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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92
    personally, as long as it's under warranty and its THEIR dime AND I get a vehicle to use while they are experimenting, they can do whatever TF they feel like doing. Good luck though on getting all those concessions... they always act like we should have some skin in the game and that's BS...we have $30,000 (roughly) which is MORE than enough collateral IMHO. I lived in Japan (Tokyo) for a few years and this would NOT be tolerated there, not by a LONG shot, and it should NOT be here either. Good luck you are dealing with gaijin, not Japanese.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Could the following TSB on "clicking in suspension" be related?

    BULLETIN NO: 02-006/09

    As you see, it is relatively new TSB.
  • I read all previous 185 posts and could not find evidence of the following problem. I have a 2007 CX-9 Touring with the keyless entry fob and I always leave the lights setting on Auto. Here's the problem.....when I turn the engine off and open the driver's door, a loud and constant "lights on" alarm stays on until I either: 1) shut the door, or 2) rotate the light knob from "Auto" to any other setting and back to "Auto".

    One of the benefits of having the "Auto" setting is to avoid this "lights on" alarm. The dealer acknowledged that this issue is annoying and defies logic, but after several hours he chalked it up to a poor design that could not be fixed with the 2007 models. This seemed like a convenient answer to the dealer, but exceptionally inconvenient for me.

    Has anyone had this problem and/or been able to have it fixed? Thanks.
  • maybe it is an 2007 model issue...i have an '09 GT and i leave it on auto all the time without any issue.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I just tried it, and my 2008 GT has no such issue.
    It must be a design flaw of 2007 model.
    Maybe other 2007 model owners can confirm this.
  • Mine is a 2007 Touring, so I do not have the "AUTO" position in my multifuction switch stalk. It only has "OFF" and "ON" if I leave it in the "ON" position and I open the door to get out of the car and remove the keys from the ignition there IS a warning chime/sound letting me know that the lights are on, but my lights will turn off by themselves after 30 seconds or so.

    I never thought it was odd because my previous 2003 Honda Accord did the same exact thing. It also only had two positions "OFF" and "ON" and it also alarmed me if I got out of the car and the lights were left on, they also eventually turned off after 20-30 seconds.
  • Thanks for your posts. Not sure if it matters, but I should have specified that my CX-9 is a Grand Touring. Can anyone who has a 2007 with keyless fob (i.e. does not require a key in the ignition) validate this problem?

    Normally I wouldn't care about such a thing, but I have infant twins and every time I cut the engine and open my car door, this annoying sound (it's a constant screechy/squeal , not a soft "chime" or "ding-ding") wakes the girls unless I open the door and quickly rotate off "Auto" and back on again.

    Anyone else with this problem or know of a more comprehensive forum where I might find discussion of this issue? Thank you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's always Bing or Google.

    You may want to cross-post over in Edmunds Answers too. It attracts a different group of folks.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    It sounds to me like a dysfunctional wiring issue. I'd suggest that you bring it back to the dealership and have them check it out. The bottom line is that it shouldn't be doing it!
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Are you saying it makes the noise even when the lights are actually NOT on? If so ...then it sounds like an issue with the light stalk... if not... then it sounds (no pun intended) normal. I do have an 07 Gt as well... and haven't specifically checked this out but will ... From recollection... it sounds like it's normal ( with lights on noise is on ... with lights not on even when in auto mode... no noise ). I personally (generally) leave it in the on position, knowing that they'll turn themselves off.
  • The silver trim on my 2008 CX9 was peeling off and a nice person from this forum let me know of a tsb on the problem. I live 1 1/2 hours away from my dealership, so when I called to set up an appointment, I told them which pieces were defective and even told them the tsb number. The tech kept telling me he couldn't order any parts until he saw the car. After much begging, he finally agreed to order the parts and set up my appointment. I couldn't take a day off of work to take my car, so I waited until the first day of Thanksgiving break (I am a Kindergarten teacher). Just to be safe, I called the dealership 2 days before to confirm my appointment, and spoke with the service manager. He informed me that I did have an appointment but no parts ordered. Again I explained there was a tsb on the problem and reminded him I lived 1 1/2 hours away. A long way to drive for them to look at the silver trim so they can order the parts and have me come back later. I even offered to send him pictures, anything to keep from wasting a whole day. He said he would order the silver trim and for me to keep my appointment. When I picked up the car he told me that he didn't order all the pieces needed, but did replace the trim on all 4 doors. The rest would have to be ordered. I was disappointed but understood. The next day was Thanksgiving and when my family tried to open the back door to get in, it would not open. It's not locked, but it will not open from inside or out. This was a very new problem. I waited until Monday to call the service department and was told they were busy and to leave a message. I did, but did not hear from anyone. Tuesday I call back and talk with the service manager and explained my door would not open. He told me several times there was no way they broke the door by replacing the trim. As if I was making it up. He had no sympathy that I would have to live with this problem until I had another day off (3 weeks) so I could bring it back to him. I understand mistakes happen, but this was their error and expected someone to take responsibility, not blow it off like it was no big deal or that it was somehow my fault. He had not even ordered the other trim piece yet, so I told him to call me when that came in and we would set up another appointment (During Christmas break). After hanging up I decided to call the dealership back and express my concerns about the service department. It has only been in the shop twice in one year and both times were disasters. When I called back and explained I had a complaint about the service department, I was sent back to the same man I had a complaint about. I later called the dealership manager, but was told to leave a message. Still haven't heard from him. When buying the car, I was told they would work with me about getting it serviced, but that doesn't seem to be true now. There is another dealer, but it is 2 hours away. Will they service my car even though I didn't buy it there? Shouldn't this dealership look at the tsb and know what my car needs? Am I just being overly sensitive about their lack of caring of how difficult it is for me to get the car there? Again, these things were all discussed before I bought the car and they assured me they would work with me. Until I hear from them, I guess all the kids will be using the 1 good door in the back. Sorry for the rant, just a little irritated.
  • Totally unacceptable from their part. My suggestion is for you to call the dealership back and ask to talk to the General Manager of the dealership if not the owner, if they ask you what is the nature of the call (because they most likely get screened) tell the receptionist that you would like to praise them for their exceptional service and after they transfer you to either one of them let him/her have it. If either one of them is unavailable make sure to get their full name/s and perhaps their e-mail address. Send them an e-mail and also a letter via snail mail. If they do not return your call or e-mail/letter in a week call/email them back and be sure to tell them this time that your are contacting Mazda Customer Relations. Dealerships get peks from corporate if they provide up to standard service if too many complaints are brought up their "report card" with Mazda falls and so does their perks and sales leads.

    Bottom line, do not let them treat you like dirt and yes any other Mazda dealer can service your vehicle as well even if you did not buy it from them. BTW, if your door is jammed it could be covered under warranty since your CX-9 is only a 2008 as long as you have less then 36,000 miles.

    Good Luck!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I think the TSB only covers the four pieces of siliver painted trims on the doors only. (I could be wrong) The two pieces on the center console are not.
    I have mine replaced (four on the doors). The service advisor actually used hie finger nail to scratch off some paints, therefore, he easily agreed to replacing them. The problem was due to lack of a protection layer on top of the silver base layer. That makes it easily scratch-able.
  • Just putting this post out there because I was unable to find any info on this topic was extremely frustrating.

    We recently resolved a bizarre issue with the lose of tire pressure to our 2008 CX-9. The tire appeared fine for months at a time & would only act up when the temperature dropped below 30 degrees.

    The first time it happened, I went to sleep with a full tire and woke up with a flat tire. When I brought it to a family friend with a shop, he assured us that there was nothing wrong with the tire. Sure enough, after filling it wilth air - no issues for several wks until the temperature dropped again, The low pressure warning light came on & same Tire lost about 5-10 psi overnight. I brought to the dealer and was told there was absolutely nothing wrong w/ the tire or wheel - NO Leaks! After 3 separate trips to the dealer to diagnose over 6 moths, they finally found the culprit which was a FAULTY SENSOR/VALVE.

    So have them check this if you are having any similar issues. Could probably apply to other models as well.
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Ahhhh.... I am not alone I see...
    I have a 2007 CX9, with MANY issues, so many that I have given up on this car totally. At least 10 trips to the dealer in an 8 month period for various things.
    I have a glove box full of those tire pressure sensors.(new ones). I was in the car with my wife the other morning and the temp. was around 30 degrees, I looked at her started the car and said "you know what time it is?", for a moment she was puzzled and then said "oh yeah, it cold out its time for phantom flats" sure enough right before i dropped her off the yellow low pressure light came on.
    I always figured if you abuse your car and drive it into the ground then you deserve whatever happens. But since I take very good care of it, keep it in a garage and maintained it that all would be well. HA!
    Well I am glad I bought the extended warranty.
    I took it to the dealer recently for the loud creaking noise, that can only be described as a wooden ship from the 1700's just to hear them say "its fine"
    NEVER again .....making the last payment and be done with it. :mad:
  • I have a 2007 CX9 with approx 29000ks. About 4 months ago we strted having problems filling the fuel tank. The fuel nozzle would continually cut off before the tank was full. Mazda have no idea what the problem could be. The problem has gotten so bad that now I can barely squeeze in 10litres before the fuel comes spirting back out of the tank. Has anyone elsebexperienced this problem?
  • wdhytewdhyte Posts: 92
    I think this post is in the wrong thread...?? I think the moderators can move it...that aside...sounds like the gas tank vent line/tube is blocked...hhmmmm, do they even still vent the tanks now that I think about it? years ago they did but now with the newer systems, they may not be and I know theres some sort of static test they do on the gas caps here in maybe I'm off in the weeds on this one?
    But if they still have the vents, then it sounds like pressure is building when you try to fill it and as you put liquid in its shooting back out? pretty odd that it would be getting progressively worse though...hhhmmmmmmmmm. Its probably still under warranty right? try another dealer perhaps?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I was replacing my OE tires with Yoko Parada Spec-X at Walmart.
    The guy before me had a fairly new Honda Odyssey. He was describing the strange issue he had with the TPMS to the technician. (I guess out of 3yr!!!)

    My point is this. When it comes with TPMS sensors, it is the same among all brands. They all give false alarm. My co-worker's Lexus LS TPMS sensors have given him many false alarms. Each time, the dealer reset it and send him on his way.
    Its wireless, it shakes and spins like crazy inside the tires.
    It's bound to have "issues", if you know what I mean.... :P
  • I purchased a 2009 CX-9 in October 09 and now (January) just had the steering wheel slip(?) about 10% to the right (now sits closer to 1 o'clock than 12. I am getting ready to head in to the dealer but wanted to know if anyone else has seen this issue?

    Never had hit a curb or big was just like it slipped a cog???

    Also, read a thread earlier about handling in ice/snow and just returned from a bad trip (it was like floating whenever in ice/snow mix and only so-so in snow)...pretty sure it is the tires based upon the "tire issue thread" and plan on replacing and only using the stock tires in the summer months since I only have 6k on them.
  • Hi all! I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate this forum and the information I have received.
    I am the owner of a 2007 CX-9 Grand Touring. It has 15k miles on it and I have had some of the problems mentioned here. My car has been in the shop numerous times and the issue with the snow/ice has been an insanely frustrating issue with me, since I crashed the car into the curb because I couldn't get it to stop on a snowy day. Of course, the Mazda folks would never admit to inferior tires or any issues with the car (although they have admitted that there were numerous complaints about the car not stopping). So, I had to go to the insurance to pay for "my" crash (I was going under 25mph) and the result was an increase in my premiums (never had a claim before). I live in the Northeast, so snow will always be an issue here. I suspected the tires may be the issue and I will be looking to change those out relatively soon. My luck, we won't get any more snow this winter. I won't complain, though.
    I, too, had issues with the steering wheel showing some "shimmy" (the term the mechanic used) when I would apply the brakes. The steering wheel would shake a bit (the car was also pulling slightly to the left). So, the dealership checked it out and they machined all the rotors and now the car feels brand new. It has only been a few days, so I am hoping it continues.
    I also had issues with the rear a/c control not being able to shut it off. I would have to put the temperature control to heat (all the way to the right) to be able to shut off the a/c to the back. The mechanic found an issue with the wiring and they corrected it. I tested it and it works great.
    I also have to mention that I am now having my car serviced at another Mazda dealership because the one I originally bought it from was terrible. They were condescending and never bothered to go the extra mile to check the car. I found another place that makes me feel like they are actually trying to help me. The lead mechanic actually drove the car with me while I explained what was wrong and how it was acting. He was able to note the "shimmy" on the steering wheel and recommended what needed to be looked at. He saw that the car was pulling to the left and recommended a diagnostic to make sure that the AWD was working.
    Hopefully, I will no longer have issues with this lemon. I am soooooo close to trading it in and getting something that I feel safer driving!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    You have a 2007, 1st year model.
    Basically, more issues with 1st year model is a well-known fact across all brands of automobiles. My wife's Prius had two recalls already. The 3rd one is coming in the mail, as I learned....

    Anyway, the A/C Shut-off and Pulling-One-Side are both issues mentioned in TSBs for 2007. Easy to correct if the mechanic even bother to check the TSBs.
    Tire is unfortunately a bad choice by Mazda (and also used by other brands).
    There is no excuse for that. Just poor decision.
    Do yourself a big favor. Replace them.
    For a few hundreds bucks, you will appreciate the difference.
    The OE Dueler is a 3-season tire, not ALL-season.
    It lasts only about 25K.
  • Has anyone had the constant knocking/popping/clanging noise emanating from the front end of their CX-9 referred to earlier in this thread resolved yet? My CX-9 makes a popping type noise that sounds as though it is coming from the front right of the engine bay. The noise is audible when turning corners at low speed with no throttle. I can also hear it at times when I come to a stop. The same noise is audible when changing gears from drive to reverse and vice versa. The noise developed at about 2000 miles and it sounds almost like floor boards popping; a non metallic flexing type noise. I have taken the car to the dealer about the noise on several occasions. They changed one of the motor mounts and made a few other adjustments, none of which eradicated the noise. Now the dealer is telling me that the noise is characteristic to the CX-9 and there is nothing they can do about it. The only explanation of the noise I have been given is that it is caused by the motor mount flexing and it is designed to flex.I find this difficult to accept as the noise developed over time and is getting worse. I am at the point now of selling the car as the noise is driving me insane. Surely Mazda can introduce a fix to resolve this issue. Please let me know if any dealer has been able to eradicate this noise.
  • If you are talking about the "click-click" noise when changing gears from a stop or accelerating from a stop, someone on another forum mentioned that its either the left motor mount or the little play the axle splines have between it and the splines in the hub which can be packed with heavy axle grease to mask the noise. It's not a permanent fix, but a long term temporary fix nonetheless.
  • The noise is evident on some occasions when accelerating from a stop, especially in reverse. It is there when changing gears. The dealer replaced the #3 motor mount which I think is the mount on the right side of the engine bay. That did not assist. They have tried lubricating the hub splines and that did not assist either. I am beginning to think it is the transmission mount which I think is the #4 mount and on the left hand side of the engine bay. But I am sick of sick Mazda guessing and want a fix for this. Its a joke!
  • You may be sick of it, but bottom line, your dealership is trying to resolve the problem unlike some dealers that don't give a rats a$$ about your concerns and just blow you off by saying "its a characteristic of the car".

    I say as long as you are under warranty and not costing you any money other then your gas and time, let them continue to hack at it and try to find and fix the problem.

    Us that are out of warranty are relying on you fortunate few that are in warranty to let us know what finally fixed the problems so we dont loose out money trying to fix something that will not make a difference.

    Just my $0.02
  • My dealer tried to resolve it but couldn't, and only after failing to resolve it did they tell me that it was a "characteristic of the car". Don't worry, they have used that on me too. I know that is bull****. Cars should not make these types of noises that develop so early in their life. More likely Mazda have mucked up the design and don't have a fix yet. I know now that if I want the problem fixed I will need to identify it myself and possibly pay to fix it once identified. So although I am under warranty, the so called warranty is not worth the paper it is written on We are in the same boat: completely exasperated. Not good enough Mazda. Never again!
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    YUP...same here... mine is a 2007 CX9, at around 5000 miles perhaps a bit less.
    At low speed 5-15 mph making turns especially. But even simple driving over that tiny bump to enter my garage which is about 1 1/4 inch, it sounds terrible.
    If I make a u turn or a broken u turn it sounds like my vehicle is actually a OLD wooden ship creaking and straining from very old age. Its sound a lot like someone walking up an old staircase slowly, and its not subtle either.
    I took mine to the dealer numerous times, even to different dealers. The place where I bought mine from acknowledged the sound and told me "its the covering in the wheel well rubbing" I could not believe they said that, when you could clearly see that was not the cause. I left it with them and after 2 days I got it back. They told me it was a motor mount, and that they replaced it.....I am not a mechanic but I know enough to ask them to show me, which they said the lift is occupied. When I went home I put it on the ramps and went looking, nothing replaced, but they did put enough lithium grease on almost every nut and bolt under the vehicle.
    Next day it rained hard, grease washed off, loud creaky noise is back.
    I am done with trying to get satisfaction with this car, there are many, many more issues with it.. And like I said before, its garage kept, well maintained... but out of every new vehicle I have ever owned which was 10 this one has to be the most disappointing. Heres a quick run down...
    CD player failed to work from the 1st day
    sudden severe vibration in steering
    brakes making a loud clicking noise (still does)
    drivers seat adjusts without being touched. (stopped on its own)
    rear blower a/c- heat come on full blast when ignition it turned off, and can run up to 5 minutes....(still happens frequently)
    *new* drivers seat belt will not retract, you have to "feed" it back in
    Radio wont come on at all (once in a while)
    drivers window reopens as if something is blocking it...(once in a while)
    Im am not making any of this up, this is what I have put up with. I am done with this vehicle...its paid for, time to get rid of it get something reliable.

  • If you are referring to a creaking noise coming from the front end as you described, the solution is to apply lithium grease to the bump stops that ride on the shaft of the front struts. Someone at another forum told me about the fix and I did it to my 07 Touring because it creaked in any road imperfection and guess what...4 months later and a few storms in between the creaking has not come back. I am not saying that it is a permanent fix but it is a very easy inexpensive fix anyone can do whenever the noise comes up. Don't be afraid to ask like you did and don't be afraid to get a little dirty...

    CD player failed to work from the 1st day (warranty)
    sudden severe vibration in steering (could be due to inproper balancing or it could be related to TSB 02-003/07)
    rear blower a/c- heat come on full blast when ignition it turned off, and can run up to 5 minutes....(TSB 07-008/09)
    *new* drivers seat belt will not retract, you have to "feed" it back in (warranty)
    Radio wont come on at all (refer back to item #1 warranty)
    drivers window reopens as if something is blocking it...(READ owners manual, sometimes windows need to be re-initiated)

    Common guys lets stop putting Mazda down because all brands have flaws, the fact that the dealership network is more often then normal incompetent does not speak for the whole entire company name. I work for a dealership who services, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Honda, Toyota and Scion so please dont tell me I am not exposed to customer complaints or issues with their vehicles.
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    not a down, just very frustrated.... by the way thanks for the input about the struts, i will give it a try when I can. But like I said I had been to the dealership 11 times in 13 months. And I am always polite and reasonable. But when you are there so often, I would walk through the doors and they would throw their hands up and say "what now' like its my doing. When I showed the guy the window issue he said "its a safety feature" Fine Im all for safety, but I cannot close my window.. never resolved. And the issue with the cd player from day one was comical to say the least. The cd player itself never had the slot to insert a cd cut into the was there but you just could not put a cd in....they replaced the entire unit, worked fine, but now occasionally wont come on at all.
    like I said just frustrated.....who knows maybe a RX8 in the future
  • k1200, you said no slot cut out on the face plate??? LOL! that is comical! I have to side with you on this one because QC did not catch this flaw three times (at the manufacter, at Mazda when built, and at dealership when they did the PDI). You know, now that you mention it my Mazda5 used to do this as well, the entire headunit would just be dead and I would have to turn the car off and turn it back on in order for the headunit to work.

    If the dealership is treating you as if you are a burden, it's time you visit another Mazda dealer (if possible) and take your business somewhere else. Like I said in the past, poor dealership ettiquette should not be conveyed as Mazda's over all image...unfortunately they act as Mazda's representatives.
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