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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • GM providing Volvo with a transmission that doesn't stand up to the required usage should never be the problem of a consumer. In this case, GM is a supplier to Volvo and if the supplied part doesn't perform as it should base on industry norms then its a concern for us(as consumers).

    In simple terms, if we decide to buy say a reputable brand of laptop with a given specification, but the harddisk goes kaput every year. Is that a problem for you as a consumer with the company(or resellers) for that laptop or the original manufacturer/supplier of the part?

    We bought a Volvo vehicle and if that vehicle doesn't is flawed due to specific components then it should be rectified or resolved by the manufacture. In which case, early 'solutions' performed by the authorized dealer was a TCM software upgrade (akin to a firmware/driver upgrade on a laptop), its a 'soft' solution which doesn't solve the hardware issue.

    Specifically for the XC90 T6, its the transmission. In terms of the hypothetical laptop I've been referring to, the harddisk might not be able to manage the rate data is being read/written to the disk or a heat problem which kills the disk prematurely.

    In my view, without providing a permanent fix that resolves the hardware failures, Volvo is not a responsible corporate entity. I own a XC90 T6 now, but I'll never own another Volvo. I seriously have doubts if Volvo ever conducted realistic durability test on the XC90 T6 before releasing the vehicle to the market. Especially when the T6 engine & transmission were taken directly from the S80 T6 which already have seen instances of transmission failures(in a vehicle that weights roughly 1000lbs less and meant for 5 pax) I rest my case.

  • So you are saying that if I didn't buy my XC90 T6 new then I am responsible for the defective transmission?

    I bought my XC90 T6 2nd hand when it had 69,000 km on it. After I bought it I did some search and found that my vehicle had already had the original transmission replaced at 48,000 km (not miles)! My volvo has been servied only at the volvo dealership before and since my purchase. So why would I not be eligible for the good will assistance from volvo?

    Luckily, in the US the class action has already been filed on Aug 13th and hopefully it will go through for all XC90 owners to sue volvo.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Yes i agree they chose the GM transmission...

    And that's the end of that story. :)

    Please get your facts right. You can have it both ways!!

    Which facts would those be? You can't blame Volvo for the behavior of the dealerships or that you give credit to Volvo for the behavior of the dealerships? Those weren't my claims. They were yours. :confuse:

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Volvo's warranty is 4 years 50,000 miles. you bought your car at 69,000 miles what do they owe you? Nothing! The goodwill assistance is form VCNA not VCC.

    So you must be in the USA to be considered for goodwill!
  • The fact are that Volvo's warranty is 4 years 50,000 miles. If your car is out of warranty what does Volvo owe you? Nothing! Did the customer pay for a transmission in warranty? No! Did volvo do the right thing and cover a tranmission under goodwil between 50,000 and 100,000? Yes! What more could you ask?

    Answer this question: What other manufacturer would even consider paying for a transmission 100% at 100,000 miles? Come up with an example and proof and I'll stop posting!
  • I just got the same news on my 2006 Volvo XC90 as well. My car has only 60,000 miles but suddenly my transmission service required light came on yesterday and I took the car immediately to the dealership to find out that I needed an entirely new transmission. Volvo already replaced my radiator while the car was under warranty and i had complained that the transmission seemed to not catch when accelerating but was always told that they checked it out and there was not problem....not that my warranty is up I'm being told I need a whole new transmission.....
  • We just had the Transmission Service Urgent light come on yesterday and the dealer can't get us in until Monday. Our XC90 has 70k miles on it. Is there any hope that we will be covered as the second owner?
  • Actually I have an answer from Volvo Australia that good will applies after the warranty expires. But the good will is considered on the case by case basis.

  • Fight for it, if they don't offer to cover 100 % expense straight away. They know it's a manufacturing problem. The number of owners of the vehicle makes no difference to the issue.

  • lookingtohelp: Are you serious? You really don't work for Volvo? Check out these two words: REASONABLE RELIABILITY. Two words that will give Volvo crap during the litigation of the T6 class action suit. Warranty expires at 4 years/50k miles. I agree. And the owner picks up the tab after that, PROVIDED, the car is still working. T6 transmission breaks way before that, meaning the car is dead, unless you want to revive it by paying 20% of the original car value to revive it. And don't give me that "blame the owners for poor maintenance" crap. You have no idea how people took care of their T6's and the transmission still crapped out. Bottom line, the transmission is a bad match for the engine. And that's not the owners' problem. It's Volvo's. So you need to look at Volvo and help them, if you're really "lookingtohelp".
  • Hi lookingtohelp. I have question, who are you to say that there is no reason to join a class action suit for 2003-2005 XC90 T6 transmission? If I were you, I'd help Volvo explain their GOODWILL to the judge and the owners who got shafted by this bad engine/transmission match. FYI, I own a XC90 3.2, but I just can't stand your rhetorics and the way you slam the T6 owners and accuse them of not maintaining their vehicles.
  • Never said anything about maintenance! I said Volvo helps customers who are loyal to the retailer by maintaining their vehicle with the retailer. Why should Volvo help a customer who has never seen the inside of a Volvo facility except to ask for a free transmission? I'm not slamming or blaming people for their transmission problems. Volvo is doing the right thing by helping us out. Can't file a class action suit against a company that paid for a transmission for a customer that is out of warranty. When do we as customer's start to take ownership of our vehicles??

    Once again, Answer me this question: What other manufacturer would even consider doing this for their customers? I still have no answer.
  • Hi Jkorm,
    It sounds like I am about to join the "Urgent Transmission Service" club, I had my gearbox serviced 2 weeks at 75,000 with no problems and today the service light is on. Back to the dealer but the car is now of the extended warranty by 1 week. We had the extended warranty as we purchased the car pre-owned from a Volvo dealership.
    Do you know which department at Volvo you spoke to? I will be calling them first thing on Monday.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • hi I bought a volvo 2003 and it has 52000 miles on it now and the tranny needs to be replaced.I don't know who to contact for help,we just moved to damascus pa and volvo wants 5700.00 to replace the tranny.I have been driving volvos for the past 10 years and have been happy.Is there someone to contact for help.I am so lost on what to do,with a new baby and new job we can't afford to fix the car.any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks for any help.e-mail(
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I agree that, if your transmission dies after the warranty expires, your best bet is to appeal directly to Volvo's "goodwill" for 100% coverage on a one-to-one basis. Your chances for success are probably much better if you bought your Volvo from and serviced it regularly at a Volvo dealer. If you bought it used elsewhere and can't document its service history, Volvo has less incentive to extend "goodwill" beyond the warranty period.

    For those waiting for a "Class Action Lawsuit" to resolve their problem, don't hold your breath. As I pointed out in great detail in an earlier post (#325), you're apt to get little from such litigation. The lawyers will make it sound like they're on your side. However, the end result will be mega-bucks for them versus only (1) a discount on the repair costs and/or (2) a coupon voucher towards the future purchase of a Volvo for you. I think you're much better off attempting to resolve the problem on your own -- getting 100% of the cost covered versus pennies on the dollar.
  • Hey people, long story but I'll try to make it short.

    We purchased one of the original XC90 T6's. We love the car (great utility). Given, I'm the son of an auto mechanic and I'm also an engineer, I know to LISTEN to your car to make sure all is well. My wife is the primary driver of the car, but she'll just drive for miles without detecting strange noises to give her a clue that something is wrong with the vechile. So, whenever I do get an opportunity to drive it, I would listen to it for troubling sounds.

    Well the car would always make weird noises at the front, driver side. We serviced the car EXCLUSIVELY with Volvo. This has gone on for as long as we've owned the vehicle. Volvo would replace axle bearings, bushings, sway bar bushings, etc. etc. Most of it under warranty, so no big deal. However, the strange noises would never go away and would return after a short period.

    Fast forward, third gear gives out on the car at about 60K (notice how we are outside of the warranty period). So we bring the car to Volvo and, naturally, they say “You need a new transmission”. Trust me, I’ve got tons of experience with auto manufacturers and defects, and I know what to do. I’ve never visited the Volvo dealer to talk about the car with them, my wife does. But, I go over everything with her and she calls me when there’s a doubt about anything. So, she calls me to tell me the repair bill. I tell her, we’re not paying based simply on the fact that a transmission should not go out at 60k. Anyway, before it gets to the point where I need to get involved to personally start turning the screws, the head service rep says Volvo will cover the bill. This happened about 2 years ago.

    Get the car back and drive it over the next 2 years and eventually we hear the weird noises again. This time, I just attribute it to age of the car and that, perhaps, it needed a chassis lube, since the weird noises appeared to be suspension related.

    Recently, a front light head light bulb blows, and we take it to get it replaced. This shop is a non Volvo service center but manned by former Volvo techs (word of mouth sent us here). Again, it’s my wife who is talking to the rep, with me as an advisor/validator. Prior to going in, I tell her “Oh, btw, ask them about the strange noises.” (Mechanics intuition that something is not right about the car). The non Volvo authorized tech evaluates the car and says, what, Transmission. What else did you think we were going to say? LOL He also said Volvo has been having a nightmare with the trannies of the XC90 T6.

    At this point, I hit the net and this forum comes up, along with the fact that there’s a class action in progress.

    To sum this up, we’re getting another transmission put in with over 100k on the car. We’ve only ever serviced the car at Volvo, save for having that former Volvo tech “pop in” a blown bulb.

    So where does it stand. The problem here is that the transmissions of the XC90’s are not “fit for their intended purposes”. This is from the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). Hint hint about more of my background... LOL

    Manufacturers are not going to be able to hide behind a warranty to get out of repairing their cars when they simply do not work as one would expect. Volvo knows this, but the question is does each individual Volvo owner know it and, hence, the reason why they (Volvo) are even fixing their cars. Do you think they would repair their car for free if they didn’t have to? Press your case and pray for the relief that's deserved.

    They tried to get us to pay a portion of the repair bill for the transmission but we flat out refused (or rather I refused. Behind the scenes, of course. LOL). No bargaining nor begging, simply refused. They caved in. So that’s three transmissions in 106K miles.

    Oh yea, another high end auto manufacturer that will repair their cars out of warranty is BMW. Do a search for "rear transaxle subframe defect in the E36 chassis (i.e., 3 series)". I owned one back in the early 90's. My rear transaxle of this car initially tore out at 27k miles. BMW fixed it for free. They repaired it again at 130K miles, all for free. The same thing happened to a colleague of mine in his E36 M3. BMW repaired it for free.

    Sooooooooooooo…. Get your cars fixed people. If they (the auto manufacturers) refuse, attack their reputation. The Internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? LOL

    Btw, does anything remember that Audi 4000? Was this the one that would jump into gear and crash into walls with no explanation? I still remember that problem to this day. Audi is still reeling from that rumor. Me personally I would never by an Audi. Get the point….

    Take care....
  • I have the similiar problem. I'm at 139k and had 2 transmission. Now it needs a third and Volvo refuses to assist. The volvo dealership that serviced my vehicle(only) has gone out of business. The dealership where I take my care now is willing to pay 33% of the cost($7000.00). Volvo says we can not assist because I am out of warranty. What can one do now?
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    I was told by my dealership that I got one of the new Axels that are "enclosed" that will not allow the leak to happen which takes out the transmission. Is that what is going out the second and third times?

    How long have these "new" axels been holding out for before the next replacement? These axels have only been out the last 6 months to a year depending on location. (So I was told.)
  • Wife has a 2005 XC90 T6. Had no idea about the T6 issues before purchase as I made a rash decision during a dealer auction and decided she didnt need the V8 that I was going to bid on.

    Long story short. Out of warranty at 31k miles. Transmission gone today. Urgent transmission service light last night, dropped it off immediately, called by Freedom Volvo of Virginia Beach, Va at 9:00 am with the news......transmission gone.

    Before I could even ask......they state they will replace parts and all labor, one time only, free of charge. No idea if new tranny will be warrantied at all.

    Said they have fixed the tranny problem but it is too early to tell if the new replaced trannies will hold up. Gave me a loaner, but also reccomended I may want to unload it if I can.

    Wife loves the XC90 and based on customer service I received today, a new but unexpected V8 XC90 may be in my future.
  • Volvo today returned the car replacing the tranny, radiator and hoses. Luckily they honored the extended warranty as the problem was first noticed while under warranty and then really died 2 week later once the warranty had expired. Anyone who has the transmission problem should fight to get their car repaired as Volvo is aware of the fault. They really don't want admit it. Fight to get it repaired.
  • New to the forum. Transmission slipping & jerking pretty bad. Checked messages and saw the Transmission Service Urgent. Stopped by local Volvo, BMW, Mercedes shop (not dealer) this morning. He says to change fluid & filter then see what happens. I just started reading the forum. Any advise on what to do?? Anyone from Atlanta area??? Nally has service my car in the past. Have not had many problems. I bought new and have had it for 6 1/2 years, 76,000 miles. Please help.
  • It sounds like your transmission has started to go, I'm not sure a transmission fluid & filter change will correct this (I'm not a mechanic though). My car died 2 days after having the transmission fluid & filter changed ($400) at the dealership.

    There were no previous warning signs, it just wouldn't accelerate, the urgent transmission service light came on and we towed it to the dealer. My car was at 45K miles and out of the 4 yr. warranty mark, but the dealer paid for the transmission rebuild, hoses, and radiator under their "good will" agreement. I also bought new and have only had the car serviced at the dealership, so that might be why they covered everything without an argument, which isn't fair.

    Good luck in whatever you decide, but check if the dealer will repair your car for free despite it being out of warranty. Just mention what you found on this site.
  • Well, my Volvo xc90 T6 with 76,000 km on it has started leaking ATF. The Volvo dealership either did not notice it or decided to ignore it at 75,000 km service.
    I went to an independent Volvo mechanic who told me it appears to be the gasket.
    I will have to replace the gasket and ATF. I'm worried now that the ATF is going to be replaced my transmission will die shortly after.

    Any advice? I bought my car 2nd hand with 69,000 km on it and I found that the original transmission in it was replaced at 48,000 km. Hopefully this is a stronger one (or so dealer said).

    Thanks for any advice,

  • Atlanta, here. Northpoint Volvo in Roswell is where I bought my 2004, XC90 AWD and have usually had it serviced there. I got the dreaded light last June at 59K. Went to the guys (not Volvo) that I have serviced for me over the years (because they were closest when this happened) and they told me that I would have to go to Volvo. Volvo said that I needed a new transmission. Price tag, $5000. I protested and they talked to Volvo and ended up charging me about $1000. Now, I just hope it doesn't happen, again. On this forum, I have heard from people who have had 3 or more transmissions put in.

    Until this happened, I loved my car, but this drives me crazy and makes me so mad at Volvo. I was about ready to buy a new XC90 AWD when the whole transmission thing happened and now just don't know what to buy and I certainly don't want to unload my '04 on some unsuspecting person.
  • We bought our 2005 T6 used with 40k. Last year, transmission fluid started leaking, and our Volvo shop let me know that if I wasn't going to need a new transmission then, I would need one eventually. I have intermittently seen the "Transmission Service Required" light, and had the flushes, the software upgrades, and gaskets changed. Three shops were unable to figure it out. As we were out of warranty, I purchased an extended plan through my financing company, and have been waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Well, yesterday it finally did. Husband drove it, and when I re-entered, I see the lovely red exclamation point and the "Transmission Service Urgent". Gave me no trouble, so I drove it to my in-laws, borrowed their Acura sedan, and it sits 'til tomorrow when it goes to my Volvo guy.

    I've heard the various clunks, ticks, and needed brakes and rotors, but I do still love this car. Have had all work done before required mileage, and the previous owners did too. We owned an MDX previous, which also have documented transmission problems. I pray, pray, pray that my plan will cover this, as I WILL NOT fork out thousands for this, and that car will become one expensive plant holder if not.

    Class-action, here we come!!!! My in-laws are Acura people (as we were, too), and they have had two transmissions replaced at no charge in their TL. I don't know whether to try to go fight with Volvo about this (in the short holiday week, no less) or just try to stick my warranty company with the expense. But one thing is for sure- I AM NOT PAYING FOR THIS. These cars were too expensive at the outcost, and for maintenance, for Volvo to not hold some responsibility. I can name 4 regular joe vehicles that we have owned in the past 12 years, which cost much less and never needed such repairs. Volvo should have known better than to stick GM junk in cars bought at that price point. And even if I can get mine covered under my warranty, I want to take a stand for the rest of you who don't have that option. :sick:
  • Acura. Two goodwill transmissions in my in-laws '01 TL. One at 108k. Had bought and serviced the whole time at dealership.
  • Just an update. Called Volvo dealership in Marietta on Friday. They said bring it in on Monday. I have not driven it since Friday. Twenty miles from my home and 50 miles from dealership, it would not go. I am sitting on the side of the highway waiting on a tow truck. I had it towed to the dealer. I am waiting to see what they say. Everyone, please be careful while driving with the "transmission" message on. My car was completely fine one day, message came on the next, and completely shut down the next. I know I need a new transmission, I am just praying Volvo will cover it.
  • Just found out today Volvo is covering my transmission at 71k miles. It slips terrible and I wouldn't feel safe leaving town. We had the code reset and it hasn't come back on but whatever broke that made the code go off the first time, is still messed up. Just so thankful I'm not paying for it!!!
  • Hoff2248, Did you have to have your transmission replaced or a code reset??
  • i get shivers reading some of these posts.

    i test drove an 2004 xc90 T6 today. drove nice except when i went to park it. i turned hard to the right and heard a clunking sound. I then felt the steering was shifting and somewhat loose.

    Anyone know about these problems? i love the car but sounds like potential trouble.
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