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I searched for this keyword, Cilajet, and I didn't find anything, so here I am: We bought a new Civic and we will take delivery in about a week. The dealer recommended (or pushed, take your pick) Cilajet.

Anyone have experience with that coating on your Honda?

I'm inclinded to think it's an overpriced add-on, and that a Honda, already has an excellent finish (with factory applied clearcoat?).

Secondly, I'm inclined to think that if water sits on something, or anything, a water spot can/will form on the topmost exterior layer of a surface, regardless of how many layers are on a surface. Ditto with Pine Tree sap.

The cost is worth it if time waxing/cleaning is factored, but I have a hard time imagining a surface protector which requires little to no maintenance, itself.



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    Skip it. The application probably costs the dealer no more than $50, and yet they will most likely charge upwards of $500. Notorious dealer profit item.

    Best Regards,
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    I purchased my honda from a virginia dealer in fairfax and I bought the Cilajet package with it. All I can say is that I am absolutely THRILLED with the way my car looks! It seems like my car is always the shiniest on in the garage. The Cilajet product they put on my car clearly made a difference on my car. I do agree it was hard to spend the additional money for it in the beginning...but in my case, I'm glad I did. :-)
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    Thank you for the responses so far. Keep them coming.

    Currently, one poster says skip it, and another goes the completely opposite direction with high recommendation. Because money (for me) does not grow on trees, I have to be defensive about it, and err on the side of caution.

    I don't have a Honda owners manual, and I wonder what it says pertaining to the finishes of it's cars, in the case of maintenance as well as layers of paint (clearcoats? sealants?) which may or may not exist on the car as it comes from the factory. Anyone???

    Secondly, I don't know if anyone has had a Cilajet treatment on their vehicles long enough to be able to tell a long-term difference of application -vs- non-application. And also a year old Honda should have great-looking paint regardless of treatment or not.

    Lastly, if this Cilajet is such a good treatment, (and may really be needed if environmental concerns of acid rain, bugs, sap, are SO bad), then why is Honda corporate NOT making this treatment standard on all it's vehicles for the North-American market and internalizing that cost and (seemingly, value) within the price of the vehicle itself, instead of the current practice to leave this as a dealer-installed, additional cost??? If Cilajet is THAT good and THAT important, wouldn't we be seeing this handled by Honda North America, directly????

    To the "pro-Cilajet" person, I'm not directly challenging your claims, but I do have to be open about my own questions and reservations.

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    I also had my car done last week at Fairfax Honda (2/20/08). It makes my car look more shiny than it already was. I purchased an Acura MDX in Gaithersburg, MD and they wanted $1199 for Cilajet.- I looked on Cilajet's site and found that not too many dealers had it. Most in the Dc area were Coleman and Rosenthal dealers. Fairfax and Gaithersburg are Rosenthal. Coleman had caddies as well as other dealerships. It is not a Honda thing, but a dealer thing. I got a great deal for my Acura. I recieved my car at the end of January. Fairfax Honda gave me the new car price- $595 for exterior, interior and rims. Ifthe car was older it would have been $895 plusabout $200 for the rims. The car feels like silk. Since I live in a house without a garage I opted to get this done. We tend to keep cars for a while. I called Cilajet. They are a smaller company trying to make a name. I am satisfied so far. It snowed last Wednesday and the stuff just beaded off. You can also put wax like Meguires NXT or Turtle Wax Ice over top.
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    Seems to me for the near the price of the Cilajet, you could just pay to have your car professionally waxed annually for 8-10 years and get the same benefits. For between $100 and $150 I can get my civic washed, vacuumed, buffed and waxed (2 coats - Turtle ICE). I usually have that done to my car once or twice a year (depends how much winter salt and such gets on it). I'd prefer that over a $1000 protective coating that still needs to be washed and buffed periodically anyway (it's not like it magically keeps your car spotless afterall).

    But, it's like an extended warranty - everyone has their preferences (and their own budget!).
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    I have cilajet on my new black escalade. I wash it less than my neighbor washes his and mine is always cleaner. Side by side mine shines brighter. I tested the protection angle and cracked an egg on the hood and left it for 2 days, I put some water on it and wiped it off. there was no damage done. My neighbor is taking his in next week to have it put on his truck. :shades:
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    Cilajet does not protec your car and thereis NO WARRANTY

    I landed into this beemer forum and read the posts regarding protection and Cilajet. Then I found this forum and the same questions. Everyone is so concerned about his or her car and there are so many frauds out there. Hard to find anything that delivers what it promises.
    Any way when it comes to cilajet, it simply does not work and there is NO REAL WARRANTY.
    After considerable research, I would like to share the results with those who are seeking information about ciliajet.
    According to the manufacturer, Cilajet is an epoxy-based product. Epoxy is a synthetic material that works like glue and forms a plastic/PVC-like surface. Epoxy is a resin and contains two main components Epichlorohydrin & Bisphenol-A.
    Environmental and health risk:
    The primary risk associated with epoxy use is sensitization to the hardener, which, over time, can induce an allergic reaction.
    Both epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A are suspected endocrine disruptors.
    Bisphenol A is linked to the following effects in humans:
    Estrogenic activity;
    Alteration of male reproductive organs;
    Early puberty induction;
    Shortened duration of breast-feeding;
    Pancreatic cancer
    See: nol-a-overview

    Since epoxy is liquid (so is Cilajet) it creates a thin layer over the paint (According to the company one ounce is enough to cover a medium size vehicle). When epoxy cures, it creates a somewhat plastic and glue-like coating, hard as PVC. This application over the paint results in a "PVC-like" overlay. While epoxy is very resistant polymer against environmental contaminants, it does not tolerate mechanical violations, such as polishing. Remember a PVC pipe or an epoxy floor does not require complete scratch free surface. However, your car does. In addition, since the paint is not etched (see below) the binding is not stabile and durable. Therefore, compounding a vehicle with an epoxy coating creates scratches (It is like compounding plastic).
    Therefore, Cilajet voids the warranty if epoxy treated vehicle is polished. Also, it is a misleading statement from the manufacturer that the binding of the epoxy is on molecular level. While the curing process is a molecular action (that is hardening process involving epoxy resin and a catalyst), the connection between epoxy and surface is mechanical. Remember that epoxy is widely used as concrete floor coating (requires etching process), deck wood coating (wood is very porous and etched by nature), untreated metal (that is exactly what was used in manufacturer's testing).

    Cosmetic effect:
    The softness of the paint as stated by Cilajet has VERY little to do with the coating. It is a result of polishing and compounding. The gloss value has also to do mostly with the polishing part. However, the epoxy adds some shine on the vehicle as it does with your garage floor.
    What I often see is statements such as "it makes my car shiny". Well, motor oil makes your car shiny; butter makes your car shiny so does a million different waxes and shining products. The question you should ask is:
    Does it PROTECT the paint? Why? What are the chemical properties? What are the resistance and failure points?

    Cilajet is a paint sealant . Sealants have one function ONLY. That is making a surface waterproof and water repelling. That is it. Just because something is repelling water, does not mean that it is protecting against everything else. Moreover, if Cilajet was protecting as it promises, the warranty should be different.

    Warranty and Durability:
    As it is the case with all epoxy-protected surfaces, the application will decay with the usage. Therefore, the 10-year warranty is very limited. The warranty says:

    "Eligible vehicles: New Vehicles: cilajet™ Limited 10-Year Warranty applies only to new vehicles that have been treated with cilajet™ within 180 days of titling, have less than 7,500 miles on the odometer at the time of application and have the product reapplied after 5 years of original ownership. Commercial vehicles and/or vehicles for hire are NOT eligible for the 10-Year and 5-Year Limited Warranty.
    Pre-Owned Vehicles: cilajet™ Limited 5-Year Warranty applies to pre-owned vehicles that are 5 years old or newer, with less than 40,000 miles on the odometer at the time of application."

    As stated by the manufacture, warranty does not include commercial vehicles and commercial usage of the vehicle voids the warranty.

    Since the coating is very thin and the epoxy is not as strong as it should, in order to provide proper protection, the sealant cannot resist harsh chemicals. Therefore, manufacturer limits the warranty if any contaminant is not removed immediately, or if bug remover or degreaser is used.

    "The treated vehicle must be properly maintained by frequent washing and the removal of any foreign substance, as soon as it is noticed. If a bug, tar, or tree sap remover is used, cilajet™ must be reapplied to the affected surfaces to keep the warranty in force. Failure to maintain the vehicle’s condition by regular and appropriate washing/cleaning invalidates the warranty."

    Well, as you see there IS no warranty. Hehehe...Whatever happens to the paint is a result of "Failure to maintain the vehicle's condition". This warranty is a joke. I wonder why they don't provide a 50 year warranty, or why not lifetime? Legally they do not need to fulfill it. ALTERNATIVELY, if you have any problem with them so they have put an arbitration clause in the warranty too. So forget small claims process. You must go through the costly arbitration process.

    Test Result:
    Cilajet was tested only in a lab in Texas for 110 hrs and not on the paint. They sent a chrome/nickel plate, which DID show loss of chrome and heavy pitting.
    My car has a few chrome details but it is not made of chrome or nickel plates. By the way, that was 110 hrs of (let's say) very harsh testing. But 10 years warranty is 87,600 hrs (5 years 43,800 hrs) subject to sun, dust, acid rain, you name it.
    Even in their own test, they are using an untreated metal plate. Guess what? One industrial usage for epoxy is as a non-corrosive sealant on untreated metal, not automobile paint. It protects steel wool from rust, so do undercoating and rust protective products or liquid galvanizer. However, I don’t put those products on my car, and my car is not made of steel wool or untreated metal, is yours?
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    Great post. Thank you. It seems like I made the right choice by not purchasing Cilajet. I feel even better about the choice by not supporting what I tend to think is a money-grabbing scam designed to deceive the consumer. Honda generally makes good products. I can't believe they have allowed the possibility of their name, and particularly customer experience being compromised via association with Cilajet. If you ask me, Honda is just asking for problems by association with Cilajet.

    I was particularly concerned about an item which you referenced- tree sap:

    "The treated vehicle must be properly maintained by frequent washing and the removal of any foreign substance, as soon as it is noticed. If a bug, tar, or tree sap remover is used, cilajet™ must be reapplied to the affected surfaces to keep the warranty in force. Failure to maintain the vehicle’s condition by regular and appropriate washing/cleaning invalidates the warranty."

    I have no problems washing a car regularly that gets dirty. Tree sap is another issue altogether. I made the point, and continue to make the point that tree sap does not care what surface it is on, and is very, very difficult to get rid of on any surface. My rationale of buying Cilajet was based on the possibility that somehow, Cilajet would eliminate that chore. Nobody could speak to the issue of tree sap convincingly enough to override my sense that tree sap will stick to anything. Period. Via your message, it is clear to me that even if I have Cilajet, I STILL have to do the grunt work of removing tree sap, and as an added bonus, I'm sure I'll have to PAY CILAJET AGAIN for reapplication of Cilajet to those areas which I had to use tree sap remover.

    What a scam.
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    I had Cilajet applied to my new car 4 months ago.
    It cost me a thousand bucks.
    It is no more effective than a 5 dollar bottle of Eagle1 nano wax spray. Actually the Eagle1 spray outperforms the cilajet application.
    Cilajet does not prevent bird droppings from damaging your car period. Bird droppings are very hard to remove from my car even though I had Cilajet applied.
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    Is there anyone out there? I kind of doubt it since this blog has not had a new post in about a year but I have something to say about Cilajet. I have 30+ years experience in the automotive paint/body/custom/racing/restoration industry and I have never used a product anywhere near as good as Cilajet.

    I have personally been involved with evaluating the products for about 2 and a half years, and I have found nothing to indicate it is dangerous to my health or the environment. When correctly applied, it performs better than any wax, or polymeric "nano" product currently available. It is not an epoxy/paint product like you put on concrete floors or wood, it is not mixed and sprayed on like paint, and it DOES pass California Prop. 65. If it passes Prop 65, you can almost eat it!

    Anyone who would like to have more information about Cilajet and Cilajet Wet can email me at [email protected]
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    I am the Training Director for Cilajet and I can help you to understand the differences between Cilajet and other products that you mentioned. First and foremost we are considerably more "green" than other products on the market. We have no measurable carcinogens, central nervous system disrupters, or respiratory irritants. Many products out there contain Cumene, Trimethylbenzen, Ethylene, Quartz Silicates, and even formaldehyde. I have gotten this product on my hands for three years and the only side effect is shiny fingernails that stay cleaner.

    Cilajet Aviation Grade is a one time application every five years on a new car, and we pay to have the dealer re-apply it at the time. The customer does not have to buy "renewa" "rejuvenating" or "care" products that they have to apply every 90 days to six months. We ask that you use car wash detergents, and if you WANT to wax your car, use a pure Carnuba Paste Wax like Meguiars Gold Class. DO NOT use pre-softened, liquid, or spray waxes and shine products over Cilajet. They contain significant amounts of petroleum distilllates that will over time, harm your protection from Cilajet. I have several vehicles that I use in demonstrations and none of them have tree sap, bug acid, acid rain, or water spot damage on the paint. Brake dust does not EMBED into the wheels and I can clean them with a damp towel if I wanted to, but I just wash them with car wash detergent instead of harsh acid based cleaners. My black HHR always looks like it has been just detailed after only washing and drying it and I have 20 K on it since the application was done. You can contact me if you wish at [email protected] if you need any more info.


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    "I had Cilajet applied to my new car 4 months ago... ...Cilajet does not prevent bird droppings from damaging your car period. Bird droppings are very hard to remove from my car even though I had Cilajet applied."

    This is precisely the type of problem I would expect Cilajet to rectify, considering its cost. And according to you, it does not. The dubious value of Cilajet is particularly relevant to the issue of tree sap, to which I have STILL not seen a clear benefit.

    Again, I'm fully capable of cleaning my car regularly, and I enjoy that. What I would want and would pay extra (or at all) for is the unforseen contingencies- you park in a semi-wooded lot at some business park on a hot summer day, and tree sap and/or bird dropping end up on your car. After an 8-hour work day, and sun/heat bake in and hardening of tree sap and/or bird droppings, how good is Cilajet? And how often do you have to "police" your own vehicle for surface debris, and if so, why spend big bucks when it does nothing to address the most damaging elements, and most time consuming debris to remove, tree sap in particular? Cilajet doesn't seem to save you much work/effort/policing. Again, I submit that tree sap does NOT care what item it drops on, and is very, very difficult to remove once it hardens, no matter the surface, painted, prepped, etc, etc, etc... It seems to me that the rationale is "because it's Cilajet that surface debris won't stick to/damage" a treated vehicle." This in no way answers the root problem which is the nature of tree sap, and the properties and behavior of it does not change whether you have a Cilajet application, a Meguiars wax, a yellow car, or a purple one.

    Sorry, for the price point, I think it's fair and reasonable to be a skeptic. Also, it is not lost on me that you could also get a darn nice complete, professional, repaint of a vehicle for the price of a Cilajet application (which in my mind, in the long term, has not yet proven to negate the need or option for one). Aka, you could spend a grand on Cilajet at the time of purchase of a new vehicle, and ten years later, still need/want a new paint job as much as if you had not spent that money on Cilajet in the first place.

    And if not then you win by spending a grand on your new car today for Cilajet, I guess, and then I'll just spend a grand on a repaint, perhaps in ten years. I think I can be convinced on the value of Cilajet, but I have not seen proof, and answers to my concerns to a level of comfort, confidence and satisfaction. Again, it's not a $20 thing. It's a grand. Not small money.
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    First and foremost should be whether the product works a.) like the buyer should expect it to, and b.) as it is advertized to work. Then, the "green" benefits of that product should be considered, second. It doesn't help anyone to have a "green" product, but one that does not work in the manner that the consumer expects it to, and in the way it is advertized to work.

    The interesting thing about "Aviation Grade" is that such a descriptor, in the case of Cilajet, is irrelevant to the automobile environments. No planes ever have to be parked under trees or under telephone poles, etc... as cars do. That is where tree sap and bird droppings come into play. Also, the surface of aircraft also receives more daily attention than most cars, where every time an aircraft is at a gate, receives a through review of the surface, often 4-5 times a day, based on destinations. FAA requires it.

    I have never said Cilajet was completely without merit, and in the case of Aviation, with such large surfaces as an airplane has, the ability to make the removal of basic dust and minor dirt a little easier would pay some dividend. A car is a different story, however, as it is much smaller, and can be much easier washed by hand, and such benefits of a Cilajet treatment on an aircraft in time savings and cleaning ease... ...that kind of with or without Cilajet benefit margain is largely moot, or are much less on an automobile. But it is always great to tout something as "Aviation Grade" even though the rationale for why such a treatment came out of an aviation environment is rarely thought about, and whether such a descriptor of "Aviation Grade" really has relevance to consumer automobile environment.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    I would like preface and say that Cilajet can provide a great looking finish that is a notch above the best looking Maguiers, Turltle Wax, Eagle One,Mothers, etc products commonly found in retail outlets for sale to the public! However Cilajet is still a technologically conventional polymer product that is susceptable to simply being melted off by extremes in heat, or dissolved away chemically by liquids like gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, mineral spirits, etc.
    So in my personal quest to discover the best and being very interested in determining what would truly be the optimum sealant for automotive paint, I have done a little research and made a little deeper dive! I was made curious by Cilajets awe inspiring advertised claims but my investigation found them to have more thought and purpose put into advertisement engineering to a higher degree than the product itself has been engineered chemically! I must say without a doubt, the wordsmiths and image architects at Cilajet are "Aviation Grade" because if they were aiming for accuracy and shooting for the truth their shot was wild and aim was way to "high"!
    First of all the claim of molecular bonding is unsupported by electron microscope imaging data, or any data for that matter ,and is used as a "buzz word" to indicate that the "techy" product becomes part of the paint by somehow joining or "bonding" with the paint molecules! Cilajet is a very good polymer product but it simply makes an polymer layer that covers and "sticks" to the top surface of the paint mechanically simiilar to scotch tape! There is no chemical ionic or electron exchange or co-valent bonding as the "scientific sounding" advertised claims would indicate! Simply put, the paint/clear coat surface and underlying scratches are simply "taped" over! The scratches are just semi -hidden and obscured by the very slight cloudy opaqueness of the products applied layer! Just as with discovering the truth about some of Cilajets advertising claims; if you look closely you can see right through the Cilajet into where the scratches become apparent!
    Secondly, I have a great deal of respect for the office of PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES as do most Americans! I must say that it was pure political advertising genius to so artfully design an ad slogan that states, Cilajet is the "Product of Choice for the Presidential Helicopter!" Initially, that association would make me and probably most people think that, if Cilajet is used on the most Revered,Protected, and Powerful Man on the planet's aircraft its got to be the best! The fact that I came to recognize was that this is the Helicopter last used by President Nixon back before 1975! It does not fly and has not flown for 30 years! It is a stationary piece of historic memorabilia on display to the public in the parking lot at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda! Its should not even be remotely associated or insinuated as similar in form or function to our Supreme Commanders maticulously maintained, high flying Presidential Perk! Come on you guys that is a cliche, old school ,early 70's, stereo-typical crooked used car dealer sleazy tactic!
    Then there's Cilajets brutal advertising assault and public assasination of Chryslers Mopar Mastershield Paint Sealant! Are you trying to indicate that Cilajet is a superior product by beating up on a known weaker performing Mopar product that is an older polymer design actually manufactured by a third party chemical company with very little change in its formulary since 1981! This is not good sport nor good form !
    Now finally, I am curious because I am familiar with Willshire Blvd in Beverly Hills and the building location and address for Cilajets Headquarter Offices! I just wonder how your HQ office can be located at he address of a building that is strictly houses safety deposit and PO boxes without officespace! Why are there so many things associated with Cilajet that indicate, insinuate, and allude to a builtup image that is in fact considerably different in grade and less overall than actual!
    My conclusion is Cilajet is a decent polymer paint sealnt product! However its advertising strategy is truly AVIATION GRADE! In my search I have discovered Cilajet to be the #1 product for being the most cleverly performing in paint sealant advertisements!
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    Dr best

    Let me first qualify myself by letting you know that I have 30 years experience in the automotive industry including time spent as a trainer in two different well known paint manufacturer schools. I have numerous awards from building and painting show cars, and I have painted aircraft. I work with NASCAR teams and well known celebrities with their vehicles and aircraft using Cilajet products. I am not just someone who parrots what others say. ">

    Do you work for a competitor? That might explain your unfounded attacks on Clajet, so let me refute your false claims. There are several untruths in you post starting with your claim about heat and melting. Our melting point is 500 degrees, aircraft and cars will not see this temp extreme unless it is near the exhaust. Our aim is dead on proven by electron microscope analysis done by the person who invented the product many years ago. We have FAA approval and we pass California Prop 65 and if you in fact actually do extensive research, then you should look up the requirements for that one. Thunderthumbs should join with you and I would suggest that you both use something other than Wikipedia If you both want to post your incorrect information on there, you simply fill out the proper forms and ask them to make you the one who knows best what they are talking about. Therefore Wiki is not the best bible for factual information available today.

    Our product contains Isopropyl alcohol instead of hydro treated Naphthas (like the vast majority of other "protection" products) and is unaffected by it after the catalyst hardens. That catalyst by the way is oxygen activated similar to how the one in RTV sealants works. We do have instructions on how to remove Cilajet using petrochemicals so the vehicle can be painted because of collision repair, or if the owner wants to apply anything that needs to be attached to the vehicle like spoilers with tape adhesives, or clear 3M type bras. So yes, petrochemicals will attack our product, but polymer and carnuba based waxes are obliterated by simple soaps and the oxidation caused by sun and air. Cilajet is not affected by those atmospheric conditions, nor does tree sap, bird crap, acid rain, or mineral deposits damage the paint when protected by our products. I have continually broken an egg on my paint on all of my vehicles at one time or another without any damage done by the contents of the eggs. Try that with any wax product and you will be re painting the panels

    Cilajet does bond at the molecular level due to penetration into the open molecular structure and the resultant catalytic reaction. We do not however "coat" the paint, anything that coats paint does not let it breathe and can cause damage to paint that is generally less than 90 days cured because the solvents are trapped under the coating. You can apply Cilajet 24 hours after the paint is baked or 72 hours after air dried, because our product allows the paint to flex and breathe, again because we do not "coat" the substrate.

    We very clearly state the Presidential Helicopter is retired at the Nixon Library, even though it is retired we still had to have clearance for our products to be used. That clearance included proving the non toxic nature of Cilajet as well as it's ability to actually work as we claim.

    About your false claims on "taping over the scratches" our dealers and detailers are taught that any scratches, swirls, and oxidation must be removed before application because our product (since it does not contain mineral oils, waxes, etc) will NOT HIDE anything. We have another product called WET that is used for removing, (not hiding) imperfections before Cilajet Aviation Grade is applied. Our products enhance whatever is there, so you must have as near perfect surface to begin with as possible. Once the product is properly applied, the gloss and reflectivity are tremendously increased and the protection begins.GAURANTEED IN WRITING FOR FIVE YEARS WITH NO IN BETWEEN RE-APPLICATIONS! No other company will do that, because they are polymer wax or carnuba wax, no other product works like Cilajet to prevent corrosion, no other product will stand up to testing against Cilajet. I can say this without using Wikipedia because I have done and continue to do testing on my own.

    Lastly about the address on Wilshire, that is the mailing address the warehouse is located behind that address in a separate building. Factual reporting is best left to someone who actually HAS the facts don't you think?

    Alan Wilkes
    [email protected]
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    I had Cilajet applied when I bought my Honda. I don't know much about Cilajet but since it was part of deal I took it. I reply to your post because you said bird dropping are very hard to remove even with Cilajet applied but I totally disagree. Bird dropping are so EZ to remove for me after Cilijet applied, a wet paper towel with a few stroke is all I need. I wash my car now with nothing but water and an old T-shirt, always shine and smooth. I will keep update.
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    The issue in question, at least for me, is whether cilajet will allow easy, instant removal of tree sap that has dried, hard on the finish. I have maintained that Cilajet will NOT help that condition, and have yet to see proof of that. Regarding bird droppings, they are removed much easier, on even a non-Cilajet-applied car. So... ...the value for bird droppings removal is minimal, at best, if at all.
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    I have read all the comments in this posting and just felt that I needed to say a few words regarding Cilajet. (I'm retired. I don't have much else to do.)

    I have had Cilajet on my truck for over two years. I park in a carport. I have never had to wax it. I am in my 60's and don't have the energy to wax my truck every six months, nor can I wash it every two weeks. Here in Arizona, we don't get a lot of rain so there are very few times the truck gets road grime. We get heat in the summer and occasional dust storms. The heat hasn't hurt it. Even Cilajet cannot protect against dust settling...LOL. One thing that I like is that, despite the dust, the truck shines so much that it still looks clean until you get up close and see the dust. When I do choose to wash it, all it takes is a spray with a regular water hose nozzle and a wipe-down with a soft cloth.

    I don't park under trees. Birds must like my truck because they don't cr*p on it. I cannot comment on either of those situations.

    I just know that my truck looks like it is brand new every time I hose it off. The reflection on the side of it is like a fogging like two-month waxes or the liquid hot waxes that dealers try to pass off as "paint protection". That is the real rip-off.

    Enough said. Take it for what it is worth.
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    Please note Cilajet is in the midst of a HUGE lawsuit, which could turn to something civil. Buyers beware!!! Dealerships beware,, who is going to back this warranty. ????
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    Cilajet is in a major lawsuit and this is Huge... who is going to back these warranties when they go under??? who is going to cover claims? buyer beware...... do your home work it is public record.
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    Well seems as if they are getting reviewed quite closely, a friend of mine was informed that they are in a major legal battle, due to a formula change and fraud. who will back these warranties or cover the damages on cars? its a scary market.
    buyer beware,......!
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    Show yourself "friend". This is America. Why would you care about the Dealerships unless you were a competitor to this product?????
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    I would change my screen name if I could but not only can I not change it I cannot open another one under my email account, so I am posting this under the original screen name.

    I am the former National Training Director for cilajet and I have posted several replies on here defending the company and the product. However, I no longer taking that stance due to some changes in the products and I am no longer associated with them in any way other than a complicated lawsuit. The details of that suit can be viewed at and enter case number BC469243

    BEFORE you decide to purchase this product I would suggest reading through the documents and gain an understanding of how this suit came about. If you still want to purchase cilajet after reading them I would suggest that you ask the dealer if they can verify you are getting the original Boeing approved aircraft grade product from the original manufacturer.
  • cilajetalancilajetalan Member Posts: 5
    On the new website cilajet has videos of customers....well a couple of them are....but Stephan Moritz ( the air force "pilot") is actually V.P. of sales for the company and NOT an air force pilot like he is portrayed to be in an ill fitting uniform. Andy Hilling represents Cilajet through an agency that offers the cilajet programs to dealers. He came on board with them as well as found out about the products last year. Not exactly a long time customer. I would imagine a couple others were given free cilajet for everything they own. It's happenedany times in the past in exchange for endorsements.
  • jack110jack110 Member Posts: 1

    You and I actually spoke several years ago when my dealer applied Cilajet improperly and your local rep did a complete clay bar removal and reapplication over the entire automobile. I have be satisfied with the product however, this was primarily due to the service efforts of your local rep. Are you allowed to offer a summary of the civil suit instead of my reading all the pleadings?
  • cilajetalancilajetalan Member Posts: 5
    I am considered a whistle blower and I dont feel it would be proper to elaborate on the specifics of the case. Once this case goes to court, the facts will all become public. If you read the pleadings you will get the basic picture of what is going on. Im glad to hear you are satisfied with the results of what I was able to help you with. Best of luck in the future.
  • cilajetcilajet Member Posts: 1
    This is Jaci Warren, President and owner of W Automotive LLC, dba cilajet.

    I would like to clarify some erroneous information being posted about the company and our product.

    Alan Wilkes was never an employee of the company. He is a disgruntled independent detailer who formerly represented cilajet, and occasionally handled claims and training for the company on a contract basis. The lawsuit Mr. Wilkes references is actually an action that was filed by cilajet against Mr. Wilkes and others (he is a DEFENDANT in this case), over a distribution agreement and confidentiality provisions.

    We stand behind our cilajet brand products, which carry the latest Boeing Specification Approval (Feb. 2012). Our cilajet customer warranty contracts and product are insured through world-class insurance carriers.

    If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call our office or visit our website at

    Thank you!
  • cilajetalan1cilajetalan1 Member Posts: 2
    I have tried to remove the postings concerning cilajet on this forum and cannot seem to accomplish that so pursuant to a settlement agreement with cilajet I hereby retract all lmy statements in posts or blogs made against cilajet.


    Alan Wilkes
  • shelbygt500guyshelbygt500guy Member Posts: 1
    This is really funny stuff. OK gang, I own a 2008 Shelby GT 500. Has had the SuperSnake mod performed by Shelby America in Las Vegas. This is an automobile I cherish. With the cost of the car, the upgrades and after purchase refinements I have had performed, this car represents just a little south on 100K. However, I do not believe in letting a car sit, just to say you own one. It begs to be driven. I had Cilajet applied over a year and a half ago. It gets driven in Minneapolis about 5-6 K miles a year. I am very satisfied with this product. I would not put crap on my Shelby.

    The funny part of this thread is the information people are throwing out there regarding aircraft and FAA or Manufacturers approvals. The biggest advantage in my mind is the fact that one of the biggest enemies of paint finishes are UV and Infrared rays. Have you ever noticed why certain colors seem to fade out or chalk up more than others? It is because of the amount of the reflection or absorption that a particular color exhibits. As a retired aircraft maint manager for a major carrier, I can tell you that aircraft are exposed to many times the amount of these harmful rays at altitude. Also temperature swings are coming into play as well. Hot metal expands, cold metal contracts. Also in a pressurization environment certain parts of an aircraft expand as well (fuselage) What am I saying? I am saying that although a Boeing 747 has very little exposure to tree sap, it does have many times the exposure to temperature, expansion and contraction, and harmful rays from the sun that an automobile has. And these things ARE what does the most damage to an automotive finish. Then there is the issue with atmospheric dust (volcanic dust, normal particulates in the air etc). An automobile in a zero wind day has the same exposure as a car sitting still with a constant wind of whatever the speed of the car is. Have you ever been near a hurricane or bad straight-line wind and felt the stuff hitting your face? Just think, a large aircraft has the exposure of many of the same particulate hitting you at 300-600 mph. So having said this, the approval of ANY aircraft builder AND the use of Cilajet by at least one major airline that I am aware of was good enough for me. And guess works. I have no complaints and sitting along other Shelby's mine is shinier. RANT OVER
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,137
    No paint treatment like this has tested out better than just a good wax. Is it as good? Sure, but it would be the first ever to be especially good. I doubt it. 
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    There are countless examples of modern cars that have had nothing more than washings and a wax job 2X a year, with paint that still looks as good as new. These "paint protectors" are the answer to a problem that for most even the casually attentive people, doesn't exist. Short answer? In my opinion, expensive overkill.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,220
    What is this waxing that you speak of? B)

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  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,137
    Beats me, have a 2008 that shines great, nothing but machine washes. 
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