hill?
  • brzuchalskibrzuchalski Member Posts: 2
    I purchased my 08 Civic Coupe EX-L-NAV in Sept and had it back to the dealer one week later to have the windshield replaced, but the new windshield has the same problem. The lower half of the windshield on the passenger side has significant distortion. The best way to describe it is as you are looking through rippled glass. Is anyone else experiencing this distortion?
  • edgardoeedgardoe Member Posts: 2
    While I'm sure it is possible to burn out a clutch on a hill, you would most definitely know that you were burning it up at the time...I mean, you would have to really really try to destroy it...especially on a 9 month old car!! When you come to a stop on a hill, do you hold yourself in position by "feathering" the clutch with the car in gear, or do you put it in neutral and use the brakes to keep it in position? I see a lot of people rocking fore and aft at stops by constantly partially engaging and disengaging the clutch...which is a terrible thing to do to a clutch. Given your extensive experience with MT vehicles, however, I assume you don't do that. Perhaps some others here have had clutch issues with their Civics as well.

    I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a V8, 5 speed and 201,000 miles that I beat the ever-living hell out of on a regular basis since the day I bought it new...and the transmission has never let me down. I bought a 2008 Civic LX MT in July and haven't had any problems out of it yet either (just turned 6,000 miles on the odometer).
  • crussell1crussell1 Member Posts: 3
    I had my second oil change last weekend at about 10,000 miles. I didn't take it to the dealership this time and had it done at a local oil change/tire place. They didn't know how to reset the oil life indicator. So, everytime I start the car, the indicator is on and the little wrench light, as well.

    I couldn't find it in the manual. Does anyone know how to get this reset??? Thank you!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    It actually will be in your manual, so look again. I can't remember the exact order in how it is done or I'd go ahead and tell you!
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Yep, this sounds familiar...I now have just under 30K or 18,000 miles on my '08 Civic. The clutch friction point has definitely shifted recently as well. I've seen others comment on engine hesitation and mine does the same thing but also "bogs" when the clutch is let out. I sometimes have to re-find the friction point to get going and I've actually stalled the car a couple of times in traffic. The clutch is wearing prematurely and actually starting to chatter now because of this. I too have never burnt out a clutch in any of my previous vehicles and I've had a bunch over the years. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong....first time I took it in. 51 mpg is my best tank and personally I think it's running too lean (too much air, not enough fuel) and this is causing everything above.
    Good luck! ;)
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Page #226 in the '08 Civic manual but not sure if you have a Civic.
    1) Turn ignition switch to the ON position
    2) Press SEL/RESET button repeatedly until the engine oil life indicator is displayed
    3) Press SEL/RESET button for about 10 seconds. The engine oil life and the maintenance item code(s) will blink.
    4) Press the SEL/RESET button for more than 5 seconds. The maintenance item code will dissappear and the oil life will reset to 100.
    Good luck!!! ;)
  • crussell1crussell1 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, I'll check again.
  • crussell1crussell1 Member Posts: 3
    You're the best! Thank you!! :):)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    I have an accord but the process is the same. Thanks for defining the steps!
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Not with my Civic but with other cars in the past...they need to replace the windshield again. Just a bad piece of glass, it happens. Just make sure they check the new glass to make sure it's OK.
  • rspedinprspedinp Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2008 civic ex last December, new off the I drove off the tire pressure gage came on...over the next 6 mos I had major issues with the car starting, making a horrible grinding nose at times when it started, of course it never did it at the dealership so I recorded it and they replaced the starter and alternator belt but that did not fix the problem. Other times I would turn the key and nothing happened, just kind of a purring noise. The car took on water twice, front floor carpet soaked after rain, the first time they found a leak and said the car was not sealed right, new carpet, second time, could not find the leak, new carpet and finally Honda agreed to replace the vehicle. 10 trips to the dealership, 3 times in a rental...numerous calls to Honda in California, they even offered to pay my extended warenty if I agreed not to complain about the car anymore. So now I have a new car, same model just different color. I still notice on occasion when I turn the key to start it, it does not turn over the first time, just makes that purring noise or no noise at all.... has anyone else had this issue?
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Wow, pretty sad really. Re: the "purring noise" when trying to start it...never heard of it. Sorry, can't help but it's a little strange that with both cars you've experienced the same thing. Just so I understand, did Honda indicate that you weren't allowed to complain about the new car? It needs to go back to the dealer.
    Good luck!
  • rspedinprspedinp Member Posts: 2
    No, Honda did not say I could not complain about the new car..I did have to sign a release that I would not take legal action against them with the old car, say for emotional stress. Just don't want to have any more problems...Still thinking of trading it in. I already told them the trunk door was not set in right...can't get my bike rack on it because it is off center, The hooks fit on one side but not the other. everyone can notice it just by looking, one side has more space then the other. I think this car was behind the other on the assembly line!
  • apachedocapachedoc Member Posts: 1
    How are you starting the vehicle? Most people tend to stick the key in the ignition and spin the switch right over untill the car or truck starts. This is not a good idea.
    To explain better.."When you turn on your computer," you just can't just go right in a click on the internet and go? OK, it is the same with the computer in the car.
    Every vehicle I have owned since 1980 (that has had a computer in it) I will put the key in the ignition, turn it to the accessory or run position wait 1001, 1002, 1003....
    then start the car. You are doing 2 things when taking the time to start the car.
    1. The fuel pump needs time to charge the fuel system. (when you turn the key on listen for a whiring or buzzing for a second or two.) If you don't understand then have a friend or relitive sit in the driver seat. With the door closed key off (best in the moring when the engine is cold) open the gas cap and listen for the fuel pump
    when they turn the key on you should hear the pump spin up and stop 2-4 seconds.
    If you don't have this extra helper and you can't hear with the door closed and windows up....... OK, OK roll down the window, if you still can't hear the pump, window down and gas cap open.... Still can't hear it... (your Deaf like me and....... Oh, crap I just about told you how old I am.......) I hope you get the jest......
    2. The COMPUTER>>>> when you turn the key on to the run possition, (This is the one with the funny little pictures on the dash that light up.) The battery is now powering the electrical system. This is a good time to make sure the lights are working ( on the dash) and if done every morning (afternoon / evening for you Day Sleepers) After a few seconds the bell might stop doing that annoying ding....and a couple of those lights might turn off. NOW you are giving the computer a chance to
    power up and talk to the engine and say " Ready to Start!" for those of you who think I am Crazy I was just using that as a medifor (OK, I can't spell either!)

    I hope this enlightens everyone who reads it. If anyone has a question...(There are no Stupid Questions, just not all answers make everyone Happy...)
    E-mail me at [email protected]

    Oh,yea that purring noise, because turning the car on too fast this might be the Evaportvie Emmissions System (EVAP) doing its' bleed thing to keep raw gasoline vapers escaping into the air and doing icky to the enviornment....
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    What you say makes sense; however, none of the cars I've owned with computers have ever required that startup procedure. Maybe the Civic is different in that regard? The last Civic I owned was an '88 and maybe it didn't have computer-controlled ignition?
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Re: Purring noise etc.
    I agree that the fuel pump could be the creator of the noise (purring) but would suggest that fuel pressure should remain in the system (assuming all is in working order) and therefore you can start the car immediately. The pump shouldn't need to cycle and any pump activity is only to produce maximum pressure to the system as per the regulator. The injectors don't require full system pressure to release fuel into the system so the car will start fine...immediately. Keep in mind that ambient temps. between evening and early morning can be fairly drastic (where I live) and temps. have an effect on pressure and this may be causing the purring you refer to as the pump cycles (although it should be really hard to hear if it's working correctly).
    As for the electronics, the system is almost instantaneous (milliseconds) and therefore there is no need to wait to start. Yes, your 1988 would have had an EFI system as well although less efficient than what is in the market today.
    Just my opinion guys.
  • Liz4891Liz4891 Member Posts: 4
    So, I have had several concerns with my new 2009 civic:

    When I go to start it from a cold start, it wont turn over. The only way to get it to start it to leave it cranking for several seconds.

    My gas milage is not so hot. I only get 22-24 mpg (most of my milage is highway). This is very disappointing since I was getting 18-22 mpg with my 2007 Mazda CX-7 AWD SUV and turned it in soely because I wanted something with better gaas milage. I miss my AWD. Winters in Ohio suck.

    My gas gauge is wacked. I'll have four little blocks on my gas gauge and in about 20 miles I will have none. I can go 10 miles from the time my light goes on to having no blocks. Is this normal? I am used to being able to drive for a bit with my light on.

    The radio is staticy at times and sounds like I'm listening to it through a tin can.

    When I brake sometimes the ABS goes off for a second. Eventhough I'm on dry pavement and do not appear to be slipping.

    I contacted my dealership. I asked about the gas problems. The dealership said was normal. The fuel milage they blamed on it only having 3300 miles and said it hasn't been broken in yet and it will get better. She said the not turning over is probably because of my fuel (I have used a wide variety of brands of fuel without any change) and that it was nothing to worry about. I didn't even bring up the other problems because I figured I would just be blown off with some excuse.

    Anyone else experience any of this?
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Do you have an option for Honda dealerships where you are? I'm so sick of the dealers just brushing off the problems that consumers encounter instead of spending the time to investigate and repair. The fuel mileage is not right. My '08 Civic gets close to 40 mpg and has since day one. Tell the dealer to "re-flash" the ECU, and I mean the shop foreman and/or service manager, not the service writer that obviously doesn't have a clue. The hard starting is also abnormal and it may be addressed with the advice above. If not, tell the dealer to check the fuel pump pressure and volume although they should be doing that given the symptoms. Your car should start instantly, with almost no cranking and cranking as you describe. All of your electrical problems (radio feedback and poor sound, your gas guage etc.) might be related but the dealer needs to address them. The ABS is likely urrelated to the radio and the fuel guage but they had better address it since it is potentially a safety issue. Borrow a loaner car (preferably a 2009 Accord demo) and don't give the keys back until you are completely satisfied. Tell the dealer that if all items aren't addressed this time with a reasonable explanation, that you will escalate your concerns to Honda USA. Infact, maybe do that first if you think that the dealer is going to waste your time again. Perhaps they would like to contact me so that I can assist with the repairs???? I can't believe it and hope that anyone else that views this is equally as frustrated...and it's not even my '78 civic was a much better car that my '08 so I'm using your problems as a bit of a sounding board....sheeesh!!!
    Good luck and let me know the outcome.
    Paul :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    kenlw please email me at pat AT edmunds DOT com as soon as possible, thanks.
  • Liz4891Liz4891 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply! Yes, I do have many Honda dealerships I can go to and I am going to contact one of them. I figured the one I bought my car from would treat me the best. I guess I was wrong. I just wanted to see if any of this was normal. I am disappointed in Honda. I owned Mitsubishi's before and whenever I had a problem I could take it in without the hassel. Hell, I had a burnt out headlight once took it in and they replaced it for me for free!! I never had any problems with my Mazda so I don't know how their customer service is. Hopefully another dealership might be better. I may also just go up to the dealership and complain. I might get better results that way.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Yes, I do have many Honda dealerships I can go to and I am going to contact one of them. I figured the one I bought my car from would treat me the best.

    With those types of problems, you should go to other dealers until you find one that will service you well. The service department gets paid from Honda for factory warranty repairs, and some dealers will be happy to hustle for the cash no matter where you bought the car. I'd do this instead of complaining to your first dealership. Might as well find a dealer that actually believes in service, then complain so that somone handles your problems begrudgingly.

    The gas gauge is ridiculous. 20 miles left when on 4 blocks---something is out of calibration. I can get all the way down to zero blocks before it runs out of gas.
  • ernest1934ernest1934 Member Posts: 4
    I had a 2006 Civic EX and sold it with 81,000 miles and bought a 2009 Civic EX.
    I am disappointed also.

    My 06 got about 45 mpg on highway and 32-33 locally My 09 (with now 8000 miles) get 40 mpg highway and 29-30 locally. This is my major complaint and I plan to take it to the dealer I bought it from this week.

    I plan to talk to the dealer about some of the comments posted by another person in response to the same question I am responding.

    I was disappointed that the hood did not have any sound insulation on the 09 but don't know how much it would affect the noise level.

    However, FYI, I learned on my 06 that I should replace the tires with the same as the OEM tires (Bridgestone) or lose MPG. I changed to a Yokohama tire and my mpg immediatedly went down about 10%. Six thousand miles later, my tire dealer removed the Yokohama tires and replaced them with the new OEM tires. My mileage immediately went back up 10%.

  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Hi Liz,
    Good luck to you at the dealership. Regarding the tires and the difference in mileage, likely the OEM tires had a higher inflation pressure than the others??...and by the way, there is absolutely no need to stick with the OEM brand in order to get the best mileage....anyway, I have to go to the dealership and see if my 08 Civic is ready.
  • falax0123falax0123 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Liz,

    I bought my 2009 Civic in November of last year and I'm having the same starting problem. In fact, I found your post while doing some research to see if this is a common occurence. I was unhappy (*and* happy) to see your note. I first took my car in at 319 miles, and now, today, at about 2000 miles. (Yes, I drive a lot.)

    My car does a similar thing in the morning, particularly if I've driven it some distance the day before. If it cranks *at all*, it takes MUCH longer than it should -- at least first thing in the morning. (To note: twice now it didn't crank at all, but the dash lights came on.) Throughout most of the day, it generally starts quickly, but I tend to think it cranks one too many times. I've taken it to one dealership. They are more than happy to help, but they have no idea what is wrong. (They *did* acknowledge that it cranks too much.) I just received a call from the dealership, and they're putting in a NEW (albeit, refurbished) battery. (Goodgod!)

    Also, I did notice my gas mileage seemed awful with my first tank or two. That seems to have fixed itself, at least with the tank I monitored recently.

    I have not, however, had the same issues with my radio or my ABS. With ANY of the problems you're having, I suggest going to another dealership. These problems can cause major damage down the road ... and once you're out of warranty, you're, uh, up the creek without a paddle. I'm taking my car in as frequently as possible. That way its documented in case this turns into something scary (and hairy) down the line.

    Or, maybe it's the curse of being named Liz?


    Liz in California
  • Brdman20Brdman20 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with the "noise" but mine comes from the left side. I am having trouble trying to figure out where though, upper or lower part. Also I have the same prob. with the clicking. It's kind of annoying and the only way I've gotten "rid of it" was to put it to a different setting or to turn the radio up louder.

    Does anyone know of the noise though, it sounds like plastic is rubbing together or something, but mine only happens when I am on a bumpy road or dirt road.

  • lweekslweeks Member Posts: 12
    twice now, when i go to start the car, all i get , when i turn the key, is a rapid clicking noise. I immediately try again , and it starts and runs just fine.Have not told dealer,they are selling too many Honda,s to care Lloyd
  • ghofkinghofkin Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Civic with Nuvi. Yesterday evening as I was changing channels, the panel went blank, the controls on the panel were inoperative, However I am able to control volume and change channels using the steering wheel mounted controls.
    What seems to be going on and will the solution be $$$
  • ehardingeharding Member Posts: 3
    All of a sudden when ever i hit roughly 90km\hr the car starts vibrating and shaking from what feels like the rear wheel or wheels. At 105 km\hr and up it gets really bad...feels like a wheel might drop off.Anywhere below 80km\hr (ie: city) i dont experience this. Steering column does not shake but whole chassis does front and rear. Does this sound like a wheel bearing issue or perhaps an alignment problem??? anyone experiencd this? Disapointing because i have only14,500 km on it (8 months old).
  • jwifferdilljwifferdill Member Posts: 13
    As far as the noise goes, take it to your dealer. Mine has been in several times with numerous "rattles" due to the cold weather. I figure it is a brand new car, it should not have those types of rattles. My noises were coming from the passenger side dashboard, a-frame and speaker areas. The dealership was wonderful. Took everything apart and put extra packing in and finally the issue is resolved (I believe I had it in on 3 or 4 separate occasions). I can hear a noise coming from the glove box area now, however, and I will address that when I go in for my first oil change. I can guarantee you they are about sick of me by now, but I don't think I should have a new car that rattles.

    As far as the wipers go, that is normal. They all have that "click".

    Good luck!
  • ehardingeharding Member Posts: 3
    I,m answering my own question. Vibration due to ice buildup in rear wheel wells and wheels. Causes them to go out of balance and is quite common in these northerly climates. Thats a relief.
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Yes, same thing with mine. 2008 Civic. At about 15,000 km's, the right front wheel bearing came loose to the point where the brake backing plate was rubbing on the brake rotor and it made a screeching noise and vibrated. The dealer tech road tested it and said nothing wrong. I insisted they drive it again with me in the car and they heard what I was complaining about. They tightened it (probably should have replaced the bearing assembly) and then had the audacity to tell me me that I had a separated tire...that was not their problem. Nice wasn't a tire but seemed fine afterward. There were no notes for this specific complaint or a work order opened for some reason.
    And, most recently, (approx. 35000 Km's) when the car hit any type of ridge in the road, it took off in either direction....highway or city driving. It had been gradually getting worse and I suspected that the right rear bearing assembly or a suspension piece was loose. Again, it was tightened. Nothing was replaced (I checked) and there was nothing indicated about something being loose on the work order. As well, they deflated my tire pressure from 40 to 30 psi for some reason but anyway, it doesn't change lanes by itself any longer so we're all a little safer. My mileage has dropped significantly (expected when you drop what the tire manufacturer's recommended pressure by 10 psi), so I'll reinflate the tires in the next couple of days.
    The bottom line for you is that there is something loose. You should take to a dealer immediately to have inspected. Be sure they note the complaints regarding suspension noise and/or steering issues on your work order. Just my opinion but something tells me that Honda has a problem that could cost them a great deal of money if there are enough complaints or worse, injuries. It may sound dramatic but having a wheel assembly come loose on the highway would also be fairly dramatic.
    Incidentally, I have been a licensed mechanic for close to 30 years. Almost hate to say it to a fellow Civic owner but my 978 Honda Civic was a better car than my 2008.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Yes, it could also be that. Sorry for the rant on my previous e-mail but you should watch for noises, steering issues too.
  • ehardingeharding Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. Cleared of some ice and it seems to have corrected itself Havent had any other issues except for a defective immobilizer at 5000 K. They told me they had never ever ever seen this problem. Yeah right! Had to be towed to dealer twice before they replaced the part. Aside from that i'm happy. I do love driving this car. and it starts first shot in -28 C. Thats comforting.
  • Liz4891Liz4891 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Liz,

    I haven't been on in a while!! I hope the new battery fixes your problem. At least they tried something. This is the second time now.... I just took my car in ( and left it there overnight, but of course it started fine this morning and so they won't even look into what is wrong. I took it to a different dealership in hopes that they would actually do something. They say the radio works fine (in their garage... they should really take it for a drive) and they blame the bad gas milage on the "winter" blend gases that the gas companies are using. They make me feel like I'm crazy. I'm really not.... I've had two people witness the starting problem, lol!! I guess I'll wait a little longer till something major goes wrong. I just worry because lemon laws run out in one year and I worry that I have one. This isn't my first new car, but it's the first one I've ever had problems with.

    Thanks for the post! I'll have to see about how it reacts if I drive far the night before. I didn't notice a trend, but I do drive a lot too! I have 5000 miles and I've only had my car since October.

  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    One of our cars has this same problem also...does it at home but not at the dealers service bay. Since they can't see the problem, they write down "no problem at this point" on the paperwork. Very frustrating but they can't fix what they can't see or hear. Stinks really. Eventually it'll happen there, we hope.

    The Sandman :(
  • frank89frank89 Member Posts: 1
    honda just updated its T.S.B. to include the '08 civic with possible cracked engine block around the cooling chambers
  • mafanslaumafanslau Member Posts: 3
    Had some autobody work completed on my car and the autobody shop failed to correctly attach the radiator hose to my engine causing my engine to overheat and fail. I now need a new engine. My current engine had 55,000 miles on it. The insurance company for the autobody shop wants to put in a used motor with 13,000 miles on it. I am currently requesting them to warranty the used engine for at least 1 year since my powertran engine is not up yet on my current engine and I have yet to hear back from the insurance company

    My new concern is TSB 08-044 on the cracked engine block. My concern is that with the used engine going into my car I may not be eligible for the "goodwill warranty" that honda may provide if I have a future problem with a cracked engine block. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this? I feel like I should be getting an entire new engine, but don't know if that is going to happen.
  • xxyxxy Member Posts: 16
    Man, that is bad, was the work done at a Honda Dealership or a 3rd party maintainer? If it were me I think I would have noticed the temp gauge overheating before it blew the engine. still this is no excuse to not connect the radiator hose after a repair.--Good Luck--My 2008 Civic is going in for service this weekend hopefully I will have better luck then you did.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Hmmm seems like a no brainer to me, 13K miles versus 55K miles, take it and run. Goodwill warranty? Don't hold your breath and that goodwill warranty means squat to the ins co or body shop.

    And you feel you should get a new engine? Heck, why not ask for a brand new car? IMO you are being totally unreasonable.
  • rchimientirchimienti Member Posts: 1
    If you received and copy would you e-mail me one too? My brother has to 2008 with the same issues.
  • johnny__rfjohnny__rf Member Posts: 83
    I also have an 09 civic ex with intermittent starting problem. once or twice a week it does not start on 1st attempt. 2nd attempt always works. Not a fan of intermittent problems. btw - it always starts when it is warm....
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    I don't have a copy of it unfortunately but I think if you do a google search, it should pop up for ya. My tires seem to be wearing much better so I'm pleased. never ever had a starting problem with my Civic, thank G-d! Drives great and my oil minder is at 30% with 19.8k on the odometer. Probably will wait till I hit 21k to do the next oil & filter swap. Probably will stick with the synthetic blend instead of the full synthetic, as my mileage per year is around 7k.
    Still a great little car.

    The Sandman :)
  • mark49mark49 Member Posts: 5
    If the tint on the rear window of your civic is a metalising tint, it can interfere with radio reception. We found this problem with our civic, and had the tint removed, greatly increasing the quality of the radio reception.
  • AcuwomanAcuwoman Member Posts: 1
    Hi Frank,
    Can you tell me how you found this information about '08 Civic T.S. B. possible cracked engine block around cooling chambers?
    Thank you
  • wnkkwnkk Member Posts: 3
    I have a strange question. I have a 2008 Civic Automatic with 3500 miles on it. No problems so far other than I have noticed the AC does take a while to get cold and the heater also
    is slower to warm than I like. Also, in very cold weather (which doesn't happen much here
    in Washington) the windshield or dash made lots of crackling noise until it warms up.

    Anyway, my question is on two separate occasions when I went to shift the car into park to get out the shifter knob and shifter shaft were very warm to touch. Is this normal?
  • bearblackbearblack Member Posts: 8
    Well get used to a lot of problems and recalls, like your front wheels (axel lube recall) falling off. Your door handle (inside) breaking, your windshield wipers not working on intermittent position. (recall) Your engine block cracking. (check out the blogs, lots of them) your bolts backing out of the fan pully, recall, and fatal to the radiator if they do come loose. Interior sun visors (this is a good one) being replaced multi times, seems Honda can't make enough replacements. Honda, try fixing the problem, instead of just replacing them. Your broken (or missing) transmission bolts, recall. The list goes on man!
    These are just some of the problems incurred in 24,000 miles.
    Better check your recall list!
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLMember Posts: 5,861
    Besides some warranty issues, car has been great, no interior piece failure or any other problem to date. And most importantly, the car has never left us stranded. Agree the warranty issues were a royal pain but am truly happy with the car overall. One thing though...don't buy a 1st year car. Broke my own rule and won't do it again!

    The Sandman :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • wnkkwnkk Member Posts: 3
  • wnkkwnkk Member Posts: 3
    Oops didn't mean to hit Ok yet. So no sooner do I just figure the heat was from a very
    hot day with the sun just hitting the shifter right but today my daughter gets in and the
    passenger door makes this horrible noise when she opens it and we look and the door is
    flush at the top but off about a half inch or inch on the bottom front so it is rubbing the surrounding area. Wierd!

    So I guess I will take it in this week for the first time. I have had it (3500 miles) 9 months but only drive a few miles to work and it has never had its first oil change so I guess we'll knock out two birds at once.

    Haven't had any real issues yet besides this door thing. Been happy with it so hope it
    lasts a long time.
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